Latest Sms Messages For The Love of My Life 1

Latest Sms Messages For The Love of My Life

Your Love Is Harmonious
I confess my love, you are so cute
Your voice is harmonious than my friend’s flute
As long as you speak I’ll be mute
You are the best and any other is nothing but brute.
I love you.

I Will Love You Forever
When I was hungry you’ve been more than pie
When I was restless I found your hand to lie
You have given me more than money can buy
So I promise to love you forever and won’t say goodbye.

Good Morning To You My Love
I confess to you my sugar pie
Your love is so true I won’t lie
It’s so perpetual and won’t die
We are so knitted that no one can untie
Good morning to you, my love.

Good Night My Sweetheart
After much searching for the love that will last
I’m so glad I find you at last
In my heart you will forever be the first and the last
For you make me forget my past
Goodnight, my honey.

I Miss You My Love
My love for you has no ending
I’ll keep it straight without a bending
I’ll make it go higher without descending
You are my best, no one contending
But so sad that I am missing you with no ending.

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