2024 Romantic Good Night Quotes for Him

It’s been a long day and you want to wish that special man a good night. The day has been long and stressful enough. Just check through the collection of messages here; you will find the ideal one to forward to him.

Romantic Good Night Quotes for Him

Sweet romantic good night quotes for your hubby as he is about to rest from the activities of the day. Surprise him with the following lovely good night quotes from your heart to him.

1. “The stars shine bright and the wind slowly moves around. It is time to rest the body after a long day. Sweet dreams to you baby.”

2. “Hope you had a not too stressful day? Sleep tight, my love. Good night.”

3. “Warmth and hugs I am sending to you tonight. Sleep and dream of what only what I feel for you. Sweet dreams dearest.”

4. “The night is here again when my loneliness hits me more than I can even imagine. I can’t wait for the day we would be together both day and night. For now, it’s a good night from here.”

5. “I hate saying goodnights to you as it reminds me that I would not be thinking of you for the next 9 hours. Have a good night rest love.”

6. “After the long hours of the day, good night is just right to say, my love. I hope your day has not been too stressful.”

7. “Sometimes I wish the night would fall very early as that is when I can get to see and hold you as more as I wish, in my dreams. Sleep, tight baby.”

8. “My nightmares are nothing compared to how I miss you during the day. Will you come to my dreams tonight? Have a good night rest my darling.”

9. “Good morning is easier, good night is so hard, as I know I won’t be seeing you till the next morning. Have a good night rest baby.”

10. “Counting the stars where I lay tonight, everything looks so dull to me. I wish you were here beside me to hold me in your embrace and whisper sweet things to me. Good night love.”

11. “I want to see and hold you right now; I wish you can lay beside me here while I talk to you till the day breaks, but then, good night to you my love.”

12. “The loneliness is killing me and it is more obvious at night. Can you come to my dreams and hold me tight? Good night my charming prince.”

13. “I will go to sleep now with thoughts of you only in my mind. The memories of your touches are what I will hold onto and hope that this night will pass quickly. Sweet dreams baby.”

14. “I am not scared of the night because I know you are here with me even if I can’t see you. I love you and sweet dreams.”

15. “I will imagine your voice whisper into my ears as I drift gently into dreamland. I will imagine your hands caressing me into a sweet sleep. Have a good night rest baby.”

16. “Seeing and saying goodbye to you at the end of each day is what I always do with great pain in my heart. I wish you can be with me every hour of the day. good night and sweet dreams love.”

17. “Sleep well. Sleep tight. Teddy bear hugs good night to you, my love.”

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18. “To the one who is last on my thoughts at night and the first in my mind in the morning, I say goodnight and sweet dreams.”

19. “As the moon shine brightly in the sky, so you are the brightest star of my night. Sleep, tight baby.”

20. “The reason I fall asleep with smiles on my lips and heart so light is you. I hope you smile thinking of me tonight too. Happy night rest my prince.”

21. “Even if you are away from me tonight and it seems like loneliness is getting the better of me, I will still wish you a good night rest.”

22. “Tonight I wish you were here to hold me tight and whisper to my ears as I fall asleep in your arms. Good night baby.”

23. “As you drift off to sleep tonight, may the winds blow you peace of mind and rest your body well for another day work. Good night to you.”

24. “My knight of light, my prince charming, my Romeo, my king, good night and sweet dreams to you.”

25. “I am sending you hug and kiss to send your nightmares away and ease your rest. Sleep, tight love.”

26. “The best of dreams is all I wish you tonight as you lay on your bed and close your eyes so that the sleep can lull you away. Have a good night rest baby.”

27. “My world is perfect as you are the last thought on my mind before I drift away to sleep. Dream of me will you? Goodnight.”

28. “All I want to say is thank you for coming to my life and bringing much joy. Have a lovely rest tonight.”

29. “I have learnt to accept the night as the time when our souls meet even when it seems our body does not. Goodnight to you my love.”

30. “The stars are out there to watch after you for me when I am not there. Rest well tonight, and have a beautiful sleep.”

31. “Before the good times when we can always be together day and night comes, let me just make do with wishing you a good night rest for now. I love you prince.”

32. “I hope you know that I love you more than anyone and anything out there? Sleep tight tonight and come to my dreams.”

33. “Before I drift off to sleep, let me say to you again that I love you and will choose you over and over again. Sweet dreams my prince.”

34. “‘Goodnight, have a sweet dream’ means a lot to me and that is why I am sending the same to you.”

35. “Let the night carry your worries away and drift your fears. Rest now, and let’s talk in the dreams. Goodnight love.”

36. “Every night, I wish you would be here to kiss me goodnight as I fall asleep in your arms. Have a nice and restful night my love.”

37. “I’m going to make the dreams of you a substitute for the long nights. Have a sound sleep baby.”

38. “Thoughts of you make my lonely night very bearable. I can’t wait when we will sleep and wake in each other arms. Goodnight from here my prince.”

39. “I want to sleep now and dream of you all night long. Will you do that also? Have a great night ahead.”

40. “I may not see you as much as I want by day, but I look forward to the nights when I can see and hold you as much in my dreams. Have a lovely night rest.”

41. “Like a recycler, this night will replace all your worries and fears with joy and the whole of my love for you. Sweet dreams.”

42. “Sometimes I wish I do not close my eyes all through the night as that is the only time I do not think of you. I miss you more with each night. Have a nice night love.”

43. “I am not too sad that I can’t see you this night. At least we are both sleeping under the same stars. That is enough consolation for me. Good night baby.”

44. “The night is an opportunity to go through all your lists for the day and reshuffle what might seem as inadequacies. Sweet dreams for you tonight.”

45. “You are the man of my dreams; does this mean I want to see you more in my dreams than in life? Have a good night rests tonight.”

46. “Sleep well my love, have a lovely night rest my king. Let your worries disappear with the night.”

47. “You are not just there; you are here as well, in my heart. Loving you is the best of my tasks. Goodnight love.”

48. “Can you think of me like I do you? Thanks for coming into my life. Goodnight my prince and sweet dreams.”

49. “The first of my thoughts when I wake, the last on my mind at night; that is who you are. Have a lovely night. I love you.”

50. “Turn on your light and see me here with you right now. Yea, that is what is always on my mind, to be with you all night long. Have a sweet night ahead.”

51. “You are the last person I always say goodnight to; it’s like a ritual as you are the last one on my mind every night. Goodnight baby.”

52. “You are the added flavour of my life and right now, I only want to say have a good night rest.”

53. “Let me be the one you last think of you every day, let me be the one that colours your dream. Goodnight prince charming.”

54. “The night is calling me, the winds are beckoning and the stars twinkling at me to remind me that I have not wished you a good night rest. Sleep, tight love.”

55. “Let my love take over tonight and melt away any stress you might have faced today. Have a sweet night love and dream of me.”

56. “The day has been a bit bearable, but I cannot really say for the night as I miss you more then. Have a good night rest dear and come to my dreams.”

57. “Let your dreams tonight travel wild and free, I got you. I miss you; have a good rest tonight love.”

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58. “I long to be with you all night always. I miss you more at night as it makes me realize how prone I am without you. Have a beautiful night rest baby.”

59. “The first night we would be sharing together will be under the moon and the stars. Yes, I love the feeling of just you and me in the world. Have a nice night love.”

60. “With you forever is where I long to be. I wish you a good night rest for now so that we can have a good night rest together. Sweet dreams.”

61. “I want to be that blanket wrapping you in love and warmth against the cold night. I want to be close to you always. Good night and sweet dreams.”

62. “One day you will stop resting your head on that pillow and start resting the head on my chest where it belongs. Have a nice sleep tonight.”

63. “Thought of you is enough to erase the stress of the day completely. I wish you will be in my dreams tonight as I hope to be in yours. Sweet dreams.”

64. “The hugs I sent across will soon be delivered by the cool breeze, just stretch out your arms and let them enter safely. Have a good night rest darling.”

65. “To that special one in my life, I say have a good night and beautiful dreams.”

66. “Despite the distance that keeps us apart, I am looking right into your eyes now and telling with my mind how much you mean to me. Sweet dreams love.”

67. “This is not just a good night text; it’s my love which I send across to you to keep your company till daybreak. Sleep tight, my king.”

68. “Night is a time of rest and succour after the rigours and stress of the day. I wish I could be there now to help you ease the tenseness but then, have a good night rest.”

69. “A relaxing night and a peaceful sleep is my wish for you tonight as you take a rest after the stress of today. Sweet dreams love.”

70. “Know that I can never go to bed without wishing you a good night rest. You are the last thought on my heart at night I hope you know. Good night darling.”

71. “Anytime I have issues falling asleep, my mind reminds me that it is because if I have not wished you a good night. Let’s talk in my dream, can we?”

72. “Kisses from here to you for a good night rest. Sleep, tight baby.”

73. “You are my tomorrow, so I will just wish you a safe night and hope to see you soon again soon. Have a lovely dream love.”

74. “It feels like you are here with me tonight, do you feel the same? Have a nice night my love.”

75. “To the one who makes my day bright and colourful, I say goodnight and sweet dreams.”

76. “Every evening I have a longing to be near you, to hold you while I gently snooze away into dreamland. Have a night so sweet my love.”

77. “The fact that I would one day be next to you at this time of the day is what strengthens me to send you a good night text no matter how hard I miss you. Have a sound and soft sleep my prince charming.”

78. “An embrace is what I need right now after a very tiring day. Could you come to my dreams and give it to me? Goodnight baby.”

79. “My morning time tea, my afternoon drink, and my night juice that is what you are. Good night to you my champion.”

80. “A sweet good night message to my sweet love is just perfect on a sweet evening. How was your day? Have a beautiful night rest baby.”

81. “Have a nice night and be refreshed for the tasks ahead of you tomorrow. I love you champion.”

82. “I would give anything to be right beside you this night so that my body aches can be relieved. But then, have a good night, my love.”

83. “More than anything, you are the one I love crazily and I wish you a sweet night rest tonight.”

84. “My dream come true, my heart desire, have a beautiful night ahead today. I love you.”

85. “Let me be the bed and the pillow which allows your body to rest well before the ordeals of the next day. I want to be there to see you sleep and see you wake refreshed. Happy night rest.”

86. “Candles and light brighten and lighten our cold nights, let my love brighten your mind as you go to sleep tonight. Kisses for the night from here.”

87. “This message is just to let you know that you are the last of my thoughts every night. Sweet dreams baby.”

88. “At night I can go anywhere I choose with you, so tonight can we go to Australia? Sweet dreams my baby.”

89. “Like the stars wallow in the belly of the sky so is my love for you. Let the cool breeze take charge and escort you into dreamland my love. Have a good rest tonight.”

90. “From the scintillating colours of my rainbow hanging on the walls of your heart, you can pluck and keep it around to keep you safe all through the night. Sweet dreams my cute prince.”

91. “The seas, rivers and stream would always get jealous of our love because any time we stand by them; they reflect our image in their hearts. Have a nice night my prince. I love you.”

92. “Every of my heartbeat is only for the affections and care it has for you. Have a sweet night sleep and beautiful rest tonight.”

93. “The solace I found in your smile, comfort in your touch and happiness in your cuddle; is enough for me to hold onto till I see you in the morning. Sweet dreams my hero.”

94. “My emotion is getting the better of me. I cannot do without you. I hope I can survive this night without you here by my side. Sleep, tight love.”

95. “The smile from the moon is actually my wish to it that it reflects the smile I am sending you from here so that you will not miss me too much before day breaks. Have a nice night darling.”

96. “The stars are the only companion I have tonight as you are not here by my side. I wish you would hold me and make me fall asleep in your arms. Good night my champion.”

97. “I’m going to keep the light on maybe you might want to come in and kiss me goodnight before you sleep. Goodnight my love.”

98. “Candles need light and warmth to burn, for good sleep you need me to be in your dreams. I promise to be there. Have a wonderful night darling.”

99. “Tonight, just think of your pillow as me and your blanket as my body which is enveloping you in warmth so that you can rest well. Goodnight my love.”

100. “Don’t be scared of the darkness darling; just see it as a transition for tomorrow when we would be able to see each other again. Kisses for the night from here.”

other again. Kisses for the night from here.”

101. “Let the sweet memories of our time together fill your mind as you drift away in sleep tonight. I love you always baby. Goodnight.”

102. “I would have loved to kiss and hold you so that your weariness from today will be floated away but since I am not there, this message will do that and make you see that I love you more every day. Goodnight prince.”

103. “Angles will keep watch over you for me tonight until the day I am able to sleep at your side. Sweet dreams my love.”

104. “The coldness outside cannot beat the warmth in my heart. You are the love that keeps me glowing. Sleep tight tonight baby.”

105. “Through the darkness, my love will find you and wrap itself around you as you drift to sleep tonight. See you in the morning baby.”

106. “I no longer dread the night and darkness ever since you came into my life. You have been a light that illuminates from within to my outside. I am sending the light now to keep watch over you till when we see again. Goodnight love.”

107. “Don’t even think of anything right now other than the thought that I love you. Sweet dreams my darling.”

108. “My heart sings ‘you are mine’ every second of the day. I hope it does for you too. Happy night rest my man.”

109. “Just let yourself be carried on by the peace that sleep brings to our mind. Relax and enjoy the night baby.”

110. “The twinkle of the star, the soft whistle of the breeze and the subtle thoughts that I am yours is all you need to enjoy the night. Sweet dreams my love.”

111. “Even if I am there right now, I might just spend the night staring at your face as you have a gentle and sound sleep. I love you, baby, good night.”

112. “To me, dreams of you are not different from reality with you. You make my heart sing. Happy night rest baby.”

113. “The stars and the moon will keep vigil so that you, my champion, can have a sound rest tonight. Sweet dreams darling.”

114. “You cannot sleep tonight? Well, it is the same for me. I just cannot bear to have you out of my mind for a tiny second. Enjoy the night!”

115. “Before those sexy eyes succumb to the wills of sleep, just know that I love you always. Have a beautiful night my crown.”

116. “May your worries be scattered away with the night and favour rise early with the sun for you. sleep tight sugar.”

117. “Put your hand on your chest. Yea, that is me right there saying ‘I love you, have a wonderful sleep my darling’

118. “You are the air I breathe, the song in my mind. Have a sweet and sound sleep, my love.”

119. “The miracle of night is that you close your eyes to it and open them to bright new day. That is what makes me strong to face the nightfall. Goodnight darling.”

120. “Before you know it, it would be morning and we can see each other again. Sleep soundly darling.”

121. “Close your eyes and see me as you drift slowly into dreamland. Yes, I am there right now, watching over you. Sleep, tight love.”

122. “I am sending showers of kisses across there so that you will not miss me too much for the night. Sweet dreams darling.”

123. “Your dreams tonight will be of peace and blessings. I can’t wait to see you when the day breaks. Goodnight darling.”

124. “I hope you know that without you my life is incomplete and without sending you a good night text my day is not complete. Have a nice night my sweetheart.”

125. “Every day and hour spent with you is always leaving in me a yearning to be with you always. I wish you would feel the same tonight as that is how I feel. Sleep, tight darling.”

126. “Even the twinkling of the stars cannot compare to the look on your face whenever you are feeling sleepy like I know you are right now. Have a lovely night rest baby.”

127. “To the cutest of all men who have won my heart, I say a good and wonderful night rest to you. Sleep, tight darling.”

128. “I can picture you laying down holding your phone expecting this text. I cannot disappoint of course. Sleep, tight darling.”

129. “How do you feel tonight? Tired right? Sorry, darling, I will be in your dreams to ease your sleep. Have a nice night baby.”

130. “I already sent my love into the air so that you can breathe it in deeply and go ahead to a sound sleep. Good night sweetheart.”

131. “At night, my heart goes gloomy and my tears seem to want to cascade. I know it is because I would miss not seeing you for the next few hours. Good night and sleep tight darling.”

132. “Have awesome and sweet dreams filled night my love? You deserve it after a long and tiring day. I love you.”

133. “Right now, I want to be a fairy so that I can come over there to plant as a goodnight kiss on your lips. Good night darling.”

134. “The best of my wishes I am sending across to you tonight so that you can have a sound sleep. I love you, honey.”

135. “I have asked the wind to blow gently and the birds to go quietly as you, the man who completes me goes into a deep and restful sleep. See you in the morning darling.”

136. “As the nightfall today, I say a wish silently to the heavens and I know my wishes will come true as you have received this message. Good night handsome.”

137. “Sleep now and wake up fully refreshed and revitalized my prince charming. Good night.”

138. “Only the thoughts of me are allowed as you go to bed tonight. Leave the worries; they will disappear with the hours. Kisses for the night for you darling.”

139. “Your smile is cuter than the stars shine combined. I hope you place that smile on your face as you go to sleep tonight. Good night my prince charming.”

140. “As your love has given me real happiness, I wish you will have a very good night rest tonight. Good night, love.”

141. “I am sending sleep across to capture and kidnap you for me for the night so that you will escape your worries. Goodnight the love of my life.”

142. “My angel on earth that is what you are. Sleep and let’s talk more in our dreams. Goodnight baby.”

143. “Sleep and dream of only me. That is the only thing allowed tonight.  Goodnight my champion.”

144. “The night is so quiet that I think I can hear your heartbeats from there. Dream of me darling.”

145. “Let me envelop my good night wishes carefully so that the night will not steal them away before it gets to you. sweet dreams sweetheart.”

146. “I am so lucky to have you in my life. I can stay awake all night with just the thoughts of the moments we share together. Sweet dreams darling.”

147. “My love, my friend, my companion, my partner, my teammate, my soul mate. I just want to say a good night and sweet dream, that’s all.”

148. “You are everything and the only thing for me. I don’t want you to think you are there alone, I am right beside you. so sleep on and have a lovely rest.”

149. “The way I love you makes waking in the middle of the night worthwhile. I am sending a kiss across so that you can drift gently to sleep. Goodnight darling.”

150. “The times we spend together cannot be compared to the loneliness I feel at night as that is when I need you more than ever to be by my side. Sweet dreams my prince charming and only love.”

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