Good Night Prayers for My Love 1

2023 Good Night Prayers for My Love

As your loved ones lay down to sleep tonight, why not send them beautiful good night prayers to let them know how much you care about them?

Make them feel better by sending them the following goodnight prayers and messages as they journey to dreamland.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share.


Sweet Good Night Prayers for Him or Her

The best of good night prayers and good night love quotes to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend to have the best of the night. The best of goodnight blessings for him or her from the heart. You can also send these to your husband or wife to have the best of the night.

1. No matter how tough your day has been, I pray that this night, you find the strength to remain strong. I love you. Good night, my love.

2. Have a peaceful night as you retire for the night and may tomorrow be a greater day than today for you. Good night, my love.

3. I thank God for protecting you today and I pray he continues to watch over you always especially for me. Good night darling.

4. All the stress of today is surely overwhelming, I pray that as you rest your strength becomes renewed like that of the eagle. Good night, my love.

5. As you rest tonight, may you receive the strength you need to conquer the world tomorrow morning? Good night darling.

6. All you wish for now is to be able to unwind from your day. As you close your eyes, may you have a blissful and re-energising sleep to boost your tomorrow? Good night sweetheart.

7. I am grateful to God that you are alive and may He continue to preserve you to see each brand new day. Good night sweetheart.

8. May the angels keep watch over you for me. Know you are loved and surrounded by God no matter what. Have a blessed night dear.

9. May the arrows that fly by night never sight you. May you always remain protected by the presence of God. Good night, my love.

10. As you drift to dreamland today, I pray that your dreams be filled with wonderful moments that gladden your heart. Good night sweetheart.

Good Night Blessings for Him or Her

Finally, here comes the best of good night blessings to say or send to your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife to make them feel loved and protected. Send to him or her before the night sleep and thank me later.

11. May nightmares be far from you as far as the East is from the West and the North from the South. Good night angel.

12. As you sleep remember that you have been forgiven and thank God for forgiving you even before you committed any of the mistakes you committed today. Good night beloved.

13. Remember you’ve been justified and sanctified and you are loved beyond measure by God, I pray you never forget this. Continue to bask in His love. Good night beloved.

14. I know the situation looks terrible but remember God know the solution and is always glad to help us. I pray that you never forget and thank God for this. Have a great night dear.

15. Everything seems impossible, remember you can’t proffer a solution to all problems, only God can. Always remember He cares for you. May your night be filled with peace. Good night angel.

16. No matter how long or short the night is or how peaceful or scary it is, I know all is well because I prayed for you and God heard me. Good night darling.

17. I pray you remain strong and have a wonderful night today. Relax, unwind and be thankful for having a good life. Good night, my love.

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18. The night reminds us of the blessings of the day and the regrets. Be grateful for the many blessings. Have a great night darling.

19. May tomorrow find us both alive, hale and hearty, with joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Good night, my love.

20. May the morning brings with it new ways to correct the mistakes of today and more strength to go through the day. Good night dear.

21. Find the strength to be the best, it’s inside of you and you have an able partner in the Holy Spirit. Relax and be happy. God is control. Have a wonderful night precious one.

22. God thank you for this day, for making me and my partner see the end of the day and hope for a new day. We know with you all is well with and for us. Good night dear. God loves you and so do I.

23. No matter how weary the day might have been, I am grateful to God for the grace to be alive to glimpse your face in the night. May you continue to be safe. Have a great night dear.

24. As you sleep tonight, may your dreams be filled with happy moments filled with never-ending laughter and wholesome chatter. Good night, my love.

25. As your day went on in safety, sleep safely and wake up whole. God loves you and so do I. Good night dear.

26. As we sleep tonight, Lord wraps your arms around us. We thank you for your presence always. Thanks for the ability to love and the great partner I have. Good night darling.

27. God, you know all our worries even before they surface, we place them in your care and the joy and the peace you give us and the love for one another. Amen. Have a good night dear.

28. I believe that your today is greater but your tomorrow would be greater and more fulfilling because God is in charge. Have a great night sweetheart.

29. I pray you receive all the support you require to do a splendid job at work tomorrow. Continue being the best. I love you. Have a good night.

30. May we be able to wake tomorrow to see a new day and glorify God. Have a sound sleep dear. Good night beloved.

31. Be grateful at the end of each day for the blessings in disguise present in each day. May you not miss the one of tomorrow. Good night darling. Have a blissful sleep.

32. May your family be blessed and be at peace so that you can be at peace and be the 100% effective at work tomorrow. Good night darling.

33. Lord, you are our shield and defender especially in the night when we are semi-dead to the world. Thanks for always keeping us but most especially for giving me such a great partner. Good night darling.

34. The day was good, may your night be greater. Good night sweetness.

35. May each night and new day lead you closer to your true purpose in life. Have a blissful night. Good night angel.

36. Lord, you never lie, so we thank you for our lives and for being there throughout. Thanks for the amazing woman and favour you’ve brought to me. Have a great night darling.

37. As you rest today, may your strength be renewed like the eagle and obstacles be very easy to overcome. Good night dear, sweet dreams.

38. God, thanks for answering my prayer and bringing someone special into my life. Darling, as you rest tonight, leave all your fears and sorrows in today. Relax and rest. God is in charge and your tomorrow is alright.

39. Darling, lay your fears, pains and frustrations down at the Lord’s feet and you would have a better night rest tonight. May tomorrow be better and more wonderful. Good night sweetness.

40. Stay strong and may God continue to supply the strength and peace you need for such a feat. As you rest, be thankful for all you have and slip into a wonderful sleep. Good night dear.

41. As we develop daily, I pray that you develop more financially, emotionally, spiritually and in every endeavour, you undertake. You are outstanding dear. Have a blissful night.

42. Whenever you are scared, think on God’s word. May His words empower you to do exploits now and always. Have a great night, queen of my heart.

43. As today draws to a close, God I thank you for your blessings, especially on my wonderful partner. As she sleeps tonight, protect her and give us sleep. Good night darling.

44. May all your prayers are answered and solutions provided as you rest tonight. Have a good night rest angel.

45. May insight be yours for every situation you face. Keep being diligent. Have a glorious night darling.

46. As you sleep in preparation for a new day, may peace flood your heart and hope fill your mind. Have a good night rest, queen of my heart.

47. As you rest, may your morning be a glorious one filled with better opportunities and more blessings. Have a glorious night dear.

48. I thank God for provisions, family and friends, but most for you and for His grace on your life. May you continue to be wise. Good night angel.

49. May peace, favour and blessings accompany you as you wake up tomorrow morning. As for tonight, have a sound sleep and great night.

50. Favour would envelop you, blessings encompass you on all sides as a new day break forth. Have a sound sleep and wondrous night today. Good night sweetheart.

51. May troubles and chaos be far from you as the east is from the west. As you sleep tonight, remember you are loved and we, protected by God.

52. God loves you and is concerned about you even to the tiniest details. May your path be illuminated by His love. Sleep soundly tonight and just bask in that love. Good night.

53. As you relax your tired bones, may God give you the strength to relax your tired mind and strengthen your exhausted body. Have a great night love.

54. May your night be amazing and your morning refreshing. You deserve all this and more. Good night, sweet.

55. May your night be glorious and your morning amazing. Keep glowing from a good night rest. Have an awesome night angel.

56. Because God never sleeps, I am assured that tomorrow would be a splendid day and your night would be a refreshing and rejuvenating one. Good night darling.

57. Understanding that can’t be explained but only observed would be granted you to tackle whatever you may face tomorrow. Have a good night dear. I love you.

58. Wisdom and understanding that can’t be described or explained be granted thee from this time forth till we depart this world. Have an awesome night darling.

59. May God give you the best path in which to accomplish your dreams and grant you success in all your endeavours. Have a restful and amazing night sweetheart.

60. May your dreams be directions to the fulfilment of your purpose. Hold on for the ride with God starting from tonight. Have a wonderful night sweetheart.

61. I pray today that God’s love dispels all the hurts and pains in your heart and fills you with His never-ending love. I love you, baby. Have a great night and rest well.

62. I pray that God would be the anchor to hold you up when the storms of life attack and try to overwhelm you. Bask in His love and enjoy your night. Have an awesome night darling.

63. As the stars are displayed in the sky to brighten the night, may the peace of God spread through your whole system and brighten your life. Sleep well and keep being beautiful. Good night dear.

64. As sleep tries to envelop you, remember all you ever need to succeed b has been provided by God, just bask in His strength and thank Him for it. Good night dear and sleep well.

65. As you rest, know all your challenges have been solved by God and He would reveal their solutions to you through dreams. Sleep well and have a great night.

66. Sleep tonight as a baby because you are God’s child and He is concerned about your well being. Sleep well dear. Have a glorious night.

67. As you unwind from the stress of each day and count your blessings, may joy unspeakable consume you and may your nights be blissful. Good night darling.

68. God’s gat you with all your problems, challenged, troubles and b pains. As you sleep tonight and leave Him in control, He dispels each and every one of them. Have an awesome night dear. Good night.

69. Let God provide the pillar you learn on, the support you require and the hope you need in overwhelming situations. Have a good night rest darling. I love you.

70. As you rest today, may God unravel His plans and purpose for your life today and forever. Have an amazing night rest. I love you now and forever.

71. Your breakthrough would break forth as the springs and your life be filled to overflowing with goodness and blessings. Have a good night and a greater morning dear.

72. As you are the most special person in my world, may you always find help at every corner waiting for you? Have an awesome night rest and a bright morning. Good night angel.

73. All you need to be outstanding would be supplied to you by God daily. Keep striving for excellence in all areas and rest. Have a great night darling.

74. As you’ve made my life richer and beautiful, may yours also be the same? Good night darling and sweet dreams.

75. You’ve made my life bright and beautiful, may yours reflect the same. Have an awesome night rest, my angel.

76. Breath in, relax. Tomorrow is around the corner and it would be better, greater and richer than today. Have a good night sleep dear.

77. May God protect you as you rest tonight from every gathering against you and yours. is presence abides with you? Rest well because God is with you and it’s well. Good night darling.

78. Never give up on God because He won’t give up on you neither now nor ever. He is always ready to support you. As you rest, ret in Him. Good night angel.

79. May God’s grace be abundant to you in every area of your life. Keep being victorious and succeeding. Have a great night and a wonderful sleep beauty.

80. May you live life with a glimpse of heaven daily, with the peace, joy and warmth only God can give. Sleep well dear one and be renewed.

81. You are strong and amazing but you require rest for your body and your mind. May true peace and contentment rest on you today and always. Have a good night rest. Sweet dreams to you baby.

82. As you rest your head tonight, may it be filled with inspiration for tomorrow and direction for better achievements. Good night darling.

83. Let my our tomorrow be better and brighter than today and my His favour guide you in the right path. Good night dear.

84. May trouble be far from you now and always. Be inspired by God now and forever. Good night darling.

85. May you continuously seen the beauty and joy in living. May His grace lead you aright. Good night love.

86. May God shepherd you in the path that would lead you to greater achievements and success. Good night darling.

87. As you lay your head, may His angels keep charge over you and may your sleep be peaceful. Good night dear.

88. May your soul be restored as you retire for the night and your tomorrow be filled with a renewed you. Good night darling.

89. As you sleep, may your enemies be kept far away from you. Good night princess.

90. Tonight, may you feel His presence in and around you, as you rest and may your tomorrow be filled with blessings. Good night princess.

91. May your lost virtue of today be restored and may you be rejuvenated for greater things tomorrow. Good night dear.

92. As you rest, have a more fulfilling night. Let it be filled with God’s presence. Good night baby.

93. May you not depart this world fro your sleep but experience a new day. Good night dear.

94. May death be far from you and yours as you rest tonight. Good night baby.

95. May the cold hands of death not know your residence to tonight. Sleep soundly. Good night beloved. God loves you and so do I.

96. As God gives skis beloved sleep, may you find sleep? Sleep soundly and have an eventless night. Good night dearest one.

97. May you be granted maximum security from heavenly host. Have a great night precious one. Good night.

98. May you never take for granted the ability to lay your head and find sleep easily. Have a great night baby.

99. As you sleep, all you have and all you are preserved by God. Have an awesome night. Good night darling.

100. Remember to be thankful to God for making you to experience today and because you will experience tomorrow. Good night baby.

101. May you sleep like a baby and wake up with the energy possessed by a mighty man. Good night darling.

102. May your course be championed by God now and always and victory is assured you. Good night baby.

103. May all you laid your hands on today be fruitfulness and be blessed by God. Good night champ.

104. May your night be refreshing and refilling to your weary bones. Good night dear.

105. Tonight will lead you to a glorious morning filled with favour in Jesus name. Good night baby.

106. As you rest, may men of the night not visit you and your night be eventless. Good night dear.

107. The morning will bring with it for you, renewed strength, abundance and a great day. For now, have a great night dear.

108. May your tomorrow be more rewarding than today. Have a great night baby.

109. May all the pains in your body disappear with the night and by morning, you are as glad as a baby. Good night darling.

110. As you rest tonight, may you forget the displeasure of today band may tomorrow be more thrilling than today? Have an awesome night dear.

111. Be grateful for what you have today and tomorrow be more enriching than today. Have a great night.

112. Your shame will be rolled away forever as you sleep tonight. Have an awesome night dear.

113. The Lord preserve you to see tomorrow and the blessings attached to it. Have a great night beloved.

114. As you prepare to sleep tonight, may God cause your night to be an awesome one. Good night darling.

115. As you drift into the land of dreams tonight, let your body wake up with renewed vigour. Good night beloved.

116. As you drift into dreamland, may your, morning meet you in the land of the living and not the that of the dead. Good night darling.

117. God’s mercy that has kept you breathing till now, will keep you throughout the night till the breaking of the dawn. Good night beloved.

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118. The challenges you faced today will be overshadowed by the success of tomorrow. Rest your troubled heart. Good night beloved.

119. The displeasure of today would be swallowed up by the pleasures of tomorrow. Relax your weary bones and anxious heart. Good night beloved.

120. Tonight the Spirit of God would lift buy a standard against your enemies and preserve you to see the dawn. Have a blessed night my beloved.

121. The peaceful night with its promises would overshadow the pains and toughness of the day. Have a blessed night. Sleep with God watching over you. Good night beloved.

122. May the morning meet you in goodness and the night in healthiness. Good night precious one.

123. May this night find you in the safety of the most High and your morning be filled with His presence. Good night beloved.

124. I have faith that all is well with you tonight and forever. I love you. Have a blessed night darling.

125. May your night be filled with the wonders of the glorious future you have. Good night beloved.

126. As you close your eyes and embrace sleep, mat you rest safely and peacefully. Good night dear.

127. I pray that as you sleep, your whole body becomes revitalised. Good night darling.

128. As you retire for the day, may your whole body system be renewed and revitalised. Have a great night darling.

129. May the Lord cause His face to shine on you and bless your night. Have a great night. Good night dear.

130. May sleep not evade you now and every time you require it. Have a sound sleep darling. See you in the morning.

131. I pray your tomorrow be more blessed than today. Have a blessed night sweetheart.

132. I pray that as you rest, more wisdom to function and be the best rests on you. Good night my beauty.

133. I pray that th\e best of everything life has to offer, be yours. Have an amazing night. Good night beloved.

134. I pray that God would be with you as He was with the saints of old and bless you immensely. Good night dear.

135. May God guide you through every step you take in all your endeavours. Have an awesome night. Good night dear.

136. May God’s unswerving love always remain with you. Have an awesome night. Good night dear.

137. May a circle of protection be set up around you this night. Good night baby.

138. May God help you with all the decisions you have to make. Have a great night darling.

139. May your choices bring you joy and not sadness. Have a great day tomorrow and a blessed night today. Good night dear.

140. Sleep well tonight and be ready to overtake the world tomorrow as God strengthens you. Good night beloved.

141. Be empowers from above and be refreshed to be at your best tomorrow. Have a blessed night darling.

142. May this night be the beginning of greater and more blissful nights, full of peace and sound sleep. Have a good night rest sweetheart.

143. Sweetheart, I pray that evil be far from you as you sleep this night. Have a sound sleep. Good night beloved.

144. Darling, may the joy that can be found in living be yours always. Have a great night.

145. Beloved, may your night be full of tranquility. Have an awesome night.

146. Precious one, I pray that serenity and tranquility would be yours now and always as you rest. Have a blessed night dear. Good night dear.

147. Darling, may the stress present in the day never make you lose track of the peace of the night. Good night.

148. Dear, I pray that all that’s wonderful in life be at your disposal. Have a blessed night.

149. Beloved, I pray that you continue to be strengthened every day by God’s strength. Good night beloved.

150. Sweetheart, may you never lose your wonder over God’s faithfulness. Have an awesome night. Good night love.

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