Get Well Soon Prayer for My Sons Speedy Recovery

Get Well Soon Prayer for My Son’s Speedy Recovery

As your son is experiencing one of the most difficult times of his life, it is your place as a parent to intercede on his behalf to God. Without being told, you should restore his faith in God by always speaking some words of encouragement to build his faith and be that special someone who can always back up his spiritual life with key prayer points for restoration from time to time. You are a believer, aren’t you?

As a devout Christian, you are in a relationship with God, so it is only natural that you speak your problems to him. As you know, prayers are one of the ways of communicating with God but finding the right words to use in prayer for your son can be challenging.

First of all, you need to understand that in prayers, your heartfelt emotion needs to be let out to God so try using expressive words that will command answer to prayers. Let your prayer be filled with emotions with some get well soon emotional prayer points for your son.

Your aim when praying is to receive answers to your prayer and it is a known fact to all believers that prayer without faith is dead. Since you are in an emotional state, due to the health of your son, it is understandable that your faith is unstable. No worries though, here are prayer points that will spark your faith in God and get your son back to the road of recovery.

These powerful get well soon prayer for my son’s speedy recovery will build your faith and tear apart any garment of bad health that is being worn by your son.

Powerful Get Well Soon Prayers for Your Son

The Lord God that brought you to this world through me will make you live to fulfil every of your life’s goals. May his powerful hands be on you and restore you to your health. My prayers for you today are that you, my son, will receive the grace of the Lord God to get well soon in Jesus’ name.

1. Christ Jesus, you died on the cross so that we may live, you took each of our pains when you shed your blood on the cross of Calvary. In your word, you said by your stripes we are healed. You have taken away every of my son’s pain, by your strips, he will receive his healings. Amen.

2. The word of the Lord says we are his children and as his child, whatever I decree on earth shall be decreed in heaven. I decree today by the power of the sovereign God, every uncertainty and abnormalities in the body of my son, hear the voice of the Lord God, and remain still forever. Every sickness, hear my word your reign in the life of my son has come to an end. Amen.

3. I call on the name of the Supreme God and his mighty power, I cast out every disease out the body of my son. Today, your dominance in the body of my dear son has come to an end because the body of my son carries the temple of Jehovah and only the presence of God can take charge of him in Jesus’ name. Amen.

4. Lord God, take your place in the life of my son. Let the overwhelming power from your presence cleanse, purify and render useless any sickness contending your power in my son’s body. Show this sickness how you rescue those who believe in you.

5. My sin oh father has been confessed. In James 5 vs16, you said we should confess our sins and every of our sickness will be healed. Today, I intercede for my son. Forgive his sins and grant him your grace to recover from his bad health. May his sins not stand as a hindrance to my prayers Lord.

6. Elijah by faith called on you Jehovah and you answered him by fire putting the Baal worshippers to shame. I call on you, answer me by fire, and put my enemies to shame. Let your divine fire from heaven come down to burn down every remnant of sickness in the life of my son. Turn the impossible to possible and put my enemies to shame. Render every disease in my son’s body to ashes. Amen

7. Even if my son walks through the valley of the shadow of death, he will fear no evil for you are with him. Your rod and your staff will comfort him during this period that he relies on you. Your healing grace will renew the faith my son has in you and assist him so that his faith will be made stronger after this affliction.

8. Lord God, you said we should ask and we shall be given, seek and we shall find, knock and doors will be opened for our sake. Mighty Jehovah, I ask that you stretch forth your hands and pull my son from every pit of sickness. I seek your healing grace upon my son’s life and I plead that you open doors of good health for my son. Amen.

9. Oh lord sovereign God, your power extends to all the earth. My son is in your hands, there is nothing too great for you to do. You created my son so that he will speak of your glory to all the earth. This sickness is only so that your glory can be shown. I know you will heal my son at your right time, I just pray that you ease him of pains so that he may continue your will. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

10. In Obadiah 17, you said ” and upon mount zion shall we receive deliverance and there shall holiness for we shall possess our possessions”. Today Jehovah, I stand in faith, my son who is a child of zion shall receive his deliverance and shall possess his possession which is good health. Thank you, mighty Jehovah, for your word of reassurance. Amen.

11. The blood of Jesus purifies, the blood of Jesus sanctifies. I call on the blood of Jesus to find its way into the body of my son and purify his body and sanctify it. As the blood of Christ finds its way into my son, let every sickness that has no dealings with Christ be wiped out forever. Amen.

12. I know Jesus that you can heal my son from every disease for in Mark 9:23 you said everything is possible for those who believe. And because I believe in your wondrous powers, there is the possibility that my son will break free from any garment of cancer. You alone lord heal the brokenhearted and bind their wounds and I believe.

13. Lord God, you said the plans you have for us are of good and not evil so I know that my son’s sickness has nothing to do with you. I pray to you Lord, do not forsake me, every seed of sickness that has nothing to do with you, that doesn’t glorify your presence in my son’s life. Take it away and destroy it so that it may never find its way again into my son’s body.

14. I have followed your commands mighty God, I have humbled myself to seek your face, and I have turned away from my evil ways. Hear me lord from heaven, forgive the sins of my son and heal his body. I believe in your word in Psalm 107 vs 20 which says “he sent out his words and healed her diseases”. Send out your word Lord and restore to order everything that is in disorder in the life of my son.

15. The body of my son holds the divine temple of God, bind and cast away every evil presence in the body of my son. I decree that good health shall be restored to my son and that every alter that has been erected to cause a decline in the health of my son shall crumble to pieces. Amen.

16. Lord almighty, I lift my voice to you in prayer, do not forsake me, hurry in response to my prayer of help, and do not give my enemies the chance to laugh at my problem. Arise in your power and blow away every sickness from my son just as smoke is blown away. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

17. Those who worship God will not be put to shame and I stand strongly on this word of yours because I serve you, I will not be put to shame. My son will receive healings and live to testify of your goodness.

18. You Lord Jesus showed mercy on that man with leprosy, he asked for your healing and you laid your hands on him granting him healing. Lord Jesus, if you are willing to heal my son, you can make him whole. Please show your grace and be willing to heal my son.

19. Whoever goes to the Lord for safety, whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty can say to him, you are my defender and protector and in you I trust. I bathe my son in this your word every day. He is under your protection and you will defend and protect him from every sickness.

20. I need your reassurance Lord Jesus, to erase this uneasiness in me which is a result of my son’s sickness. Remove whatever will make me doubt your existence and restore your supremacy in the life of my son.

21. Jehovah the creator of heaven and earth. My beginning and my end, the one who has never failed me and will never fail me. The one whose word alone renders the devil useless. The book of Psalms says I should worship you and your blessings will be on my water and you will take away any sickness from me. I worship you and I know that every sickness in the body of my son will be found no more.

22. I have cried to you Lord and my eyes are swollen. Wipe away every tear from my eyes and let old things pass away. Make every disorder in my son’s body return to order.

23. Lord God, as you go about healing your children, do not pass my son by. Remember him so that he can continue the mission you’ve ordained for him.

24. I have shared my troubles with you and it is that you make my son get well soon. Everything now is in your hands, let your will be done at the right time. I am confident that at the end of it all, I will have a cause to smile.

25. I will praise your name oh lord and I will not forget your benefits for you will forgive my son’s sins and heal him from all his iniquities, you will redeem his life from the pits and crown him with love and compassion. Clothe him with faith so that he might hold firm to your word as he passes this trial to good health. Amen.

26. Restore the health of my son to what it used to be Lord. Do not allow any sickness to contend power with you, let your healings flow and touch every part of my son’s body that isn’t functioning well.

27. The woman with the flow of blood received her healing suddenly by faith after touching your garment and you made her whole. Lord Jesus, by faith, I raise my hands to you and touch your sacred garment, in your mercy, let every flow of sickness in my son’s body stop immediately. Amen.

28. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivers them from all”, this is your word and as your child, I hold this dear to me. Many are my afflictions but you, my God will deliver my son from them all. Honour your word, Jehovah, and do not put to shame those who serve you.

29. Strengthen my son now Lord for he is weak. Your word in Isa 41 vs 10 says that I should fear not for you are with my son and I shouldn’t be dismay for you are the God I serve. You promised that you will help and uphold my son with your righteous hands. Let your word be fulfilled in my son’s life so that he will receive his recovery. Amen.

30. ” Come to me you that are heavy laden and I will give you rest- This is your word in the book of Matthew 11:28. I am here in your presence on behalf of my son, his burden is heavy and he alone is unable to carry it. Take this burden called sickness away from my son and give him your good health.

One of the virtues of a strong believer is their abundance of patience and faith. Use the above words daily when praying, nourish this prayer with your faith to achieve answers.

Every parent’s prayer is that their son stays in good health. Keep on praying, do not lose hope and you will see your son bounce to good health. Read Psalm 83 daily for your son and good health will locate your son in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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