Cute True Love Messages to Express My Love

Cute True Love Messages to Express My Love

My Confession
I confess your love is killing
Your voice is more killing
You care is more Thrilling
Me-you forever, I’m now willing.

I Will Be There For You My Love
24/7 I will be here for you
Anywhere you want me I will be there for you
I’ll never be far but I will be near to you
Just to let you know that I care for you.

I Will Forgive Your Wrong
I came to let you know that my love for you is so strong
I’m willing to forgive you no matter the level of your wrong
In the morning night and noon, forever I want to be your song
All my love my life to you they all belong.

It’S You And Me Forever
Forever in love it’s me and you
If I come to the world again it will still be you
If I’ll choose from a million, it’ll be no one else but you.
Because no one loves me this much but you.

I Will Keep You Save
I promise to keep anything dear to you.
I promise to fight anything that is fear to you
I want to keep you closer than my ear to you.
Allow me to keep you warmer than teddy bear to you.

Thank you for reading cute true love messages to express my love.

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