Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Quotes

How is it that we feel more strongly about someone who lives far away? Yes, long distance relationships are hard, but there is something special about missing your loved ones while they are away just as the saying goes, “Distance makes the heart fonder”. Although it’s a quirky statement, it’s actually true.

It is something which some people cannot understand or get a grip upon to really grasp and believe. When we are apart from those we love, our hearts grow fonder of them and the memories we’ve made together. The distance actually enables you to see them with a clearer perspective.

The distance which has the ability to make the heart grow fonder is an old adage that seems to ring true throughout time. Long distance relationships have been in existence for a long time and many do not realize the significance of this type of relationship.  The following distance makes the heart grow fonder quotes will help to shed more light on how it feels to be separated by distance in a relationship.

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Quotes

Distance makes the heart fonder and it is a test of love for a reason. Being with your sweetheart all the time can sometimes make you take them for granted. When you have to go without your partner for days, weeks, months or years at a time, missing them is something you never forget to do.

1. The distance between you and your partner is a distance that makes the heart grow fonder.

2. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you love your partner, it’s not just a feeling, it’s a fact that makes it clear that you still love each other.

3. Distance will not only make you fonder, but it will also make the heart grow fonder.

4. When distance makes the heart grow fonder, it’s not because of how far you’ve come, but how far you’ve been able to come.

5. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it can still make you feel a warm embrace of your love.

6. The ability of distance to make the heart grow fonder is a tool great for reaching out, and making sure the heart stays together.

7. Distance has a way of making the hearts grow fonder even though you are far away from each other, and still create a lasting bond.

8. When distance makes the heart grow fonder, you have to take the long way round. And when the long way round makes the heart grow fonder, you have to take a long way back.

9. Long distance relationships are hard to manage, but when one is so far away, the person you care about is so close, that you can feel the distance between you.

10. It is not the distance that makes the heart grow fonder, but those who are in it.

11. When away from loved ones, you may tend to find more about yourself and more about your loved ones.

12. Being far from your loved one can make every one of you feel special in your own way.

13. A love would last when you spend more time together and lasts even longer when there is a distance to make the heart grow fonder.

14. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but not for the very reasons you would like it to be. It makes the heart grow fonder because of the time.

15. Distance creates a passion that grows in the heart and makes it grow fonder.

16. When distance makes the heart grow fonder like the stardust in the night sky, then, you are meant to be.

17. Distance reminds people of all the love that’s been shared, and all the love that are yet to be shared.

18. The heart grows gayer when there is distance.

19. Distance makes the heart grow fonder when we talk, we laugh, we cry.

20. The further you get from each other, the more you get to miss each other.

21. When there is distance, it makes the heart grow fonder and keeps you together until worlds collide again.

22. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the cold makes you fall more in love.

23. You never can really tell how far love’s reach until that distance makes your hearts grow fonder.

24. Distance has a way of making the heart grow fonder, and make your relationship stronger.

25. A new beginning can always be found in a distance created.

26. Distance causes all good things to grow. The love you have for the substitute other.

27. The distance that makes your heart grow fonder is the only way to know how far you can go.

28. The distance created between you does not divide you, but keeps your love forever.

29. Distance creates a space between you to make you close and makes you feel you are meant for each other.

30. Distance does not only make the heart grow fonder, it also makes it brighter.

31. Distance strengthens your love for one another like the ocean waters shared each day, making it stronger and last forever.

32. The more distance grows, the more you get to miss your loved ones.

33. Distance is the perfect way to make your heart grow fonder, to know that you’re on the other side of the world and to know that you’ll see each other sooner or later.

34. Distance tends to create what feels like pain in the heart. But it is worthy to strengthen the heart.

36. Distance makes you feel like you’re close and also makes you feel like you’ll never be close. But will always make the heart grow fonder.

37. Distance makes the heart grow stronger. It makes you stronger and better, and bring closer to being yourself.

38. The distance that separates you will show you the love you are meant to be, and make you stronger as you are apart.

39. Distance can serve as a confirmation if you are meant to be together as you long for each other.

40. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It makes you miss someone so much more, and makes you wish to be reunited when you’re so far away from one another.

41. Distance brings people closer than ever before.

42. If a distance is a chain, it is long. But love is strong to break the chain and make two hearts one.

43. Distance is a symbol of the strength of love, and emblazon of the love that is shared. It is a bond that cannot be broken, and a symbol of a special kind of love.

44. Distance makes the heart fonder, and it makes love grow sweet and strong. It also makes the mind come clear.

45. When distance makes the heart grow fonder, the heart will always be willing to grow. And the more space that the heart sits, the more it grows.

46. It is that distance that gives you the chance to make your love work, and to make it right.

47. Distance helps you to love the one you long for at last.

48. Distance isn’t really that far and it doesn’t hold people down, but makes the heart fonder.

49. Distance is a weapon of choice. It is a way to push away the pain.

50. Distance makes the heart grow and it makes it strong, and makes you want to be near each other again.

51. Distance is a formidable foe, you may have to fight it fiercely. But you have to tame your heart and your love. And in the end, it will make the heart grow fonder.

52. Distance has the ability to make the heart grow fonder, so set your sail towards the horizon, towards the stars, and seek your love afar, keep your heart from the arrows of doubt.

53. Distance will make the heart grow fonder. If you can’t see how don’t ask how. Just know that it will.

54. Distance is the reason we need to hold on to the one.

55. Distance is a force that connects, unites people and keeps them alive.

56. Distance is a bridge between two hearts, and the force that keeps people from growing apart.

57. Every moment the distance between you grows smaller, and you get to see your loved ones, will be the moment you can’t live without them.

58. Distance has the ability to make the heart grow fonder as your heart grows wide with love.

59. Distance is a thing that can make you change your mind, make your heart cooler, and make you think about your life.

60. Distance will add to your knowledge of the heart, the days you spent apart, and keep the heart that’s still strong.

61. Distance has the ability to make the heart grow fonder like the moon does to the stars, and the stars come out to shine a very special part of the night.

62. The heart wants what it wants, even if you are a thousand miles away from each other.

63. Long distance relationships are hard, but not impossible. They take a lot of understanding, patience, trust and mutual respect.

64. A walk is never long when together.

65. Distance may seem overwhelming, but remember that love is what will keep you together. Good luck!

66. A long-distance relationship can be tough, but with communication, respect and a little creativity, your love will survive.

67. Don’t worry about being apart from your loved one. It might be unconventional, but it’s definitely possible to have a happy long-distance relationship. Be strong and stay positive!

68. A long-distance relationship may have its challenges, but remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder! Stay strong!

69. You may be far from each other, but keep each other in your hearts.

70. Long-distance relationships can be tough! But don’t let that get you down. Try to make it work.

71. Long distance is hard on relationships, but it makes you appreciate the moments even more.

72. Those who have a long distance relationship can appreciate the effort it takes to keep that spark alive.

73. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but it doesn’t mean you can’t miss someone. The good times are never far away.

74. Sometimes you miss someone so much, all you can do is hope they’re missing you just as much.

75. Distance gives us the perspective to appreciate the ones we love.

76. The best relationships aren’t the ones you can see every day. It’s the ones you have to miss.

77. Making memories with your loved ones is truly the best thing about living a fulfilled life. Take time to create memories with those who matter most and watch as your love grows stronger.

78. Spending time apart from the ones you love shows you just how much you care about them. It brings out your most loving side and gives you a sense of purpose in the relationship.

79. You grow closer to the people you care about when you’re apart.

80. Only away from your loved ones can you truly learn to love them more deeply than before.

81. The long distance relationship is a challenge, but it can also strengthen your bond with each other.

82. True love is about knowing and trusting your partner. It’s about connecting with that person even when you physically can’t be together.

83. When you really love someone, there is no distance that can keep your hearts apart. All it can do is make the hearts grow fonder.

84. Love is about communication, trust and respect even when there is distance.

85. True love is about trust and communication no matter how long the distance is. It’s about connecting emotionally, physically and spiritually.

86. When you’re apart, it’s easy to see the things that matter most. You’ll feel closer to each other and notice the beauty in the smaller things that make your relationship special.

87. It might seem difficult now, but long-distance relationships just mean more time for your hearts to grow fonder over the distance.

88. Long-distance relationships are tough, but you’re tougher! You can make it work and prove that these miles were worth it by showing more of your love.

89. Long-distance relationships are hard, but love has a way of transcending all obstacles.

90. Appreciate the memory of being with your loved one. You’re fortunate to have experienced love and friendship.

91. No matter how far apart you and your loved one are, the distance is always smaller than your love.

92. Remind yourself that every moment apart is another moment closer to a wonderful reunion with the one you love. A little love and care will go a long way in your relationship!

93. You may not realize it, but your significant other can be a great source of happiness. They make you smile, laugh, and even feel more loved even when they are there with you.

94. Distance means nothing when someone means everything.

95. The heart always knows when someone’s worth the distance.

96. Distance might keep you apart, but it also makes you appreciate each other even more.

97. Distance doesn’t matter when someone matters.

98. True love is loving someone who is far away and missing them, but still caring for them.

99. A long distance relationship won’t work unless you make it work.

100. A good relationship is about how you miss each other. It is about knowing what you are missing and still loving that person no matter the distance between you.

The bottom line is that, regardless of the distance, it’s always good to stay in touch with the people you care about. Don’t let the distance keep you from living a happy life – use technology to bridge the gap and stay connected every day with these distance makes the heart grow fonder quotes listed above. Then, you will see how far the relationship will go.

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