Food Advertising Quotes

Food Advertising Quotes

Having the important needs of man, food, for sale is not enough to get the whole world running to your restaurant to grab a plate. One of the reasons is because there are alternatives to your restaurant, from cooking at home to other restaurants.

To get people coming to buy food from you, you will need to speak to them in a way that’s interesting, cute and catchy. This is advertising.

I’m always here to help. And today, I’m presenting you with these food quotes you can use to advertise your food and your food business. These quotes can be used for radio jingles, social media captions, and everywhere!

Dive in, grab a quote you like or as many quotes as you love, and start advertising your delicious, healthy food!

Food Advertising Quotes

We’ve been living in the area for four years! You don’t know what you’re missing out on. Now is the time to try our delicious food and see how we measure up to your local favourites. Our prices can’t be beaten, so stop looking and come see for yourself!

1. These new food options are delicious, healthy and reasonably priced. Consumer preferences have shifted, and our company has responded accordingly. These meals are much lower in calories, so you can still enjoy great-tasting meals on a budget. This is just another way we have stepped up to meet the needs of our valued customers.

2. For a limited time only, we are offering our latest meal plan specials. Order soon while you still can and enjoy great-tasting meals on a budget.

3. Come in today for a free taste of our new meals. We’re sure you’ll love the freshness and quality. We know you will appreciate the affordable prices, which are great for those on a budget. Our food is so good you’ll want to tell your friends. Come in now!

4. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to start eating lighter. With our new food choices and our diverse buffet of fresh fruits, vegetables and hot sides, you can enjoy tasty meals without feeling weighed down. Stop by today for a free sample!

5. We have new menus with food that will knock your taste buds out of this world! Our new food options are sure to please. We also offer brand new entrees and desserts. Our new menu has plenty of options for all types of eaters. Whether you want a healthy, low-calorie meal or a filling and satisfying choice, all for a great price, you can’t go wrong choosing our delicious menu! Come in today to get a taste of something new!

6. It’s easy to eat healthy with us. We have a great selection of spring rolls, exotic salads, and breakfast spot-on perfect! Our clients are thrilled to be able to save money on their groceries while eating great-tasting meals.

7. Our new food section is huge and has everything you could possibly want. You can order your food online now or come in to pick it up. We offer delivery for a small charge.

8. Want to save money and have the most delicious meals possible? Start picking up our new food options. You will not be disappointed. Our meals are fresh and healthy and will still save you a ton of money.

9. Try our nine new food options and get a chance to win an all-expense-paid vacation.

10. We offer great tasting foods for a fraction of the price. Our new items offer a lot of flavour and variety. Come in today and treat your family to some great food!

11. Wouldn’t you love to try the best tasting food at a low price? After adding the new deli menu and grill option, our customers love it. They say it’s the tastiest stuff around, and oh yeah, you can’t beat the price. I’m sure you’ll love it too. Why don’t you give it a try?

12. Ten years ago, I started this small business with just a few friends. Together, we worked hard to build a company that was loved by the community. Now we’re offering you great meal options that are affordable as well! We can easily meet all your family’s needs. And don’t forget to ask us about our free delivery service!

13. Our new food menu is delicious and affordable. Choose from a buffet of great-tasting gourmet food items. Don’t just eat another boring meal. Come on in and fill up on something delicious and different.

14. If you are a fan of this new food option, be sure to order now! We’ve received positive reviews from customers, and we want to keep it that way.

15. Our new chef has created a collection of budget-friendly meals that are way healthier than any fast food joint. Since you’re here, check out our daily specials and see if something strikes your fancy!

16. People who want to enjoy great-tasting meals on a budget should try our new food options. Our salads, pizzas, and entrees are delicious and affordable. We also offer family-sized meals for a low price. Don’t miss out!

17. We want to offer you the best food of the highest quality and make your life easier. Our new menu is geared towards variety and ease of use. Now everyone can enjoy great-tasting meals on a budget no matter what their tastes are. You’ll find all your old favourites and discover delicious new ones as well.

18. I want to save you money by telling you about this new food delivery option. Choose from 20 entrees and just pay a low weekly price!

19. We are always looking for new customers, and I think you should join our family. Our daily specials are fresh and delicious. Our prices are the lowest, and you won’t find better-tasting meals anywhere else.

20. Come to our restaurant, we are serving new delicious dishes every day. We have made a tasty dinner for you and your family. Come in today to enjoy a hearty meal at our establishment.

21. Our restaurant features a world-class menu with prices you can afford. We feature fresh seafood, pasta, steak and other meat selections on our daily special board. Meals start at just $8.95! Join us for lunch or dinner. Come and enjoy the best meal of your life!

22. If you love food and good company, come visit us. If you want to eat the most amazing sandwich you’ll ever taste, come visit us. If you want a place where you feel welcome, loved and appreciated, come visit us. If you want to see a friendly face like mine every day, come visit us.

23. When something tastes this good, how could you not want more? The food at our restaurant is like no other, lovingly prepared and served to you by our proud staff. Come and have a bite. You won’t regret it!

24. We’re a locally-sourced restaurant specializing in delicious sandwiches and salads. We offer a great dining experience with healthy and happy food that is always freshly made. You won’t be disappointed!

25. Come visit our restaurant today and experience the food, prices and service you can only find here. Our friendly staff will make you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. We have a variety of chef-prepared food that is sure to please everyone at your party.

26. Please visit our restaurant today! We serve only the finest food and drinks using only high-quality ingredients. Our service is outstanding and friendly, and we strive for satisfied customers every day!

27. Dear customer, we are a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience. Let us take care of you while you’re here, so you will be sure to come back again and again. You’ll always be treated like family when visiting our restaurant.

28. We love our customers and strive to make our restaurant a top choice. Please come by soon to see what all the buzz is about!

29. We love to see you in our restaurant. We pour all our heart and soul into cooking and serving you. Our food is delicious, and our prices are affordable.

30. You are invited to come with your family and friends for a delightful meal at our charming cafe. Our food is prepared with only the finest ingredients in order to capture the exquisite flavours of the season. We have a wonderful ambience that will make you feel right at home. Come by today; we’re conveniently located in the centre of town!

31. We serve delicious family-style Italian food. Our pasta is homemade, and the sauce is made from fresh tomatoes that our chef grew in his garden this summer. If you are looking for a pleasant dinner out, we hope to see you soon.

32. Are you looking for a quick, health-conscious meal with large portions at a reasonable price? Then this is the place for you. We are here to serve you in all ways we possibly can.

33. Come visit our restaurant today. For great food at an affordable price that’s guaranteed to please. If you want a romantic dinner for two, we can’t be beaten! The best food in town for the best prices near. You will leave with a full belly and a smile on your face if you come to visit us!

34. We’d love to have you visit us today at our restaurant. We offer great food at affordable prices that will fill you up. And the service is fast and friendly!

35. Come to our restaurant today and try some of our delicious food. We’re open 24 hours to provide great food at affordable prices around the clock!

36. We’ve prepared the best dishes for you and your family. Visit us today and have a wonderful time. Remember, we’ll see you around very often because we’re going to be your new favourite restaurant. Call now!

37. Enjoy the food from our delicious restaurant. We opened a few months ago, and we feel we are providing good quality food for reasonable prices. Have you tried our new beef stew?

38. If you are looking for great food, friendly service, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, then come on down to our restaurant. Our delicious pasta, mouth-watering steaks and savoury seafood will blow you away. Don’t believe us? Check out our many reviews. See you soon!

39. You will not be disappointed with the taste. We have the best quality pizza and pasta in all of the city. Come in today with that special someone, and we will give you a free bottle of wine on us. With our great service, you are sure to feel at home!

40. Thank you for visiting us again, We hope you enjoyed your meal, and we hope you will come back soon! We look forward to serving you our food. We will ensure you don’t regret your choice to do business with us.

41. You should stop by our restaurant today! Our food is amazing, with prices to fit almost any budget. Everything we serve is prepared with love and care. The next time you’re having trouble deciding what to order, pay us a visit. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

42. Come in to eat today. Our prices are reasonable, and our staff is friendly and will make your experience one of a kind. Bring the kids, bring your friends, there’s plenty of room to enjoy yourself. We have entertainment and specials every day. You won’t believe how affordable it is! I love when visitors come – it’s great to see new faces! Don’t wait another minute!

43. You are cordially invited to come to our restaurant for a great meal and good times. Our restaurant is located at 123 Main St. and is open every day starting at 8 am.

44. Stop in and visit us. We offer comfortable, friendly service and the best food in town! Our delicious cheese fries use only the finest ingredients, combined with a dash of salt and pepper to bring out the flavour. Try them today for lunch or dinner!

45. Come in and check out our wonderful specials today! We have the best food in town. Our great atmosphere will make you feel right at home. You deserve a good meal at great prices, and we can help you get it!

46. Here at our new restaurant, our cooks use only the freshest ingredients to bring you that great home cooking feeling. Stop in today for a great meal. Be sure to try our award-winning chilli!

47. We are a new establishment located in downtown Boston. Stop by for breakfast and see for yourself. We serve great food, prices vary from $6 – $12, and we are open six days a week — Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 am to 3 pm.

48. We are known for our great sushi at the lowest prices around. Dine-in or take out. Mon – Sat. 10 am – 10 pm. Order online, and we’ll have it ready when you get here!

49. We have the best chefs in town making mouth-watering food for you. Look at our menu, and we promise you’ll love everything you pick. We have a great wine list, and even though we’re a bar, kids are welcome too! We get compliments on our food and service all the time, and nobody has ever gone disappointed to leave. So what are you waiting for? Come on down today!

Quotes for Advertising Food

Come on in! We are the best restaurant in town. We’ve been serving great meals for more than 50 years. We have live music and a warm, friendly atmosphere guaranteed to make you feel at home. Our food is to die for. Also, we have your favourite beers on tap as well as daily drink specials so stop in today.

50. It’s your lucky day! Visit us today, conveniently located in the heart of the city. We serve health-conscious food at affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed!

51. Come visit us today! Walk-ins welcome! Get $10 off your first purchase today. Try our new sandwich specials and try our delicious fresh food today. We accept all major forms of payment, including credit cards and cash. Our food is healthy and at affordable prices, so stop by today!

52. We are the perfect restaurant for you. We serve delicious food at affordable prices you can afford. Come eat with us today and try our specials. This is a very friendly environment, and we treat every customer with service that goes above and beyond. Our goal is to give you an enjoyable experience every time.

53. Come join us for a great dining experience with healthy, tasty food at a reasonable price. Our food will make your mouth water and leave you feeling satisfied. We offer vegetarian and vegan options.

54. We hope you will stop by soon. We offer quality meals at affordable prices and accept major credit cards. Our comfortable, casual atmosphere provides a great setting to relax with family or friends. Stop by today!

55. Come to our restaurant after a long day of work. We will please your palate with the best-tasting food. Our staff is well trained in serving you, so sit back and relax with something healthy, tasty and affordable.

56. I highly recommend visiting my restaurant. The food is always fresh and delicious. Our prices are affordable for everyone. The service is fast as well, and all of our staff members are very professional, polite and welcoming.

57. You should come to our restaurant. It’s nice and clean and offers a variety of options to choose from. We have the best customer service in town. Come today! Our cooks are excellent, and our ingredients are the freshest!

58. Come to our restaurant. We have the best food in town! Our service is great, and our food prices are affordable. The atmosphere is very pleasant, clean and welcoming. Everyone that visits us keeps coming back for more.

59. We want to thank all our loyal customers for their support. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and we would like to continue serving goodness in all our dishes. Stop by today!

60. Come to our restaurant today. We have healthy and nice-tasting food at affordable prices. We look forward to seeing you soon!

61. If you haven’t tried our delicious food, you are missing out. We make everything fresh every day, we never use preservatives, and our meats are free of antibiotics and hormones. You won’t regret visiting us for great-tasting food that will fill your heart with joy!

62. Our restaurant offers fresh and healthy food at very affordable prices. If you’re tight on your wallet but still want to enjoy a nice meal, this is the place for you. We are open every day and offer a variety of meals that range in price from $10 to $20.

63. As you walk into our restaurant, your mouth will start to water just by the smell of our freshly cooked food. We are sure to please any taste buds. Our prices are low and our portions generous. The more you eat, the better we treat you. After being with us many times, we offer a frequent buyers program that rewards you for your loyalty. If it’s your first time, then come check out our great menu today!

64. Stop by our restaurant today, and you will see why we have been in business for ten years. We boast of using only the best ingredients and preparing everything fresh. Our food is guaranteed to be of the highest quality or your money back.

65. Come in and try our food. We have a diverse menu to suit all tastes. Your family will love the quality and flavour of our dishes, as well as our affordable prices. Come join us today!

66. This restaurant has been serving this lovely community for over 40 years. We have a wide variety of food ranging from burgers and fries to fish and chips. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all throughout the week. Stop by on Sunday after church! Visit today!

67. We are located near the state university, and we were voted the number one best restaurant by the college students. So come check us out today!

68. Trying us out will be the best decision you’ll make all week! Our food is cooked daily on-site, made with only high-quality ingredients. We offer a variety of healthy options to keep your taste buds happy. Visit our restaurant today!

69. We are so close to you right now, and our food is absolutely delicious. So please, visit us today. I promise you will love our food and service. We work hard every day to make sure our customers leave happy after every visit.

70. We appreciate your continued patronage. Our restaurant has only the best-tasting food, and we pride ourselves on making each meal a true culinary experience. Our prices are lower than any of our competitors, and our portions are much larger for the same price. Believe us when we say you’ll love what we make!

71. If you have not been to our restaurant yet, it is the time to come. We serve healthy, nutritious meals that taste great. Our customers love our food and atmosphere and keep coming back for more. See for yourself and enjoy our delicious food!

72. We would love to have you visit our restaurant today. We are having a special where we have a variety of delicious dishes for only $1.99. It is a very limited time offer so go now before we sell out!

73. We keep our customers happy and coming back. Our food is always fresh and healthy, prepared with love and care. We believe in offering a nice, clean and warm environment where our customers can relax while enjoying every bite they take. They will want to come back again and again!

74. We have a full menu of tasty foods. Our menu is quite varied, including seafood, desserts and more. We have four healthy drinks: coffee, tea, water and milk. We are open 24 hours a day and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please visit our restaurant today!

75. Stop in today to try our food and drinks. Our chefs want only the best for you and will work hard to give you exactly what you need. Come see us soon!

76. Come to our restaurant for healthy, delicious food at affordable prices. You won’t be disappointed. We are located across from the beach, and we are open until late.

77. We invite you and your family to come to our restaurant for an unforgettable, healthier dining experience. Our goal is to offer delicious, high-quality food at affordable prices. And of course, we also have a beverage service and a lounge.

78. We serve healthy food that’s free from preservatives and other synthetic ingredients. Every day is a great day for a healthy lunch at our restaurant!

79. We are the best place in town to eat. Our food is healthy, delicious, and affordable. Plus, we are locally owned and operated. Stop in today and live deliciously!

80. Thank you so much to everyone who continues to visit our restaurant. All of our efforts are geared to your satisfaction, and we hope to never disappoint you. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated, and every day we strive to give you the best service possible.

81. We are a family-owned restaurant passionate about making our customers happy. We use the finest ingredients, offer you plenty of healthy choices, and aim to please. We look forward to seeing you soon!

82. Hey there, how are you? I just wanted to pass by and tell you that we have a tasting today at our restaurant, and we would love it if you could stop by! We would love to show you what we have to offer. Hope to see you soon.

83. Visit our restaurant today for the best Chinese food in this city. Our menu is filled with affordable, high-quality authentic Chinese cuisine that is sure to please. Please visit us soon!

84. Why should you eat at our restaurant? Because we have over 20 years of experience, a wide variety to choose from, and the best service in town. Our reputation is built upon quality and cleanliness. We guarantee you will leave satisfied, or we’ll make it right.

85. Please come to the restaurant today. We have some special deals for you. Come eat with us! Try the new dish. It’s so good!

86. Visiting our restaurant is like visiting your grandma’s house. You’ll feast on some delicious home-cooked meals and have a great time doing it! Our casual atmosphere will make you feel as if you’re at home, and after being here once, you’ll be back again and again. Join us today!

87. Come to our restaurant today for healthy, delicious food at the best prices. Family-owned restaurant since 1955. Take-out, group seating, full bar, and much more!

88. We are so thrilled to hear that our customers enjoy the healthy, delicious food we offer at the best prices. Please come visit us again and try some of our new items!

89. Come to our restaurant today for the most amazing and delicious food in town. We guarantee complete satisfaction. You can have your money back if you don’t experience that. Our prices are unbeatable, and the portions are huge! Come on down now. We’re open late!

90. Come to our restaurant and sample our tasty cuisine! Our food is healthy and comes at the best prices in town. Our quaint coffee shop creates a comfortable place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also have a variety of desserts for hungry customers of all ages.

91. Come to my restaurant today. My pizza is the best in town, try it, and you will never go anywhere else. My prices are the best in town, try it, and you won’t pay more anywhere else. And I give you a free topping because I love you so much!

92. We are confident that once you’ve eaten here, you’ll be back again. Our service is unparalleled in the area, and our food is always fresh and well-prepared. Come see why everyone comes back!

93. Come join us for a delicious lunch. We have something for every budget! The great-tasting food and friendly staff will make it your favourite place to eat!

94. Come into our restaurant today and get lunch while it’s hot and fresh! We have the best prices around, and our employees are so nice. You’re gonna love what we have to offer, so come in today for a truly great experience!

95. If you love fresh, organic food, then you must come to visit our restaurant today. We are the best place to eat in the city because our food is bursting with flavour and healthy.

96. We welcome you to come and dine at our restaurant today. We have the best food with great quality, service, and prices.

97. On a scale of 0 to 5, we have achieved a 4.5 stars customer feedback rating on many different restaurant review websites. People love our food and price, with over 50 customer reviews averaging 4.8 stars out of 5. Don’t believe us? Come on in and see for yourself!

98. Fresh ingredients, delicious food and warm hospitality; this is just a small taste of what you will get from our restaurant. Please join us today to see what we have to offer and treat yourself to something you’ll love.

99. We pride ourselves on our fresh, homemade cuisine. We serve breakfast all day, as well as lunch and dinner. Our daily specials are always changing, so you will never get bored with our menu. You and your family are sure to enjoy your time with us!

100. We are offering a variety of different dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, hot meals, and salads. Our food is as delicious as it looks, and we hope you enjoy it too!

101. We serve healthy, delicious food at friendly prices. Stop in today and experience our service for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

102. Come to our restaurant today! We are the most popular place around, with an excellent atmosphere to dine with friends and family. Our menu is filled with a large number of options sure to please everyone’s taste buds. From pasta to pizza, we can satisfy all of your desires. Treat yourself and your buddies to a night out on the town at our relaxing and unique establishment. Don’t wait any longer. Enjoy a healthy meal today!

103. If you’re a vegetarian or just an occasional meat-eater, this is the place for you! Our entire menu is completely vegan. Come on in for a healthy meal that will make everyone happy! We have plenty of meat-free food to go around. We have great prices and top-quality ingredients. Don’t miss out on our mouth-watering vegan snacks and meals!

104. At our restaurant, you can choose from numerous options that are fast, healthy and affordable. We have one of the best selections of Asian foods in town! We have a large selection of beverages and desserts as well. Let us make your dining experience exceptional!

105. We know that you love our meals. We have the most amazing chefs and meals! We want you to experience our healthy, mouth-watering meals and homemade desserts, with a variety of selections for every taste. Everyone is welcome at any time to come and enjoy a meal.

106. We want you to come in today to try our healthy, delicious food at friendly prices. We are open all day, and you can enjoy our fresh food anytime you’d like. We look forward to seeing you soon!

107. If you are in the area, do stop by our restaurant today. We offer diverse and delicious food options guaranteed to satisfy every taste. Problem – we don’t charge high prices like the big chains. You’ll get more food for less money! If you try us once, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

108. We would love to see you today. Everyone is welcome at our restaurant. We have a wonderful selection of healthy foods made with only the best ingredients, and we serve it up with a side of unmatched hospitality. Come visit us today!

109. We are an organic, environmentally-friendly restaurant. Come join us today! Great food at great prices!

110. Hello there! We haven’t seen you in a while. Don’t you want to come in for amazing home-cooked food at affordable prices?

111. Come taste the best vegetarian food around. Our restaurant is open daily from 8 am to 3 pm. We have plenty of free parking and kid-friendly meals. You won’t be sorry that you did!

Are these quotes to use in advertising your food and food brand not inarguably the best? Go on, use them, and wait for big, sweet results.

Remember that there are a ton of cute, creative and helpful collections of quotes scattered around this blog, and surf around a little. And, if you don’t mind, please share this with a friend who also has a food business.

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