Crazy Mind Quotes

Crazy Mind Quotes

A crazy mind is a mind that has become detached from reality. It no longer sees things as they are, but rather in a distorted way. Crazy minds can be found in all walks of life, but they are especially prevalent among the rich and powerful. The most common symptom of a crazy mind is that it sees everything in terms of its self-interest. A person who has this problem will interpret any event or situation so that it benefits him or herself in some way.

The reason why crazy minds exist is that people who have them tend to get ahead in life more easily than those who don’t have them. They win friends and influence people because their inflated egos make them appear to others as “larger than life.” They also get what they want by using charm, charisma and persuasion — all methods that work well on people who are less educated or less intelligent than themselves.

Also, another thing about a crazy mind is that it makes you feel anxious, nervous and stressed out. You start worrying about things that have no relevance at all in your life — like what other people are doing or saying about you. This makes it hard to concentrate on the task at hand because your thoughts keep wandering off and getting caught up in fantasies, nightmares and worst-case scenarios.

A crazy mind is also characterized by its tendency to overthink situations, which leads to worrying and anxiety. If you’re an overthinker, then you may find yourself going over every possible scenario until you’re sure something bad will happen — even if there’s no evidence of this happening at all.

With this collection of crazy mind quotes below, your mind will push you to the outer limits of sanity and beyond. These quotes will help you understand your crazy mind’s tricks and find strategies to keep it in check.


Crazy Mind Quotes

The crazy mind is like a vacuum cleaner that you can’t turn off. It sucks up everything and anything. Your thoughts go from one thing to another, with no logical connection. You can’t focus on anything for long because you get distracted by something else that comes into your head.

1. The crazy mind is like a machine that is constantly working but there is no output. The mind only produces thoughts and also generates illusions. The mind can also create an imaginary world or space, where you believe that everything outside your mind is just a dream.

2. There’s no need to doubt your sanity or question reality. The confusion, panic and uncertainty you feel about a lot of things are perfectly normal. You’re only human after all, and sometimes, it takes more than a little mental strength to get through this crazy world.

3. A crazy mind is a creative mind. It’s your constant companion and makes you who you are. Be brave enough to listen to it.

4. When you have a crazy mind, you trip on tiny little things. You don’t look at the big picture and that’s not healthy. Stay focused, it will pay off for you in the end.

5. Crazy mind is a psychological illness. It makes you crazy and you do crazy things that you feel will make your life better.

6. It’s hard to describe the way a crazy mind works. It’s like a collage of different thoughts, opinions and emotions. Some people can recognize it as the truth while others ignore it. Everyone has their story, but it’s our choice regardless of how we ‘frame’ it or live with this reflected image.

7. A crazy mind is always a great advantage: not only does it mean you’re never bored, but it also means you can achieve things sane people ought to be able to do but can’t.

8. A crazy mind is a mind that is always thinking. It is a mind that’s always looking for something to improve and learn. It is a dangerous mind because it tends to try too hard and make mistakes related to overthinking.

9. People with crazy minds are often the most brilliant and innovative of our species. But sometimes they go off their rocker and scare everybody. Fortunately, this only happens once in a while.

10. A crazy mind is a good thing to have. The words are simply the paint and pencils we use to express our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, it may look like we’re just playing, but don’t forget that the process of creating our art helps us heal ourselves along the way.

11. A crazy mind is a dangerous mind because it’s able to see things that others cannot. These individuals are willing to take risks to see what is right in front of them because they know that their sanity lies in this pursuit.

12. A crazy mind is like a broken clock. Even though it doesn’t tell accurate time, it still blows up once a week and keeps you awake until noon.

13. A crazy mind is the most powerful yet dangerous weapon you have ever possessed. It can help you, or it can kill you.

14. A crazy mind is dangerous. If you can’t think straight, then you’ll do stupid things. Don’t let this happen to you. A crazy mind can tear you apart and not even realize it.

15. A crazy mind is a happy mind. It’s full of worries, yes. But it’s also full of fun and creativity, laughter and joy. And if your mind is always worried about what other people think of you, rather than focusing on finding ways to make yourself happy, then you are going to end up feeling like everyone else around you feels when they look at you: unhappy.

16. A crazy mind is one that always wants to do something that it honestly cannot. It is a mind that thinks when there will be no time, and it is impossible to achieve anything.

17. It’s time to lift your mood and get back to reality. A crazy mind can ruin everything you have going. You need to think clearly and be productive at work.

18. A crazy mind is a terrible thing, but it’s only half as bad as a mind that isn’t yours. Therefore, the best way to control your crazy mind is to make sure that your mind is under your control.

19. The crazy mind is like a car driving without brakes. It can go very far and fast, but you don’t know where it will end up and it will cost you much more than worth spending in a messed-up life.

20. A crazy mind is a beautiful thing. It can make you a unique individual and someone who will forever be remembered. It is the only kind of mind that can handle adversity with grace, overcome tragedy with joy and accept failure as a necessary step toward success.

21. A crazy mind is a beautiful thing, it keeps you sharp and on your toes. And when you don’t know whether to trust your thoughts, you can always trust someone who sees the world from a completely different angle.

22. A crazy mind is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it’s proof that you’re awake, sometimes it’s just not knowing what else to do with your thoughts.

23. A crazy mind is a mind that has been conditioned to believe that it can accomplish anything. It is not the one who thinks about success or failure, but it is the one who thinks about possibilities.

24. Your mind, when it is a crazy mind, can be a burden and a curse. If you have untreated depression or the blues of bipolar disorder the chances are that you will feel like you are crazy. When you are in this state of mind, you do not see things that other people see or even recognize that anything is wrong.

25. A crazy mind will push you to the edge and back. It will test your sanity, and if you’re fortunate enough to survive, it will leave you stronger and wiser.

26. Crazy minds are the best kind. They’re a catalyst for great things, for an explosion of ideas, for a never-ending stream of possibilities.

27. People with crazy minds know the truth but refuse to tell it because they are afraid of what others might think. They run down the streets when they should be standing still, they think of life as something that is all their own, they listen to other people and never pay attention to what they have to say.

28. A crazy mind needs to be controlled and guided, but it is never going to match up to the expectations of others. None of us can change a person; we all need to learn how to manage our minds.

29. A crazy mind is what you will get when you read the first page of this book. The mind goes crazy having a variety of thoughts, but to not go crazy, it concentrates on one thought at a time.

30. A crazy mind is like a computer with millions of programs going on at the same time. Maybe some of those programs are helpful and others aren’t, but until you can slow down the process and learn to just observe yourself, it can feel like your head will explode.

31. A crazy mind is like a cloud that rains, but no one knows from where it comes. It is hidden from the eyes of others but can be known by its actions.

32. A crazy mind can lead to terrible decisions. Unfortunately, sometimes a troubled mind can keep you from the things you love.

33. You may have a crazy mind, but at least you know it. To be positive, it’s okay to laugh at your thoughts and that’s what I do. I listen to my inner voice, which helps me cope with everyday life.

34. A crazy mind is a dangerous thing. It’s a little like an evil spirit that lives inside you. It controls everything you do, and it can make you do bad things. But if you keep your cool, use the right strategies, and take advantage of its weaknesses, then maybe it can be tamed.

35. A crazy mind is an unhinged imagination, a powerful engine of perception, and an undisciplined force that leads you down dark alleys.

36. A crazy mind makes it feel like everything that is going on in your life is not worth it. You’re all alone and no one cares for you despite the normal love you give to people.

37. A crazy mind can lead a person to do things they never thought they would or could do, such as killing their loved ones. It affects each personality differently, depending on how it manifests itself in an individual. For example, it might cause a person to feel paranoid and distrustful toward others, or it can make them prone to hyperventilating, hallucinations and/or outbursts of anger.

38. People who have a crazy mind are usually brilliant, but also crazy. They are good at thinking outside the box. However, they often confuse others with their wild ideas.

39. A crazy mind is a much more gigantic problem to have than an ordinary one. Think about all the extra hours one must open up for, trying to get a handle on that craziness.

40. A crazy mind is a dangerous mind. When your thoughts are dark, you can’t think clearly, and everything you do makes things worse. If you want to avoid that fate, get help for your mental illness today.

41. A crazy mind is like a dark room. You sit around in it and create monsters in your head to the point where you start doubting yourself and the things around you. So get out of the dark and into the light. No one can hurt you when you are surrounded by goodness.

42. A crazy mind can only do crazy things. The crazier the thoughts that go through a person’s head, the crazier they will act and behave. This is why you have to control your thoughts and say positive things to yourself.

43. It’s not easy to make your mind go crazy. The day you want to change it, you start with a small idea and then build on it until your whole life becomes a crazy idea.

44. Nothing is impossible if you have a crazy mind. A crazy mind will change the way you think and see things, it allows you to explore the world like never before.

45. A crazy mind is like a house with a lot of doors and windows. People do not pass through them. Within the person, they remain their secret. But if you do not close your eyes then you will see through the window or door and understand what this means.

46. A crazy mind is a mind whose image of reality is unreliable and distorted by continual, obsessive thinking. The content of the thoughts may be realistic or unrealistic, although the person often finds it difficult to distinguish between the two.

47. The crazy mind is a good one. Always helps when things get tough, we just have to open our eyes to the craziness of everyday life. There’s always something that can take you aback and make you laugh about it.

48. Make no mistake, a crazy mind is not a mental disease. It’s an inevitable result of having a complex mind. A mind like everybody else’s, but capable also of irrationality, contradiction, and an incredible capacity for creativity.

49. A crazy mind is a creative mind. And everybody has a crazy mind. But the difference between having a crazy mind and not having a crazy mind is that you can choose, which one you want to use.

50. The crazy mind is always looking for a way to rationalize its actions, but there are no excuses. You can only change what you are, who you are and where you are going by changing your thoughts. The crazy mind will convince you that having more of what it has will make it happy, but that brings superficial, temporary happiness at best.

51. A crazy mind is a dangerous thing. It will take you to places you never knew existed. A crazy mind can set you free and break you at the same time.

52. The part of our lives that we spend thinking in crazy ways is crazy. The craziest minds are the ones that never rest, even sitting down for a second brings about a new idea.

53. Having a crazy mind is not being able to accept the reality of your situation. It’s believing that everything will always go your way, no matter how much you screw up.

54. A crazy mind is an exciting and productive place to be. Just as a bright mind needs a healthy body, a crazy mind needs to be exercised.

55. A crazy mind produces all kinds of negativity. Stop letting your thoughts control you, and destroy those negative thoughts!

56. A crazy mind is you, the one who is unable to control his/her thoughts and therefore falls into depression. The best thing is to just talk to someone, because no matter how strong you feel; you have a weak spot that needs attention.

57. A crazy mind is a dangerous thing. If you allow yourself to be consumed by constant worry and anxiety, your mind will believe that it has no other option but to remain on this path.

58. A crazy mind is a powerful thing. It can make you laugh, make you cry, or even make you kill. When that happens, you need to get help as soon as possible. But getting that help isn’t always easy.

59. A crazy mind is also full of nonsense and off-topic thoughts that pop into your head without being invited. When this starts happening, it’s easy to get distracted — so much so that it’s impossible to do anything productive!

60. A crazy mind is a massive problem. Those with crazy minds usually live in a chaotic, messy home and often display mood swings. However, they may not think they have a crazy mind. Even if you are unsure, you should take precautions to make sure your home isn’t affected by your mental illness.

61. A crazy mind is an unproductive mind. It prevents people from living their best life. They make little progress on their goals and have poor self-esteem as a result.

62. If you hear voices in your head or experience other auditory or visual hallucinations, or if you feel disconnected from reality; chances are that you have a crazy mind.

63. We all have a crazy mind, whether we want to admit it or not. However, some people do experience an extremely heightened sense of thoughts. Not only can this cause them to fail in their personal and professional lives but they are also at a higher risk of having a mental breakdown.

64. A crazy mind is always jumping from one subject to the next. You can’t hold on to anything, because whatever you’re thinking of will be gone as soon as you start thinking about something else.

65. A crazy mind is like a dirty cup. To clean it, you have to fill it with water and let it sit for a while. Then pour out the dirty water and rinse away anything that remains.

66. A crazy mind is like any other kind of mind, only more so. It has a greater frenzy, exaggeration and distortion than the normal mind.

67. A crazy mind exists in a state of constant chaos. It’s impossible to know what will set off this person. The brain is always active and racing, usually with negative thoughts on repeat.

68. A crazy mind is a dangerous thing. A person with a crazy mind can’t do anything with it, for no matter what he does, he thinks that he is going to be blamed for it. A person with a normal mind knows that he will be blamed only for what he has done. So the path to enlightenment requires one to stop doing things and see their true nature, while those with a crazy mind cannot see their true nature because they are always doing something.

69. A crazy mind is a beautiful thing. Strange thoughts that would send other people running anyway, but you keep them in your head because you know them to be true. A crazy mind is also worrying about what other people think of you, say about you and try to put your body down.

70. A crazy mind is a powerful thing. It can be the fount of genius and the source of courage. It can also be an affliction that sends you off on wild flights into uncharted realms or occasionally drives you to ridiculous acts that can land you in a padded cell.

71. The crazy mind deserves respect. It will expose you to a world that you have never seen before and completely change your perception.

72. A crazy mind is not an insane mind. It is a strong-willed mind, always searching for better ways to make things work. The problem with a crazy mind is that it often goes off on tangents, making connections that most other people would never make. The solution is to hold on tight and try to gain inspiration from the pure creativity behind the notion of living in harmony with your free-spiritedness.

73. The mind is a crazy thing, if you can’t control it and direct it you could end up with a mess. Let all your thoughts be positive and constructive, and avoid negativity or discouragement at whatever cost.

74. A crazy mind is like a broken phone. It’s still just as capable of receiving messages, but no one on the other end is going to hear you talking.

75. It isn’t easy being crazy — you know that. And no one knows that better than someone who has a “crazy mind”. Even if you don’t talk about it, even if the subject rarely comes up, there is not one of us who does not have a “crazy mind”. It is just that some people call their crazy mind by another name — depression or anxiety, for example.

76. A crazy mind is a terrible thing to waste. When it comes to thinking, remember, you can’t have too much capacity. A crazy mind is a great thing to have.

77. A crazy mind is a mind that is not in tune with the universe. It has to be taught how to be sane, under pressure from the rest of the brain.

78. A crazy mind is always restless and filled with a lot of emotions. It is never happy or calm; it constantly whines and feels guilty and all those negative feelings only make the person feel worse.

79. A crazy mind has no control over itself, it does not think logically or rationally. It acts without thinking about consequences and just creates problems for itself and others.

80. A crazy mind is a mind that is so filled with thoughts and emotions and anger, that they can not focus on anything else but themselves. Sometimes they need a rest to help them see things a different way, or do something nice for someone else to show them how appreciative they are of others.

81. Your crazy mind is a bully. It keeps you in your place, playing it safe, living life as small as you thought you could have. Your crazy mind isn’t your friend. No one is happy with their crazy mind. It’s hard to be happy when your thoughts are telling you that the only way to be safe is to keep the world at bay.

82. A crazy mind is like a bad friend. It never misses a chance to throw you off balance and keep you from achieving your goals.

83. A crazy mind is a mind that never rests. It is a mind that thinks obsessively, making someone constantly look for reasons why things happen. It is not aware of the world around it and acts on impulse without thinking of the consequences.

84. A crazy mind has its way of making sense of things. It is never wrong even though it may see no reason to do things the way other people do them.

85. A crazy mind is a very powerful tool. You have a lot of power within you; the power of your thoughts and imagination can create your future.

86. The key to living well is stability, not control. The more we try to control our lives, the crazier things become. The purpose of life is to be a blessing to others and make their lives easier. To do that, we must be stable so we can focus on them rather than ourselves.

87. A crazy mind can be a wonderful thing. It reminds us that we are alive and truthful, but it also makes us tired, suspicious and panicky. It can also be a dangerous thing.

88. A crazy mind is not always a terrible thing. Sometimes it’s good to be a little bit crazy. Let your imagination run free because you never know what might happen.

89. A crazy mind is an all-consuming mental state where one becomes obsessed with a single subject. The person loses their ability to concentrate on other things, and the more time spent thinking about it leads to more bizarre, irrational thoughts for solving problems.

90. A crazy mind is a blessing in disguise. This can only come to you if you are ready to be in a relationship with yourself. When you can befriend your mind and find out what it is and what it needs, then you will never go wrong in life.

91. You have a crazy mind. You’re not thinking clearly, you’re talking about things that aren’t true. You might be having a nervous breakdown or bipolar disorder.

92. It’s a crazy mind that is full of strange thoughts, but they are also creative. A creative mind is always thinking of new things to do and create.

93. A crazy mind is like a computer that has been hacked. You are not in control, but you can see everything that is going on.

94. A crazy mind is dangerous and can cause more harm than good. But you’ve got a weapon to keep that crazy mind in check—it’s your imagination.

95. A crazy mind is a vessel that constantly fills with thoughts, ideas, dreams and opinions. It needs to be emptied so that it can be filled back up again. A crazy mind should be handled with care!

96. A crazy mind is like a movie you’ve already seen a hundred times- you know all the lines, but you want to see it again. It’s so familiar, but you can still hear the humour in it and catch new things that make it fun.

97. A crazy mind is a dangerous thing, but in the right person, it can be incredibly useful. A crazy mind allows us to see new opportunities, breaks conformity and shows us a way out of our mundane lives. And that’s what you need to get ahead – a crazily brilliant idea and the courage to take action on it.

98. A crazy mind is not in control of its thoughts. When a person’s thoughts are delusional they can become very dangerous. This happens when what you think begins to take on a life of its own and no longer conforms to reality.

99. A crazy mind can bring havoc to your life. If you do not stay in control of your mind, it can take control over you and make life grim. You will start questioning every little thing. You will think that everyone is out to harm you and plot against you. Your mind will become so crazy that nothing makes sense anymore.

100. A crazy mind is a dangerous thing to have. It can easily destroy your life and make it almost impossible to enjoy the things you used to enjoy. You need to be careful and know when to seek help.

101. A crazy mind can make you seem unreliable, mean and cold. It drives people away from you, creating a sense of isolation and loneliness. But even though it hurts other people, it hurts you more deeply.

102. A crazy mind can find the world’s secrets. A crazy mind is a source of endless knowledge that can make profound discoveries.

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