2023 Trending Best Friend Paragraphs for Her

We — I hope this includes you — all have that awesome female friend who touches our lives greatly and awesomely. I’m sure you’d agree with me that they should be appreciated. And sometimes, all that’s needed to make the difference is a simple text message.

Go on. Spread the love and appreciation to them because holding up awesome friendship’s can be at times are. Let them know you love and appreciate them too. If you find it hard, we are here to help you.

We provided here, 100 perfect messages you can use to spread love and appreciation. Just copy and put a smile on a face.


Cutest Friend Paragraphs for Her

Lovely friendship paragraphs for her from the heart.

1. My friend, you have been a very amazing person to me. You have touched me in many positive ways. You are beautiful, amazing and the kind of person I will kill for. You make me believe that we were wonderfully made. Your amazing instinct has saved us a lot. Thanks for being my friend. I love you a lot. I have never had a friend as awesome as you.

2. Being your friend has made me change from being a naive boy to being a bold and strong boy. Even as a girl, you were free with me. You never let your standards drop, but you were very accommodating. There’s no other beauty that compares to you. You created in me a new man and a beautiful one too. I love having you as a friend. I hope the feeling is mutual.

3. You are a friend and more than that. You’re a sister to me. I consider you to be family. I’ll do a lot to pay you back for your sacrifices made for me. Everyone will be glad to have you as a friend, and I’m not different in this case. I wonder why you have such a beautiful heart and how you manage to bear it, but it is awesome and I love it. I love you, dearie.

4. Dear friend. You mesmerize me. You have made yourself something I can’t erase from my mind. Everyone that has spoken to me about you all said beautiful things you should be proud of. I am proud of you and even still proud to be called your friend. You must be a blessing, not just to me, but to everyone you’ve come across. You are a very amazing person.

5. The most beautiful things that have happened to me came as a result of your friendship. I am excited, lucky and blessed to have you as a friend. I don’t want anything that will end or reduce our friendship and I know you don’t want it too because you love to see me as a better person. I am happy and grateful that someone as awesome as you walked into my life. Sweet Messages Lovely Friend

6. There are a lot of beautiful and amazing things about you that makes you stand high above the standards of any decent boy’s dream girl. You have been awesome since you were a child and you are growing into a strong and intelligent woman. I am sure that you bring joy to all who associate with you. I know that everyone who met you left better than they were.

7. Time has moved a great deal since we first met and a lot of beautiful things about you have not changed yet. Your large heart that’s always accommodating, your friendliness that’s always inviting and your beauty that’s completely charming. You have a lot to be proud of but you chose humility overall. You are an asset and more than that. I love you, my friend.

8. You have been a pillar, a support and a source of strength to me. More than a sister, you have also played a motherly role in my life — even at your young age. I look up to you for a lot of things, even though I’ve never told you. I am happy for the children you’ll raise and the man you’ll get married to. Their luck is just so unbelievable. Keep being amazing and awesome, my dear.

9. You have guided me through a lot of dark and rough paths, inspiring the bravery in me. There’s a lot I would never have done without you. I wish — sincerely and intensely — that you were actually my biological sister. You have proven to be stronger than many of your kind. I hope you don’t leave empty-handed after your great efforts at encouraging others to be good and great.

10. I love everything about you dearly. You are one person that I see excellence — if not perfection — in. You are strong, wise, pretty, intelligent and deserving of every amount of love. Anyone who hates you must be blind and deaf. Your strength inspires we around you and makes us stronger too. I feel like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. I love you in great quantities.

11. You give me a standard to look up to. You make life worth living because life is beautiful when there is a future to pursue, a rough part to struggle through and a goal to accomplish. You set a perfect example of the kind of relationships that should exist among friends. You inspire me to live and fight for my existence. You are a teacher and a mentor. I love you a whole lot, dearie.

12. The love I have for you cannot be quantified. I love your will to push forward in the face of opposition, your strength to stand through storms firmly and your composure to stay cool, calm and collected in the midst of trouble. I tell everyone who cares to hear that in you I found someone to look up to, to cherish and to share the best and worst of times with. I love you.

13. I can understand why your friends will never risk losing you. You touch hearts, persons and lives in positive ways. You are to be a teacher, a mentor and a friend. Life gets greater and sweeter with you around and your heart of love adds spice to those you encounter. There is a great future ahead of you. Go on and snatch all the good in it. Don’t forget me though.

14. There’s a great way to love and live and I learnt them from you. I’m not sorry and will never be sorry to say that you are the sweetest, most intelligent, most beautiful and most interesting girl — and person — I have met. I’m proud to have you as a friend who is willing to stand by me through thick and thin, through stress and fun. I love you, my friend. Keep your good game up.

15. I never really had a perfect and wholesome picture of what it meant to have a clean sheet until I met with you. Your refusal to partake in anything evil is a rare and outstanding quality. If everyone was like you, earth will not just be a beautiful haven, but heaven. You must be an angel, the one who is like an ambassador, standing at heaven’s gate to receive humans. You are beautiful too.

16. When I find a girl like you who so easily and properly define — to the minutest of details — a complex pack of beauty and brains, I’ll let you know so you can prepare for the end of the world. In your roles to mankind, you are not just only producing results, but you play your role with elegance, experience and excellence. I love you just the way you are and nothing’s going to change that.

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17. Thank you for coming into my life and setting a lot of things in the right direction even without being given the permission to. If I had all power, I’ll make it a point of duty that every child gets to learn from the bulk of your wisdom in any way they can. Your honesty, loveliness and sense of duty are things I wish you never stop having. You are a really great friend.

18. Trust me whenever I tell you that you are the most amazing person on earth. How do you manage to carry all these awesomeness in one body? How do you manage to carry so great an amount of love in a heart that’s in your little chest? You never cease to amaze me and you do so in such unexpected and beautiful way that I am left speechless and breathless. I love you, friend.

19. One paragraph is not — and will never be — enough to describe the partiality God displayed in favouring you over every other person at the creation. He put so much awesomeness and beauty in you that others fight hard to catch a glimpse of your back. You are made wonderfully, fearfully and beautifully. If I should write off all your awesomeness, the books that will be formed can be sold to make me a millionaire.

20. Seriously and with love from me, I want to remind you that you are beautiful and heavily loved by me. God’s always by you waiting to crown your attempts at life with great success and multiple fruits. I see so much of God’s grace and beauty in you that I can’t help but feel jealous once in a while. I love every single thing I know about you. And the fact that you’re my friend is a thing of pride.

21. If books are written about you, they’ll be used — even in the future — as a valid reference point to teach, instruct and correct people. You have been a great friend, a strong sister, a beautiful lover and a dear partner. You’re such a darling I can’t bring myself to imagine what things would be like without you around me. I love that you are my friend and that I know you.

22. There is nothing I know about you that I’m not proud of. You are making us — everyone associated with you — stupid proud, so proud we can’t control it. You are strong and wise, lovely and beautiful, great and amazing. I wish every girl were like you. You are so superhuman in the traits you possess and you’re a great friend and partner. I am proud to be your friend.

23. A taste of your friendship beats that of the most popular and talked-about delicacies. The feel of it beats that of any other feel. Sometimes, I get so amazed by you that I feel like crying. You’re incredible, dearie. You’re amazing. I love everything I have come to discover about joy. You are a joy to me, a source of inspiration and strength and a reason to live.

24. You are very adorable. I will give up any and everything to defend, keep and preserve our friendship. I hope today brings a lot of luck and blessings your way and, I pray you find peace and happiness in it. It is also my desire that our friendship flourishes and sees better days. And I hope we get to cherish more and more the times we spend together. I love you, my friend.

25. No one can tell me any evil about you that will make me believe you have evil in you. There’s nothing I know about you that’s not for the good. I pray your weekends in bliss and that you have better days ahead. If not for time and a lot of other things, it would be a top pleasure to spend days on end with you. Hope your week goes beautifully. And never forget that I love you. Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

26. Lord knows there’s no other person right now that have touched my life in as many good and positive ways as you’ve done. You are a rare gem. You are someone who can’t be found on just any day. You are special, not just to me, but to everyone who ever talked to me about you. If I had my way, I’ll claim you as mine. I love you in many ways and I’m proud of it.

27. In a time like this, you stand out as an icon of strength and beauty, and as a pillar of love and hope. I can write many beautiful things about you, but none will ever be able to describe your beauty and awesomeness in its entirety. There are days when I’ll just think about you and let me wonder about you to envelop me. You are one beautiful kind of a person. I love you, my dear friend.

28. Even if I have a distorted reality, the clarity of your excellence and perfection stands out among others. Your smiles are inarguably the best, as it has the power to transform darkness into light in humans. Everyone who is yet to meet you is sure to fall in love with you. I pray your life only becomes sweeter and more beautiful. I love you dearly.

29. As a girl, you have set a trend that will be cherished forever. You have made me feel loved, accepted and important. There’s a great number of things that are beautiful about you. Excellence shows in your activities. Elegance reflects in your every move. You have a heart of gold, and it’s as unbreakable as diamond. There is no friendship I’d rather have than that which you’ve given me.

30. Dear friend. I may never have told you but I love you more than anything on earth. The best days are those spent with you and the worst days are those without you. I wonder what my life will be without you and I fear the picture I see in my head. You motivate me with your achievements. You inspire me with your excellence. I love you now and forever. You are dear to me.

31. Everyone deserves to have someone great to stand by him or her in every situation. You have made sure I don’t have that place vacant as you have filled it in every possible way. If I could, I’ll make you feel like the only girl in the world because only you have made me feel like I’m the only boy in the world. I want to be a part of everything that you are part of. I love you.

32. Thanks for being my friend and for being a great influence on my life. Thanks for making me a better person. My life has improved very tremendously with you in it. There’s a big place in my heart and all of it is kept for you. Every time spent with you is so beautiful I wish they don’t come to an end. God must have thought hard before matching us to be friends. Have a great day.

33. There would be nothing special about you if you are the kind of person that can be found anywhere — everywhere. You have upped the friendship game to a whole completely different and special level. If every friend were to be like you, there would be love all over the earth. If every person were like you, life would be sweet to live. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

34. I never thought it will be possible to meet someone as beautiful, strong, hardworking and intelligent as you until I met you. Being your friend is one of the greatest honour I have had to carry. Meeting up to the standards you expect from your friends have taken a major role in making me better and have yielded positive results over the years. I love having you as a friend.

35. Today is a beautiful day, but don’t get me wrong, no bright day I’ve ever seen is more beautiful than you. The sun is bright, but surely, nothing is ever brighter than your smiles. The weather is calm, but I wonder what could be calmer than your personality. You are beautiful, loving, amazing and beautiful. There’s a lot of beauty and greatness hidden in you. I love you much.

36. My hands are always held out ready to hold you whenever you fall. My shoulders are here for you whenever you want to cry. I have decided to stand by you through good times and bad times, thicks and thins. One thing about me that will never change is the pride I have in being your friend. I understand that you are a person of love and I dislike whatever does not like you.

37. I’ll never make an attempt to get you out of my mind. I want to spend a great deal of time with you because that’s where I find real, fun and pleasure. There’s beauty in our friendship and the love we share is so incredible that I’m sure it has come to stay. Seeing your face gives me a lot of pleasure. We share a lot of perfect things and our friendship has definitely come to stay.

38. Poetry and music are no good when I want to describe your beauty and awesomeness because they don’t do enough justice to it. It’s better to use normal words to talk about you than start a failed attempt at poetry and music. Maybe the only place you can be properly described is in the head. Go ahead and conquer the world with the strength and love in you.

39. Anyhow I try to think about it, you are awesome, beautiful and a great person. Knowing you more has exposed me to a lot of incredible things about you. Everything I’ve discovered about you is beautiful and worthy of emulation. Everything I know about you gives me a reason to be proud of you and proud to be tour friend. You are a very great and awesome person.

40. Having known you for a long time, I can boldly say that you are a person of love, kindness, peace, joy and happiness. You have an awesome way of spreading happiness to the faces of all around you and a beautiful smile that can melt even the hardest of hearts. I wonder how much work you put in to keep being awesome. You must be one of the Incredibles. I love you so much, my friend.

41. You are a sister and a friend. I may not have heavy balances in my bank accounts to get the most expensive gifts for you, but I’ll never hold back the gift of myself to you. The gift you have given me — your friendship — is one I’ll cherish for as long as I live on God’s brown earth under his blue sky. There’s beauty in being friends with you, beauty so much you can say it’s beastly.

42. You have proven to be a loyal friend and ready to fill any role in my life that becomes vacant. Those who are jealous of and intimidated by our friendship will just have to learn to live with it, because not only has it come to stay, but it will keep being rubbed in their faces. There are no limits to what we can achieve together. We should be friends forever and beyond.

43. When people tell me that no one is perfect, I look at you and wonder at the degree of lies in the hypothesis. You who have served as a life changer for a lot of people having me as a witness. You who have kept to your standards without an iota of compromise. You who have been a person of love to all since day one. You are my hero, my definition of excellence and of perfection.

44. We may not be the best of friends, the most popular of friends or the most beautiful pair, but our friendship is one that produces a lot of positive results — something a lot of other friendships will kill and die for. Being by me as a friend has boosted my confidence, built my self-esteem, developed my skills and ability and taught me a heavy lot about love and responsibilities.

45. Having you as a friend is definitely the best thing to have happened to me in years now. As a bro, I know a lot of sweet things about women and you have all of these and more. Dear friend, you occupy a major part of my heart. I appreciate your fight to make the world better and the struggle to get a better life for others. You deserve thanks for the great things you’ve done and I don’t mind being the first to say it.

46. There is really no shame in admitting that I look up to you in many aspects of life, even considering your young age and tender personality. You have achieved a lot that many who are older than you by far have not and a lot to be proud of. I deeply respect you and consider any idea of resentment towards you as totally unacceptable. I pray you get to greater heights. Have a nice day.

47. I wish you success in all you set out to do and strength to carry on in all good work and the courage to face the hardest of circumstances and the toughness to push on in what you know has to be done. You have proven to me that one can be as great as he wants to be. Being your friend has given me great and worthwhile experiences about life and I’ll forever be grateful to you.

48. You sacrifice a lot for friendship and that’s why, even with my shortcomings, fails, faults falls, flaws or mistakes, you are still a good friend of mine. A lot of people would have abandoned me if they knew a fraction of what you know about me, but you stayed, urging me to be better, encouraging and inspiring me to live above my mistakes. I love you dearly and greatly.

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49. Today may not be your birthday or the day you celebrate an anniversary, but this is to tell you — and remind you — that you are a beautiful, elegant and creative being. You definitely know that your kind is rare as they are very hard to find or come by. I count myself lucky to have you in my life. Many wish to have friends like you, but all I have to do is call your name and you’ll be here with me.

50. I know it may not easy to be a loving friend, but you have created time for us your friends. You have made us all feel loved and valued. Finding a friend like you must be a very difficult task and you have never been proud of who you are too, from we, your friends. I still have a lot to learn from you and I still believe you have me in your heart. Every time spent being your friend have been a beautiful one.

51. Even when the lights are out, there’s still you and I holding hands, smiling, excited to be friends, happy. Your companionship cannot be replaced, ever, in my life. Without taking a vacation, you have for a long time being a lovely friend, touching my life in many great ways. Yes, you are my friend, but you’re also my motivation and inspiration. Glad to call you my friend.

52. The choice we made to be friends is simply the best choice I’ve ever made. Our friendship is like a tree that bears only good fruits and you deserve most of the credit for it. You have started something great and I pray you never find a reason to look back. My wish is that you become every great thing you were meant to be. Great things will come your way in great quantities.

53. You caught my attention with your beauty and aura of elegance and grace. You are my perfect definition of a great woman. You are young, but your wisdom speaks of ages. This paragraph I write is my way of appreciating what you’ve done for me and made me do. Every day, the love I have for you increases. You have provided me with the best friendship experience ever.

54. Seeing you again is always a pleasant experience. I pray that you’ll be safe and in health until the next time we meet. Hope you’re taking good care of yourself? Life may want to prove to be hard, but never forget that God loves you and me, your friend, love you too. I know that with your heart of gold and diamond, there’s no stopping you in this God’s earth. I love you.

55. You’re lovely and lively. The ambience you carry around you is one worth making people jealous. Forget people that speak evil of you. They actually wish they could be like you. Who wouldn’t want to be like you who wields great influence? Who wouldn’t want to be loved by all? Carry on with your life my dear. There’s no stopping you. Your future is bright and golden.

56. I am still trying to wrap my head around your all-day happiness like you are from the streets of Africa. I know your happiness is not weed-induced, but from the beauty in you, the strength to endure trying times. You never cease to surprise me. You have so many shades of amazing, it seems like you’ve never repeated any before. I love you dearly, my friend.

57. Your words and action have been great sources and tools of strength, desire and a drive to be better. You actually figured me out and I know how difficult that can be. Every time I hang out with you I feel like a king. Please, stay long enough to see me when things are better than they are now. I’d be your friend even if it becomes illegal. Have a nice time ahead.

58. It is heavy in my heart that I do my best to make your journey through life as easy and enjoyable as I can, if for no other reason, but for the fact that you’ve made a great person out of me. In rating, you are the best female figure in the world that I’ve come across. You have thrived in life, flying without wings. I know one day, you’ll fly higher than you’ve ever flown.

59. Every day, I get a new reason to like you more, to appreciate you better and to make me draw closer to you. You are one special friend I wish and pray I’d never lose. I’ll treat you right. You don’t display falsehood and you keep changing the friendship game for good. If I meet two people like you daily, I’ll never have a reason not to smile. I love you, dear.

60. The sky is the least point you can attain. You have guided me through many right paths and been a mentor and model to me. I’ll never forget to tell all who care to hear how great a person you are. Keep basking in love and grace. Times have changed, but you have been an awesome friend all through. I love you. Have a nice week ahead. Don’t forget to remain awesome all through.

61. My friend, I’ve been feeling a great deal less than my usual self because we’ve not seen in a long time. The picture of you in my head and on my phone is not enough consolation for me. I want to see you as soon as possible. I’ll trade anything to have you be me. I have missed a lot of things — everything — about you. Hope you’re safe and sound where you are.

62. Long distances exist, but they’ll do nothing harmful to the great relationship we’ve built between us as friends indeed. No one and nothing can water down our friendship. You have been a great friend and I keep hoping every distance between us dies soon, so I’ll have to see you and spend time with you as much as possible. Hope you’re not in trouble? Hope things are going great for you? I have missed you.

63. You have created a friendship so intense, I guess it has never existed. You have invented the height of friendship, stronger than that which existed between David and Jonathan in the Bible. Your support for me has pushed me to places I never planned to be. I know you’ve been through a lot, but being a source PD strength and joy is something you have proven to live for.

64. Success is something you’re not far away from. Just keep fighting and pressing on and soon enough it will pay off. I have watched with fascination as you’ve built a beautiful foundation for yourself and laid good blocks on it. I can’t wait to see the great results that will come out of it. You are dear to my heart and I love you beyond measures. Have a nice day.

65. Days have come and gone and the worst about you that they have revealed is that you are a jolly, loving and kindhearted, strong lady. I am happy for everyone you’ll ever get to meet in the future; I can’t even begin to imagine their luck. Time will go and may the more things it reveals about you be things we would be proud of. You are the greatest friend ever. Short Inspirational Messages for Friends

66. Take whatever you want from me and I won’t be bothered because I know whatever falls into your hand is not only in a safe place but also sure to bring about good fruits. I have decided to make the best of our friendship and be assured that I’ll never do anything to destroy our friendships. Wherever you are, I hope you find peace, joy and love. Be a good girl.

67. I want you to know that I wish you well and pray for you wherever you are. You are one who is willing to give up your all for the good of another. You are growing into a beautiful, strong and selfless woman and I am glad that you’re turning our good. Our friendship is one that anyone will be jealous of and I pray it never ends. Hope you’re having a great time wherever you are.

68. Let me tell you a beautiful thing about our friendship: before we met, we were all great by ourselves, being productive, having fun. Then we met and brought in our awesomeness to form the greatest friendship that ever was on earth. I appreciate you as being part of my life. You know you are more than family to me. I love you to the moon and back.

69. I have taken my place strongly behind you. I want you to know that you are not alone — and will never be an alone — as long as we are friends. Together, we will do and achieve great, amazing and beautiful things. Every day, we will become better friends and partners. We should never say goodbye. We should stay together as the best teammates in history.

70. Make no mistakes about this: without apology, you are one who my heart goes with no matter how far you are. You stand tall at the very top of my friends’ scale of preference. Whispers in my ears tell me that you love me greatly and have beautiful wishes for me. Your openness has brought me into a world of intelligence and fun. Thanks for the time we’ve spent together.

71. If the world wants to, let them stand against us with whatever weapons — physical, emotional, spiritual — we will still scale through and I’ll still be at your side. Together, we have what it takes to conquer the world. Your conquest is mine and mine is yours and so are our victories. We knew our bond was unbreakable and time has done well in proving us right.

72. After many years and we’re still such an adorable pair. Time has healed our rough times and freedom have exposed the true nature of the bond of our friendship. I am excited to boast about you as my friend. Distance does not, in any way, mean that you are not close to my heart. Hope you are having a swell time wherever you are. Have a nice week ahead.

73. From wherever I am to wherever you are, I send my greetings with love. If I’ve not kept in touch as much as I should, I apologise for that. I have missed you greatly and I know that one day, we’ll be reunited for a longer period of time. Hope you’ve not replaced me in your life, because I haven’t replaced you either and have no plans to. Be good wherever you are.

74. You saved me from a lot of trouble many times in the past. I am grateful to God for bringing us together as friends. If not that you did all you did for me for free, I’ll be in so much debt I may never be able to pay up until I die. You stand by me, no matter how terrible things — and I — get. There is no friendship I’ve had that beats yours, or even compares to it.

75. Standing by you is something I have done with a lot of pride. I want to be a part of whatever you endorse or support. I have no choice but to tell you how awesome you’ve been to me. Many people have praised you for my hearing, making me extremely proud of you. You have shown that no matter what happens, you will never let me go because you are interested in my good.

76. I arrived at true life the day we became friends. I was young, ignorant and antisocial. You have helped me to drop certain things as I grew older. I am groomed in ways a lot of grooms were never groomed. Even when you became famous, you still kept a space for me in your heart. In the midst of crowd attention, you were still a great friend. I love you.

77. If I have a chance to fly away to a land of tranquillity, peace and love, I’d look for a way to carry you along because I can’t imagine any kind of life — no matter how appealing — being truly beautiful for me without you on it. I have no other agenda apart from fighting to make me and you remain as great friends forever — even in eternity. I love you, my friend.

78. A simple look at you may reveal very little about you, or reveal things people will read wrongly as pride, arrogance and being pompous. But when someone gets close enough to really understand you, he finds out that you are such an awesome personality that everyone can’t help but reciprocate the love you’ve shown them. If I never came close enough to you, I’d have never known.

79. You are important to me, a very important part of my life. I need you in many ways, including ways so the minute I can’t even explain. I pray for our friendship because I understand it’s importance in my life. I love you and nothing I do or say can prove it. Everything you do involves so much thinking that it always yields positive results. I love you.

80. You are a valuable asset, not only to my world but to the whole world. A lot of times, people ignore that which is good for them, but just keep on being yourself; one day they’ll understand how much they need you, how much they can’t do without you. You have distinguished yourself among your peers and one thing I can boldly brag about is that I have a friend that’s so valuable.

81. Any opportunity I get to be with you in public is a defining moment for me; I consider it as a great honour. It’s really prestigious to be known as your friend. If a lot of people knew this, they’d be proud, but in your case, you still maintain such great humility that I wonder if you are human or superhuman or super (without the human). Any day I spend with you is a day I get exposed to new things. Be good.

82. Everybody has problems, but while looking for solutions to yours, you still find a way to contribute to solving the problems of others. Being a friend of mine alone was an answer to a lot of my questions. I may still have a lot of problems but the joy I derive from having you as a friend is enough to make me forget about my problems a lot of times. Hope you’re good?

83. These days, I’ve not seen you around a lot. I hope you’re safe and I hope your health is perfect too. I heard you’re doing awesomely where you are. I want you to know that I miss you dearly and greatly. Hope your, family is doing great too? May life bring you more favours than you can imagine, more love then you seek and more fortunate than you can make. Be good, friend.

84. You, who came to earth to rule and reign, I hail you. You, that carry me along when there’s something good to be gotten, I salute you. This is to tell you that I have you in mind and that no matter what, I’ll be by your side as a support. You, who can never be boxed in by any force, whose strength is such that you intimidate many, I hail you. Be a sweet girl.

85. To my sister from another mother, I have decided to be with you as a friend in the best of times and in the worst too. I have made up my mind to be by your side no matter how soft or strong things seem to be going. If I ever fail you by failing to help or support, then know that I failed myself. Trust me, I won’t lie to you. Everything I plan for you is for good. Trust me on this.

86. This is a prayer from me to God for you, that your steps are guided to the right places, and every good seed you sow reap a bountiful harvest. That your life goes on with few or no hitches or hurdles and that you work in God’s perfect plan for you. I also pray that all your dreams become reality, that your faith gets stronger and that you become a better person than you ever hoped to be. I love you.

87. Seeing your face is one of the greatest miracles God has kept for me; it has a lot of beautiful effects on me whenever it happens. I think God sending you into my life is a demonstration of his knowledge of how we, his creations, should live. I begin to doubt coincidences when I consider how we ever came to be friends. I love you, friend.

88. I want to be heard any time I talk about you; I want the world to know that such beautiful character exists and that it’s possible to be like you. They’ll never know if they don’t hear it from me or someone else. And please, don’t forget that you are one of a kind in more than a billion. Being in my life is something I want every friend to understand. You are an excellent friend.

89. Apart from being an excellent friend, you are a perfect sister, an awesome playmate, a sweet teammate and an excellent partner. I don’t take your friendship lightly, because it is a relationship I benefit from heavily. You are so dear to me that I’ve told all my friends about you and they all said they’d like to know you. Keep being dear.

90. Typing this paragraph, I discovered that finding the perfect words to describe your awesomeness and beauty is a very strenuous activity, an uphill task. I also discovered that in your selflessness, you have given me more than I have given you. I cherish the day I met you, in fact, I bless the day. I guess you’re doing great and awesome. Tell me if anything pops up.

91. You stick closer than a sister. They say blood is thicker than water, so I conclude that it’s either you are blood, or something thicker than blood. I know I love food and fun to dying point, but my love for you is greater than my love for anything else. I love you in great ways. Every hangout, I wish it’s you I’ll be with and every time we spend together is awesome.

92. No matter how crazy the dream may sound, I know I always have you to ride with me on it. If I had to handpick every member of my family, you’ll be my father, mother, brother, sister, son and daughter. I am tempted to confess that you are everything that matters in friendship to me. Keep being an awesome friend. May your efforts not leave you empty-handed.

93. Even with our difference in skills and talents, you have proven to be a friend beyond such boundaries. You know that you occupy the most special place in my heart, right? If I think of getting new friends, I remember that no one can be as sweet, simple and complicated — at the same time — like you. Hope you’re having a swell time. Lots of love. Me.

94. You are so perfect for me that you fit into my life like a misplaced puzzle piece dying to return to its place. When you came in, you became more amazing than any friend I ever had. In quiet or noise, your voice still creates the most beautiful of music and poetry. You are the best and most beautiful thing to happen to me in this life. I hope to remain your friend forever.

95. In the morning, the first face I want to see is yours, with that smile that says “welcome to today, it will be bright.” In the afternoon, I want to see your smile that says “keep moving, everything will be fine.” In the evening, I want to see your smile that says, “you’ve done well, sleep like a baby and wake like a man — or a lion.” Your smile enough to keep me moving.

96. I want to talk to you about everything: the food I eat, the places I go to, the things I say, the games I play, and every other thing, no matter how interesting or boring. You are my favourite companion and a ready and beautiful listener. I want us to share more moments where we’ll talk about our heaviest mistakes and our most worthy accomplishments.

97. You are that friend that has what it takes to send the clouds away from the skies. Your presence transforms the most cloudy of days into bright ones. You are like a dream come true. I actually feel like you are a place called home. Even after being by myself, having a wonderful me-time, I still cherish the moments that bring me and you together. Thanks for being my friend.

98. I’m not the kind of person who needs a crowd around him all the time, but just one or two people who can understand me and share in my good and bad times. You have provided this for me in our friendship. You are a worthy companion, a ready listener and a perfect friend. You give me reassurance in the face of a crumbling world. You are a wonderful friend.

99. A true friend is one who stays even when there are ugly situations around, one who guides when he can and goes out of his way to assist. You are the truest friend I ever met. Everything about me — including my instinct — screams YES about you. You are a certified bringer of good things. My love for you knows no bound.

100. I knew our friendship was at an all-time high when I noticed that we could communicate without speaking or writing words. You have found a way into my heart and I know you’ve come to stay in it. I pray our friendship blossoms like a tree planted by a river and like a fish does in good water. You are the strongest influence in my life. I love you, my dear friend.


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