Best Good Night Text Messages for Crush

Cute Good Night Messages for Your Crush

A crush could be your friend, classmate, colleague, best friend or even that gorgeous/beautiful neighbor next door. That special someone that you have secret affections for. That makes your head spin and your cheeks rose red when you see him/her.

And now you’re looking for a sweet and lovely good night messages for your crush to pour out your heart to him/her and make him/her think of you all night.
Well, that’s why I am here, to serve you the best.

Cute Good Night Text Messages for Crush

Night is indeed a time to have a beautiful rest from the stress of the day. The effect of a sound night rest can never be over emphasized as it brings about a replenished strength and ability. So, express your care to your crush just by sending him or her anyone of these Good night Sms.

1. Its 11pm and I still haven’t been able to sleep. And I think I know the reason. Its coz I’ve not told you how much I miss you and wish that you were here with me right now. Have a good night. Love you.

2. I just can’t help it. My mind is restless and so is my heart. Coz my mind won’t stop thinking of you and my heart won’t stop these feelings I have for you. I love you. Goodnight.

3. I’m deeply sorry, but I have a confession to make. Please forgive me, but the truth is I have fallen in love with you. And I can’t hold it in any longer. Have a lovely night.

4. Every single day and night that passes I wish to tell you how I feel about you. So tonight I’m making my wish come true. I do love you very much and I wish you feel the same. Goodnight dear.

5. Every single day I see your gorgeous face my heart freezes for a while. And when you talk, it seems the world goes silent and it’s only your voice I hear. I can’t keep it in anymore, coz I’ve got to say it out. But let me start with this text saying I love you. Have a peaceful night.

6. Your pretty face is all I need to think of to have a lovely night. The thought of your sweet voice is the only lullaby I need to have a peaceful night. But tonight, what I need to have an amazing night is to tell you how I feel and only hope you feel same. I love you so much.

7. Every single day I find myself loving you more than I did the previous day. I just wish the feeling is mutual. I can’t stop myself from thinking of you tonight. Dream of me.

8. I can’t help it. I miss you so much and I hope to be in your dreams tonight and certainly in your heart. That’s all I wish for and I hope it comes true. Goodnight dear.

9. I can’t help but wonder how my life would be without you in it. I can’t even risk imagining it. You mean a whole lot to me and I pray you give me a chance to show you that. Have a pleasant night sweetie.

10. I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing you in my dreams tonight, coz I always do, every single night. Tonight I really hope you see me in yours. Goodnight darling.

11. Night is purer than a day; it is better for thinking, loving and dreaming. Coz I do all of that with you every night. I hope it is same with you tonight. Sleep tight dear.

12. With you in my mind I am free from all nightmares and certain of nothing but heavenly dreams. But tonight will be special coz I get to tell you how I feel. I love you very much (include his/her name). Goodnight darling.

13. Dreams touch your heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. I hope your dreams tonight are of me; one that touches your heart and soul and makes the fantasy of loving you forever a reality. Goodnight dear and sweet dreams.

14. At this moment, there are over a billion people sleeping, others are just waking up to start their day. It’s amazing that the only thought in my head is you. I can’t wait to tell you how much I love you in the morning… even if I just did. Goodnight dearie.

15. I may not be bold enough to express my feelings for you in your face. But just know that you’re always in my heart and in my mind. I do love you and I really hope I’m not the only one feeling this way. Goodnight honey.

16. Please hold your phone tight coz this message is a hug in disguise… although I wish it was a real hug. Goodnight dear and sweet dreams of me.

17. Goodnight! Sleep tight! I may not be by your side right now, but just know that you’re always in my heart and always will.

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18. I wanna hold your hand, I wanna look into your eyes, I wanna hug you and whisper in your ears that I’ll forever love you if you give me the chance. I wish I could do all of that tonight. Goodnight love and dream of me.

19. How would you feel if I told you I wanna hug you? How would you feel if I told you I long to kiss you? How would I feel if I told you I love you? I do… I’ve always loved you. Have a blissful night dear.

20. Saying goodnight to you it’s always hard. Not just because I’ll miss you all night but mostly because I’ll miss another opportunity to tell you how much I love you. So I’m telling you tonight via this text. Goodnight hun.

21. You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You’re the reason why I often hug my pillow tight. You’re the reason why I can’t sleep tonight without making this confession – I love you.

22. Watching the moon from my window makes me imagine your beauty blooming by the moonlight, and it’s fascinating. Not as fascinating as the thought of me falling in love with you in such a short time. Goodnight darling. I love you.

23. As the clock ticks to midnight, I just want you to know that life wouldn’t be amazing as it is without you in it and this night won’t be complete without telling you how I feel. I love you very much and I hope this feeling is mutual. Goodnight handsome.

24. I just want us to go. Go somewhere far away. Where it’s just the two of us. And I could hold your hands and look into your breathtaking eyes and tell you how much I love you. Goodnight Princess.

25. Finally, the night has come. The time when I lie on my bed with thoughts of you in my head and you in my dreams, where I live out the fantasy I so wish to come true of being with and loving you always. Have a peaceful night dear.

26. Every night when I lie on my bed, I always ponder on the wonderful moments we spent each day. My favorite part is when you smile. Your smile makes it hard to catch my breath. And it’s always encrypted in my heart. I just hope you can give me the chance to make you smile more. Goodnight love.

27. Did you know whenever you’re around my heart races so fast and makes it pretty hard to catch my breath? I just can’t help wonder what then will happen when I tell you – I love you. Wow! I just did! Goodnight dear and make sure to dream of me.

28. Wanna know my idea of a perfect date? It’s not just some fancy dinner in a luxurious restaurant. It’s simply you and I cuddling and eating popcorn while watching a movie together. That is all I wanna do at the end of every day. Goodnight honey and sweet dreams.

29. There’s something silent and sweet whenever you’re around me. Something I’ve never known, but it tells me that it’s real. I can’t keep it any longer, so I’ve got to tell you. I’ve fallen deeply in love with you. Goodnight.

30. I’m guessing that you might have noticed that I’m seriously crushing on you. but I bet you had no idea that I can’t seem to be able to stop it. Have a great night dear.

31. Out of the thousands of people in the world, it’s so amazing that you’re the only one I have Goosebumps for. Goodnight.

32. Have you ever loved someone so bad, that it makes you cry? Have you ever needed something so bad and it gives you sleepless nights? Have you ever tried to find the words to express how you feel, but they don’t come out, right? That’s how I feel whenever I think of or see you. Goodnight dear.

33. To the one who makes me forget myself. To the one I can’t stop thinking of. To the one I can’t stop loving. Have a lovely night darling.

34. I can’t help it. I just can’t sleep without musing about you. have a blissful night dreaming of me.

35. I’m trying really hard. So hard. But I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t stop thinking of you. Goodnight and sleep tight dear.

36. Hey Gorgeous/beautiful, sorry to wake you up this late. But I’m at the door/window. I think it’s high time I make that confession. I’m waiting.

37. Every time I think about you, my mind sees a delightful tomorrow of me, you and our lovely kids. But then, will you let that happen? Goodnight dear as you ponder over it.

38. Right now, I don’t care if you think I’m cynical. I don’t care if the world thinks I’m crazy. I think I was crazy enough first to have fallen in love with you in such short notice. Goodnight.

39. I can’t be certain of how stressful your day was. I just thought it will be nice to say goodnight and let you know that someone is thinking of you. Goodnight. Sweet dreams.

40. To this amazing and special one reading this text, May you find solace and happiness as you sleep tonight. Goodnight dear.

41. I don’t care whether you love me back or not. I’ll only love you more. Goodnight honey.

42. The weather is cold and like they call it; it’s the weather for two. And now I really wish you were here to keep me warm. The pillow and blanket are not really doing much coz it’s you I want. Tonight and all other nights whether hot or cold.

43. I won’t stop loving you. No matter the consequences I’m ready to keep that promise. And hope that someday you’ll get to love me as much. Have an awesome night love.

44. I love you. That’s all I can say. Can’t find much words to express myself. I only wish you could see through my heart to see how much love I have for you. Maybe then you could believe. Goodnight beauty and sleep tight.

45. I’ve been crushing on you like forever! You’ve always been in my heart and never left my mind. I just hope you won’t let my heart get crushed. Please trust me enough to give me a chance.

46. It’s kinda insane how you could love someone so much and yet the other doesn’t feel a thing for you? Please give me the chance to show you how amazing your life could be with me in it loving you.

47. Hey Gorgeous, I guess you’re about to hit dreamland now. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams and dream of me. I love you, you know right?

48. Goodnight honey. I won’t stop loving you.

49. You’re the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. And even asleep, you’re the only one I see. I’m short of words to express what I feel for you. just know that I care about you a lot as much as I love you. Goodnight sweetie.

50. Every single night I think of you, I dream of you and really hope that maybe tomorrow you’ll be mine. Have a rosy night love.

51. Crushes they say only last for few minutes after the person is gone. But it seems that every minute that passes from the day I first saw you make me fall deeper in love with you. I hope your night is as lovely as you are.

52. I’m in love with you and I’m not ashamed to say it. I don’t care about the consequences but I know I won’t be able to stop. Goodnight darling. Sleep tight.

53. I know you might be asleep now or maybe busy with night work. I just wanted to say goodnight and that I love you.

54. From the day I met you, I never have to worry about bad days or even nights. All I do is close my eyes and think of you, then everything is back to perfect. I hope your night turns out to be swift so I could see you again in the morning. Goodnight darling.

55. Every single day, my night is always the same. I jump in the shower, brush my teeth, lie in bed and think of you all night, wondering if you think of me too. Goodnight.

56. Tonight my wishes for you are simple. I wish you dreams filled with love, happiness and comfort and of course, thought of me. Goodnight sweetie.

57. Every night before I go to bed I ponder on what new thing I achieved today with you in my mind and I can’t help but thank God for bringing you into my life.

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58. You’re the best business partner anyone could ever have. You’re not just good in making the work turn out great and beautiful; you also touch my heart in ways you could ever imagine. I love you. Have a wonderful night.

59. Every time we’re close I just wish I could hug you. Every time you talk and I look at those lips I just wish I could kiss you there and then. Every time we’re together I just wish I could tell you how I truly feel about you. I love you. Goodnight.

60. I’m done with wishes. I’m done keeping this secret. I’m done lying to myself. I’ve just got to tell you that… I’m in love with you. Have a peaceful night.

61. I wish I could be the moon so I could stare at you, while you sleep. I wish I were your blanket, so you could wrap me in your arms. I wish I were your pillow so I could ensure your comfort when you sleep. In the end, all I’m trying to say is – I just want to be with you. Goodnight.

62. If I could make time freeze and make a moment last forever, the time I’ll choose is whenever I’m with you. I really can’t wait for tomorrow so I can see you again. Have a good night dear.

63. Nothing is going to ever change my love for you; I bet you already know that by now. One thing you can be sure of is I’m never gonna ask for more than your love. Please give me the chance to show you how amazing your life could get with me in it. I love you. Goodnight.

64. Every time we meet the picture is complete. Every time we touch the feeling is too much. I know you can feel the same way I do. You’re the puzzle of my life. Please help me complete this puzzle by giving me a chance to love you. Goodnight honey.

65. Falling in love was a mere fantasy until I met you. I tried to hide it and feed myself with lies that this feeling wasn’t true. But the more I tried the more the feelings increased. I’ve gotta admit you’re driving me crazy. I love you. Goodnight.

66. No matter how busy I am or how stressed I am, I still find myself busy missing you without getting stressed. I wish you could understand how I feel about you. I wish I could explain too. Goodnight my dear.

67. Spending the whole day with you is the best therapy I need. But the problem is I never get enough of it. So that’s why I really need you in my life to love and cherish forever. Have a lovely night my dear.

68. I may not be a poet that can write the best rhythmic lines to express my feelings to you. Coz what I feel for you is much more than words can comprehend. I do love you so much. Goodnight love.

69. Even after an imperfect day, I know my night will be peaceful. Coz all I need do is think of you and the night is perfect. Have a perfect night dearie.

70. Did you notice the stars are shining brighter today? Well, it’s due to my love for you that’s growing and shinning brighter. I love you so much. I just wish you feel the same. Have a beautiful night love.

71. Hey Crush, do you know how being a friend to you has made me crush my goals and not forgetting made me love you more every single day. Have a sweet night dear.

72. My heart and body are constantly craving for your love and touch. Have a blissful night. I love you.

73. Goodbye for now, to the man I adore and love so much. Have a perfect night.

74. I admire you a lot. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you dress, the way you steal glances at me. I know we both feel the same way. Let’s not keep ourselves waiting for long dear. Goodnight.

75. I wish you knew how your smile drives me crazy and makes me wanna say I love you always. Goodnight love.

76. Hey cutie, I know you feel the same way I do for you. I just wish you could admit it. Goodnight dear.

77. You’re my joy, my drive, my remote. I know this sounds unsound. But I can’t lie to a Prince/Princess like you. Goodnight.

78. I wish you could touch me right now. I wish you could kiss me under the rain now. I wish you could waltz with me to the bed tonight. I miss you. Have a good night.

79. I need you, I want you, I miss you, I love you. I really do. Have a beautiful night dear.

80. When I think of my future you’re all I see in it. Without you, there’s no future for me. Goodnight Darling.

81. You mean the world to me. As you sleep tonight don’t forget how much I adore and cherish you. Goodnight my dear.

82. Thinking of you was all I did throughout today. And though it’s past bedtime I can’t just shut my eyes and mind without saying ‘Goodnight’ to the crush I love so much. Have a perfect night dear.

83. If falling in love with you was a mistake, then I’m ready to make mistakes all my life coz I won’t stop loving you. Have a nice night.

84. Hey Gorgeous, I don’t mean to disturb your sweet sleep. But I just gotta tell you that I’m in love with you and hope by morning you’ll tell me you feel same.

85. Hello Pretty, don’t know if you’re asleep, but for me, I can’t. My mind doesn’t seem to be ready to let go of you tonight. I love you. Goodnight.

86. I’ve tried to stop this feeling. I’ve tried to avoid you. But it seems avoiding you is like avoiding life itself. I love you so much. I really do. Goodnight.

87. If wishes were horses, then I’ll be the first to ride thousands of horses at the same time. My wish is that you love me as much as I do and give me the opportunity to prove it. I love you. Goodnight.

88. Hey, did you wish on that shooting star? I just hope we wished for the same thing – to love you always – and you love me as much. Goodnight dearie.

89. I want to be the reason why you smile at every thought. I want to be your centre of joy. I want to be the pillow you always hold tight when you sleep. I want to be what keeps your heart beating. Goodnight crush.

90. You make me go crazy every single minute I don’t talk to you or see you. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Goodnight and sweet dreams darling.

91. “Sweet Dreams airline aboard and I’m delighted to be your Captain!!” have a blissful night dear.

92. I can’t wait for the night to come to an end. Coz the faster it does the faster I get to see you in the morning. Sleep sweet my dear.

93. Every morning I wake with a bump in my heart, then a smile on my face reminding me of how much I am in love with you. I can’t wait for this night to end so I can have that morning feeling. Goodnight dear and dream of me.

94. It seems something isn’t right tonight. I just can’t sleep and I feel restless. Well not until I sent this to you telling you – I love you. See you tomorrow. Goodnight.

95. Abandoned, unbridled and carefree love is what I feel for you. And it just grows every single moment I think of you. Especially tonight. I love you. Sleep well.

96. You’ve succeeded in clouding my mind with thoughts of you alone and I can’t help but send you this text saying “I love you and sweet dreams”.

97. Crazy, insane, obsessive, and undying love is all I want to give to you. I just wish you could give me the chance. Sleep tight, honey.

98. I don’t know if you’d think I’m psychotic but I haven’t been able to get any sleep since I saw you. Coz I spend all night thinking of you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

99. I always want to be the one that says goodnight to you last so you could dream of me immediately you hit the bed. Sleep with your legs closed. I love you.

100. Alright, it’s confession time. I’ve gotta admit… You’re the prettiest mother confessor I’ve ever met. And… I love you. Yes, I do. Goodnight and sweet dreams cutie.

101. I love you! I love you!! I love you!!! I’m sorry I just couldn’t keep it in any longer.

102. Every night before sleeping I think of a better way to make you smile the next day coz your smile is the best therapy for an awesome day for me. Goodnight for now dear. Prepare to smile a lot tomorrow.

103. Sometimes I find it hard to sleep at night coz you’re always on my mind. But then I remember that I can still see you in my dreams. Thanks for being part of my life. Goodnight love.

104. I am so delighted and honored to have crossed the path of a comely damsel like you. Goodnight babe and don’t forget to dream of me.

105. I feel like my mind and heart is cuffed under your spell coz it won’t stop thinking of you or loving you. Goodnight dear.

106. Before you hit Dreamland tonight. I just want you to know that I am captive to the way your gazes controls me and that – I love you. Goodnight.

107. If there’s anything that moves my stamina from feat to fumbling at the same time, it’s you my crush. Happy sleeping. Goodnight.

108. When you stare at me it gives me goosebumps. When you call my name my heart leaps. When you touch me, I melt inside. That’s how well I crush on you. Goodnight love.

109. Like a patient close to drugs. That’s how thoughts of you never skip my mind. I love you, dear. Goodnight.

110. It’s you I want. It’s you I love. Just you and no one else. I’m sorry it took so long to admit it but I love you. Sweet dreams, love.

111. Please pardon me if it’s coming too late, but truth is I love you so much and I can’t stop it. Goodnight.

112. Have any idea how its like to feel void and empty? That’s how my life feels like. But that would only change if you give me a chance. Sleep tight, honey.

113. You’re so special and dear to my heart. I know the feeling may not be mutual yet. But I believe it will be soon if you give me – Us – a chance. I love you. Goodnight.

114. I promise to love and cherish you all my life and never let go of you. All I ask is that you give me a chance to show you how much you mean to me. Have a perfect night dearie.

115. I know it’s absurd that I’ve only known you for days and I’m falling in love with you. But believe me when I say I really do love you. Coz I mean it. Goodnight.

116. I’ve been daydreaming about us and leaving a fantasy for too long. I think it’s high time we make this real. Please be mine. Have a beautiful night.

117. Loving you is all I do. It’s what I always want to do. But you could spice it up by loving me too. Goodnight dear.

118. I need to tell you something. There have been days and nights that I’ve spent thinking of you and praying and wishing you would be mine. I love you. Goodnight.

119. You occupy a very huge space in my heart. I don’t know why, but I think I’m falling in love with you. Do have a good night with lovely dreams.

120. If only you could read my mind and find out how many times you occupy it. If only you could see through my heart and see how it races and pants for you. If only you could love me as much as I do. Goodnight dear and sweet dreams.

I hope I was able to deliver great choices for you. Always remember that no matter how busy and tired you might get what he/she needs sometimes its just that cute, lovely and beautifully composed text that pours out your heart to him/her and he/she will love you forever.

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