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2023 Best Parents Prayer for Child Taking Test or Exams

Exams certainly are a way of rating how much knowledge one has acquired over time and while it might not be the true test of knowledge nothing beats the feeling of performing so well in one.

It equally makes a parent proud seeing his/her child emerge top of its class and shows that the fees spent on school and effort behind the fees are not wasted.

While I certainly do not despise the place of adequate and sufficient preparation, it is also important that prayers be made to hand one’s efforts over to God.

With good studies and prayers, Success is Guaranteed.

Below is the best collection of parents prayers for Test or Exams. Let the people in your life know you care…

Parents Prayer for Child Taking Test.

Prayer for Child Writing Tests or Exams from Parent

One sure proof of your love for your child regarding success is to always pray for him or her. And as they write the next test or exam, these prayers are worthy to be used by parents of lovely children.

1. Heavenly Father,
Your peace is a sure and unfailing anchor from the anxiety and stress that comes with exam. Beyond the place of understanding your peace stands out and that is my earnest desire for my kid during the exam period particularly at this period in time.
All my fears I lay before you, at the foot of the cross I have come to place them that you might take absolute control. All the nagging concerns, worries and plaguing fears that assault my mine over concerns of failure over his performance at the exam I ask that you take total control.
Thank you for the assured success.

2. Divine Father, I give thanks to you for the gift of wisdom and honour you have blessed my kids with.
Thank You for the life of the instructors that you caused to have genuine interest in seeing to the success and breakthrough of our children and youths. God, we are consciously full of appreciation for all you have done over these young ones.
Your love is stronger than wine, your mercies greater than the heaven and your sweet compassion an unending flow towards my very existence.
I ask that you bless my children with strength and wisdom making them excel greatly in the exam.

3. My confession is that my children are versed with the same measure of heavenly touch that makes them out in every form of learning; have a good sense of judgement and finds knowledge as a companion.
You are the same God who anointed the three Hebrew children with that which could be termed a divine absorption of understanding in all forms of knowledge and wisdom, I pray you make them excel in all forms of academic conquest.
I thank you, Lord, for the success in advance. Amen.

4. Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I commit my Lil’daughter into your sufficient care and hands.
Bless her with wisdom and good strength for the task ahead. Help her to plan her time such that you will be in charge of her very active time and above it all and still make her heart accept the place of total believe in You, We pray for favour, for understanding of questions and wisdom to answer accordingly. Bless her Lord with the required dosage for wisdom and good success in the exams.

4. Father, into your able hands we commit our daughter as she prepares for the forthcoming examination. Take absolute control over it all now and after the examination.
Bless her with wisdom beyond her natural understanding. As she prepares for the exams, we pray that the wisdom of God will come to rest over her, help her to stay focus and understand the work presented to them. Amen.

5. Heavenly Father, for grace, multiple grace we pray that your children enjoy during this season when they are literally put to the test in demand of all they have learned. For your favour upon them, for their minds to stay alert, that the memory remains sharp and the nerves be calm.
For the grace to concentrate and excel in this time that demand is placed upon the learning and understanding they have acquired we pray. We ask that the memory be kept excellent and that they are able to answer each question well. For wellbeing in Spirit, mind and body we pray that you bless them with O’Lord. Amen.

6. Father, we lift up our cute little princess into your able and capable hands. Just as preparation is made for the exams, for your peace that surpasses all understanding we ask that it come to be with them. For every question attempted, our prayer is for good clarity of mind that they might clearly recall all that they have learned.
We pray over every individual teacher in all the classroom and hall, we pray that they will be channel of bringing peace and calm to the children and a carrier of fear or anxiety. Let your comforting presence go with them now and always. Amen

7. His name, His script and exam number as well we pray that it will be safely policed by God’s guiding angels against any form of accidental misplacing of results in 2023.

8. The evil testimony of missing script or missing grade we reject in Jesus name.

9. The comforting and assured presence of God will be over all the examiners and none of the little children’s paper will be marked during his bad mood in Jesus name.

10. The name of my child as well as the exam number will not get mixed up with any candidate marked for failure in Jesus name.

11. The arrangement for the sitting in the exam hall will favour my child in every in the exam hall in Jesus name.

12. Standing on the promise of God, the Lord will grant unto you wisdom that beats anyone in your age group; you will chart a path for success in the family and department in Jesus name.

13. Ten times of the excellent spirit in Daniel I pray the Lord bless you with and make you better than your equals. Amen

14. Lord, I pray that you baptize her with the spirit that seeks after righteousness and make his horn exalted above that of his contemporaries in Jesus name.

15. Over this exam that my daughter is preparing for Lord, I ask that she won’t have any recall to write them again. Amen

16. Lord, I pray that the next exam, my child will write won’t be at this level. Amen

17. The result of this exam will be outrightly outstanding and one that is worthy of celebration and awards in Jesus name.

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18. Unusual insight shall be your portion as you enter into the exam hall, and you will come out rejoicing. You shall exceed every expectation. The very examiners assigned to you shall be in awe of you. All the best.

19. “Outstanding Success” shall be your testimony. Excel beyond measure in the exam.

20. Take good care of yourself that you do not yield to stress. Let your focus be on your exams. Success is sure for you.

21. If all the efforts and time you have put into preparing for this exam is looked at, one outcome is guaranteed which is that you would end up being the best. Good luck.

22. All your hard work will pay off and you will have more than enough reason to celebrate. Best wishes.

23. You have more than often consistently shone in all your examinations and this one will be no different. Go and succeed…

24. The exams may be tough but I know you’re tougher. Your emerging victory is guaranteed. Here’s wishing you the very best.


25. Rest well, stay healthy, study hard, eat well, and pray well. Your success is assured.

26. Get it over with, it’s no different from the others you have excelled in, Keep shinning and continue making us proud.

27. Don’t give in to the pressure that threatens to overpower you, this exam is vital for your progress and I know that you will succeed brilliantly. So here am I urging you to put in your best. I believe in you.

28. When adequate preparation is taken over something, the result is success. Go achieve outstanding success in this exam.

29. Do away with the average mindset. Study to be the best my dear. May you find the grace to study hard and excel in the forthcoming examination.

30. Let your aim be excellence. Let your target be Good success. The magic to success is hard work. I wish you outstanding success as you study.

31. Your strength will not fail you in this particular hour. Soundness of mind is yours. Your hand will perform excellently. All the best in your exams.

32. Receive the diligent spirit to make a result of distinction as you make preparation for the forthcoming exam in Jesus name.

33. May the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit rest upon you to guide you on areas that are relevant to the forthcoming exam in Jesus name.

34. Receive the strength of the Lord to stay strong against every form of sickness before, during and after the exam in Jesus name.

35. We cancel out every evil news that might hinder your concentration in Jesus name.

36. Able Father, For the staff of guidance and financial supply that will not fail before or during the exam period we pray in Jesus Name.

37. To every aspect of your brain under lock, we command that it open to you in Jesus name.

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38. The grace and strength to resist every form of temptation to cheat in the course of this examination may the Lord grant unto you in Jesus name. Amen

39. Whenever your body is weak and your flesh demand pleasure the spirit of God will quicken your mortal body to obedience in Jesus name.

40. The anointing of favour will follow your answer scripts to the presence of your examiners in Jesus name.

41. Every Spirit of carelessness and failure is canceled out over your life in Jesus Name. Amen

42. It is my prayer that you will succeed in the forthcoming exam with unprecedented and unparallel result in Jesus name.

43. That which is your strength, your confidence to excel in the forthcoming exam will not fail in Jesus name.

44. While your mates are writing the answers, you will not be in the hospital job. Amen

45. The evil and demonic sleep that makes people miss exam will not be your portion in Jesus name.

46. Fear, anxiety and evil emotion that can cause exam fever will be removed far from overpowering you in this exam in Jesus name.

47. I brain will receive the touch of the Holy Spirit for easy assimilation in Jesus name.

48. The Holy Spirit will be by your side acting as an instructor to you in the exam hall in Jesus name.

49. Retentive memory will be yours and you will find help to recall all that you were taught and all that you gave yourself to in study in Jesus Name. Amen.

50. Lord, I pray for my daughter that she gets good success in the exam, with at least an acceptable mark of 85% in all her works. Let your blessings fall on her,
Thank you, Lord, for bringing an answer to our request. Amen.

51. Heavenly Father,
Only your peace can sustain through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace surpasses all understanding. I ask for this gift and choose to lean upon my child at this time.
Lord, come and remind him of your unfailing love.
Remind him that you hold him safe, you understand him, and you cherish him.
I lay down my fears before you.
I leave them at the foot of the cross, for you have overcome the world.
I choose to give you all my concerns, worries and fears of failure over him.
I trust that your loving hand will hold him through these exams and lead into a bright future.

52. Majestic Father, I thank You for my ward who is preparing for Final Exams. Thank You for crowning
each of them with wisdom and honor. Thank You for the educators who have a genuine interest in seeing our
children and youth succeed. O God, You are our God; we earnestly search for You. Our souls thirst for You;
our bodies long for You in this parched and weary land where there is no water. We have seen You in Your
sanctuary and gazed upon Your power and glory. Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how we praise
You! We will praise You as long as we live. We will lift up our hands to You in prayer. You satisfy us more
than the richest feast. With songs of joy will we praise You.
Royal Father, I confess that my children are well versed in every area of learning; gifted with knowledge and
good judgment. I declare that just as You anointed Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego with an
unusual aptitude for understanding every aspect of literature and wisdom, that You will anoint them to
excel in their academics and to conquer their Final Exams. I decree that they understand the value
of knowledge; they understand that wisdom is more profitable than silver and her wages are better than gold.
I confess that they will not be anxious about these tests, but they will pray and tell You what they need. They
will thank You for all that You have done for them; then they will experience Your peace which exceeds
anything they can understand. I declare that my children can do everything through Christ, including
excelling on these Final Exams, because You give them strength. I expect that as they study and apply
themselves to their academics, that Holy Spirit, You will bring all things to their remembrance when they sit
down to begin their Final Exams. I decree that they are the head and not the tail; they will always
be on top and will never be at the bottom academically. Amen

53. Jesus, I commit my daughter into your hands. Give her wisdom in her heart and strength to do what she needs. Help her to plan her time. There is a time for everything. Give her a disciplined focus so that she will be a good finisher for the things she needs to do. We believe in You, that as she does her best, You, oh God, will do the rest. You are in charge. We pray for favour, for understanding of questions and wisdom to answer accordingly. We ask for a sharp mind and confidence in You, and in herself, for You will strengthen her. By Your grace, we know she will get the desired outcome. Jesus, we give You thanks. We want to glorify You and honor You. We love You. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

54. Father, we commit our children into Your hands. As they prepare for their exams, we pray that the wisdom of God will come upon their lives. As they prepare for the upcoming exams, may they be able to focus and understand the work presented to them. On the day of the exams, You will bless them with wisdom to understand the questions and to apply what they have learned throughout the paper. Most of all, we pray for Your peace to come upon them, and that they will learn to lean upon You, and to cast their worries into Your hands. Father, we pray let Your will be done in their lives. Amen

55. Heavenly Father, we pray for your grace on our children during this season where they are literally put to the test. We ask for your favor upon them, for their minds to be alert, their memories to be sharp and for their nerves to be calm. We pray for them to be able to concentrate and excel in this test of learning and understanding. We ask that their recall be excellent and are able to answer each question well.
We also pray for their well being in body, soul and spirit, and for Your gentle hand to be on them when they rest at night. We pray for the mothers, fathers and caregivers of the children taking the exams. We pray for wisdom, kindness and understanding to come upon them when the pressure of the exams becomes too great for them and their children.
We pray that our families to remember to always seek the kingdom of God first in all our pursuits, as we believe that all shall be added unto us who are righteous and faithful.

56. Father, we lift up our little princess into your hands. As they prepare to sit for their exams, we ask for your peace that surpasses all understanding to be with them. For every paper that they take, we ask for clarity of mind so that they can recall what they have learned.
We pray over every teacher in every class and hall, and we pray that they will bring peace and calm to the children, and not fear or anxiety. May your presence go with our children wherever they are.

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