Cute Love Text Sms Messages for My Love

Cute Love Text Sms Messages for My Love

Love So Cute And Sweet In The Morning
My love for you is sweeter than salad
Enough to make you happy Even when you’re sad
When you’re down, enough to Make you glad
If it is never enough, I promise more to add
Good morning my love.

Cute Text To My Love | Best Friend
I don’t have to try the rest
You are my only interest
I’ve got you, you’re the best
And I promise I can beat my chest.

I Will Do Anything For You Cute Sms
I will go wherever your love goes
Even if I’ll walk on my toes
My love for you will be overdose
We will be best of friends and not foes.

Cute Messages To Say I Won’T Break Your Heart
That I love you is a promise I’ll keep
I’ll love you and make you not weep
While you are awake or you sleep
My love for you will ever remain deep.

Cute Sms To Say I Will Never Leave You
I’ll secure every part of you that you give to me
I’ll never leave you baby believe me
I promise to take care of you if you cleave to me
You just tell me you won’t leave me.

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