120+ Cute Messages for Him to Wake Up To in 2024

When in love, even the little gestures matter a lot. It will go a long way to make the partner confident of what you share.

Love texting is romantic, but when you send him cute messages to wake him up will touch chords in his heart.

You might not be sure of composing the perfect message for your man, but here you can make a selection of Cute messages for him to wake up to in 2024.

Romantic Text Messages for Him to Wake Up To

Sweet good morning sms for him (husband or boyfriend) to wake up.

1. Hey handsome, it’s time to be up and about for the day. Hope you had a good night rest?

2. Hope you had a beautiful night rest and dreamt of me? Wake up as I’m already at your door.

3. I need to be sure that you’re up and about, that’s why I’m sending this. Hope you slept well?

4. The day is bright and fair, but none can be compared to your smiles. Good morning to you!.

5. Rise and shine, get up and get today’s task done on time. I can’t wait to see your face again.

6. Welcome to a beautiful morning love, wake up to explore great opportunities.

7. I’m sure you woke up strong and full of life. Make sure you have a great day, today.

8. It’s a beautiful day, I’m sure you had a good rest so that you can have a great day.

9. You’re the first thought that came to my heart as I wake this morning. Good morning to you handsome.

10. You know I’d give anything to wake beside you each morning so my face can be the first thing you see when you open your eyes. Good morning my love.

11. Wake up and inhale the cool breeze of the morning, that’s me sending you kisses from here.

12. I want to be the first person to talk to you when you wake that’s why I’m sending this text. Good morning to you darling.

13. With all my heart, body and soul I say a loving good morning to you darling. How’s your night?.

14. You were completely in my dreams last night, so much that I couldn’t wait for the day to break to wish you good morning.

15. Today’s bright already but I can’t help but look forward to your bright and charming smile. It’s a good morning.

16. I hope this is enough to perk you up for the day. Good morning handsome.

17. I’m sending my smiles so that your heart can smile. Good morning my love.

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18. Good morning my shining star! How’s your night. Kisses from here.

19. I thought of you and my face lightened up. I hope you feel the same way? Good morning Superman.

20. Let me send you my hugs and kisses, I learnt it’s a good booster to start up a day. Morning baby.

21. Take my love with you as you get up from that bed this morning, it’ll sure make you have a great day ahead.

22. As you touch my life with your love, I’m also sending you mine this early morning.

23. I want to be the first you hear from at the dawn of every day. Good morning darling.

24. Take this early kisses from me, it will keep me in your mind all day long.

25. I want to see your face this morning and tell you what you really mean to me. Good morning my love.

26. I waited till this morning to send you sweet thoughts from my heart. I hope you had a great night?

27. Rise and shine darling!!! Hope you had a sweet night?

28. To my special man, the one that completes me; hope you had a restful night?

29. Good morning to the special one that rocks my world. How’s your night?

30. I couldn’t wait enough for the day to break as I want to wish you the first. Morning my love.

31. You brought with you plenty smiles into my life. I love you more with every new day.

32. I wasn’t there to give you a hug for the night, but my love I’ll send in with the breaking of each day. Morning Superman

33. Nothing excites me than wishing you a good morning.

34. You’re the reason I’m smiling always. I hope you’ll smile today as you get this message.

35. This message is from my heart, good morning to the most important man in my life

36. As you go, take my love with you today. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful day.

37. Good morning baby, hope you know that I look forward to being in your arms someday?

38. Sending you kisses to make every lingering nightmare go away. Much love darling.

39. Welcome to a beautiful morning my love, make sure you enjoy the day to the fullest.

40. Thanks for adding light and laughs to my life. Good morning my forever love.

41. I know I’m not there to kiss you good morning, the reason I’m sending my love with the cool breeze so that you can feel them.

42. You’re the reason I’m smiling every day my love. Good morning kisses from here.

43. Place your phone on your cheeks and lips, that’s me kissing you good morning.

44. May today be as great as the day you walked into my life. Have a nice day baby.

45. Good morning to the man of my dreams! Hope you had a good night?

46. You’re more than a dream, you’re my perfect reality.

47. Let the hugs and kisses I send to you today be enough to last you till when next we see. Good morning champ!

48. The key to my heart is your love, good morning to you darling

49. Sweet thoughts of you kept me awake a through the night. I hope you had a good sleep?

50. This is to let you know that I think if you always. Good morning kisses from here.

51. Your love changed me to be a better person. Good morning my shining star

52. I’m sure you had a good dream filled with memories of me. Morning darling.

53. It’s a beautiful morning my love. Let this beautiful wishes from me give you a beautiful day.

54. Good morning kisses are the best. And you deserve them, and that’s why I’m sending this to you.

55. You deserve my total love. No one compared to you. Good morning my love.

56. I just want you to know that I love you dearly and I wish you a beautiful day ahead.

57. Thanks for loving and choosing me, good morning sweetheart.

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58. Starting my day with sending you good morning wishes energises me for the day’s tasks. How’s your night love?

59. I want to always bring smiles to your face that’s my reason for making sure I wish you a good morning every day.

60. Good morning wishes to the one that fills my thoughts always.

61. Thanks for coming to my life and bringing smiles, good morning darling.

62. I send my love to you as you wake this morning. Hope you had a great night.

63. I thought of you as I wake and that’s why I’m sending these early kisses to boost your day.

64. To my reality, love and world I say good morning darling.

65. I missed you each night that’s the reason I can’t really wait for the day to break before sending you good morning kisses.

66. I am what you made me, the happiest of women. I’m proud to have you in my life. Good morning to you dear.

67. You came into my life and brought with you smiles and laughter. I hope you have the same fun today, good morning my love.

68. I want my good morning to be what will bring you the first smile of the day, I hope I achieved that?

69. There’s a thrill that comes each day with the thought that I’ll be wishing you a good morning.

70. Good morning prince charming, I’m sure you had a wonderful night?

71. How do you always wake up looking so charming early in the morning?

72. My paradise and perfect choice, good morning baby.

73. No one loves me like you do, this I’m certain of. Good morning sunshine.

74. Stand up to greater opportunities that lie ahead of you today.

75. I can wish you good morning from now till eternity and never get tired.

76. I open my eyes each morning with the excitement that you are mine.

77. Nothing excites me more than the fact that you’re always in my thoughts. Good morning darling.

78. To the great mind behind my smile, I say good morning.

79. Let me love envelope you this morning so that you can have a great start for the day.

80. Even in cold days, thoughts of you keep me warm. Good morning my hero.

81. My nights are not totally empty, you’re in my dreams. Good morning to you.

82. Wake up and shake your worries off, have a beautiful day with the opening of great things.

83. Every morning, I say words of gratitude to our maker for making you specially for me.

84. You don’t know how much joy I feel in my heart whenever I wish you a good morning.

85. It’s a new day, enjoy today to the fullest sweetheart.

86. I wish you a good morning so that every anxiety and worries may disappear.

87. I don’t have fears I’m confident you’ll always be there for me. Good morning champ.

88. A special good morning to my special man.

89. This is a subtle way of saying that you’re my first thought for the day. Good morning.

90. I wake each morning feeling blessed that you’re mine.

91. You are more than the world to me and more. Good morning dear.

92. I hope you wake with no worries in your mind? Good morning my love.

93. Good morning to you the love of my life, I’m sure you had a wonderful night?

94. My perfect gift from life, hope you had a good night rest?

95. Thank you for walking this journey with me. Good morning sweetheart.

96. With each morning, our love will wax stronger. Good morning my hero.

97. Each time I think of you, my heart leaps for joy. Good morning my perfect gift.

98. I’ll be happy to walk this path with you till the end of my life. Good morning darling.

99. I can’t wait to see you this evening, hope you had a nice night?

100. I hope you know that I love and adore you always? Have a wonderful start today.

101. I want to paint my love for you on a canvas, so you can see what you mean to me. Good morning my love.

102. I want you to know that I’ll love you in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. Welcome to a new day baby.

103. Good morning to you my cup of tea!!

104. What is love without you? I’m happy I have you. Good morning love.

105. My all-time delight, hope you had a great night?

106. It’s a brand new day, and I’m going to prove to you always how much I love you.

107. I love you always and I will always say this to you every opportunity I get. Good morning my superman.

108. Thanks for bringing a spring to each of my steps. Good morning my love.

109. As you wake this morning be aware that nothing can contain my love for you. Have a beautiful day.

110. Thanks for making our love heaven on earth, beautiful morning to you handsome.

111. I wait patiently for when I’ll wake beside you every morning, but till then, I’ll make do with sending you early morning wishes and kisses.

112. Unbending, your love refreshes my soul. Good morning to the love of my life.

113. I hope you take great care as you go today. Top of the morning to you my love.

114. My heart calls you at every waking of the day. Good morning my precious.

115. I hope you have a lovely day today, good morning sweetheart.

116. Rise and shine my perfect love!!!! How’s your night?

117. I don’t dream much, you’re my reality. Welcome to a beautiful day.

118. No amount of words can describe my love for you. I’m grateful that you can wake each day.

119. I love that you love me. Good morning my world.

120. To the genius behind my smile I say good morning.

121. More than anything, I’m proud to have you in my life. Good morning to you dear.

122. I am sending you kisses to make every lingering nightmare go away. Have a nice day love.

123. It’s a new day, enjoy today to the fullest sweetheart.

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