Friends With Benefits Quotes

Friends With Benefits Quotes

Friends with benefits are about having it all and not being tied down. As the title suggests, a friend with benefits is a person with whom you enjoy having repeated casual sex without taking your relationship to another level. Friends with benefits is a tricky situation. But if you want to find out more about what that means, keep on reading.

Being single is great most of the time. After all, you have tons of free time to screw around in your desired activities, like watching your favourite TV show or going out on an exotic holiday. However, there are times when you’ll probably feel lonely and wish you had someone to accompany you in your boring day-to-day life so that you don’t have to spend it alone. This is why you need to know when a friend with benefits can work for you:

Friend with benefits is a nice term to use. It prevents misunderstandings, de-escalates arguments, and clears up any doubts you may have had. It could be with your best friend, or it could be someone you don’t want to call a buddy. Whether to have a friend with benefits is always difficult to answer. Is it worth sacrificing feelings? Should you put your heart on the line? I’ve got all the best friends with benefits quotes here for you to know more about friends with benefits.

Friends with Benefits Quotes

A friend-with-benefit relationship is not a relationship. It’s a friendship without the commitment, obligations, and accountability of a real one. “Friends with benefits” is not just a phrase. It’s a lifestyle. Friends with benefits are like taking a vacation home.

1. You can’t be friends with everyone. You can’t have true friends without a few benefits. Friends with benefits are not always easy, but it’s worth it.

2. Maintaining friends- with- benefits relationship can be tough, but it’s worth it. Communication is key to maintaining the relationship.

3. There’s no denying that having a friend with benefits has perks. It saves you from complications, and it speeds up your love life. Lasting friendships are made stronger with the occasional benefits

4. Friends with benefits are great, but no one expects them to last for more than a while. That’s why it’s important to remember why you started the relationship in the first place.

5. The best kind of friends are the kind of friends that can hang out with you when it’s not a party but still enjoy it. Life is better when you have friends with benefits.

6. There’s no better feeling than having the best date and then making it even better by going home together. Friends with benefits should not be based on feelings. They should be based on mutual benefits.

7. Friends with benefits don’t have to be boring. They can be fun and exciting, like your friend that demands a lot of attention but always gives it back in kind.

8. A friend with benefits doesn’t have to be one-sided. They can be fun and exciting, like a friend that’s always there whenever you need them but is also up for a wild and crazy night now and then.

9. You need all the excitement with your friends with benefits. You can have a very sweet friend who has a lot of energy and is always fun to be around. Friends with benefits don’t always have to be predictable.

10. A friend with benefits is often an exciting lover. Try having one sometime — you’ll find it’s worth the effort. Friends with Benefits are like cats. They come into your life when you need extra love, but if you try to hold on too tightly, they’ll claw you and disappear.

11. Remember that friends with benefits are a lot like mochas: they taste good, but they don’t get you very far. The best friends are those that never stop being friends with benefits.

12. The best part of a friend with benefit is the trust you build with someone. And the best part of a relationship is the companionship and love you feel for your friend.

13. Your friendship is like a flower. It needs sunshine, rain, and a lot of love. Let’s not pretend it’s always easy to be friends with benefits. But let’s also remember that the rough patches, the arguments, and the misunderstandings are life lessons.

14. Nothing is more satisfying than a no-strings-attached relationship. It’s a win-win. Friends with benefits can be better than friends.

15. With casual relationships, you have to make choices. Casual relationships can be better than friendships because you don’t have to put your life on hold for another person. Friendship with benefits makes dating easier.

16. We all need someone we can count on. Someone who gets us. Somebody we can share good times with. But everyday relationships can get complicated. So people opt for friends with benefits.

17. Deep down, you know that sometimes you want a little something extra—more intimacy, more passion, more togetherness. It’s okay to skip the small talk and settle into a long-term relationship. Friends with benefits can be emotionally draining.

18. Friends with benefits couldn’t be easier. Life is better when you’re having fun with the right people. The best way to get over someone is to get under another person. Friends with benefits are amazing. Friends who are everything to you are even better!

19. Are you looking for a close but not too close relationship? It’s time to find a lover. There is no wrong time to be friends with benefits. Friends with benefits are the best of both worlds. You can chill and still get down.

20. Friends with benefits are those people that you can truly count on to lift you when your spirits are down and have fun with no strings attached. When you’re in a long-distance relationship or have no time to date, you can have a friend with benefit.

21. Commitment-free relationships should not exist. They never work out because one person always ends up wanting more. Friends with Benefits is your number one source for finding single males looking to score a girlfriend.

22. Friends with benefits? Let’s say they’re a reality. No one lives up to your expectations, but friends with benefits might be the cure to all of your problems.

23. Your friends with benefits will be there for you when no one else is. They’re always there for you, ready to listen, laugh and joke around, and just be themselves.

24. You love to be surrounded by family and friends, but let’s be honest: at some point, your best friend wants something a little more from you. Don’t you dream about having someone who is there for you and doesn’t mind sharing the details of your most intimate moments? Friends with benefits are the best kind of friends.

25. Friends with benefits are the best kind of friends. You can be there for each other without getting in each other’s way. 

26. Friends with benefits are the greatest thing because you can have sex whenever you want and never worry about commitment! They’re the best kind of friends because they’re honest, open, and upfront.

27. Some people might be freaked out by being friends with benefits, but if you’re smart enough to ask, you might find a friend who will be willing to be your friend with benefits.

28. Having a friend with benefits is better than having no friends. To create a great life, you need both friends and benefits. There isn’t a good enough way to say it, but…life is short. Live for the moment.

29. The best thing about friends with benefits is you never have to worry about who’s coming over or going away. Friends with benefits don’t have to be complicated. It just has to be real.

30. Intentional or not, you don’t get to choose your family. But with a reliable and trustworthy friends-with-benefits relationship, you can finally stop having awkward conversations about where the other person is going for the holidays.

31. Friends with benefits are the best kind. Being friends with benefits can be fun. Being lovers with benefits is even better. 

32. The best friends are the ones who tell you that they’re a little bit in love with you. Because then there’s no doubt, right? Let’s call it what it is: friend with benefit is a casual relationship you don’t have to define.

33. Friends with benefits. You don’t have to love them, but at least you know they’re dependable. She’s the no-strings-attached girl you’ve been looking for. When your best friend is your benefit, it’s easy to make time for each other.

34. Friends with benefits? Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a good idea to make sure your friends are cool with it too. If you’re going to have one, don’t plan on it lasting forever.

35. There’s something so special about having someone you can be yourself with. No matter how much you love a person, someone always loves you more. You can’t love someone unless you know what they need.

36. Friends with benefits can be confusing, but they’re also pretty amazing. Friends with benefits don’t have to feel like a dirty secret. When you’re friends with benefits, the only thing guaranteed is that your hearts will always be on loan.

37. Passionate friends with benefits are the best kind of friendship. No friends-with-benefits partners should ever go to sleep angry. No matter the drama, no matter the disagreements – is there any way you can be your best self in a relationship? I don’t know how you do it. Keep it up!

38. Finding your best friend isn’t all about looks. It’s also about finding someone who understands you and makes you happy. Love may not always be grand, but good friends who enjoy each other’s company are grand.

39. Friends with benefits. The greatest thing that can happen to you is a relationship with someone who makes you laugh, even when they don’t mean to, who reminds you of all your best traits and all the things that make you special and then compliments you on them.

40. Friends with Benefits is a fancy way to say I like you, but I’m not in love with you. It’s too early for that. A friend with benefits is the only kind of relationship that will always be free.

Friends With Benefits Quotes for Her

41. Friends with benefits don’t have to be complicated. Just remember – it’s not a relationship, but it is something special. Don’t underestimate the power of a good friend with benefits.

42. It’s rare to find a friend with benefits that is so close, intimate, and honest. But when you do, it’s something truly special. Friends with benefits are the best kind of friends.

43. You’re my best friend, but I don’t need a partner to have fun. You’re my wing woman, and I’ll always have your back. Give me all of you, baby

44. The best sex is when you know it will not last forever, but at least it feels that way. The best part of friends with benefits is that we don’t have to discuss it.

45. Friends with benefits. Don’t break your back trying to be something you’re not. Be authentic with who you are, and let love happen organically.

46. Friends with benefits is for two people who aren’t necessarily dating, but it feels like a relationship. Because of the intimacy and the trust, it seems like a real relationship.

47. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have a friend with benefits you can always count on. You can never have enough friends with benefits.

48. Instead of spending your time alone, get a friend with a benefit you can trust. Friends with benefits come in all shapes and sizes. It would help if you had someone like him.

49. Find a male friend who understands you, lifts you, and supports you wherever you are in life. You don’t need love to be happy. You don’t need a lover to make you smile. It would help if you had a friend with benefits.

50. The little things you do matter. Sweet and thoughtful gestures, like the ones you give him, are the sweetest and most memorable. There’s no better feeling than being friends with benefits with your friends. The best part of being a friend with benefits is not having to say goodbye.

51. The best thing about having a friend with benefits is that you can be yourself around him, being the person in your life that makes you smile, and I’ll tell you everything about yourself.

52. When it’s just you and me, I crave you. When I’m with you, I don’t need anyone else. Do you know what’s hot? Two friends that get along. Two friends that care about each other. Two friends who trust each other enough to do the things they need to do with each other to have fun together.

53. The best man you never marry is the one who helped you get through a bad breakup. Life is better when you share it with friends with benefits who make it better.

54. You are the reason I get up in the morning. You are the reason I smile when things are tough. You are everything that makes me happy and complete.

55. All you need is a reminder that every moment is better when you share it with someone who makes it better. So, let your time matter. You deserve the best of life. Find more fun with your friend with benefits.

56. Are you daydreaming about someone who brightens your day and makes life more meaningful? When you’re with them, it seems like anything is possible. Come together with someone who will inspire you to be a better you, even if it is a friend with benefits.

57. Life doesn’t have to be complicated to be amazing. When you’re with someone who makes you smile, it’s hard to keep a frown. Being single is the new black. You deserve a friend with benefits just as ambitious as you are.

58. You’re more than a friend with benefits. You’re a partner in crime. We all have a friend who we can go to when we are feeling blue. But friends with benefits make life much more fun!

59. Being someone’s friend with benefits is more than a casual relationship. It’s a commitment that takes real effort and investment on both sides.

60. I have a friend who is so amazing. She has such a big heart and cares so much about people. I don’t know what I’d do without her! Regarding friends with benefits, there is no I in a team.

61. Being your friend with benefits can be complicated, but you must make it work. So don’t sweat it, enjoy what’s on offer, and hope for the best.

62 She’s the best friend with benefits: smart, sassy, and always there when you need her, no matter your hardships. She’s reliable, trustworthy, and has a good heart.

63. There’s someone in your life who knows what to say and do to make you smile. He is your friend with benefit. You do not need a reason to be connected. You need someone to care enough to connect with you

64. The best thing about being friends with benefits is that we are always there for each other. Friends with benefits are fun.

65. Let’s be honest; you’re not dating me. I’m the friend with benefits who brings your Monday a little more fun than usual.

66. We never know what we’re capable of until someone has shown us, and you did that for me. Will you be my friend with benefits? Nothing is better than the feeling of your friend benefit by your side,

67. One of the best things about friends with benefits is that you get to know each other in a very intimate way — without having to open your heart.

68. She has a smile that makes my day e better. She makes me happy when you’re down; she lifts me when you’re feeling down. It’s like having an angel around or a friend that does nothing but make your life better. I love being her friend with benefits.

69. Sometimes, we must get wild to stay sane. Life is better when you have a friend with benefits. You don’t have to be in love to be happy together.

70. Friends with benefits. It’s like a status symbol or the modern-day couple who are too busy to commit but want the benefits of being committed.

Friend With Benefits Quotes for Him

I know how hard it is to admit you need a friend with benefits. You keep thinking someone will come along who’ll want what you need. I was there once, and it doesn’t work that way. You are not alone. There is someone else who knows what you feel and who also wants what you want, which is friends with benefits.

71. I’m a girl that likes to have fun. I enjoy life, make friends and go out with them as much as possible until it gets too late. I don’t want to be bound by what other people say or think about me.

72. When you have a friend with benefits, the best part is having someone to chill and laugh with. A friend with benefits won’t break your heart.

73. Life is too short to be lonely. You have someone on your side who understands how you feel and is always there for you, no matter what, which is a great gift.

74. You’re my type of guy. You got a nice smile, a sweet kiss, and a body that drives me wild. You’re my ideal man. You’ve always been there for m; you know what I need and treat me like a princess.

75. You’re my kind of guy. You’re sweet, attentive, and easy to please, and you have a great sense of humour. I love your laugh. Let’s be friends with benefits.

76. You’re there when I need you. You’re ready to lend a shoulder, a hand, and even a helping smile. Being your friend with benefits is worth it. Like a good friend, I’m here for the craziest moments. And when you’re having a bad day, I’m here to help you laugh it off.

77. There’s only one thing better than a friend who likes you—two of them. You are my first friend with benefits, and I want you to know I am enjoying this.

78. You can’t beat good sex, and you can’t beat good sex with friends. A friend knows you and loves you just the same, whether you are friends with benefits or not.

79. Let’s keep things simple and jump into bed. I’m up for whatever you want to do, so don’t be shy about voicing your needs. It’s time to get real and have some fun!”

80. Why not skip the small talk, and jump right into bed with me? I’m up for whatever you want to do, so don’t be shy about voicing your needs; you are the means who gets to decide what we do.”

81. Life is not a journey to the grave to arrive safe and sound—but rather a chance to grow personally; ideally, some wonderful memories about friends with benefits that you don’t need to choose between the two.

82. You’re my best friend, and I love you. But what if we were friends with benefits? The best part about being friends with benefits is that it makes it easier to get what you want.

83. The best part about having benefits is that there’s no stress, you can always be friends with whoever makes you happy, and everyone’s cool with it

84. The best part about being friends with benefits: you don’t have to worry about getting your heart broken. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade

85. It can be hard work finding a date and making sure every date is perfect. But with friends with benefits, you don’t have to worry about all that!

86. I’m the friend you can call anytime for anything, bae. The best friend with benefits lasts – a little bit of you for me and me for you.

87. Being friends with benefits with a guy is better. I know I’m the best lay you have ever had. It’s fun doing this with you.

88. When you find the right person to be your friend with benefits, they’re always there when you need them. So don’t forget to thank them for being your wings!

89. Friends with benefits aren’t just a saying; it’s a way of life. A friend with benefits is your partner in crime, your right-hand man. Always ready to help you get the job done and share a laugh, a drink, and a high-five.

90. Friends with benefits are all about enjoying your relationships. It’s about being happy, and not just sexually. You may be friends with benefits, but the friendship makes it work.

91. Make your sex life more interesting by adding a friend. Being single isn’t your fault; it’s just a matter of time. Don’t ever feel guilty about having fun.

92. You should always be ready for the unexpected moment when you can have some fun together. Once you’ve conquered your fears, you’ll discover that there’s no such thing as getting too close.

93. The best part of being friends with benefits is the endless possibilities. Let’s make the meaning of this friendship more than just sex. Spending time with you is my favourite thing to do.

94. You’re just my type, you know? You’re crazy, wild, and always ready to laugh. You make me feel like I have never been alone. In a friendship with benefits, it’s not just about the sex. It’s about connecting and growing together.

95. Regarding your relationships, never settle for less-even if you need a friend with benefits. Life is hard enough without settling for less in your relationships. It’s time to stop putting up with dead-end friendships that just aren’t cutting it anymore and time to start enjoying the satisfaction of a deeper bond like a friend with benefits. You deserve to feel valued and appreciated. You deserve to be heard and seen.

96. For many guys, friends with benefits can be a great option. You both get what you want without all the commitment. You know I’m always down with a friend with benefits.

97. You’re so worth the risk. Knowing that someone else feels the same way makes me feel good. You’ve been my best friend since I was young. We have been through a lot. I still remember that first kiss we shared in the back of our math class. I miss you, and I want us to be friends with benefits

98. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re part of a great relationship. Sharing benefits with your friend is one of the best ways to feel that way. It’s the little things that make me smile.

99. Our friendship is strong, and I like that we can forge ahead by doing this. Every moment with you has been awesome. I like how we don’t attach emotions to what we have. I hope we remain friends after this.

100. When I think of it, being friends with benefits is the best feeling ever. You are a great guy who knows how to treat a lady right. You are awesome.

101. There’s no reason to feel bad about having a happy and healthy sex life. You can have the best of both worlds—friends you can talk to and sex that is fun, casual, and always without strings attached.

Having a friend with benefits can be one of the greatest things to happen in your young adult life. You might have doubts at first, but if you don’t, you will never know what it is like to be able to explore different experiences with a love interest. Hope you found these friends with benefits quotes helpful to better understand friends with benefits. Kindly share.

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