Love Messages for The One I Love

Love Messages for The One I Love

1. My heart is filled with the fragrance of your joy
It’s so satisfying than the dish I enjoy.
It’s too real and not a decoy
And to be the manager of my heart it is you I employ.

2. Your love keeps me shining like the day star
And makes my life on every side sweeter
You make me feel like a superstar
You are more loving than my brother and my sister.

3. My angel and my wife
My joy that just arrive
The help to make me survive
You are the first out of every five
Believe me, I trust you with my life.

4. For taking me up from the lowest ebb
You are my everything more than World Wide Web
Your love has made me more than a celeb
And forever I’ll be in your love’s web.

5. Of all eyes you are the cynosure
Your love is real I’m ever sure
Missing you I may not be able to endure
I need you here, seeing you is my cure.

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