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2024 Best Short and Sweet Friendship Quotes

Many times, we confuse friendship with many other things because we never truly understand it. Other times, we reduce its value and promote acquaintances and passersby to the top position of friends.

Maybe it’s the world and times we leave in. Maybe we do not have people who meet the requirements of a true friend around us. Or maybe we just don’t understand the true concept behind the word “Friend”.

Whatever the reason, it is never too late to define true friends for yourself and locate them. Here are 100 short and sweet quotes which define friendship in its totality and help you appreciate true friends.

Best Short and Sweet Friendship Quotes

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of such bonds. Such characteristics include affection; kindness,love, virtue, sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, loyalty, generosity , forgiveness, mutual understanding and compassion, enjoyment of each other’s company,trust, and the ability to be oneself, express one’s feelings to others, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend. It is an essential aspect of relationship building skills. Do you desire more of the above characteristics of friendship present in yours? Trust me! the list of these best short and sweet friendship quotes will perform its best as you send them to your best friends.


1. “The value of true friendship is inestimable. Its price is far higher than that of silver, gold and rubies. Thank you for giving me true friendship.”

2. “I bless the day that I came in contact with your friendship. That single day changed the course of the rest of my life.”

3. “This kind of friendship may never be experienced by some people. Thank you for making me experience this once in a lifetime feeling.”

4. “I don’t need to look far to see the evidence of God’s love. I see it in your friendship.”

5. “In the time of my success, I have many relatives, in the time of my failure, I am an orphan; but all the time, I have true friends like you.” Special Friend Sayings

6. “At times, I feel like a failure but then I remember that having you as a friend is a success story in itself.”

7. “Life is short, but true friends like you make it full of good experiences and worthwhile.”

8. “Friends like you are family not related by blood, but by love, memories and every other good thing in life.”

9. “You know everything about me, the good and the bad things, but yet you still stay behind me. That’s true friendship.”

10. “I am glad I know you for one reason: You know all the good things I am capable of doing and you remind me of them when I feel terrible.”

11. “I got the most valuable thing on earth for no money at all. That thing is your friendship.”

12. “When others were through with me, you were just getting started. If that isn’t true friendship, then I don’t know what is.”

13. “The reason I value you so much is that I don’t want to appreciate what I have when I lose it.”

14. “The only time you hold me back and prevent me from moving is when you see me headed down the wrong path. Thanks, friend.”

15. “I had no opportunity to choose the family through which I came in but I have been opportune to choose the family I want to walk with forever. Thank God I made the right choice.” Amazing Birthday Wishes for Friend

16. “Through your friendship, many parts of me I never knew existed has been birthed. I now live a new life because of you.”

17. “When people ask me the secret to success, I tell them it’s simply having true friends like you. Everything else would fall into its place.”

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18. “No matter how stressed up or messed up my life is at any point, I always know that I can count on you to help me out of it because you are a true friend.”

19. “No matter how far apart we are at any point in time, our hearts are always connected even when we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

20. “You make me feel special and loved all the time even when I feel like I don’t deserve to be. You’re a real friend.”

21. “I have realized that your friendship is complete and you do not even have to do anything to make me happy. Just your presence in my life is enough.”

22. “The way we are connected in every single thing, it’s like we are the same person in two different bodies, my friend.”

23. “My friend, no distance is too long, no hurdle is too high, no valley is too low to separate our friendship.”

24. “No matter how far you are or your house is, I’ll never have a problem walking to it to meet you, my true friend.”

25. “Your friendship brings enough bright light and colour to this world. In other words, the world would be totally dark without your friendship.”

26. “My life bursts with unprecedented energy and joy because of your presence in it and your love is the fuel that keeps me going.”

27. “A good friend is the best gift you can have because everything you need will practically be added unto you after you get one.”

28. “A good friend makes you better. In other words, you become the best you can be with a good friend.”

29. “The only time a good friend looks down on you is when he is trying to help you up. With that definition, you are the best friend in the world.”

30. “My friend, if I try to list all the good qualities you possess, I could spend my entire life doing just that.”

31. “There are a few things you may suck at, but you are a guru in making lives much better than you met them.”

32. “As long as I got you, I am okay with whatever life has to offer. I’ve gotten its best offer already.”

33. “Good friends celebrate you when you do your best, and still, understand when you do something less.”

34. “I am blessed to have a friend like you that can let me be myself without making me feel guilty about it.”

35. “You alone have the right to make me angry all the time. If anybody else should try it, you’ll make them pay.”

36. “A good friend is not just instrumental to your success but the entire harmony of your success.”

37. “People seldom understand the value of true friendship until it is lost but I assure you, my friend, I am not one of them.”

38. “You are present in all seasons to shade me from the harsh sun and cover me from the heavy rain. I do not know what I’ll do if you aren’t around.”

39. “You alone are the biggest motivation I have to face all the troubles and struggles in this world. I am thankful for your presence in my life.”

40. “I am thankful that God has given me a chance to select the family I want without being related by blood.”

41. “You are the brightest star in my galaxy, my friend. Thank you for lighting up the dark part of my life.”

42. “Before you became my friend, I was confused, stressed and in need of love. Thank you for coming in and changing the entire course of my life.”

43. “A friend is not a perfect person, but a person who tries as much as he can to encourage the people around him to strive for perfection. That’s exactly who you are.”

44. “Friends are people who are ready to accept you in any situation, good or bad. Even when you are dirty, they clean you up to the point where you can be accepted.”

45. “Anytime you go to a true friend is the right time. A true friend makes all times special. I’m glad I have that in you.”

46. “When everybody gives up on you, your true friend will start believing.”

47. “A true friend chooses to be by your side, clean you up and help you up even when they can’t.”

48. “I don’t need diamonds or any other riches, I just need a true friend who will be with me through all seasons. It’ll be easier to get the diamonds that way.”

49. “I cherish all the wonderful moments you have shared with me and made me enjoy. That alone is enough for me to rate you worthier than any material thing the world has to offer.”

50. “The difference between the successful and the not-so-successful is in the kinds of association they keep and the friends they have. With you, I see me going places!

51. “You allow me to go scot-free for making you angry but you do not grant the same privilege to anyone who does it to me. You’re a rare gem.”

52. “No distance is enough to keep two good friends apart. No matter how far they may seem, their hearts are always connected.”

53. “It’s funny how two people who are strangers can come together in such a way that it gives the best of families a run for their money. That’s what has happened to me.”

54. “A true friend gets on your nerve when present and stays in your heart when absent.”

55. “Friends are people who never bore you with their presence and keep you thinking about them in their absence

56. “I cannot have you around all the time but I know all the time, you are within reach. That’s who a true friend is.”

57. “You’re better than food which fills the belly, air that fill the lungs or knowledge that fills the brain; because you provide something that fills and fuels my life. Thank you.”

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58. “This little message won’t even come close to the many letters of love you have written in my heart with your actions. Thank you, friend.”

59. “Our meeting was more than a coincidence. I am positive it was a divine arrangement from God to bless me with the best thing in the world: true friendship.”

60. “Even if I make wrong decisions from now till the day I go to my grave, I am pretty confident I made the right one in choosing you.”

61. “No matter how far I am from getting to where I want, you make the journey seem short, lively and worth it with your wonderful presence.”

62. “Having you as a friend is like a prize to me. No matter what failures I have experienced, that I know you are enough reason to keep my head high.”

63. “When you show your true colours, you shine brighter than a diamond with more colours than the rainbow.”

64. “I am sure there are leprechauns and pots of gold within you because you are just as colourful as the rainbow.”

65. “I hope and pray we stay friends until the day we see the cockerel speak or grow teeth.”

66. “Even though I live my life one second at the time, I know the end already and I know you’re going to be in it no matter what.”

67. “It’s funny how I didn’t even shoot for my roof but I got a star. Thank you, God, for this miracle.”

68. “Anytime I spend with you is not wasted time. It is the time I gain all the knowledge, strength and love needed to face the world.”

69. “Truly, life is short but true friends make it longer with their presence in it alone.”

70. “If you had a friend who did all bad and made you worse than before you met him, believe it or not, you never had a friend. You were attacked by a parasite.”

71. “When people say “Family and Friends”, I don’t know what they mean. True friends cannot be separated from family.”

72. “A true friend understands that a candle loses nothing by lighting up another candle, no wonder they light up your life without fear.”

73. “There is no fear in love. No wonder you are never scared of getting on my nerve because you know you’ll always get away with it.”

74. “My present success and achievement now are as a result of the many days and late nights you spent speaking positivity in my life.”

75. “You came into my life and threw fertilizers on seeds I never knew were present within me. Most of my growth can be attributed to you and you alone.”

76. “You found an empty spot in my heart and changed it into a garden as you continued to bloom and blossom. Thank you.”

77. “I used to hope to see shooting stars to wish on, I never knew I was going to get a star of my own to guide me. Thanks for being my star.”

78. “It’s funny and totally amazing how a totally imperfect person can have such a perfect and wonderful impact in my life.”

79. “I don’t have to search far to see either God or love. Both of them are the same and they reside within you.”

80. “You have the lyrics to the song in my heart in your mouth even before I know I want to sing.”

81. “The stress of this world wasn’t enough to stop you from being a good friend, so I assure you nothing will ever hold me back from appreciating you for that.”

82. “You are all flavours in one. The sweet, the bitter, hard, creamy and everything else that makes you unique and tasteful in the end.”

83. “Eventually, all the parts and ingredients within you combine together to make you the perfect individual.”

84. “No literary device is good enough to manufacture the perfect word, phrase or sentence that describes who you are and what you do for me, my friend.”

85. “Life is bland and tasteless until you add your spice to it. Thank you for adding your spice to my life.”

86. “One day, we will sit and talk about our memories. I hope you speak first, because I may never stop talking about what you’ve done.”

87. “Whenever I make a mistake, you understand and forgive; when I waste your time, you are patient. I couldn’t have asked for more from God. You’re priceless.”

88. “You are like a mystery, a puzzle, a labyrinth every day because you unveil wonderful parts I never knew was there. I don’t think I can solve you totally.”

89. “Don’t worry when ducks and chickens do not understand your value to me. They are flying too low to understand the strength of eagles.”

90. “Before we became this close, there were a thousand steps between us. You took the first step, as well as the 999 steps that followed.”

91. “No matter what happens between us, you never give a terrible report of me in public. You defend my name and pride. You are a true friend.”

92. “It takes lots of thought before you can call someone your friend but when this happens, it takes less thought to announce them to the world because they are so awesome.”

93. “Money, gold, diamond does not come close to bringing true happiness. Only true friendship can do that.”

94. “Friends are awesome because they get connected to you without any blood relationship and they show you love without romantic attraction.”

95. “When I’m feeling sad, my friend reduces the sadness; when I’m feeling happy, he amplifies it. A good friend knows the time and situation and does the needed work.”

96. “The best way to know true friends are through trial, challenges and bumpy roads. Thank God I found a strong friend in you through every turbulence.”

97. “I am satisfied with my friends because just a single you is worth more than a hundred fake and unreal people around me.”

98. “True friendship involves sharing a lot of stuff including love, money, happiness, fun, good memories and joy.”

99. “A true friend is given to us to compensate for lapses in our predestined family relationships and almost all the time, true friends deliver.”

100. “Give me just one true friend with the best intentions in his heart and I will deliver to your hand the whole world.”


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