Get Well Soon Cousin Messages and Quotes

Get Well Soon Cousin Messages and Quotes

Unfortunately, sicknesses and accidents and everything that we don’t want are some of the things we have to endure as we go through Earth. That’s sad, right?

We don’t like these things, but once in a while they come, and we have to pray for those affected and send messages expressing our wishes for them to get well soon, among other things, of course. And yes, there are simple things we can do to stay healthy. That can help reduce the rate at which we fall ill.

If it happens that your loved one like your cousin falls ill or is involved in one kind of accident or the other, this collection of get well soon cousin messages and quotes is written for you. Sending a simple message is one of the best things you can do for someone that is sick.

Here, you’ll find some amazing collections. Some are messages and wishes you can send to your sick cousin, and some are quotes of prayers you can say for them.

Are you ready to send the best quotes of prayer to your sick cousin the most amazing messages to wish them a quick recovery, to say “get well soon”? Just scroll down and you’ll be good to go!

Prayer Quotes for My Cousin’s Recovery

“Dear Lord, my voice to you in prayer right now is not for food or more money, but for the recovery of someone who I consider special — my sweet cousin. Please, heal him. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

1. Dear Lord, I’m praying for one of the most interesting persons in my life. I want to see him living very lively and happy again, so I’m praying for him to recover from his illness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

2. Dear God, thank you for listening with the intention of answering me. For my cousin, I pray for recovery. He will feel better and perfect! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

3. Dear Father, you can make my cousin recover from this sickness today. I am praying that you take the sickness away from him and keep him healthy. May he recover soon. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

4. Dear Lord, you know that sickness doesn’t look great on my cousin. One of the reasons I’m praying for his recovery right now is because I consider it a primary need. Heal him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

5. Father in heaven, I can see your hands stretched out bringing healing as a gift and it excites me because there’s nothing I want more than recovery from this sickness from my cousin. Heal him, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

6. Dearest Father, every father wants to see his child healthy and none will not make his child recover from an illness if he can. I know you want my cousin to get well. Make him recover, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

7. God, you can heal, no matter the illness. This is not the scariest sickness I’ve witnessed, but I still don’t want my cousin to suffer it. May he recover soon. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

8. Dear God, it is with trust in you that I’m calling on you to grant my cousin a speedy recovery from this illness. You can do all things, so I know my prayer can be answered. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

9. Lord, we’re blessed to know you. Thankfully there’s no limit to how blessed we can be. We want more blessings, and one urgent one is recovery from sickness for my cousin. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

10. Heavenly Father, we would love to see that my cousin fully recovers before this month goes out. You’re the best for us to ask for healing from, and here’s us asking for it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

11. Lord, make my cousin enjoy your healing again. He wants to recover and leave this hospital, and thankfully nothing can stop you from doing what you decide to do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

12. Dear God, you are interested in our health, in my cousin’s health, and this is a great time to show that you are by healing him. Please, make him recover. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

13. Good God, we have a lot of stories to tell about your healing power. Make us have one more story from this sickness that’s troubling my cousin. May he recover in no time. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

14. Dear Father, because of the good health you’ve given to us, we have enjoyed our time on Earth. Thank you. May my cousin recover and continue enjoying this good health. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

15. My God, I will never stop thanking you for the health I’m enjoying now. I’m praying that my cousin will also enjoy it and even better. May he recover as soon as possible. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

16. Dear God, we hardly fall sick, thanks to you and this gift of health from you. I find it weird to see my cousin this sick, but that’s by the way. Help him to recover. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

17. Dear Lord, you give freely! We are lucky and blessed that you are here for us. Now, I’m asking for you to make my cousin recover from his sickness. You’ll do it and that makes me happy! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

18. God, I found it funny that my cousin was sick because he doesn’t look like the type to fall sick. I’ve seen him and sickness doesn’t look great on him, so please make him recover. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

19. Dear God, I’m sure you don’t want this sickness for my cousin. His recovery is in your hands and I’m praying that you make him get well quickly. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

20. Dear Lord, I hear there’s no sickness in heaven. That life in heaven is what I want my cousin to enjoy. Make him recover. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Get Well Soon Messages for Your Cousin

“I really want to see you and I know I won’t like what I’ll see — my little cousin being all weak and looking weird. Please, get well soon — that’s one of my wishes for you — and go back to your home. It’s waiting for you!”

21. See yourself! A hospital bed doesn’t fit you. You’re built for health and all the beautiful things in the world. Get well soon, dear cousin.

22. While I’ll love to pause my life just to keep you company, I still know that this is not where you belong. May you get well soon, dear cousin.

23. It’s so good to know that this amazing girl is my cousin, but not so good to know that your health is down. I’m praying and wishing that you get well soon, dear.

24. This is the first time I’m hearing you’re sick. So, I can’t let the sickness stay. I’m commanding you to get well soon, my sweet cousin, and you don’t even have a choice!

25. Tell that illness that I’m inviting it over for questioning. It must explain this attack on my favourite cousin. Hey well soon, my dear cousin.

26. I love so many things about you, but there’s something about you right now that I don’t love — this sickness! This is me wishing that you get well soon, dear cousin.

27. When this sickness goes, you must apologise for making me feel so bad. I miss the healthy you, girl! Get well soon, my sweet cousin.

28. Even in your sick state, I’m sure you’re still making others smile. You’re an underrated gift to us, my cousin. Get well soon please, for me.

29. Maybe this sickness is just nature’s way of forcing you to take a rest you refused to take. But we don’t like sickness, and it must go. Get well soon, my beautiful cousin.

30. The best place for that sickness to be is not in your body. Maybe it should be in the trashcan or something. Just not your body. Get well soon, dear cousin.

31. If you see all the fun you’re missing out on, you’ll jump off that bed and forget that you’re sick. You make fun more fun, dear cousin. Get well soon.

32. If your recovery is based on the sacrifices I make, I’ll trek to heaven and back. May you get well soon, dearest cousin.

33. You’ve done so many things for me in the past, but I have one more request. Can you get well soon? I hope you get well soon, cousin.

34. I still don’t believe that you’re sick. I’ll be coming to see you soon. Prove me right by getting well soon before I arrive. Get well soon, dearest cousin.

35. Until I saw your message yesterday, I could never have believed that pretty girls fall sick. This one is for the best cousin anyone can have. Get well soon, dear.

36. I’m having a talk with God. He has to explain this sickness that I don’t understand. Meanwhile, get well soon my favourite cousin.

37. What are those doctors doing? Tell them that you’re the best cousin I have and they should get you out of there in no time. Get well soon, my sweet cousin.

38. I don’t like the way I feel knowing that you are sick, but I’m hoping that soon you’ll be up and we’ll be able to go everywhere together again. Get well soon, my sweet cousin.

39. I don’t know why you are sick. But you should be far above sickness. You’re too awesome for sickness, dear. Get well soon, best cousin ever!

40. If I am a doctor and you’re in the same hospital with me, I’ll abandon everyone else and focus on only you, just so you can get well in the soonest possible time. Get well soon, my lovely cousin.

Get Well Soon Prayer Quotes for Cousin

“We don’t have the luxury of praying all day, dear cousin, but God hears us when we do and we can believe that he is hearing us now. I pray that you get well soon and get back to being the lively girl we know. Amen.”

41. You’ve sure had some not-so-perfect days. this is me announcing the end of such days. May you get well soon. Amen.

42. I will soon be my completely excited self again because you will get well soon. It’s not me. God will do it for you. Amen.

43. Sorry about how you feel, sis, and may God who never stops blessing you with beautiful things make you leave that bed in no time. Amen.

44. We know how much you do and we can’t let this sickness hold you down. I’m praying that you get well soon. Amen.

45. I’m basically repeating what you’re saying in prayer right now. I’m asking God to help you to get well soon. Amen.

46. You remember that we say that the best things in the world are coming for you? Health is one of the best things. May it come for you. May you get well soon. Amen.

47. I almost said “just wait it out, bro” but I remembered that I need you to get well soon. May your healing be very swift. Amen.

48. You know my prayers will be answered. And I know that too, and that’s why I’m bold to pray right now that you will get well soon. Amen.

49. I’m thankful to God because he will do what I’m about to ask him to do. And guess what I want to ask to do? To make you get well soon. Amen.

50. God treats sick people best and fastest. So, I’m putting you in good, actually the best, hands. May God, make you get well soon. Amen.

51. Let not go into the wishes I have for you, girl. You need to recover and that’s what I consider most important right now. May you get well soon. Amen.

52. Because I love you and because you deserve the best, may you enjoy good health from now on. I’m praying that you get well soon, dearie. Amen.

53. This is the shorter version of what I’ve been praying for all day. May the amazing human reading this get well soon. Amen.

54. The most beautiful girl I know needs to enjoy health, and her being sick makes me really uncomfortable. May God heal you, babe, and make you get well soon. Amen.

55. I thank God that your beautiful smile is not affected by the sickness and I ask him to make you get well soon. Amen.

56. For a cousin like you, “get well soon” is not just a wish. My prayer for you right now is for a speedy recovery and perfect health after that. Amen.

57. God is listening and so we’re making a request. We’re asking him to make our get well soon wishes come true. Amen.

58. I love praying for you, and now is another chance to do what I love. May you not miss out on beautiful things because of this sickness and may you get well soon. Amen.

59. A lot of things we do are possible because of our health status. And I can’t bear to see you doing less than I know you can do. May you get well soon. Amen.

60. This week looks like a beautiful time to recover. So, I’m praying that it doesn’t pass without your health improving. May you get well soon. Amen.

Get Well Soon Wishes for Cousin

“Sickness is one thing we all hate, one thing we don’t wish for and one thing we will always wish away if we find it in our midst. Dear cousin, sorry about the way you feel. I am wishing that you get well soon.”

61. If I was Jesus, I’d just say rise up and walk, but I’m not. So, I’ll just stick to something like get well soon, cousin.

62. After this sickness leaves, resist the urge to start running around. Rest and enjoy yourself differently for some time, please. Get well soon, dearest cousin.

63. I understand that so much is waiting for you and that this sickness is delaying your enjoying them. Sorry. I hope you get well soon, my sweet cousin.

64. I hear you’ll be well soon. I hope nothing else happens to delay your getting well. Get well soon, dear cousin.

65. The hospital you’re in is the most beautiful hospital I’ve ever seen, but I won’t miss coming there to visit you. Get well soon, dear cousin.

66. I can’t live with the thought that you won’t come over for Christmas, so I am wishing you get well soon, my lovely cousin.

67. I’m tired of worrying around you when I’m not around you and I can’t always be around you. I am wishing that you get well soon, my darling cousin.

68. What’s it with this sickness not sparing the most amazing cousin in the world? I’ll get back to it later. For now, just get well soon.

69. No one can take your place on the team. That’s one reason I need you to get well soon. Another is that I miss the meals you make. Get well soon, cousin.

70. The sickness must not stay for a week before it goes. After all, you won’t die if it leaves in two days. Get well soon, dear cousin.

71. We miss you so much. If you don’t get well soon, be ready to hear about how we miss you madly on the news. Get well soon, dearest cousin.

72. Another day of knowing that you’re sick is not something I want. For the good of many of us, you shouldn’t be good. Get well soon, my dear cousin.

73. I can no longer wait for you to get well. Do you know what we’re missing right now? Then talk about how time is not waiting for us. Get well soon, dear cousin.

74. I’ve never met you, but I don’t think I want that handsome young man I see in photos to be sick even for a minute. Get well soon, cousin.

75. Everyday is a blessing, I know, but I don’t want a blessing with your sickness as part of the package. Get well soon, dearest cousin.

76. I know the house feels boring now that you’re sick. I’m sure everyone misses the noise-making girl that you are. Get well soon, dear cousin, for everyone’s good!

77. If God allows me to be God for a day, the first thing I’m doing is restoring good health back to you. Get well soon, my cousin.

78. Everything feels so wrong. If amazing people don’t fall sick, you won’t be sick right now. Get well soon, dearest cousin.

79. What makes me really sorry for you is that now you get to do the one thing you hardly ever do — stay at home! Get well soon, dear cousin.

80. If not that overdose can kill, I’d have stuffed you with all your drugs to see if that will make you get well faster. Get well soon, my darling cousin.

Quick Recovery Messages for Cousin

“All your cousins want you to be fine. Every member of the family too. And even though this message is from me, it is speaking for all of us. We are wishing you quick recovery and impatiently waiting to see you in perfect health.”

81. Just trust in God. We have prayed and we have done all that should be done. May your recovery be quick, dearest cousin.

82. If I can give you all the health in the world right now, I will do just that. And I’m wishing you, this sweet cousin that I’m super proud of, a quick recovery.

83. You were careless, I heard, and now you’re down with this sickness. Be careful, my sweet cousin. And please recover quickly.

84. What can I do to make you recover speedily? Being your crush to the house? While waiting for your answer, I’m wishing you a quick recovery, cousin.

85. Do you really want to miss the party at the end of the school year? You can’t stay sick for a long, dear cousin. I am wishing you a quick recovery.

86. Guess who asked about you today! Keep guessing. I’ll tell you when you’re fine. I wish you a quick recovery, my lovely cousin.

87. Just get well, my lovely cousin, and I’ll be the happiest person on earth. Good health is one thing I want you to always enjoy. I wish you a quick recovery.

88. If you know how much the whole family wants you to recover from this illness, you’ll fake recovery just to make us happy. I am wishing you a quick recovery, cousin.

89. Let this sickness stop making you miss out on the fun we should be having together. I wish you a quick recovery, dear cousin.

90. God knows I’ll give anything to see you recover in seconds. I’m here praying for you and wishing you a quick recovery, my sweet cousin.

91. I know you’ll give anything for a quick recovery, dearest cousin. Let’s just do what the doctor says and hope for the best. I am wishing you a quick recovery.

92. Thankfully, you’re already recovering, but I’m not satisfied. I need your recovery to be faster than anything I’ve ever seen. And because you need the same thing, I’m wishing you a speedy recovery, dear cousin.

93. I’m glad you’ve left the hospital, but being sick at home is still not the best you can be. I am wishing you a quicker recovery, cousin.

94. God knows you want to be well, my darling cousin. I don’t know why he’s delaying. I trust he has a good reason, but my wish for you to have a quick recovery still stays!

95. This is me threatening to pause my life and stay by your side until you’re well if you delay recovering. I’m wishing you a quick recovery, dear cousin, so I don’t carry out my threat.

96. I’m just here, wishing you could recover before the sun rises today. You may not recover so fast, but I’m wishing you, my lovely cousin, a quick recovery!

97. I’m looking for where to order quick recovery for you. Until I find, hold these words for me: have a quick recovery, dear cousin.

98. I know someone else that is sick. Hearing about your condition made me forget about him, because of how dear you are to me. I am wishing you, this amazing girl I call my cousin, a quick recovery.

99. I really wish you never fell sick in the first place. All I can wish for now is that you recover quickly, dear cousin.

100. Thank God you can eat now. I remember being the one to eat all the food that was kept for you. May you receive quickly, dear cousin.

I know you’ve seen creative prayers for your cousin in this list of get well soon cousin messages and quotes. You definitely saw amazing quotes to cheer him/her up. And I can bet a lot that you found the perfect messages for him/her!

Now, you should go on and send one or more to your sick cousin. And, one more thing for me, can you share this with your friends? You don’t know who may need this.

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