2024 Best Inspirational Quotes for Students in College

Life is a journey that must be embarked upon by all, some find it easy, for some, it’s a heavy task, they struggle through.

It’s not lucking to have an easy journey in life, it’s by knowing the rules, equipping yourself for it, preparing for the hurdles and getting a constant dose of inspiration to keep you going.

Here are some Inspirational Quotes to help young College students to equip, prepare themselves to have a wonderful journey in life.

Best Inspirational Text Messages for Students in College

Being successful is the major aim of every student in colleges. Although students have the intention of being successful, but some of them still need to be inspired. Show your brother, sister, friend, son, daughter, husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend you have their back with these Motivational Messages for Students.

1. Work hard and pray hard, leave no stone unturned so success will have no choice than to smile at you.

2. Everyone loves Success, but success loves only a few, that can pay it’s price, hard work, perseverance and focus will bring you two together.

3. Life’s not fair, don’t ever expect it to be. Be thankful for what you have and work hard to get more.

4. Life’s wants are unlimited but learn to be contented even though you can’t be satisfied.

5. The way up is down (wisdom), the way forward is backward (ancient wisdom). Encouraging Quotes for Friends in Need

6. Don’t wait on luck, it may never come. Work hard and earn whatsoever you want.

7. Demand whatsoever you need out of life. Like a cruel king, life is stingy, it would only release good things to those that give a fight.

8. Success doesn’t have the strength to choose anyone, but if you want it you will use your strength to choose you.

9. Take the path of truth no matter how lonely and rough, because the end leads to the top of the ladder.

10. One can’t be successful when you haven’t made up your mind to become one. Choose to be successful no matter what.

11. No matter how tall you are in height that doesn’t mean you can reach the peak, to reach the peak you must become short(humble).

12. Every day in life is a classroom and the people we come across are our teachers, it is left for you to pick the best lesson you can get from all teachings.

13. What do you not believe doesn’t work for you, believe life is gonna be good, act in that direction and see it come through.

14. Life is like a land, your attitude makes it fertile. Your hard work is the seeds. It would yield whatsoever you plant in multiple folds.

15. Your attitude towards life determines the altitude you can go. Give your best attitude, that would be your nitro boost.

16. They say “a tree can not make a forest”, true! But you need to make yourself a tree that everyone will get seed from to grow their own tree.

17. When life pulls you down with a rope, don’t throw it away, use it to climb back up.

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18. Don’t be restricted to a Triangular(class, home, religious centre) life, expand to an octagon so as to learn and meet others.

19. Do not keep the little knowledge you have to yourself, spread it around so as to get more.

20. Be prepared for a fall, it makes you strong and experienced. It would help you on the journey of Life.

21. What you have and do not use is as useless as having nothing. Don’t just acquire, use what you have to get what you want.

22. Don’t be shy to show what you’ve got. Explore your talents, they are your ladder to the top.

23. Don’t expect fast and immediate results, very important meals needs order and takes time to prepare, unlike junks that are readily available.

24. It is not a crime to fall down but it is a big crime to remain on the ground.

25. No matter how far you go in life never forget your source. It’s your sustaining power.

26. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, it doesn’t leave you the same, it makes you gain experience so you won’t make it again and equip you to guide others from making it.

27. Success is not a day job but a daily job, keep investing daily, in the end, it would yield.

28. You can dodge being reasonable and responsible but you cannot dodge the consequences of not being reasonable and responsible.

29. Everything needed to make us a success is in us, all you need is to discover it and stir it up.

30. A poor man is not a man that has $10 but a man that has $10 and steals $5.

31. Once or twice try isn’t enough, keep trying until you achieve it. Don’t ever give up.

32. Never sell your integrity for money, when you have it in abundance, you can’t buy the lost integrity back.

33. If you can’t find the key to success, break the door because you must enter the success room.

34. Sometimes because the door is closed doesn’t mean it’s locked. Give it a little push.

35. Your access to light is your licence to life. Don’t ever neglect the place of knowledge, it’s your light.

36. When you read you skin the treasure, but when you study you discover the treasure.

37. Invest in yourself, it pays the best interest. Give all you can to build yourself.

38. Some people say they respect those who tell them the truth no matter how hard it is, the question is this, Are you ready to accept the truth?

39. The most valuable things in life ain’t found on the surface. It takes intentional digging to get them.

40. The most effective drugs are sometimes the most bitter. Be ready to swallow them.

41. Life is beautiful and sweet, but that’s the end of the journey, before you get there, be ready for swifts and turns.

42. Your pain can be your gain and your gain can be your pain, it all depends on how you handle it.

43. Many things in life are gifts, but the most important things are reward of diligence and hard work. Don’t covet gifts, work for rewards.

44. On your way through life, don’t soil your integrity, if you lose everything, it’s the only treasure that can buy them back.

45. Do not allow money to be your driver, it will take you to a destination you never planned, take the wheel and take yourself to Success.

46. As you are going up in life don’t forget to look down. The higher you go, the more severe the fall.

47. Look up to God for help and look down to help others to keep climbing.

48. Life is a journey that can’t be walked alone. So in anything you do, don’t neglect people.

49. Just like everything in life, it must be prepared for. Get everything you need for the preparation. You’d need it.

50. Don’t live by chance, live by choice. Circumstances shouldn’t make define you.

51. Dont rush through anything in life, else you find yourself back where you started. Be fast but don’t hurry.

52. Fear is the mind killer, remove fear and have free mind. Then watch yourself achieve like its magic.

53. Always say to yourself “I can” even if it seems you are far from getting there. Soon circumstances would hear your voice and yield.

54. No matter how far the journey is, if you don’t stop, you’d surely get to the destination. Keep up.

55. Focus on your goals, ignore distraction and forge ahead. You would share the testimony.

56. The harder the journey, the sweeter the testimony. Think about the testimony and continue, the end is near.

57. Don’t be carried away by what you see, they may not last. Focus on the unseen, they can make the seen, last forever.

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58. Let what you visualize push you to actualize it. Allign your actions with your vision, you’d share the testimony.

59. Those that gathered and said you can’t do it, would have no choice but to celebrate you when you do. Brace up and make things happen.

60. When people talk you down, don’t let their words get to you, let your success get to them.

61. The process is always painfully and silent, endure it, your success will make the noise, be ready to enjoy it.

62. We all have a mission to achiever our diverse visions, there may be different versions but it’s your actions that determines the success.

63. Be grateful for little you have, a lot of people wish they had just a half of it.

64. What really matters is not what happens to us but what happens in us.

65. You should not only expect the best but attain the best. The best isn’t meant for some, it’s for those that fight for it.

66. We are God’s treasure, there is no measure he will not take to ensure that our pleasure is satisfied in our leisure.

67. Do not envy or jealous those who are prospering now, this life is turn by turn, wait for your turn.

68. The sky is so big for birds to fly doesn’t mean all birds will fly same time.

69. Where there is no space for you to explore, create chance for yourself. Take charge.

70. Don’t wait for a perfect time,there isn’t any, take this time and make it perfect for yourself.

71. Life can be cruel, but don’t be discouraged, it’s only a plot to distract you from your goal. Keep moving.

72. Do not follow the crowd, always strive to stand out. Leaders always stand out.

73. When everyone has done their best and went to rest, the little extra you do, will make you extraordinary.

74. Anywhere you go, anybody you Come across, anything you do, make sure you leave a good mark that you will be remembered for.

75. Do not imitate, be yourself. Imitation brings limitation. Don’t be a shadow of yourself, be you.

76. Life would never give you what you want, but once you get what you need, turn it into all you want.

77. Look up my dear, what do you see?The sky! You can not get there alone, you need people.

78. Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done. Keep pushing till the end.

79. In everything that happens to a man, there is always a WHY. Life is not a coincidence.

80. When you are down, look up. When you get to the top, don’t forget to look down.

81. There is always someone who believes in you. Don’t loose that person.

82. If you want to be blessed, try giving. No matter how little, it opens you to greatness.

83. It is better to be alone than to be in a bad company. Choose your friends wisely.

84. You would never be fulfilled if you have everything, and everyone around you has nothing.

85. True wisdom is found in a man that knows that, no matter how much he knows, he still has more to learn.

86. Everyday of your life can’t be a plus to your achievements if you didn’t learn anything.

87. Do not shy away from the truth, face it. The truth may be bitter, but it’s your secret to success.

88. Sometimes before you build, you need to break down, so be ready.

89. Don’t act before you think, think before you act.

90. Judging others when you know you ain’t perfect is like pointing a finger to a person and the other 4 fingers are facing you.

91. Do not do things that will rob you off your shine because when one finger is stained with oil it will definitely affect the others

92. Because they say “No condition is permanent” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to constantly be in good conditions.

93. No matter how far we’ve come, the journey continues because until we get to the end, there’s no celebration.

94. A lot of people are waiting for your success. Buckle up and fulfill your dreams.

95. Every day either brings us a step closer or farther from our proposed aspirations. Let your day be intentional.

96. Our decisions and actions are major determinant in our journey to success.

97. Achievements and success only respond to diligent call. Be ready to pay the price of success and it’d come your way.

98. Everyday is another opportunity to start again, but this time in a unique way.

99. Don’t ever neglect the place of little beginning, every great things started little.

100. Don’t forget to learn from the mistakes of yesterday and gain experience from past errors. Everything happens for a reason.

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