Father of the Bride Wedding Toast Quotes

Father of the Bride Wedding Toast Quotes

When the father of the bride is asked to give a wedding toast, he will have a few different options for the content of his speech. He can talk about his daughter’s life or her marriage, or he can speak from his heart.

The father of the bride can also give his speech after the wedding ceremony is completed and before dinner begins. The father’s speech is usually short and sweet, lasting five minutes or less. It’s important that he keep his toast focused on his daughter and her happiness rather than himself.

If you’re asked to give a toast at your daughter’s wedding, it will be good for you to try to tailor it to fit her personality and interests. It can be the best occasion and opportunity to cheer her up and wish her all the best in life even as she becomes a bride.

Here is the best collection of the father of the bride wedding toast quotes that will make the bride happy and proud that you are her father.

Father of the Bride Wedding Toast Quotes

I toast to you, my daughter, on your special day. I’m blessed to be your father. You are such a beautiful bride on your wedding day. I can’t wait to see what comes next and I wish you happiness, love, and success in all your future endeavors.

1. I am so proud to be your father and know that these moments will last a lifetime. A toast to my daughter on her wedding day!

2. A toast to you, beautiful bride, on your special day. I’m blessed to be a part of your journey as your father and I’ve never been prouder of anyone in my life. Cheers to happiness, love and success in all your future endeavors!

3. To my darling daughter on your wedding day: I’ve never been prouder of anyone in my life. I’m very happy that you decided to start your journey with me and together we will laugh, cry, push each other’s limits, risk everything and make it happen. Love you to the end of time!”

4. I’d like to offer a very special toast on the eve of your wedding day. I watch you grow up and I am so proud of the woman you have become. I can’t wait to see all the exciting things you will do, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and success in all your future endeavors. Cheers!

5. I’m thrilled to be here to celebrate this wonderful wedding. It’s been an honor to raise such a determined and compassionate daughter. I know you will make your father proud today and every day of your life.

6. It brings me great pleasure to celebrate with my beautiful daughter on her wedding day, as she starts this new phase of her life. Cheers to a new life!

7. Let the celebration begin and may this be only the first of many milestones to come for you my daughter as you become the latest bride in town.

8. To my daughter, whom I know will make a great wife and mother. You are so very lucky to have found someone who is willing to share this journey with you. Happy married life.

9. I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle, and after years and years of watching you grow, I know you will make a great wife and mother. I’m proud to be called the father of the bride on this day. Cheers to a new beginning!

10. To my beautiful daughter who turned bride today, who I am trusting with the greatest gift of all: your future husband. Today, we give you away in marriage. This is the most important decision you will ever make. We know that you have chosen well and are giving him every good wish for a happy future with you. Cheers!

11. I have no doubt that as you go into this journey of life together, you will do so as one. And I want to offer you the same advice that my father offered me on your wedding day: listen, fight, and laugh.

12. My little girl is all grown up! Look at you hovering on the brink of your new life and all its promise. The adventure that lies before you is going to be exciting, scary, and challenging. But don’t worry from now on, I won’t be telling you what to do. You’ll be calling me for advice.

13. To my daughter and her husband, may your life together be filled with love, happiness and laughter.

14. She was the first girl I ever loved. The first woman who made me want to be a better son, husband and father. And with her help and support, we are now one of the happiest families in the world.

15. Happy wedding day to my beautiful daughter. May you enjoy your marriage as much as you made her and me so happy

16. To the ones who have inspired me to be a better man and a better father. May your love never fade, may your lives always be happy and may you always be blessed with many sons and daughters.

17. Your Mom and I are so very proud of you and so happy you’ve chosen to spend your life with the man you love…

18. May this wedding be the beginning of a long and happy marriage.

19. I wish my daughter a wedding just as beautiful and blissful as she is. Happy wedding day!

20. I want to toast the bride and groom for their commitment, love, and for their faithfulness over the years. Now let’s raise our glasses to a happy marriage that might last forever…

21. I can’t think of a better way to start off my daughter’s wedding day than with a toast to all the reasons I am so happy she found you.

22. Congratulations to my daughter on her wedding day. May your love last as long as the sunset, and may your marriage always be a source of joy and comfort.

23. Congratulations to my daughter and her husband on their wedding day. May your life together be blessed with happiness, health, and love—and may you always know that we are here for you.

24. To my daughter, the love of my life and the light of my children’s eyes. I love you more than you’ll ever know.

25. Pausing to reflect on all of the special moments, beautiful love stories and happy moments that led up to this party. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for inviting me into your world and joining me here today.

26. To my daughter, for all the good luck you bring me and for being a joy to everybody who meets you. I wish you the best of luck in this new chapter of your life!

27. What a journey it has been. What an honor and privilege it is to have raised you into this bright, beautiful, and happy young woman. We’re so proud of you!

28. May this day be the beginning of a beautiful friendship that lasts forever.

29. Toast to the most beautiful bride of all time.

30. To my daughter, the light of my life, who is about to make her walk down the aisle.

31. To a daughter who has come into the world, and a future we can only hope for.

32. I toast to this union, a future together; the slow telling of our story one pint at a time.

33. Loving you is what makes me happiest, and your happiness is all that matters. I am so thankful for this day and every day.

34. I’m so grateful for all you’ve done, and all that you’ll do. May these beautiful days be filled with laughter and love.

35. To my beautiful daughter, who’s about to be married. I’m so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I love you more than words can say and look forward to celebrating this next chapter with you.

36. To my amazing daughter, your incredible love, and pure happiness made this day so special. I cannot wait to see what the rest of your life has in store for you.

37. As a father, I was truly humbled by the love and support my daughter received from her family and friends today. May God richly bless you both today and always.

38. We’ve got your back, sweetheart. Here’s to making memories together for the rest of your life.

39. A toast to a happy married life, may you grow old together and enjoy many more celebrations in the years ahead.

40. A toast to a happy, healthy marriage with you and your family. Our love will always grow stronger as the years go by.

41. I am proud you are growing up to be such a wonderful woman and happy that you found the love of your life. I wish you all the joy, happiness and love in the world. Happy wedding day!

42. What a great day it was for you—and what a great Dad. Wishing you every success together.

43. I know how important it is for you to be married after all the hard work and dedication it takes to get where you are today. Here’s to your happiness and long life together!

44. I’m honored to share this special moment with you and to celebrate your love. It’s a day full of promises and promises fulfilled. You are young and have so much ahead of you. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both of you.

45. May you have a long, happy marriage. May you always give your all to make each other happy May this day be remembered as the happiest day of your life, and the start of many more!

46. Every daughter deserves a dad who will make her laugh, cry, and feel fear. But mostly, every daughter deserves a dad like me: happy, supportive, and doing his best to be their hero. A happy wedding day to my beautiful daughter!

47. A toast to a beautiful daughter, an even more beautiful wife and a happy marriage.

48. Celebrating your journey with the love of your life, we toast to a wonderful marriage and many more happy years.

49. I’m so happy to see my daughter get married today. May your days be full of love and laughter, and may you treasure the memories that will last a lifetime.

50. Celebrating the big day with love and laughter

51. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, joy and complete and utter bliss.

52. She’s growing up, and we’re so happy for her. She’s been placed in the hands of someone who can protect her, love her, and guide her through life.

53. We celebrate the strength and joy you bring to this world. May your relationship be a reminder of all that is good in our lives.

54. Let’s toast to the beginning of your happily ever after.

55. I am so glad that my daughter is married today. I wish her a lifetime of happiness, good health and success.

56. Wishing my daughter a happy and blessed wedding day as she gets ready to begin her married life with her handsome husband.

57. To my beautiful daughter, you always make me proud. May God bless you and your husband with many years of health, happiness and prosperity.

58. May your life of love, adventure, and happiness be an inspiration to us all. A happy wedding day to our beautiful daughter!

59. Wishing you the best of everything, your husband, and a new family to call your own.

60. I’m so proud of you, sweetie! May this day be a new beginning for you both.

61. Today, we’re celebrating a great life and all of your success together. Happy anniversary!

62. Today, we celebrate you. Your confidence, your kindness, and all the goodness inside you.

63. Wishing my beautiful daughter happiness and good fortune in her life and marriage. You are a blessing

64. Daughter, you’ve grown into the woman I always knew you could be. Congratulations on your marriage and good luck with your new family!

65. Wishing you a happy and healthy married life, with lots of good times and laughter.

66. To my darling daughter, your marriage today is a reflection of all the work you’ve put into making it happen. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to grow old with you.

67. I wish you a life full of love and joy. I can’t wait to celebrate with you on your special day!

68. Looking forward to the next chapter of your life together, son and daughter. May you live long and laugh often.

69. A toast to a new beginning, and a celebration of love growing stronger with every passing day. May today be the start of something beautiful.

70. To my daughter, who was blessed with the honor of marrying a wonderful man.

71. May your future be as beautiful as your daughter is today.

72. To this beautiful daughter who is married to her future husband. Congratulations! We wish you both the best life has to offer.

73. This is one of the happiest days of my daughter’s life. We’re so excited about her marriage and future with her new husband.

74. Daughter, you have inspired us all with your steadfast faith and happy marriage. We are so grateful to call you our daughter and friend.

75. May you have a life filled with laughter, love and family.

76. Happy wedding day to the love of my life, my beautiful daughter. Thank you for trusting me with your biggest day yet!

77. We are so happy to celebrate your special day with you! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love.

78. We are celebrating the beauty of your vows, and the love that made it all possible.

79. Here’s to you, my little daughter. You’re more than a princess—you’re a leader. Your actions speak louder than words. Happy wedding day!

80. May you always be the daughter a father never had, and bring us all joy.

81. I’m so very happy for you, my sweet girl. I’m proud of what you have accomplished and will be here to celebrate all the pretty moments with you.

82. On this day of celebration, we are thankful for you. You are the reason we laugh at pranks and cry during movies. You are the reason we get so excited to see each other on weekend mornings, and the reason we smile when we think about our future together.

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