Dont Avoid Me Quotes

Don’t Avoid Me Quotes

Being avoided is a terrible feeling. You can feel like you’re being ignored, left out, and pushed away. It can be extremely painful, especially when it’s done by a loved one or partner. However, it’s important to understand why people avoid others, and what you can do about it.

When people avoid one another, it often reduces trust and increases distrust. Everyone has experienced being avoided once in a while; whether it’s a past lover or an old friend, you can’t help but feel that familiar pang of regret when you noticed them slip away from your life.

It’s easy to take rejection personally — too personally. Sometimes, it can be hard not to feel like everyone is avoiding you. When this happens, do your best to remain calm and collected. Rejection is a natural part of life; it happens to everyone — even you! Understanding this will help make things just a little easier.

Below is the collection of don’t avoid me quotes you should check, because they will resonate with you.

Don’t Avoid Me Quotes

Don’t avoid me if a conversation gets awkward. People tend to avoid further interactions. This can make the awkwardness last a little longer. So the next time I  have an awkward interaction in my life, I will just leave so it does not escalate.

1. Don’t avoid me! Seriously, you’re hurting my feelings. Look, every time I pull up a chair to your table or enter a room with you in it, you’re threatening to take off running if I get too close. It makes me sad.

2. Stop avoiding me. We need to talk about the rumours that keep spreading, or at least I need to confirm if they’re true. Why are you doing this?

3. Please don’t avoid me. Just show me that you care and reach out to me. I’m still here, just a little lost without you.

4. Stop avoiding me. If something is bothering you, just tell me or get some help from someone who knows what they’re doing. No matter how many times we’ve had this conversation before, it’s never too late to talk about your feelings—whether good or bad.

5. Don’t avoid me. It’s not going to make you happy and it won’t solve the problem. I’m here for you, so talk to me if you need an ear to listen to or a shoulder to cry on.

6. I know you’re up there. I see you flying by. Please don’t avoid me because of what I’ve done. We must talk about this.

7. I’m trying to get something done here, can’t you see? I’m on a deadline, so don’t avoid me.

8. No one likes rejection, but don’t avoid it. Grow from every experience—and you’ll stay on the right path.

9. Don’t avoid me unless you want a hug. Don’t avoid me when you’re up on stuff and I’m not.

10. Don’t avoid me, I may be a little bit more annoying than you think but I’m not going to stop coming to you every time and trying to be friends with you.

11. I am so tired of people trying to avoid me. If you do not want to talk to me or have something to say, then just tell me and stop walking away from me; that is not cool at all. You’re better than that.

12. The truth is you’re afraid, afraid of what saying goodbye will mean. But don’t avoid me! I know it’s hard to finally say goodbye. You’ve had enough time to get used to the idea, but for some reason, you just can’t accept it. You keep delaying and delaying but in the end, you’re still avoiding saying it altogether.

13. Stop pretending like we’re not here. We both know exactly what’s going on and we need to deal with it. You don’t want to hurt me anymore than I already am, so let’s go get some coffee or something and talk about how you’re feeling.

14. I’m not trying to get you into trouble with anyone, I just want to be your friend. I know you’re dealing with some heavy stuff, so I’m making an extra effort to reach out. So please stop avoiding me.

15. I don’t want to be your friend. I want you in my life. I can’t sleep at night without seeing your face or hearing your voice. You’re the one for me. Don’t avoid me anymore.

16. Stop avoiding me. I’m not the problem, you are. Here’s the thing: you can’t avoid someone forever. It takes two to tango and you can sit at a table for only so long without having your heart broken by yourself.

17. Avoiding each other is not the answer. You need therapy and I can help you. It’s time to stop avoiding me and accept the help you need.

18. Don’t avoid me, I’m just helping to put on sunscreen—and keeping the mosquitoes at bay too.

19. Don’t avoid me, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable but if you are going to pretend like it didn’t happen then I’m making this my last attempt at friendship.

20. It’s 100% fine to avoid people you don’t like in real life. But social media is a different story. Don’t avoid me on Instagram and Twitter, please!

21. I might be writing my divorce papers over here, but I’m not avoiding you.

22. It’s hard to ignore my work when it gets right up in your face. And I’m not going anywhere until you notice.

23. Stop avoiding me. We need to talk. We need to look each other in the eye, figure this thing out and get on with it already.

24. When you don’t speak up, you allow negativity to grow. So don’t avoid me this weekend.

25. I understand that you may not want to talk about things, but I need you to stop avoiding me. We are in a terminal relationship and your avoidance of me can only lead to extreme heartbreak for both of us.

26. This is the last time I’ll be avoiding you but now let me avoid your ignore button.

27. I know you’re avoiding me, but the fact is that we’re going to have to talk sometime.

28. Don’t avoid me. Stop avoiding me. I don’t know when it started or why, but at some point in our lives together, you stopped telling the truth. Even when it feels like I’m crazy and you’re being unfairly harassed, we can talk about anything as long as it’s the truth.

29. We need to talk. I see you avoiding me… but it’s okay, I get it. I just want to get this off my chest, to tell you that even if we’re not together anymore, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still care about you. I still think about you when my head is pounding and my heart is heavy.

30. It is not okay to ignore my feelings and stop avoiding me by saying nothing. You need to talk about it with me.

31. We all know how much you hate to be avoided, but that’s what happens when you don’t reply to my texts.

32. Don’t avoid picking up the phone and calling your dad on his birthday.

33. Stop avoiding me when I ask you to hang out, stop ignoring my calls, stop lying and say yes!

34. Stop avoiding me because you’re afraid to face your problems. Fix them with honesty, courage and compassion.

35. Don’t avoid me, don’t be mean. If I screwed up, I’m sorry. Say hello, don’t walk on by.

36. You keep avoiding me. You’ve been doing it for months, years even and I’m fed up. You can’t keep ignoring me forever.

37. Don’t avoid me. Avoiding the ones you love causes a lot of problems, especially when they have the same problem!

38. We all know that when you avoid someone you’re just worried about your feelings. Stop being selfish and let me help you.

39. I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your last text message. I was in the middle of cooking, and it was a little crazy.

40. Don’t avoid me. I’m difficult to resist and even easier to fall for.

41. Don’t avoid me, I’m the one with the all-natural face scrub that will give you a glowing complexion and soft skin.

42. Just stop. Stop pretending like we don’t matter to each other when we both know that is BS. Stop avoiding me because you are afraid to open up more, afraid that if you do open up I will just hurt you even more than I already have.

43. We are meant to be together. I know that you want me as much as I want you. Why don’t you just stop avoiding me, and then we can discuss it?

44. I know you’re afraid of me. And I understand why. I don’t blame you. But it’s time for us to start talking again because avoiding me is not helping anyone, including yourself. If something really bad is happening in your life, we can fix it together, but please start talking to me again so we can discuss it.

45. It’s not time to get into a fight. It’s time to stop avoiding each other, and address our issues.

46. Stop avoiding me, you know the truth. You’ve got something to tell me, but you can’t do it with other people around. Now that we are alone, I expect my answer.

47. Don’t avoid me. Don’t pretend that everything is normal and that we can just go on being friends. I know when you look at me, your eyes start to scan for exits, as if you might need to make a quick getaway.

49. Don’t avoid me when I’m bored, when I don’t want to see you, and even when I have a new man. Just don’t.

50. Hate to text you. Don’t want to do it either. I don’t want to avoid you, but I’m going to anyway.

51. Stop avoiding me. Deep down we both know that keeping things up is not healthy for anyone. Our relationship needs to move forward and it can only do so with honesty, transparency and communication between all parties involved.

52. Don’t avoid me I’m trying to communicate with you, stop trying to push me away, and be honest with yourself and others.

53. Don’t avoid me. You see I’m standing here, so whatever you do you’re going to have to talk to me eventually.

54. Stop avoiding me. Talk to me. And don’t say anything about how much you’re failing in your life, even if it’s true.

55. Not talking to me is one thing. Avoiding me is another. Stop avoiding me and start listening to me.

56. Don’t avoid me. I know that you’re mad at me for what I did, but stop avoiding me. We need to talk about this so we can figure out how to move forward. Please don’t shut me out!

57. I don’t want you to be real. I want you to avoid me forever and never contact me or text me again.

58. Don’t be that person who ignores their BFF when they’re trying to say hi at the party. Be sure to give them a big high five and a hug.

59. I know you’re scared and all, but you can’t keep avoiding me. This is your life, so stop trying to run away from it.

60. You’re the only person in your life avoiding me. There’s no need for that, especially since it’s bringing everybody down.

61. You’ve been avoiding me for days now, and I just don’t understand why. We used to be so close and now it feels like you don’t want to even look at me. I want us to be happy again, please don’t avoid me.

62. Stop avoiding me. It won’t make things better if you do and you won’t feel any better about yourself either. Look at me when I talk to you and give me your attention. Slowly and gently, start getting stronger. And stop hiding from who you are!

63. Don’t avoid me. At the very least, don’t avoid me just because you’re scared of what I might do.

64. I noticed you’ve been avoiding me. I want to talk about it. Call or email me now, or make an appointment with my secretary—but don’t avoid me anymore.

65. You’re great. But even if you didn’t realize it was true, I did. And by avoiding me all these years, you made it easier for me to admit that I have feelings that are more than friendly.

66. I’m sorry I haven’t been your best friend lately. I just need some space to clear my head.

67. Stop avoiding me. The world has enough people who are afraid to speak their minds. You’re better than that.

68. I thought it would be nice if we could catch up but I don’t want to risk running into you so next time, I’ll warn you first.

69. When you find yourself sandwiched between strangers on the subway, don’t avoid me.

70. Stop avoiding me. It’s not your decision who I talk to and never was. I know you don’t think that our relationship is working, but if you can’t even talk then how am I supposed to know how the relationship should be? Stop pushing me away.

71. When you’re trying to avoid someone, hiding works for a little bit but not for long.

72. You’re looking good, but I can tell you’re still feeling useless. Stop avoiding me and start making yourself happy again.

73. Don’t avoid me when I text you, don’t avoid me when I call you and don’t avoid me when I see you in person.

74. Stop keeping your distance from me, I’m not going to hurt you. Come here and let’s talk about this.

75. Don’t avoid me. I know your secret and the way you feel about me. I’ll tell no one, just don’t keep me in suspense any longer. You can trust me to respect your secrets, but stop pretending that you don’t care about me or my feelings.

76. I know that sometimes it can be hard to listen, but you have to try. You mean the world to me and if something is bothering me, I would like you to hear it.

77. You know the feeling. Someone is telling you something important, but you’re just not interested in listening to them. Why are you avoiding me?

78. Hey, can you please do me a favour. I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

79. You have been avoiding me lately? You need to stop. If you see something or feel something, say it.

80. Stop avoiding me. You’re not fooling anyone and you’re making yourself miserable for no reason.

81. I know you don’t want to see me. You’ve ignored my messages. You’ve hidden from my presence. But the worst thing you could do right now is to avoid me.

82. Stop avoiding me. I know you don’t want to hear my voice, but it’s not going to stop me from calling you.

83. I want to be yours, but you always keep me at a distance. And it’s killing me that I’m already in love with you.

84. Stop avoiding me. I’m not going to go away unless you tell me the truth, or until you stop ignoring me, which will cause me to start avoiding you.

85. We’re done. Don’t avoid me. You’re not going to cheat on me, so there is nothing to talk about.

86. I’m avoiding you because I have things to do in my life, and I don’t want my friend to be a distraction.

87. It’s time for you to stop avoiding me. I’m not the person you think I am, and it’s time you got over that. I’m smarter than you. And I’m a better person. Stop judging me on social media and try having a conversation with me one day.

88. I have been avoiding you guys for so long because I knew I had to say something, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. But seriously, what’s going on?

89. I’m only vaguely aware of the outside world. I tend to avoid people and situations that trigger me, but I can’t run from them forever.

90. Don’t avoid me as you do with your ex-boyfriend’s face when you see him on the street!

91. Don’t avoid me. It’s not fair, I don’t want to lose you. Everyone already treats me like a corpse and it’s only been three weeks.

92. I understand that you don’t like to talk about your problems. That’s okay. But I’m your friend, and if you need to talk about what’s going on with you, I’m here.

93. Stop avoiding me. I want to talk to you, but every time I see you, you look away quickly and then disappear. It makes me feel like you’re embarrassed to talk to me.

94. Don’t avoid me because you think that I am going to say something bad. Stop avoiding me, please.

95. Don’t avoid me, you know that I’m not the best company. I am a bad friend and an even worse lover but I will always be there for you.

96. You should not be afraid to let your emotions show. Don’t avoid me by folding the back of your shirt or pretending that you don’t feel anything, tell me what you think and feel.

97. Honestly, I’m fed up with you avoiding me. I know you’re probably just feeling guilty and want some time alone to think, but whatever it is we need to talk about, please stop avoiding me.

98. Don’t avoid me. Stop pushing me away. Keep me at a distance or give me a chance. Either way, don’t run away from me.

99. I know you’re thinking about ignoring me but don’t. Despite what you might think, I’m not that bad.

100. Don’t avoid me. Stop pretending you don’t see me. Don’t pretend that you don’t need me.

101. No more excuses, the time is now. It’s time to stop avoiding me and start confronting your fears.

102. Avoiding me won’t help you in the long run. Waiting for me to come to terms with your situation and move on with my life is only hurting us both. I know this whole situation has been hard on you, but it’s just as hard on me and I’d prefer if we could move forward together rather than apart.

I hope you find the collection of don’t avoid me quotes I have here interesting and helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments and endeavour to share them with your family and friends.

Thank you.

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