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I love you for real, I’m not lying
You’re the best for me I am not denying
You’re doing your best, you really trying
Each moment away from you is like I’m dying
I love you.

Your love for me is an overflow
Just like bomb to make me blow
The thought of you makes my heart grow
And make all within me super glow
I love you.

While I’m sleepless, you’re my best pill
For a blossom love, you’re my best deal
When I’m hungry’ your love’s the best meal
And when I’m empty, your love’s my best fill
I love you.

You are the best hi for my hello,
More than guitar more than cello,
You are my greatest delight
And in darkness my greatest light.
I am loving you every day my love.

Your love for me surpasses Understanding
Though simple but yet Outstanding
It blossoms by the day, critics notwithstanding
Even if all relationships bask in misunderstanding,
With you, we will be the last partners standing.
I love you.

You are my best option and my dearest,
Of all close to my heart of course you’re the nearest
Without your love I have no rest
Because every hour, loving you is my only interest.
I love you.

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