Falling in Love Unexpectedly Quotes

Falling in Love Unexpectedly Quotes

Frankly speaking, if you think about it, almost every love story is about some kind of accidental love, a leap of faith, a chance meeting or a magical twist of fate. When you fall genuinely in love, it is most times always the ones you least expect and I am a living example of this. And before I knew it, the universe was already conspiring in our favour.

Love is sweet especially when it’s unexpected. You would want to, even if you didn’t plan it and it was unexpected, it’s one of the sweetest things that can happen to you, embrace it, cherish it and enjoy it. The quotes below are written words on the amazing feeling of unexpected love. Scroll through and connect with it.

Falling in Love Unexpectedly Quotes

Falling in love unexpectedly is the sweetest way to start a relationship. Most magical love stories start without prior expectations. When you let your heart wander in love, you most likely find it in people you least expect.

1. When you fall in love with someone you least expect, it will change you positively and you’d be happy you let love lead the way.

2. You were the last person I expected to fall in love with, and it changed my whole life. I’m so lucky to find you.

3. Love isn’t always where you expect it to be. Sometimes there are surprises that change our lives forever, I didn’t expect to love you, but I’m glad I did because you’re the best thing that happened to me.

4. Love is beautiful when you least expect it. I didn’t want to be in love, now I don’t want this beautiful feeling to stop.

5. Love is perfect and it sometimes comes when you least expect it. I wasn’t looking for love but it found me and I’m so blessed.

6. Love is real when you’re least expecting it. You don’t want it, now you can’t get enough.

7. Love is unexpected, but oh so beautiful when it’s here. I never wanted to fall in love and now that I have, I don’t ever want it to end.

8. Love is mysterious. I never expected to experience the romance of my life, yet it changed my whole life and I’m so glad I gave love a chance.

9. Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred. I tried desperately to stop the feeling of falling in love, but now I’m lost in a trance of ecstasy and emotion.

10. I didn’t want to be in love, but being in your arms has changed everything. Now I can’t imagine my life without you.

11. I didn’t know this is what I was missing until I enjoyed the bliss of love. I didn’t plan to fall in love but it has changed my entire being

12. I felt I was perfect without love, but I was wrong. Love gives one a warm feeling and makes you feel complete. I didn’t expect this sweetness but I’m blessed to be in love.

13. I didn’t plan it, but you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ll never leave your side.

14. I never expected us to end in love, but I’m so thankful for the day we met. You’re the best thing that ever could have happened to me, and I don’t know where I’d be without you.

15. I came in strictly for business, but I ended up getting more than that. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I didn’t expect to fall in love, but I’m so happy I did.

16. It took me by surprise, but the moment I met you, I knew I would never stop thinking about you.

17. It wasn’t premeditated, but somehow it happened. You were written into the script of my life, and there’s been no turning back. I can’t stop loving you.

18. I’m not sure what to do with you, but I know life will never be the same without you. I didn’t plan this love thing, but it seems the universe planned it for us and it’s so sweet that I don’t want it to stop.

19. I had no idea that love this strong was possible. I thank my lucky stars every day for meeting you. I didn’t want to fall in love for a long time, but who am I to reject such a beautiful thing?

20. The course of true love never did run smoothly. I didn’t expect to fall in love with you, but now I can’t help myself.

Unexpected Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

I have been with my best friend for years and I was searching for love in the wrong places. One day, I looked deep into her eyes and I found love in her beautiful eyes. Falling in love with my best friend is one of the biggest blessings the universe gave me. I feel so lucky and blessed.

1. I never thought my best friend would make me feel the way I do until I fell in love. This love is something new and exciting. It has changed my world completely.

2. I was incomplete, not knowing everything I needed was right beside me as a friend. When my eyes opened, my appetite for life was awakened and began to unfold in an exciting fashion.

3. I thought I knew myself but then we met, and every aspect of my life was transformed. I thought I’d never fall in love with my best friend, but here I am and I don’t want this to stop.

4. Just when you thought the perfect person didn’t exist, your eyes open and you realized they’ve been right beside you all along as a best friend.

5. Falling in love is not a planned thing. love happens when you least expect it, sometimes by accident. I accidentally fell in love with my friend and I don’t want to stand up.

6. She looked into my eyes, and it wasn’t my best friend’s eyes, they were eyes that melted my heart and made me fall in love.

7. I thought I knew what my life would be until you showed me what love could look like. Thanks, bestie.

8. I didn’t plan to fall in love, I just wanted the friendship to continue but I am happy you came along and showed me how rich my life can be when shared with someone special.

9. We were just friends. But now we’re more. You’re the love of my life and I’m so lucky to have everything I want in just one person.

10. I never planned to fall in love with you but here we are. The friendship and memories we made together, the smiles and the tears, they all led to this point where I can’t imagine my life without you.

11. I was just trying to be your friend, but I fell for you instead. Now I don’t know what to do. You’re my first thought every morning and my last thought at night.

12. When we met, I was surprised to find myself immediately at ease with you. We started out as friends, but somewhere along the way, it became clear to me that I was already in love.

13. I didn’t see it coming until it happened. I felt we were good as just friends, I didn’t know we would be perfect as lovers.

14. I wasn’t planning to fall in love anytime soon, not even with my best friend, but here we are, fate brought us together and love bound us in an inseparable way.

15. I’ve always seen you as my friend and nothing else, but one day the scales fell, and I saw that what I’d been looking for was right in front of me. This love is so unexpected, but that’s what makes it special.

16. I never planned to fall in love with you; I never pictured myself feeling this way about my best friend, but I had my plans, the universe had other plans. Here I am, in love with my best friend.

17. We’ve been together for these long years and it never crossed our hearts that we were meant for each other. We enjoyed our friendship but the divine felt its time to graduate into sweet love, who am I to say no?

18. We’ve spent so much time together as friends, we’ve done everything together, but love never crossed my mind. Well, love decided to give us a surprise visit and entered our minds, I guess it’s now forever happy after.

19. I didn’t think I’d fall in love with you, but here we are inseparable and bound together in love. I know it’s weird to be in love with your best friend, but it’s the weirdness that makes it special.

20. Our time together as friends was filled with laughter and tears. It brought us here, a place that feels like home. I didn’t plan to fall in love with you, but like many great things I have, they weren’t planned.

Unexpected Falling in Love Quotes for Him

Falling in love is sweet and beautiful, but it becomes magical when you see yourself in love with him when you least expected it. You just have to yield to what your heart yearns for and let the universe guide you through. Falling in love unexpectedly always ends up being magical and sweet.

1. I never planned to fall in love with him, but right here and right now, I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

2. All of my memories lead back to the first time we met, the first time we kissed, I didn’t plan it, but I saw myself in love with him.

3. Some things are meant to be. You were always on my mind and I never knew it until you were right next to me. It’s never been clearer. The love was meant to happen.

4. I always felt true love doesn’t exist. I didn’t expect to fall in love with him, but now I can’t help myself. It’s the best thing that happened to me.

5. I saw him as just one of the guys, but my heart clicked with his and I can’t stop thinking about him. Unexpected love hits in a different but special way.

6. I never thought he’d feel the same way. I didn’t expect to fall in love with him, but now I don’t want it to stop. He’s the reason why I’m breathing.

7. You can’t help who you love. I didn’t love him at first sight, but my heart went its way without informing me, and now I am stuck in this beautiful love that’s breathtaking.

8. It all started with an unexpected glance — my breath was taken away. I never expected him to find his way into my heart, but the door was open and I’m glad he’s here.

9. I never thought I could love anyone or anything. But the day I met him changed me and everything I knew.

10. I honestly wasn’t expecting him to like me so much because I didn’t like him. I didn’t even know he already loved me and one day I felt my heart going against my instructions into his embrace and that was it, I couldn’t resist.

11. I definitely didn’t see this coming, but this love was meant to be, I fell in love with him and I’ll never be the same.

12. I fell in love with him the moment I looked into his eyes, but I never planned it. I must confess it’s a sweet feeling and I never want it to stop.

13. My relationship with him started as something innocent. Just flirting here and there. At first, I didn’t even plan it but I just saw myself falling for him.

14. I fell in love with him suddenly and unexpectedly. It was a whirlwind and before you knew it, I was committed because I can’t live without him.

15. I don’t remember the moment I fell in love with him. I know I wasn’t expecting it, but he came and swept me off my feet

16. Falling in love isn’t always something you plan—it just happens. I didn’t know how it happened, I just know I’m in love with him.

17. Sometimes you find true love with someone you never even planned on loving. That’s my story with him, he was the last person I expected to fall in love with, but now I can’t stop.

18. Sometimes when you’re not looking, love just pulls you in. He was to be a work partner and all of a sudden, he became a life partner. It just happened, it was unexpected and it was sweet.

19. I didn’t really like him, I never planned to fall in love with him now we are inseparable and nothing can tear us apart.

20. I wasn’t looking for love, but it happened anyway. It wasn’t love at first sight, it took a while working with him and I didn’t know he was working his way into my heart until I found myself falling for him.

Falling in Love With the Most Unexpected Person

I tried to hold myself from falling in love, but I couldn’t, I closed my heart, but it opened to the most unexpected person and now I can’t help but follow my heart if I want to be happy. I didn’t believe love can lead me here, this feeling is what I never planned for, but I’m going to let love have its way.

1. We might not have planned it but we’re in love, and there’s no turning back now. You weren’t even on my mind, but somehow you crept in and filled up everywhere.

2. This is the most unexpected love story in history. We can’t help but fall deeper in love by the minute. It’s a beautiful thing to be in love. Let’s never stop loving each other.

3. Love was never on my mind, not even for him. I fought against the love but the more I tried, the more my heart melts for him. I’m in this forever and I don’t want it to stop.

4.  I avoided falling in love with you because I didn’t like you, but love always finds a way. I’m so in love, I can’t do anything without you. You’ve captured my heart.

5. I never planned to love you but I can never force myself to stop loving you. It just happened and it will always be.

6. There are many things we do not plan but end up happening without our consent, just like falling in love with you. It was unexpected, but I know it’s meant to be.

7. I never planned on loving you because you are the least expected person. It wasn’t a choice or an option. It just happened and I couldn’t stop it.

8. I never planned it, in fact, I was so surprised when I fell in love with you, but now I can’t picture my life without you. Love is grand!

9. Love wasn’t on my list of things to do today, but here you are, and I’m falling. I never saw you coming and I am not sure that I will ever recover.

10. I never would have believed that our lives would cross paths and create so many beautiful memories. You were the last person I felt I would fall in love with, but life had other beautiful plans for us.

11. I didn’t expect to fall in love with you. It was an accident yet it’s so beautiful and exciting.

12. You didn’t expect to fall in love with me. I wasn’t even looking for you, but when I did, it was because I saw something in you. You complete me. You’re beautiful and wonderful, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

13. It wasn’t planned but we fell in love. Everything just seemed to fall into place so beautifully.

14. I never planned or prepared for you to come into my life. I just knew that one day somebody special would come and it happened to be you.

15. I didn’t plan on falling for you, and I’m still kicking myself for it. I don’t know what to do or how to handle this feeling. You’re my first thought when I wake up and my last thought when I go to sleep. And it’s all so crazy.

16. I fell in love with you and it was the last thing on my mind. I don’t know how to handle this thing that we have. I didn’t plan on loving you, but you make my heart happy and I can’t stop thinking of you.

16. Falling in love with you was not my plan. I still can’t believe it. I can’t stop thinking about you because you’ve captured my heart.

17. Love happens. It doesn’t need a reason or explanation. It just happens spontaneously but it leaves you excited. I didn’t plan to love you, but I can’t help myself to stop.

18. I wasn’t thinking about it, yet your thoughts crept into my mind and filled it without my permission. This Love is unexpected, but it’s unending.

19. So many times I felt it shouldn’t have been you. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d fall in love with you, but fate had other plans, now I’m in love with who I least expected.

20. You are the most unexpected person in my heart to fall in love with. I never thought it could happen, never crossed my mind, but who am I to challenge what the universe has planned before our arrival?

Sayings About Falling in Love Unexpectedly

Falling in love unexpectedly is one of the best gifts of God to man, it’s his way of giving you what you need, even when you don’t know you need it at a time you need it the most. It is the best way to live in true happiness as you follow your heart and enjoy the bliss of falling in love unexpectedly.

1. You don’t choose who you fall for. It just happens and that’s why love is a beautiful thing.

2. You may not be looking for it, but it has a way of finding you. You won’t know what you’ve been missing until you feel the warmth of love.

3. It’s crazy how someone comes into your life and makes you feel so special. You just wake up and realize you’ve fallen deeply in love with them.

4. Love finds and shakes you, even when you’re comfortable. It’s unexpected and always exhilarating

5. Love is in the air. Sometimes you know it and sometimes it catches you by surprise.

6. Good things happen when they are meant to happen, sometimes they don’t need your permission, just like falling in love, when you didn’t plan for it.

7. It’s the unexpected moments that make our lives interesting. The best things are often unplanned surprises especially love that wasn’t expected or planned for.

8. Sometimes what we’re looking for finds us instead, especially love. That’s what makes it beautiful and special.

9. Sometimes what you want is not what you get, until you realize you’re being deceived with the container, and what you need is actually hidden where you least expect.

10. Love is weird, it sometimes shows up in the most unlikely time and place and you have no choice but to enjoy the beauty and happiness it brings.

11. Love is a feeling that you can’t control, but it’s also a feeling that you can’t live without. So when it comes when you least expect it, you just have to yield to it.

12. When you fall for someone you never imagined, that’s when life becomes most interesting.

13. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what comes next, especially when it has to do with love. The greatest of love stories are not planned for.

14. Falling in love with someone you least expect is the best kind of love. It will take you on a wild ride and put a smile on your face. Live like there is no tomorrow.

15. The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.

16. While you were busy planning your life, the universe was busy having other plans. And then boom! You’re in love with someone you least expect.

17. The universe is always changing. Plan your life or not, the universe will have its own plans for you, especially when it comes to love, you will be surprised it will be someone you least expect.

18. Life can throw you a curve. You think you know what’s coming around the bend, and then boom! The blind side of love surprises you.

19. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re like – falling in love when you least expect it is just one of those things that can happen to anyone.

20. You may be searching for all other things to make life beautiful and sweet, and the universe helps you to fill your bag with love because that’s the first thing that matters. You wake up and see yourself in love when you least expect it.

You’ve probably noticed from these falling in love unexpectedly quotes that there’s an element of unpredictability in life. You can make up your mind on something while life has other ideas. And I hope you have seen the beauty of falling in love without prior planning also. Now, feel free to share and leave any comment below on what you feel about any of these above quotes.

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