Dont Act Smart Quotes

Don’t Act Smart Quotes

Don’t act smart. Smartness is not a quality to be pursued in and of itself. I believe in being intelligent, but I don’t believe one should act intelligent. Intelligence is what allows us to be wise and helps us find the right path to follow. Wisdom is using our intelligence to do good things.

Stop acting like you know everything and making everyone else feel stupid. Just because you know everything, doesn’t mean everyone else does. Share your knowledge with others, and you’ll be much happier in the end. Don’t act smart, just be smart.

Don’t feel bad about asking a question even if you’re an expert. People like to give advice and help when they see there’s a problem. You don’t have to act smart to be recognized, just be yourself and things will fall into place. Read on for some quotes about don’t act smart.

Don’t Act Smart Quotes

Don’t act smart. Don’t come on too strong when trying to make a positive or professional impression. There’s no need to act smart just to prove that you are smart. What you want to be remembered for is having good ideas and being helpful, not your credentials.

1. Don’t act smart. Act like a human being who is smart enough to know that the world has changed, and your business is going to have to change with it.

2. None of us is perfect. We all need a helping hand sometimes. So don’t take yourself too seriously, and always remember: Don’t act smart.

3. Don’t try to be smarter than you are. That is a sure way to fail. Don’t act smart

4. The most successful people do not act smart, they act simple. Don’t act smart.

5. Don’t act smart; it only makes you look dumb. Don’t act smart, be smart. You’re better than that.

6. Don’t act smart. Act as if you’ve always been a part of this game.

7. When it comes down to it, we all do the same things. We all eat, sleep, bathe and poop. We are not special. So stop acting so smart about other people’s behaviour and get on with your life.

8. You don’t need to act smart to do the right thing. Just don’t act smart.

9. Don’t act smart. Act like an idiot when it comes to your money. It’s cheaper, happier, and better for you.

10. Don’t act smart, get smart. When in doubt, lean toward the “don’t act smart” truth. Don’t act smart. Be smart, and act accordingly.

11. Don’t act smart in the wrong world, otherwise, you’ll be acting dumb and looking stupid.

12. As you continue to build your business, there will be times when you might feel like you’re on top of the world. Don’t act smart, act confident.

13. Why act smart and not be smart? Be wise and know it. Don’t act smart.

14. The only thing holding you back is your mind. Get ready to be smart. Don’t act smart.

15. Act with confidence, act on the spot, act proactively, and don’t wait for others to act first. Don’t act smart.

16. We are living in a generation of blindingly fast technology and the key to success is being able to use it well. Don’t act smart, be smart.

17. Don’t act smart. Just think through the situation. Keep your head up, don’t act smart. Keep your feet on the ground

18. Be confident and be yourself. Don’t act cool, don’t act dumb, don’t act smart. Just be you and if you’re not sure what to do, ask me.

19. The smartest thing you can do is don’t act smart. The dumbest thing you can do is act smart.

20. It’s a smart thing to do to act as if you are in control. But it’s a stupid thing to do to act as if you actually believe it.

21. No matter how smart you think you are, someone smarter will always have a better idea. Don’t act smart.

22. Don’t act smart to fit in. Be yourself and don’t worry about what others think.

23. Don’t make the mistake of acting smart. Act like yourself, and the rest will take care of themselves.

24. If you act smart you’ll make dumb choices. If you make dumb choices, you’ll end up acting smart. The best way to be smart is not to act like it.

25. You are not smart enough to be a dumbass, you should act like it.

26. The smartest person in the room is usually the one who knows the least. Don’t act smart.

27. Act with confidence and your life will reflect that. Don’t act smart. Be smart.

28. “Don’t act smart. Act a little dumb and people will take you much more seriously.

29. Don’t act smart. Don’t have an opinion on a situation before you’ve fully researched it. Always be curious and ask questions.

30. Don’t act smart; act like a leader. Never act smart. It’s the stupid things that get you in trouble.

31. Don’t let others’ opinions of you determine how smart you think you are. Don’t act smart.

32. You don’t have to be smart to be wise. Being wise doesn’t make you stupid but it may make others think you are. Don’t act smart.

33. There are two ways to think about your business: smart and dumb. If you just want to make a profit, then don’t act smart.

34. Everyone is smart in their way. But, not everyone is wise in theirs. Don’t act smart.

35. You can do anything you put your mind to, but you probably won’t. Don’t act smart just to show you’re smart.

36. Don’t act smart. Be smart, act thoughtful, and act with purpose.

37. Don’t act smart. Act like you did everything right, and you will always be right.

38. Don’t act smart to get a good result, act smart for the result itself

39. We’re not always the smartest people in the room. Don’t act like it when you think no one is watching you.

40. Smart people don’t need to act smart, because they know how to think. Don’t act smart.

41. If you act smart, others will assume you are as smart as they are. Don’t act smart.

42. It’s not about being smart or clever. It’s about being honest and real.

43. It’s better to have an answer than to be right. Don’t act smart. Act regular.

44. Don’t act smart, work hard and have swagger. Don’t act smart, just be smart.

45. Don’t act smart. Just act like you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

46. Don’t act smart, think smart. Act like a leader and others will follow. Don’t act smart; be smart.

47. Smart is doing what you can do and doing it well. Acting smart sometimes means doing more than you can. Don’t act smart.

48. Be humble and kind, don’t act smart. Be yourself and you’ll win with most people.

49. Don’t act smart. It’s a trap that leads to self-defeat, hurt feelings, and less-than-sincere relationships. Be yourself and be kind.

50. The best way to show you’re smart is not to act smart.

51. Don’t try to act smart when you’re simply being dumb.

52. You can’t succeed if you don’t act smart. Act like a winner. You will be one if you follow this advice and do not change your approach to life as well as job hunting!

53. Don’t act smart when you need to be, but act stupid when you want to.

54. Don’t act smart. Act confident and you’ll get your way more often.

55. Don’t act smart. Act like a person who is smart, and you will become like one.

56. Don’t act smart, act humble. Don’t act smart, but use your brain.

57. Don’t act smart, act natural. Use your talents and skills to bring out the best in yourself and others.

58. What makes you think you’re so smart? You’re not. Don’t act like it.

59. Keep it simple. If you act smart, you’ll be dumb by the time you realize it. Don’t act smart.

60. Everyone else is acting smart. Be as dumb as you can, and stay in your comfort zone. Don’t act smart.

61. Smart is not always the answer. Be Honest, be humble and be happy. Don’t act smart.

62. Act like you already have what you want. Don’t act like you don’t have it yet. Don’t act smart.

63. Don’t act smart. Act like you’ve got it all figured out. The rest will follow. Don’t act smart. Be smart.

64. Don’t act smart. Make connections, form relationships and join forces. The world is full of smart people who have succeeded in doing that.

65. The hardest thing in life isn’t to act smart. It’s to be smart and act stupid. Don’t act smart.

66. There’s a big difference between being smart and acting smart. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, but don’t act like a fool just because you’re afraid to fail.

67. There’s nothing more annoying than people who act smart when they really aren’t.

68. We don’t need to act smart. We only need to act. Don’t act like you’re always right. Act as you care.

69. Life gets real, so don’t act like it. If you want to succeed in life, be the exact opposite of smart. Don’t act smart.

70. Be authentic. Be yourself. Act like an idiot. Do stupid things and learn from your mistakes. Don’t act smart.

71. The things that make us smart are the things that make us human. If you’re not being challenged, you’re not growing. Don’t act smart.

72. Don’t act smart; think about it. Act with mind and heart, then you’ll be a winner.

73. Don’t act smart. Be smart. Don’t act smart; don’t change the way you are. Act natural.

74. Don’t act smart, act like a kid who’s been told he can’t have something. It will surprise you how far it gets you.

75. Don’t act smart. It’s stupid, and it doesn’t help anyone. Act honestly, but be ready to learn from your mistakes.

76. Don’t act smart; instead, let your actions be smart. Be yourself, be bold, and be brave, but don’t act smart.

77. We are not intelligent enough to act smart. We can only act intelligently. Don’t act smart.

78. If you’re going to act like you’re smarter than everybody else, then at least be smart enough to do it right. Don’t act smart.

79. Don’t act smart. Act like a child who doesn’t know any better.

80. Smart people know the difference between acting smart and being smart. Don’t act smart.

81. Don’t act smart. Act like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t.

82. Don’t act smart, just be smart. The smartest thing you can do is to not act smart.

83. Not acting smart just because you’re better than everyone else is what prevents you from being your best. Don’t act smart.

84. It’s not smart to act like you know everything, but it is smart to know that sometimes there are things you don’t know. Don’t act smart.

85. The most impressive feat is not being aware of the world around you. Don’t act smart.

86. Don’t act smart. Act like a human. Don’t act smart, just do good work.

87. Don’t act smart, but be smart. Act on your strengths and then be the kind of person that others want to work with.

88. Don’t act smart. Be smart, act like a leader and you will be noticed.

89. When it comes to making smart decisions, don’t act like a genius. Act like you have all the time in the world. Don’t act smart.

90. Don’t act smart, not because you’re feeling it, but because you are going to gain from it.

91. Don’t act smart. Everything that’s worth knowing about life can also be learned by going with your gut.

92. Lose your fear of success, and you’ll get all the rewards that come with it. Don’t act smart.

93. It’s not about being smart, it’s about being intelligent. It’s about understanding what actions can achieve the most for you and your brand. Don’t act smart.

94. Be great at the things that are important to you. Be amazing at the things that matter to your business. Don’t act smart.

95. Don’t act smart. The real secret to success is to keep your feet on the ground and to maintain a working attitude.

96. Never lose that sense of humour, that feeling that everything can be done. Keep reminding yourself how much you have to learn. Don’t act smart.

97. Don’t act smart to impress someone, but don’t act dumb either.

98. Don’t act smart. Act like a kid. Always be curious, open and ready to learn.

99. Don’t act smart, act like a leader. When it comes to business, don’t be overly clever. Be smart and simple.

100. You don’t have to be smart to act with conviction. You just have to be smart enough to know what your heart’s telling you. Don’t act smart.

I hope these don’t act smart quotes provided you with some insight on how to improve your life and teach others a thing or two about how you want to conduct yourself. All these quotes can be easily saved to your computer and sent to your friends by using the share buttons above.

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