2023 Best Exam Prayers for My Son

“Children are the heritage of the Lord…” (Psalms 127:3-5) shows us that every child is a blessing from above that should be cherished and cared for. The chapter says more about how blessed is the man who has his table surrounded with children. “He shall not be ashamed” Isn’t this amazing!

As wonderful as this sounds, every parent has a role to play with seeing their child become successful and never to be ashamed as the Holy book puts it.

One of such ways to encourage the success of your son is by praying for him before, during and after exams and not only praying, also make him know you’re praying for him by calling him and pray with him personally. I have here for you 2023 best exam prayers for my son to help you with great prayers for your son.
2023 best exam prayers for my son will stir the praying spirit within you alive. I join you to wish your son all the best in his exams. Come with me as you pray.


Exam Success Prayers and Messages for Son

Even if you’ve provided every material thing necessary for your son to succeed in his exams, the part of prayers can’t be overlooked. Since you already know that, and you are here for some exam success prayers for your son, you can check these exam prayers for My son collection for him.

1. My prayer for you as you start this exam is that your mouth will be filled with testimonies as you get the results. Go for the best, my son.

2. As you start your exams, you will be filled with wisdom to know what to write and to write with understanding. All the best, son.

3. Exams can look difficult, but for you, it will be easy and you will scale with success. You are exempted from failure, son.

4. Son, I pray you recall to mind everything that was taught and you explain every detail just as it should be. God bless you as you seat for your exams.

5. My son is filled with the Spirit of success! You won’t miss it in any way and your result will be beautiful.

6. God of all wisdom will reveal His manifold wisdom to you as you seat for your exams today. You will excel without struggle.

7. God will deal with you in favour as you seat for your exams. You won’t miss out from what you ought to write. Success is yours, son.

8. I pray you won’t be confused with your exams. Everything you write will be ministered to you and it will be accurate. You are blessed, son.

9. As you seat for your exam, son, God will crown you with great success. You will raise up and succeed.

10. You will be the head, dear son and not the tail. You will keep climbing up always and not below. Keep the badge of success. God be with you in your exams.

11. God bless your mind and bring you to the understanding of what you have learned. You won’t be confused or distracted. Success is being revealed to you, son.

12. I pray you have hope to keep writing as much as you can during your exams. You won’t be stressed out as you sit for every exam this season, son.

13. You have all it takes to succeed. I ask the Lord to reveal the way of success to you and you won’t fail. All the best, son.

14. As you, my son has been studying before now, your efforts will bring positive results for you.

15. God will remove every fear from your heart and keep you the courage to write the right words in your exams.

16. God will go ahead of you and make your exams an easy one. It won’t be burdensome for you. Son, God will grant you great success.

17. My son, you are blessed today and always. You won’t seat to be confused. Neither will you experience any trouble as you write your exam today.

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18. Being your best begins with God and as you begin with God, He will take care of your mind and help you to write your exams effectively, son.

19. Your hands will become skilled and your mind enlightened as you write your exam. Confusion is far from you, son.

20. Your knowledge of the things you have learned will never depart from you. You will be blessed to put everything down rightly. God be with you, son.

21. God will teach you and help you understand the way to make the right points in your exams. You will be the head always.

22. You will be great in life and you won’t experience any setbacks in any way. This exam will propel goodness in you, son.

23. Your mind is open to receive whatever you might have forgotten as you write your exam, son. God will be with you and guide you through it all.

24. You will come back with testimonies today. Son, shine bright as you pour out the right things during your exams.

25. You won’t be implicated during your exam. There won’t be any cancellations and you will stand out from others. Achieve the best, son.

26. Our prayers are answered for your exams and you won’t fail in any way. You will be encouraged through every minute of your exams, son.

27. Always remember that you are loved by God and He wants the best for you. I pray that truth will make you confident in your exams.

28. No one will take advantage of you today. You won’t be intimidated by any examiner. You are blessed for success and so will it be.

29. I pray that you will be confident as you write. You won’t suffer any panic of failure, but God will strengthen your heart. All the best, son.

30. Your mind will be open, son. You won’t be confused on what to write and you won’t regret anything that has been written.

31. You will be lifted and find favour as you write your exam. Anyone that stands against you will fall for your sake. You are for success, son.

32. Exams are on and my son, God will make you happy through every detail of your exams. You won’t miss it. You are blessed!

33. There is an open door for wisdom for you. God will charge your spirit to wisdom and you won’t fail, son.

34. Son, you are a success and not a failure. You are a winner and not a looser. You are blessed as you sit for your exams today.

35. You will be conscious of what you are writing and every written word will be good and propel you for success, son.

36. I am praying for you, son. This exam won’t be difficult for you. You will never grow weary as you write.

37. Your life becomes a success and you won’t fail in this exam. You are activated for success and it will not pass you by.

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38. God will be there with you as you write. You won’t stress yourself so much before you come up with the right answer.

39. God, be with, my son as he writes his exam today. It won’t be impossible for him to succeed. He won’t suffer failure and he will increase positively.

40. My son won’t be scared of the questions. He will come to see God’s hands directing him to the right answers.

41. You will be accurate, son and you won’t miss it on your journey to success. I pray you are blessed and highly favoured by every examiner. Success is yours, son.

42. God, put to my son’s mind all he needs to come out excellent in his exams. Bless him and make him successful.

43. Grace is multiplied to you, son as you sit for your exams. Excel greatly and be the best among equals.

44. God will cause you to shine in this exam. You won’t miss the right answers. You will be great and no cause for alarm.

45. Be it to you, son in the way of success. You won’t miss any point. You will be blessed to come out fully like a shining light.

46. God will help you by Himself and this exam will be for good in your life. His desire for good in your life will be made manifest. Good luck, son!

47. God will lift you up and you will have pleasant testimonies after this exam. You are for signs and wonders. You won’t fail, son.

48. When God is searching for who to bless, He won’t pass over you and you will be able to rise and shine during the exam.

49. You will not fail in this exam. Receive courage from above to excel. Do not fear, son, you are blessed for the best.

50. God is authorizing you to step into your success. You won’t miss it, but you will shine and receive an excellent spirit as you sit for your exam.

How blessed are you reading this?
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