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2024 Best Exam Wishes for Your Love

It is a general philosophy that, exams are a way of testing us to see how much we really learned and understood in the period of a course or courses. As valid as that sounds, many of us wishers we never have to write exams.

Exams, at whatever level, could either be daunting or taunting. The period of time the exam lasts could find you wishing the days were shorter, and so, end quickly. Why? So that you can be over and done with the papers in no time.

You have written exams at one point or the other. Surely, you have someone you love who is in the face of one exam another currently.

Besides preparedness, one trusted way to help him/her scale through the exam period without fretting is by showing him/her how much you care about this phase of their life, and exam wishes are your go-to anytime because he/she can always go back to read them.

There are 100 best exam wishes text you can choose from and send to your love to help ease his/her nerves and keep him/her mentally as well as physically fit to write the exam.

Cute Exams Wishes for Him or Her

Do you need heart touching examination wishes and text messages for your lover as he or she is preparing to write a series of examinations? Here are well-prepared heartfelt examination wishes and quotes for husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to wish him or her great success in the examination.

1. I already told God that your exam questions should be as simple as your look and your result to be as sweet as you are. I wish you all the best, darling.

2. For you have excelled in your exams, as I see you coming out with A’s smile. Be courageous and confident. The Lord has always been your strength, love.

3. Read and trust God. Your efforts do count darling, I already see you succeed in your exams.

4. To be trusted, you need to be tested. May God crown your efforts in Jesus name. I see flying colours for you, baby.

5. Don’t be frightened dear, always be diligent and I believe if you do, you will stand out to be the best. Success in your exams.

6. Don’t be anxious about what the exam questions would look like, be courageous to defeat all questions. All the best in your exams.

7. Relenting is the handiwork of the devil, read and trust in God for the best. Success is yours, sweetheart.

8. Because you have planned ahead of your exams, you can never fail. Smash all questions and come out with smiles on your face. I wish you all you wish for yourself in this exam.

9. Go and make me proud as you have always succeeded in your exams and this won’t be an exemption. Go in and excel, sweet.

10. Diligent attracts success, so be diligent. I trust you have passed the exam.

11. Victory is yours, darling, read hard and pray hard. Excel, dear.

12. You are born to succeed and you have succeeded in this exam already. Good luck, dear.

13. Examination comes with two brothers, success and failure. I pray your exam comes with success.

14. Exams are what makes school interesting. Read hard and success is yours, dear.

15. I hope you have not forgotten the words I always tell you during your exams and I’m sure you still have them stocked in your head. If so, remember to take your writing materials with you and do your very best for victory is yours, sweetheart.

16. Don’t think of what tomorrow would bring, think about the task of today, think about your exam and you shall succeed.

17. Dreaming big and fighting against failure means you have to study hard. To succeed, you must be focus. All the best, dear, I see you winning already.

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18. Waking up with determination and going to bed with satisfaction during your exam period is the key to success. All the best, dear.

19. I see favour walking with you as you write your exams, I see smiles on your face as you check your result.

20. Nothing comes easy in this world, to succeed, you have to work hard and pray, so also to pass this exam, you have to read hard and pray. The Lord is your strength always, dear.

21. My love, in this exam, I want you to read in silence and let your result make the noise for you. I see success surround you.

22. Sweetheart, A sea cuts through a rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence, I want you to be persistence in your diligence and certainly, you are going to come out in flying colours in your exams. Good luck, love.

23. Having a great mind in your exams is the best way to tackle failure for small mind wears out. I wish you the best, darling.

24. Aiming at success without hard work is like wanting to harvest where you haven’t planted. So, I challenge you to read as if it’s your first and last exam and your effort would be crowned with resounding success. Best wishes, dear.

25. Few recipes for success: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing and dream while others are wishing. Keep this and you will succeed in your exams. Good luck, dear.

26. Never underestimate your ability and potential, it’s called low self-esteem, do that exam with great confidence, it’s called high self-esteem and I believe you will be the best therein.

27. Go and write your A’s, as it is certain that the sky is your starting point and not your limit in this exam. You have succeeded, dear.

28. Sweetheart, as you begin your exam today, I pray that the Lord will to your remembrance all that you have read for and you shall come out with flying colors. Success, dear.

29. Keep your head high and stay focus during your exam and success will be yours. Best luck, dear.

30. Believe in yourself and do not allow the devil to take charge of you. Be courageous for you can do it, walk into that exam hall and overcome your challenge. Success is definitely yours, darling.

31. As brave and courageous that you are, I’m sure you are going to bring those questions down. Go in and make me proud. Best luck, dear.

32. Sweetheart, adding this to your preparation, courage and calmness, wish you success in your exams.

33. Sweetheart, as you walk into the exam hall, say yourself “I can do it, I have overcome my fear” and the Lord will crown your effort remember all that you read for. Success dear.

34. Your mistakes in this exam will be overlooked by the examiner. You shall be celebrated, dear.

35. Never panic, it belongs to the weak. As you enter the exam hall, comport yourself and write with courage. Success, love.

36. When you put God first, He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Involve Him in this exam and He will surprise you miraculously. Best wishes, dear.

37. The exam is not created to scare us but to bring out the best in us and I pray your efforts towards this exam will not be vain as it will be crowned with distinctions in Jesus name. Best wishes, sweetheart.

38. I want you to challenge yourself in this exam by reading ten times to become ten times better. I wish you success, dear.

39. I have always believed in your success ever since I set my eyes on you and I’m also believing in the success of your exam. Go and excel, dear.

40. There’s always a story to tell for every successful person and you will surely tell the story of success. I wish you all the best, dear.

41. I have never for once doubted your ability to deliver for you are a beautiful and intelligent lady. Go and make me proud as you have always done. Best wishes, sweetheart.

42. As you enter your exam hall, the spirit of excellence is walking in with you. Good luck, dear.

43. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are all I wish for my handsome prince now and always. I wish you the very best in your exams, my love.

44. Sweetheart, for you know all things because you have the mind of Christ. Go inside your exam hall and write down A’s and the Lord shall strength you.

45. I have always missed you even right beside me but I have to let you focus on your exams, as you prepare for your exams, God’s favour will be upon your answer booklet. I love you big.

46. You have been preparing hard for this exam in a big way, I pray for retentive memory for you my love as you go in to succeed in your exam.

47. I know of a smart, intelligent and brainy young damsel and I’m proud to say she’s my girlfriend. I wish you all the best in your exam, the Lord will continue to be your strength.

48. Loving you as always been the best thing for me and loving your success won’t be an exemption. I wish you success in your exam, my king.

49. For you are a child of God, when others struggle, you will excel conveniently. All the best, my love.

50. My queen is starting her exam today, I wish you success as you pick up your pen to write on the answer booklet. Distinctions are all I see for my darling.

51. Good luck is the best thing I can say to you my love, do your best in this exam and leave the rest for God. Your hard work would fetch you success in life.

52. Good luck to my husband as he begins his exams today! You have always been the best in everything you ever did and this won’t be an exception of the BEST. Success is yours, darling.

53. Wishing you all the possible good luck that may keep all hindrances and help you attain great grades in your exams.

54. For someone like my husband, everything will fall at the right place with your dedication and assurance. Good luck in your exam and I know that you will rock it well!

55. So that you can cross all the hurdles of your life without any fear and fright, I combine all my good wishes with the pinch of my love and good luck for you. You have always been my hero and would always be the hero in anything and everything you do. Good luck, sweetheart.

56. My loving congratulations and heartiest best wishes are always with you. Put in all your hard work and commitment and A’s will be the result to come.

57. I’m very confident of nothing short of victory for you in this exam. Success shall be yours.

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58. In this your exam, favour shall locate you for success is certainly yours, dear.

59. As you start this exam one and only thing that is certain is your Success. Let go of the fear dear.

60. I wish you all the best in this examination. Sweet.

61. Every single effort you have put into this examination will show forth with great success. Best of luck dear.

62. Sweetheart, all those midnight candles you burnt and sleepless nights would not go to waste. You will be rewarded with resounding memory and flying colours in your exam. Best luck, dear.

63. Fathers don’t fail and husbands don’t relent, I challenge you to tackle this exam and come out in flying colours. Success to you, love.

64. You have never let me down my angel, your intelligence is a virtue I have always been proud of. I know you will do just fine in this exam as you have always done fine in the past. All the best in your exams.

65. My charming, do not allow fear and entertain doubts, it’s called intimidation. Success is your portion in this exam in Jesus name.

66. This exam shall be the smoothest you have ever written my love, can’t wait to celebrate with you. Success is yours already.

67. My love is definitely going to make distinctions because I prayed to God to grant me one wish and that is you coming out in flying colours in this exam.

68. All I see is my hero rejoicing, which means you have succeeded in this exams you are about to write. All the best, love.

69. Formulas might be difficult to solve, chemicals might be difficult to combine but you are definitely going to stand out in your exams. Go and excel, dear.

70. Heaven will always help those who help themselves, you have tried your best by preparing hard for this exams and heaven will open for your sake and send favour to locate you in the exam hall. All the best, my crown.

71. You have never failed and with your sincere focus, you will never fail. Good luck in your exams, dear.

72. For if you believe in yourself sweetheart, you can achieve your goals. Be ready for a brighter future. All the best in your exams.

73. My love, don’t let pressure get a hold of you, stand strong with focus and calmness, you are certain to succeed. All the best.

74. With a brain as bright as yours, I’m sure exam can take you down. I wish you all the lucks for success, darling.

75. My princess, study hard to achieve everything you desire, study hard to achieve your goals, all the best in your exams, my BEST.

76. As far as the clock is still rotating, then your dice of success is still rolling. I wish you the very best in your exams darling.

78. Wish you greater heights, hope you come out in flying colours in your exams. All the best, sweetie.

79. Sweets, I have always told you to have this positive spirit and see yourself in the light of success as you write your exams. Never start your paper with a negative mindset. Be brave, baby.

80. Every student is always tense at the sight of exam but you as my darling angel, I want you to free yourself and keep seeing yourself as a success in this exam. The victory is yours, Love.

81. You have always been my inspiration in whatever I’m doing and I also want to be an inspiration to you as you get set to write your exams. The best is yet to come darling.

82. You alone can say to yourself “I can do it” and you will. I pray as you start your exams today, with the love I have shared with you to give you the strength to overcome your exams and come out in flying colours. I sure know you have made me proud already. Best wishes honey.

83. Your victory is one of the most important things to me and I’m praying that God enriches your life with success. All the best dear.

84. The only thing standing between today and tomorrow is this exam. I see you smiling of success, I see you rejoicing in victory. I claim them for you darling. Be strong and believe you can.

85. I see you on the crown of success, may you wear the crown of success after these exams in Jesus name. Success baby.

86. Free your mind and stay focus, you will make it a success this time darling. The stars are shining just for you to pass this exam. My baby is a success, best wishes sweetie.

87. My happiness is seeing you smile at all times, I want you to smile during this exams cause your happiness after the exam is distinctions. Success is all yours, baby.

88. I see you standing you standing out amongst many and I know it’s the A’s in your exams I saw coming through. Read and pray for the Lord is your refuge dear.

89. Hey honey! Best of luck in your upcoming exams. I love you and success is yours.

90. Morning dear, I prayed for you concerning your exams. Darling, it is settled already. You are coming out excellently and strong… Can’t wait to for you to come out of the exam hall so we can celebrate. Love you.

91. Exams are a way of saying that, an old level is about to end, and a new one is about to commence. Darling, I wish you success and a smooth promotion to the next level.

92. My love, I know how tough it was going through this course. As you go in to write this exam, give no room to fear because my best wishes are with you. All the best!

93. I believe so much in you and I know you will blow the minds of your examiners. Go on and succeed, my sweet husband.

94. May your memory be retentive and your mind sharp as you write your exams.

95. Instead of going all jelly, picture me cheering you on. I wish you success, my dear.

96. I wish you flying colours in your exams, my lovely fiancé.

97. May you find favor before everyone who would mark and examine your scripts. All the best, sweetheart.

98. Two keys to success: believe in yourself and work hard. You have worked hard. Now, it is time to express faith in yourself, and your success is sure.

99. Worry and anxiety solve nothing. Instead, they wipe off the memory. Darling, I want you to go into the hall with neither of worry nor anxiety. Rest assured that this exam is a success already.

100. I enjoy every laughter we shared, and I am looking forward to the result of this exam causing us to laugh. I can’t wait to celebrate your success, my love.

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