Love You My Angel

Romantic Love Messages for My Lovely Angel

Your lovely angel should be able to look back after the activities of the day and feel so special having you as part of the moment of joy she shared.

Want to make your girlfriend feel special? Send these sweet romantic love messages to my lovely angel to her and be glad you did.

Your Love Is the Best for Me

Your love is the best that happens to me every day
It’s too ecstatic that I don’t know what to say
I’ll love you in every available way
No matter what anyone would say

Your Love Is Too Much

The way you’re taking me I’m so scared
Just pray I don’t lose my head
You’re like a blessed Butter on my bread
And Just like a book, which over and over I’ve read

You Make Me Feel So Special

Your love is so sweeter than honey
For you my leading in life’s journey
You are my umbrella when it’s sunny
The way you make me feel isn’t funny

Your Love Is More Than A Decree

This is one I’ve seen in centuries
My life is loaded like the greatest treasury
And yet my love life is changing degrees
I confess, your love is more than a decree

I Would Want Your Love Again And Again

Your love drills through my brain
Rushes through my vein
Even more than the sound of rain
So I would want it again and again

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