Forgiveness and Acceptance Quotes

Forgiveness and Acceptance Quotes

No one is perfect. We hurt people and they hurt us in turn even when they don’t mean to or even still deliberately. The only way to get on with life is to forgive people even when they don’t ask for our forgiveness. When they do ask for it, kindly accept their apology.

The act of forgiveness is divine because it brings healing both to the receiver and the person who shows it. I know how much relief and peace I feel every time I accept someone’s apology especially when it’s heartfelt.
Life is about letting go of hurt and moving forward and forgiveness is a great place to start.

I’m pretty sure you have needed to forgive someone, accept their apology or vice versa. This collection of forgiveness and acceptance quotes provides heartfelt sayings about forgiveness and accepting apologies whether you are the one showing the forgiveness or accepting it.


Forgiveness and Acceptance Quotes

It may not always be easy to accept an apology but forgiveness is a choice that makes you feel lighter afterwards. Holding on to the past can affect your present and future. Forgiveness and acceptance are two of the most beautiful things one can give another.

1. The pain of betrayal will only weigh you down but accepting forgiveness will lighten your heart. Forgiveness is how you get to heal from betrayals and broken hearts.

2. The heart is tricky when it comes to accepting forgiveness but it’s worth the acceptance. Embrace the need to forgive and let go.

3. I hope you can offer forgiveness to the people who hurt you even when it’s tough. I hope you know that forgiving others do you a lot of good.

4. Sometimes self forgiveness is what you need to accept forgiveness from others. That’s how you get started on the forgiveness journey.

5. There are no right words to seek forgiveness with, most times, speak from your heart. Sincere words often come when you concentrate on being honest.

6. Forgiveness is an important part of our world and it’s beautiful when it is met with acceptance. There’s always a chance that we owe someone forgiveness.

7. Forgiveness and acceptance may not happen at the same time and that’s okay. Just make up your mind to forgive those who hurt you and leave the rest to God.

8. The first thing about forgiveness is the willingness to accept that an apology. I appreciate everyone who has ever forgiven me in the past and right now.

9. Acceptance of apology and forgiveness go hand in hand but they must not happen at the same time, although it doesn’t always happen at the same time.

10. Give yourself permission to heal from the past. First comes the acceptance of apology then comes forgiveness.

11. Oftentimes, moving on is not easy but forgiveness is a step in the right direction. It won’t be easy but it sure brings you some clarity.

12. To be able to let go of the hurt, you might have to forgive and move on. Forgiveness opens the door for new beginnings.

13. It’s essentially a beautiful thing to accept an apology and show forgiveness to those who have offended you.

14. Forgiveness doesn’t mean everything is okay, it means that I’m willing to let go and move on. It means to let go and move on from the past.

15. I don’t show forgiveness because it’s deserved, I accept the apology to heal my own self. Showing forgiveness is also for me.

16. A heart that shows forgiveness won’t have to hold on to a lot of burden. A heart that forgives will always find peace.

17. The forgiveness you give is the same you receive when you need it. Forgiveness should be like a stream of water flowing all around us.

18. Forgiveness doesn’t automatically fix everything, it makes it easier to start the healing process. Forgiveness builds back the bridges.

19. We are called to have forgiveness in our hearts even when it’s not the easiest thing to do. We are called to make forgiveness a part of us.

20. Forgiveness is a beautiful gift. If you receive it, cherish it. If you give it, you are amazing. Forgive as much as you can in all the way you should.

21. It takes a lot of strength to show forgiveness to people who offend us. Forgiveness is still one of the most difficult you ever have had to do.

22. There’s no guarantee that forgiving someone will make everything okay but it’s the right thing to do. Forgiveness brings things into perspective.

23. We don’t say this a lot but forgiveness should also be genuine. Forgiveness should be from the heart; pure and sincere.

24. Forgiveness brings you so much peace. Your acceptance of an apology brings you some peace. Your forgiveness means a lot to someone out there.

25. It’s a blessing to be able to forgive the people who have hurt you. Life will involve forgiving people as often as possible.

26. They say forgiveness is divine no wonder it makes you feel good on the inside. Forgiveness brings a person so much peace.

27. Forgiveness is an easy yet a difficult thing to do especially if it’s a loved one.

28. Even though you hurt me, I accept your apology and I forgive you.

29. Nothing compares to the feeling of truly showing forgiveness to someone, it feels like a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

30. Forgiveness is a big part of showing people love and it starts with the acceptance of their apology.

31. You can’t deny that forgiveness and acceptance of apology goes a long way to making you feel better.

32. Forgiveness is a choice but it’s a pretty great choice. Today and always, choose forgiveness even when it’s not convenient.

33. The choice to accept an apology and a chance at reconciliation is a beautiful part of forgiveness.

34. I forgive so that my heart can be set free from pain. I forgive because it’s the right thing to do even when people don’t deserve it.

35. The moment forgiveness set in, I was able to open my heart to healing.

36. Without forgiveness, this world cannot survive. There’s always so much to forgive and let go.

37. I accept my misgivings and forgive where it is needed. I accept the apology of everyone that has hurt my feelings.

38. There can’t be forgiveness without the acceptance of an apology.

39. You can only bring yourself to forgive after you have accepted their apology.

40. The world cannot heal without forgiveness and acceptance of apology. The world cannot survive without forgiveness.

41. There’s no better time to forgive those who hurt you than now. Every day is always a good time to forgive people.

42. It hurts me more if I don’t show forgiveness because I’m the one left to carry the pain of betrayal.

43. Forgiveness is a two way street; it heals two hearts. Forgiveness heals the heart of both the forgiven and the forgiver.

44. I don’t hate you, I simply hate what you did. I accept your apology and most importantly, I forgive you.

45. Forgiveness is like wiping a slate clean. Be ready to do it over again. Forgiveness is making a way for something new.

46. We rely on each other’s forgiveness more often than we know. Forgiveness is what heals our soul from the inside out.

47. I accept your apology and my forgiveness is yours to have. It doesn’t mean that I like what you did but it’s all in the past.

48. People don’t earn forgiveness, it’s your gift to them. You may not feel like it but forgiving people feels right and peaceful.

49. Everyone deserves forgiveness no matter how much they have erred. There’s nothing that cannot be forgiven.

50. I accept your sincere apology and I forgive you as well. I hope you do the important work of being better.

Quotes for Acceptance and Forgiveness

Forgiveness and acceptance are two ways of letting go of resentment. Both can be very difficult, but forgiving someone does not mean condoning or excusing their actions. Forgiveness allows us to release the burden of past hurts so that we can enjoy healthier and happier relationships.

51. Forgiveness is not easy to give but it soothes the soul. It makes you feel better about others but mostly about yourself.

52. A part of me felt better after you accepted my apology. Thank you so much.

53. I don’t deserve your forgiveness but you showed it to me anyway, thank you.

54. You accepted my apology and forgave me. That’s all I can ever ask of you

55. Out of the kindness of your heart, you have shown me forgiveness. I don’t take it for granted.

56. Life is one big cycle of forgiving people and receiving their forgiveness.

57. Accepting an apology doesn’t right the wrong, it means you’re willing to let it go.

58. Forgiveness is one of the first steps to letting go of the pain.

59. I regret the things I did and I hope you accept my sincerest apology.

60. It takes a lot to forgive a stranger and even more to forgive a loved one.

62. I felt free as a bird when I learned how to truly forgive. It was difficult at first but it was worth it.

63. There’s no perfect apology but make it sincere. Perfect apologies do not exist but if it comes from the heart, then it’s a great thing.

64. The acceptance of an apology causes a beautiful shift for a broken heart.

65. I show forgiveness to those who hurt me because I too have received forgiveness countless times.

66. Forgiveness doesn’t erase the wrong deed, it makes room for something better to come out of it.

67. My apology isn’t great but I hope it’s enough for you.

68. Forgiveness and acceptance of apology is always a good place to start.

69. It takes grace and compassion to show forgiveness to others.

70. Forgiveness is for the good of everyone involved. Forgiveness helps to heal a broken heart.

71. I mend my heart. I forgive. I let go. It is not always easy but it is doable.

72. The past is behind me and accept the apologies of all who have hurt me.

73. We all need forgiveness at some point in our lives. Some, more than the others.

74. Oh but you must learn to forgive one another. You must learn to let go of some things so you open your heart to new things ahead.

75. It’s not easy but choosing to accept an apology is a great choice.

76. Every time I get to decide, I will always choose forgiveness. I will forgive myself and anyone who has hurt me.

77. You must also learn to forgive yourself before anything else. Self-forgiveness is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves.

78. The harder job is forgiving your friends. It is more difficult to forgive your friends when they betray your trust.

79. The attitude of forgiveness is such a beautiful one. It helps everyone move on from an ugly situation and makes everything right.

80. Forgiveness is a special gift wrapped in love and compassion. Forgiveness is a gift that soothes the soul when given.

81. As long as life goes on, there will always be something to forgive. There will always be someone to forgive.

82. All I have is a mouth full of apology, I hope you accept it. I hope you forgive me as well even if I don’t deserve it.

83. I believe in the power of forgiveness. I always have, I always will. I believe in the peace that forgiveness brings.

84. The world needs more forgiving hearts to thrive. The world needs more forgiveness in it from everyone if we are to thrive.

85. It takes great strength to accept an apology and forgive your offender especially when they are unrepentant.

86. It’s never too late sincerely apologize for what you did wrong. It makes forgiveness all the more better for everyone who believes.

87. I can’t quite explain it but forgiveness is truly divine. It comes from within and sometimes it helps to give in to that divine feeling.

88. Forgiveness is deeply rooted in love. You can’t have one without the other. Forgiveness makes all things better if you truly forgive.

89. Forgiveness and acceptance of apology go hand in hand. Even though forgiveness can come before the apology.

90. It will make me happy if you accept my apology. Thank you for forgiving me because I know I have wronged you so much.

92. It was a heartfelt apology, I had no choice but to accept it. The thing is, I even forgave you before your apologies came.

93. It’s not the apology I crave, it’s the change of heart. Forgiving a person should also lead them to have a change of heart.

94. Be the person who accepts apologies and shows forgiveness. Be open to forgiving people even if it doesn’t feel convenient.

95. Everyone of us needs to forgive or be forgiven by someone so forgiveness is needed always to make things better.

96. To accept an apology is only the beginning of letting the hurt go. Forgiveness is an open door to making peace between two people.

97. I swim in an ocean of forgiveness for I give and receive it. Forgiveness opens you up to learn from the past and make things better.

98. The remarkable thing about forgiveness is that it helps the two people involved. It helps everyone move on from the hurt and pain.

99. Accepting an apology heals you from the inside and makes you whole. Forgiveness brings you the biggest form of peace.

100. Forgiveness is showing love to those who hurt our feelings even when it’s hard. Forgiveness is letting go.

I’m so glad you made it this far. Forgiveness and acceptance quotes will always be important because whether we like it or not, we offend people or they offend us. Life is a cycle of words, actions and reactions which may not always come out the best way so we always need to seek forgiveness or give it to those who apologize to us. Cheers to a more forgiving heart as you cordially accept apologies from people who hurt you.

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