Hope You Slept Well Wishes to Wake Up To

2024 Hope You Slept Well Wishes to Wake Up To

We can show love in different ways; it could range from texting and calling to know if your loved one slept okay, to sending him/her good wishes for their day.

Knowing this, here are 120+ wishes of that nature. Keep the texts and calls going. Love doesn’t, and shouldn’t have a barrier. Hope You Slept Well Text Messages.

Good Morning Hope You Slept Well Wishes to Wake Up To

Lovely good morning hope you slept well wishes for him/her.

1. I don’t have to wish that every day will be like yesterday; every day with you is nothing short of special. Hope you slept well, babe?

2. Being away from home and our bed isn’t as enjoyable as I thought it would be. And frankly, I miss getting kicked and pushed out of the bed most times. I miss you. Hope you slept good?

3. I could speak a thousand words, and they still wouldn’t be enough to describe how I feel about you. Hope you slept well darling?

4. This morning, I’m trusting that your day would be a productive one. I so can’t wait to see you tonight.

5. It’s a hot date we’re having tonight; this life is too short to have any other. Good morning, babes.

6. Even distance can’t put a dent in this relationship of ours. I’m going to love you for as long as life allows. Hope you slept okay, darling?

7. I could go all day smiling; that is because thoughts of you just leave me peaceful and happy.

8. I’m content with just loving you; I don’t want anything or anyone other than you. I’m content with just loving you.

9. I’ve promised myself to improve in terms of how I treat you in the coming year. I’m going to definitely do better. Hope you slept well, darling friend?

10. You know, you are never off my mind. I could try and try, but you’re never off my mind.

11. May this morning be a productive one for you. Hope your night was okay? I love you!

12. I got your messages early this morning; you know how I sleep! Welcome back, sister. How was your trip and hope you were able to get some sleep?

13. In my trying to get you off my mind, you get more etched into it. Good morning, sweetheart.

14. Mother said you’ve been working your ass off again; I don’t have to ask if that is true, I know it is? Please, avoid giving the poor woman a heart attack; can you try to slow down your pace? Brother!

15. Sister of life, I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us in the coming year. But I know we will ace them all. Hope you slept okay?

16. Mother, get ready. We’re definitely going to see a movie tonight. We can kick-start our own 2024 already. I love you!

17. Every morning I wake up, I thank God specially that you’re my mother. I love u, I love our evolving, and I know 2024 will be an awesome year for us. Good morning, mum.

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18. I go to bed a peaceful man; with a girlfriend like you, there’s no other way to be.

19. You’re absolutely wonderful and unique; never forget this. Now, go have an awesome day.

20. Every moment spent with you is an absolute delight. I so can’t wait to permanently share the same space with you. Hope you slept all right?

21. Why do I know you’ll spend this morning eating and eating till you end up falling asleep? Meanwhile, how was your night? I miss you though.

22. Sister of life, hope you know that you rock? Because you actually do. Have an awesome day.

23. I sure miss a lot of things we used to do together. Actually feeling like I took us for granted a lot back at home. Good morning, best friend.

24. I so can’t wait for 2024; it’s a year where we get to seal our forever for good. And I so can’t wait to wake up to you by my side. Have a good day, darling.

25. Aunt, why would you go see a movie without me? I thought we agreed to always go together? I’m jealous and I definitely feel betrayed. Meanwhile, good morning. Hope your night was okay? You owe me though.

26. 2024 is going to be cold, but I’m glad I won’t spend it alone. Good morning, darling.

27. I’m so enjoying the house without you. But you better get back already. Hope the night wasn’t too cold?

28. Brother that I love from the bottom of my heart, hope you know this? Have an awesome day!

29. I’m trying to be strong for us until you get back, but the nights are worse. I miss you, husband of mine. Hope your night was good? I love you.

30. I could try, but I wouldn’t be able to get you out of my mind; you’re on my mind even when I go to use the loo. Hope you slept well, love?

31. Yesterday with you was definitely awesome. Honestly, I can’t wait for forever with you. Hope you slept sound, sweety?

32. I really hope you’re not eating the whole food in the house; wait, was I really hoping you’d have changed? Good morning, sister.

33. I can’t believe I’m still scared of staying in the house alone. When are you getting back already? I love you!

34. Best friend of mine here’s to more amazing things together. I love you like mad!

35. Mother, I really miss getting spoiled by you. Life here isn’t really funny without you. I miss you, I miss us. Hope you slept okay? I love you.

36. Darling wife, long distance is definitely annoying and not easy. Plus, I miss you. Hope you slept well?

37. You’re always on my mind; even with busy work schedule and all, your thought still finds a way to go through my head. Good morning, sunshine.

38. May today be a beautiful one for you; may it be all you hoped it would be. Good morning, darling.

39. Thank you for always being there for me, for us. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Have a great day.

40. My queen, my first lady, my darling, my lover, my woman, my sunshine, my peek of sunshine; good morning. Hope you slept easy? I love you.

41. Husband of mine, hope you know your wife is still crushing over you, and can’t wait to spend 2024 with you?

42. I’m not happy that you get to fall sick whenever I’m not home. Hope you did manage to sleep a bit? I’ll be home soon. I love you.

43. You think we’ve done a lot this year? Wait for 2024! Meanwhile, hope you slept all right? I did.

44. Your confidence was enough for me until I could find myself. Thank you, darling. Good morning.

45. You see the meaning of living, you taught it to me. And I’m going to spend every day really living with you.

46. Honestly, I’m still wondering how you kept up with me when I couldn’t even help myself? Thank you for then, for now, and for always. I love you plenty.

47. You were specially tailored to fit me; and so, no one else will do. Good morning, love. Hope you slept well?

48. 2024 will be absolutely delightful; since I’m with you, there’s no other way the year can go. I love you, babes.

49. Babe of mine, your husband just said he should tell you how much he loves you. Hope your night was okay? Have a lovely day.

50. You see this love of ours? Its flames are going to last us for a lifetime. Good morning, my special woman from heaven.

51. We may not be together now, but this is me sending you my warmest hugs and kisses. Good morning, love of my life.

52. Every day, I’m grateful for this love that has started between us. And I know that I will do everything to make it work in the coming year. Good morning, babe. Hope you slept well?

53. You’ll always be ‘my dear.’ I just wanted you to know that. Hope you slept well, darling.

54. You are always there when I need you most, even when you have a lot to do, or you’re going through some crisis yourself. Thank you for always. I know 2024 will be lit.

55. You see, the adventures I have planned for us, even 2024 will be asking what happened. Good morning, love of my life.

56. You see, you are actually my missing rib; I met you and everything has fallen in place for me. Good morning, darling.

57. My beautiful, hope you slept well? I hope that your day gives you reasons to smile on and be thankful.

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58. May your lines always fall in pleasant places; this is my prayer for you. Good morning, baby.

59. Your strength was enough for me until I could find mine. I love you, dear.

60. You’re always a delight to look at. I’m glad that I’m the man you get to spend your nights with. Good morning, angel.

61. Even though I’ve lost too much this period, thank you for showing me that consistent people still exist. I love you, best friend.

62. May your day be filled with all that you love; may the works in your hands prosper richly. Good morning, dear.

63. Hello, beautiful. Hope you slept well?
My line fell in a pleasant place the day you agreed to be my girlfriend. I love you now and always, sweety.

64. I don’t think I’ve said this enough, and I’m definitely going to change that in the coming year. YOU ROCK MY WORLD!

65. It doesn’t matter the manner of obstacle life puts in our way; we’ll always find a way around them, this I know.

66. When you see all you wished for today, just know that I prayed for a good and fruitful day for you. I love you, sugar.

67. I miss everything there is about you, and I so can’t wait to see you again. Hope you slept well, dearie?

68. There is nothing like pride when it comes to us; I refuse to give room to that. Hence, good morning, baby. Hope you slept well? You better reply!

69. I can already picture you grinding your teeth with concentration. Hope your night was okay? Have an awesome day, babe.

70. There’s no mountain I wouldn’t pull down just to make sure you are happy and comfortable. None at all! Hope you slept well?

71. See how we fit together when we clasp hands? Forget it; we’re a match made in heaven. Hope you slept well, gorgeous?

72. You’re the king in my kingdom. Here’s an express permission to king on, sweety. Good morning.

73. It’s always been a fact that you’re the best thing that happened to me. I can’t wait to step into 2024 with you. Good morning, love.

74. Angel of my life, hope you slept well? Just know that your boyfriend is crazy about you.

75. My pretty woman; my superwoman; my sexy woman; hope your night was peaceful? I miss you like mad.

76. I’m sick of dragging this issue between us any longer. I really miss you. Hope you slept well?

77. As you wake up to this, I wish for nothing other than a smile on your face. You know how much I love seeing you smile. Good morning, angel.

78. I know our heartbeats even beat at the same pace; we’re that in-tune with each other. Hope you slept well, sweety?

79. 2024 will be dope; and I’m definitely ready to kick ass with you by my side, as always.

80. There’s nothing you don’t transform into gold; there’s nothing you don’t give all your all to, and I’m proud to be your boyfriend. Good morning, darling. Have a great day.

81. I met am eclectic richness when I met you; you’ve been so much to me and for me. I love you.

82. Now that I have you in my life, you can be sure that I’m never letting go of you. I love you, dearie.

83. I’m not going to do the ‘who to call who first’ game. I’m sorry about our fight, and I need my best friend back already.

84. You’re one hell of an amazing man; hope you know this? Well, this is to remind you of something that has always been true. Good morning, sir.

85. I found a rich mine when I met you. And I’m definitely spending the rest of my life enjoying you. Good morning, darling.

86. The sparks between us aren’t waning now or any time soon. We’ve got the magic, and its definitely staying with us forever. How was your night?

87. Here’s to traveling to exotic places and creating amazing memories together. I so can’t wait for 2024. Good morning, darling.

88. And when start conversing; everyone knows to give me space. Because I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. Good morning, angel.

89. Upon seeing you, even mum admitted that you’re a treasure; it is that visible to the eyes. Good morning, love. Hope you slept well?

90. With every call, kiss, hug, text, you’re forever etched in my heart and life. Good morning, darling.

91. I so can’t wait to end our fight already. I miss you, and I know you do too. How was your night?

92. I shouldn’t have hurled those hurtful words at you last night. I spent the whole night wishing I could take things back. I’m sorry, sweetheart. I really am.

93. With you by my side, I know that everything good will come. How was your night, love?

94. As the man that officially loves you, how is it possible that I wouldn’t call or text you every first thing in the morning? It isn’t just possible, please. How was your night, sugar?

95. It is a matter of necessity to hear from you every morning. How can my day start without you? it isn’t possible. How was your night, dear?

96. I’m really sorry that I upset you last night. As a result, I had a shitty night. How was your night?

97. Will I be crowding you if I say that I need to be with you every opportunity I get? Really baby, I always love being in your presence. Good morning.

98. I hope you have gotten the package I sent to you this morning? That’s to wish you an amazing morning and productive day.

99. I thought about you before going to bed and my night was peaceful. Hope you slept well too?

100. You’re the only woman for me; I could try, but I wouldn’t find anyone else that fit me so much. Good morning, dear.

101. Without you being here, I can still hear your voice. That’s how much you’ve filled my life and heart. I love you, darling.

102. Even if the world keeps hurling whatever at us; my eyes are only focused on you. And that’s where I’ll keep them forever. Good morning, angel.

103. I could try, but my love for you has taken up all of the space in my heart and life; so, there’s no room for anyone else. Hope you slept well, darling?

104. Thank you for trusting me with all of you, sugar. I haven’t let you down, and I’m not going to do so in the coming year. Good morning.

105. You’re my heaven-made woman; specially created to fit me. Good morning, love.

106. You’ve helped me become the best version of me. I really can’t picture my life without you.

107. You are the missing piece that completed my life; I’m just whole with you. Good morning, love of my life.

108. Tonight, I just want to eat pizza with you, and stay grateful for the gift of us. Hope you slept well, baby?

109. You’re the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with; I don’t want any other person. I love you, beautiful.

110. Whether good or bad; through thick and thin, know that I’m never leaving your side. Kisses, darling.

111. People say that I’m too rigid. But when it comes to us, I’m very careful and always particular about safeguarding it. I love you, sugar.

112. I’m sorry I woke you up; even though I cut the sleep short, hope you slept well?

113. I really had a tough day yesterday. But thank you for finding time to cheer me up. Good morning, dear.

114. There’s nothing you don’t look pretty on; with or without the makeup, you still look lovely. Good morning, sunshine.

115. 2024 will be a better year for us; I know this. Have a good day, princess.

116. On this side of the world, I’m really glad to be doing great things with you. How was your night, love?

117. You’ve brightened my day already, just by talking you this morning. Have a wonderful day, honey.

118. What you are to me, I can’t really describe with words. But know that I really do love you.

119. I really hope I really hope I’ve been half as good as you’ve been to me; you’ve been everything. Hope you slept well?

120. You see that smile on your face whenever you see me? It makes me feel like the greatest man on earth.

121. It is important to me that you are happy and comfortable. So, if there’s anything I can do to make today easier for you, do let me know. Have a swell day, love.

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