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100 New Friendship Messages for Cute Friends in 2023

Sometimes in life, we go through disappointments and hurts from people we care so much about and we want the world to just go away.

Then things turn around, balm for the wounds come and new chapters are opened, then we are grateful for the pains and down moment. If that hadn’t come we wouldn’t have seen and come to enjoy this new light of hope that new friends brought along.

Suddenly, a new friend comes with a new dimension of friendship and you wonder where they have been all your life.

When you meet this type of people, every little thing brings about a monumental joy. And deep within, you know this is going to last.

So you have this type of person? Then these New Friendship Messages will help express your feelings for that special person.



Friendship Message for a New Friend

The best of friendship text messages for a new friend. Cute friendship sms messages for newly found friends.

1. Where were you all this while? How would I have known there is more to friendship if you hadn’t come around, we would go far together my friend.

2. I thought I have all there is to friendship, you came with another dimension and I’m overwhelmed, thank you for coming into my life. You are special to me.

3. I’m afraid of trying new things and I didn’t want to give you a chance, but you crept into my heart so subtly that I couldn’t resist being your friend. I’m happy to have you around.

4. I would have limited friendship to what I knew and experienced. But now with you I know there is more to it, welcome to my life, hoping to have you forever there.

5. Life would have been more interesting if I had met you earlier. Nevertheless, it’s not too late. You are here now and we have the rest of forever to enjoy our new found friendship. Sweet Friendship Text Messages

6. The first day I saw you, I knew we were perfect together. You are a blend of everything I want, you are welcome to my life, we would have the best of friendship.

7. I’m still wondering how you did it, even when I’ve decided to shut out my heart to new friends. All I know is, I met you in my heart and I’m not willing to let you go. I’m happy you are my friend.

8. If I were to judge you by the cover, I wouldn’t have you anywhere around me, but when you came close I realized its the hard shell covering a whole lot of sweetness inside. I’m proud to call you my friend.

9. I thought I knew what I want, I thought I’ve seen all there is to see, you came and opened my eyes and made me know myself more. Never knew I was blind till I met you. Thank you, my newly found friend.

10. This is the beginning of something great, we are perfect together and I know we would do great things together. It’s so nice to have a wonderful friend like you.

11. Shutout to my new friend. You are special and you are a blend of everything called Great. I’m proud to call you my friend. Let us go rock the world together.

12. I’ve been waking and sleeping and living life the way it came. You came around and make me see that there’s more, now I’m living. I look forward to better living with you my friend.

13. How could one person be filled with so much positivity, I was so influenced even when we aren’t friends yet and now that we are I am so blessed to have you with me. Thank you.

14. I just want to welcome you to my heart officially. It’s been a long way here. I was hurt and it was hard for me to accept, thank you for overshadowing me with your love. I’m glad you are my friend.

15. You came at the right time when I needed a companion. I’m happy to have you around, we have a long way to go and I pray we would enjoy the benefits of this friendship.

16. You complement me in the right places and I still don’t understand how we could fit in so well together. We would definitely go places, welcome my new friend, I’m happy to have you.

17. It’s rare to have someone like you as a friend. You are so good that I felt I do not worth it. Thank you for sticking by and making me accept. You are special to me.

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18. I prayed to God for a miracle, but I didn’t know it was going to come in flesh and blood. You came just at the right time and I’m glad to have a friend in you.

19. I have been hurt countless times, I have been disappointed, I gave up on friendship. You came and I decided to give you a chance, hoping to have the best friendship experience with you.

20. I’m grateful for the pains you took away, you gave me a clean slate and a fresh start and I’m starting to find refuge in you as my new friend. Thank you for coming by for me.

21. It’s been a while I opened the doors of my heart, but with you, I’m willing to give it a try. I pray we would grow to become best of friends and enjoy sweet memories.

22. Starting new is sometimes refreshing and having a new friend gives hope of rebuilding. Let us come together and build our friendship we would enjoy the dividends.

23. Love is sometimes found in the wrong places, I ruled out friendship with you the first time I saw you. But we are meant to be and now we are here. Thank you for being my friend.

24. I look forward to the future with you, where we would think about these early days of friendship and smile about how things have been. Welcome my new friend, let’s grow better together.

25. I’ve had so many experiences, the joy, and laughter, the pains, and hurts. But all through this, I realized that there is nothing as sweet as the Love of friendship and here we are, I’m sure we would testify to this too.

26. How have I coped this long, when you came you made life so sweet that I wondered how I managed to survived all this while without you. You are the best, my friend.

27. You made me so full of life, and now I’ve got the bearing of my future. Since you came you’ve been a blessing to me all around. I have you to thank for everything.

28. You’ve awoken this part of me that has been dormant for so long. I feel renewed and refreshed. I’m happy you came around. You are the best thing that happened to me.

29. Blowing you kisses from the depth of my heart through my lips, to show you how much I appreciate our friendship. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are the best.

30. Thank you for your care and love. Even though I don’t say it often, you mean the world to me and I am happy you came into my life.

31. You make me perfect, it’s true I do so many things and enjoy my life. But when you came around, things became easier and better. You are really a special friend.

32. My life wasn’t interesting before. I practically lived a routine life. You made sure you changed that and make me catch fun and now I don’t want to stop. Thank you, my friend.

33. I wish I had met you earlier. I would have done so many things with my life, your positivity seemed to have overshadowed me. Thank God you’re here now. Let’s go do great things, my friend.

34. You changed my perspective about life. I was always rigid about life and saw things only from my direction. I have you to thank for making me see better perspective to life.

35. You brought an air of freshness, anytime I am around you, there is this aura of good things and I am a beneficiary. I’m lucky to have you as my friend. Cute Short Friendship Quotes and Sayings

36. Thank you for broadening my horizon. You make everything so easy and I feel challenged daily when I’m with you. You are the best friend anyone could ever have.

37. Is this what I’ve missed for so long, the sweetness, the sacrifice, the readiness to always help and the understanding that you carry about in your personality. It’s really cool to have you as a friend.

38. When you have a friend who wouldn’t allow you to remain the same way but encourages you to improve and be better. You would feel on top of the world. That’s how I feel with you.

39. The first time I saw you smile, my heart melted and I knew we were meant to be close. Distance and circumstances delayed things but thank God you are back where you belong, my heart.

40. Shout out to my friend of life, my nutty twin, my partner in crime and my muse. You are everything to me. Thank you for being my friend. You are a wonderful person.

41. Let’s make some sweet memories, bad memories may linger but the sweet ones would paralyze them. We have a long way to go, my friend, let us live our life with love daily, as we grow together.

42. Amidst the crowd, I was still bored, my heart yearns to be filled with the love of a friend, then you came. Now even if I am alone, I can never feel lonely. I have you, my friend.

43. Now I know who I am, I’ve been living a perfect strangers life. I was lost but now I’m found in you. You are the sweetest thing that happened to me.

44. I just wanna say thank you for everything, even when it is obvious I had nothing to offer compared to you immeasurable worth, you still decided to stick with me. You are the best.

45. My life wouldn’t have been this perfect if I hadn’t met you. I was existing but now with you, I know what living is. You are such a wonderful person.

46. In such a little time, you have influenced me so greatly that I don’t even know who I was before. This is the work of love and I feel very delighted to have you in my life.

47. I’m sure the old me would be jealous of this new me that started when I met you. You are simply the best person that my life needs and thank God I have you. I feel perfect.

48. How could I have known that you were as great as this? You appeared ordinary and I would have ruled out being friends with you then I would have missed all these wonderful things embedded in you.

49. I feel on top of the world when I’m with you. Its so soon to experience such a vast difference in my lifestyle. But since you came with such great personality, I couldn’t resist.

50. I wish I met you earlier, I still can’t imagine this is all I’ve missed all this while, how can someone be so perfect and human. I’m so glad I have you as a friend. Welcome to my heart.

51. You are sweet and wonderful, you are brewed with the finest qualities a human can posses. I wake up with smiles each day when I remember I’m privileged to be your friend.

52. I can’t believe a friend like you still exist, willing to sacrifice everything you have to make your friend happy. I am so blessed to have you. I appreciate you my friend.

53. I don’t want to ever loose you. After so many people entering and leaving my life all in the name of friendship. I think I have finally found the one, and that’s you my friend. Thank you for being there.

54. You are living and caring. You are a blend of everything I want in a friend, you understand every bit of me and I love you. Welcome into my life my dear friend.

55. I haven’t felt this peaceful in a long time. You came with this special feeling and now I feel the joy of having a friend. I’m lucky to have you.

56. I just can’t thank you enough for being the one, the one that restores the smile, the one that renewed the joy of friendship in me. What would I have done without you. You are wonderful.

57. I almost gave up on people, I’ve been through so many disappointments and I don’t think anyone can be any different. Then you came and changed that perspective. I am happy.

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58. When I lost the friend that was dear to me. I decided to wait till I found a replacement that can understand and treat me the way I want. After a long while, I found you. You were worth the wait.

59. I tried to do everything on my own. You just wouldn’t let me. You were always there offering to help and It felt embarrassing to refuse. You are a wonderful person. I’m happy you’re my friend.

60. Thank you for keeping faith in me, you didn’t mind the state you met me, knowing I couldn’t offer anything in return, you gave me your all. Thank you for being there.

61. Within this short time we came together. I’ve witnessed such a remarkable positive change in me. You are my inspiration and I’m lucky to have you in my life my dear friend.

62. You are the kind of person everyone would love to have as a friend. Your loyalty and love, with the strong will to always make the other person better. I feel special for having you.

63. You are the one that fills my void, you are the one that makes me whole. I didn’t know friendship can be this fulfilling until I met you. I feel blessed to have a friend like you.

64. The first time I saw you, I knew you fit my world. Slowly we started getting close and I knew I have finally gotten the right friend to walk the journey of life with.

65. Didn’t know change could come this fast. All those things I thought were fun and interesting were just the tip. You came and brought the whole package with you. I’m so lucky to have you.

66. You are the sweetest person I’ve met all through my existence. I can’t imagine how you could combine all these great qualities into one body. You are the best friend anyone could have.

67. This is feeling I have when everything goes perfectly well and when you came into my life I had the exact feeling. I am convinced everything is gonna go smoothly.

68. Life’s gonna be interesting if everyone had a friend like yours. Everyone would be happy and fulfilled and the world would be filled with happiness.

69. I am sorry I judged you based on your appearance and I thought you had nothing to offer. I am so overwhelmed and I wish I had met you earlier. You’re really wonderful my friend.

70. I just wanna tell the world I have a new best friend that would go any length for me to make me happy. Its rare and unique and I can’t seem to keep to myself. I love you my dear friend.

71. Its a thing of joy to have a very wonderful friend like you. It is worth celebrating and I wish everyone would join me in appreciating you. You are the best friend in the whole world.

72. If you have someone that understands you and love you the way my friend loves you. You are one of the luckiest people in the world. Its such a rare privileged to have this.

73. Anyone that makes you feel comfortable and loves you the way you are. Don’t let them go, because they are very rare. This is the advice someone gave me and since you make me feel this way. I won’t let you go.

74. I can’t thank God enough for giving me a special gift in you. You are one in a million and you came at the right time when I needed someone to strengthen me. I love you my friend.

75. Only very few people has the privileged of getting something better when they lost what they had. I thank God I am amidst the few. Thank you for coming into my life my dear friend.

76. I can’t even understand how I could afford to live in darkness for so long. The light your friendship brought opened my eyes to so many good things. I am indeed lucky to have you.

77. I thought that was all life could offer until I tasted the goodies you brought along. I wish I had met you earlier, you are really a wonderful person. I feel special to have a friend in you.

78. It was too good to be true, I was scared and I wanted to abscond and withdraw from you. How could you be this good and decide to stick with me even though I had little to offer. I love you, my sweet friend.

79. I wonder how someone could have all these great qualities and yet be so humble. If everyone was like you, the world would be a heaven. You are indeed a rare gem and I’m happy to have you as a friend.

80. Thank you for being the source of my joy and inspiration every day. I’ve lived so much swaying to the winds of circumstances and situations, you taught me better. I love you, friend.

81. If everyone knew that Friendship goes beyond the laughs and outings and fun. It goes deeper than that and it is very lovely to have a friend to Journey life with.

82. I wish people knew Life can never be complete without true companionship in friendship. It makes life worth living. I have that in you and I am very happy to have you.

83. I have the best friend in the world, what else do I need. I have someone that loves me even more than I love myself. I am very lucky and favoured to have you.

84. All the friends I’ve had. They prepared me for meeting you. I learned and experienced so many things and now I’m home to you. From the start, we are meant to be.

85. Of all friends I could have, I’d choose you over and over again. If we could be this great in such a little time. I am rest assured that the future is brighter than we can imagine. I celebrate you, my friend. You worth everything.

86. I love your smiles, your looks, your attitude, your determination, I love everything about you. Yet you love me much more. You’re indeed a blessing to me.

87. Where are you from? I can’t seem to understand the depth of friendship you’re showing, I’ve never seen it in this world. You are special and unique in your way. I love you.

88. How can you know me more than myself and love me more than I can imagine! This love I’m getting is an overdose, I’m not sure I would survive it, I don’t even want to. You’re the best friend in the world.

89. Whenever I get scared about the future, I remind myself that you are going to be there with me and I’m happy. With you, Success is assured and I’m sticking with you. Thank you, my wonderful friend.

90. Your presence alone floods my life with confidence and I know I can do anything I want because you would keep supplying me the motivation and complement I need. You’re a special friend to me. Can’t love you less.

91. I’ve never had a friend that states what they want as clearly as you did, we just have fun and flow with the tides, you didn’t. Just a little time in my life, you’ve done so many wonderful things! I owe you, my friend.

92. You gave us a goal and objective, I thought its too serious for friendship, now we are living it and fulfilling it, the fun and sweet memories come yet we keep achieving great feats. I can’t love you less.

93. I feel on top of the world when people talk about disappointments and hurts from friends. I just smile and be like I have a friend that would never give up on me no matter what.

94. Oh what a friend I have in you, that makes me so complete. With you, I am rest assured that no matter what I have a friend that got my back. I owe you everything, my lovely friend.

95. To have a friend that celebrates your success as theirs even when theirs tarry is one of the rarest things in the world. What did I do to deserve someone like you? I’m blessed.

96. I looked out for someone that puts up with my pettiness and naughty attitude, someone that loves me despite my mood swings. I have found you and I would never let you go.

97. I don’t understand how a friend could love this much, sometimes I’m scared and cautious so I won’t disappoint, other times I’m happy and lucky to have everything. You are the best, my friend.

98. I just decided to give us a try, I thought we weren’t gonna work out together, we seem so different. Love has a way of conquering barriers and it did with us. We are special together.

99. I never knew we would come this far. But over time, our love is strengthened by our desire to be together in our diversity. It has been a wonderful time with you. I love forward to more. I’m blessed.

100. I have a friend that makes me so joyous of the future. I look forward to it with confidence and certainty because I know there’s no chance for failure. That friend is you, my dear. You’re a blessing to me.

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