God Grant Me Strength Quotes

Life is full of bitter and sweet experiences, and we all need the strength to pull through at times when it’s bitter. People, in most cases, acknowledge that God is the ultimate source of their strength in all aspects of their life.

Strength is something that needs to be asked for daily because exhaustion is always near. Although rest works wonders for you as it energises your mind and body, the strength that God provides is on a whole other level that strengthens you from the inside out.

These God grant me strength quotes below will encourage you each day to pray for strength from God, knowing that renewed strength will come your way. You can read these quotes out loud to yourself, write them down in your journal or turn them into stickers for easy access.

God Grant Me Strength Quotes

Some days, I feel like giving up because I have no strength in me. Dear God, grant me the strength to get through each day and make my mark along the way. I trust that You will strengthen me in all ways because I know you love me.

1. Dear God, grant me the strength to do the needful so that I can have the best of today.

2. I need you now more than ever O God, grant me the strength to pull through this situation.

3. Now more than ever before, God grant me the strength to conquer my fears.

4. God grant me strength every day of my life to make life worth it, to put in my best efforts and reap great rewards.

5. I can always trust that God will grant me strength every day because the challenges that face me are more than I can bear.

6. I can do all things because God grants me strength. I trust in Him always to keep me standing.

7. Every day that I wake up, I pray for God to grant me the strength to face the day and overcome every obstacle it brings me.

8. God grant me strength so that I may not fall victim to the circumstances of life. Let my every step be in line with your will.

9. From the break of dawn to the evening time, with every step, I take to make my dreams come true, give me the capacity. God grant me strength.

10. As the hours of the day goes by, God grant me strength for sustenance and mercy to make every moment worth it.

11. I am weak, oh Lord, grant me abundant strength to keep going. I don’t want to fall, keep me standing.

12. I desire to be at my best at all times. God grant me strength, in my moments of weakness, make me strong.

13. I ask you, God, to grant me strength in these tough times because this season is draining my strength.

14. Life may be tough, but God will grant me the strength to succeed. I trust you every day to bring joy, light and strength to my life.

15. Sometimes, I don’t know what to do except to ask for God’s strength and grace.

16. I rely on God to grant me the strength to forgive everyone who hurt me.

17. It takes a lot of energy, persistence and strong will to live life, but I pray that God will grant me the strength to do so because sometimes I feel so weak.

18. God grant me strength to rise above the trials and temptations that come my way today.

19. It feels good to know that God will strengthen me abundantly in my time of need.

20. I have a great God who strengthens me at every turn and makes me whole. Strengthen me again o Lord today.

21. You will grant me strength, oh God, for you are faithful and dependable.

22. May God give me the strength to excel in my endeavours this day.

23. There is nothing I cannot achieve when it is the Lord who grants me strength. Today, I come again to receive strength from you God.

24. I ask God to grant me strength all through the hours of today. I want to be productive and achieve all my goals.

25. I am tired of things being the way they are. God grant me the strength to overcome stagnation in every form.

26. If God grants me strength, I can fulfil His every desire. I on my own am incapable but with you Lord, I can do all things.

27. I have the confidence to ask God to grant me strength for the work I’ll do today.

28. Today is a good day for me to ask God for strength to create a better life for myself.

29. Renew my strength oh God, and lead me to greener pastures, causing me to grow exponentially in all I do.

30. I praise you, God, for you have strengthened me above every trial. Thank you, my Lord.

31. God grant me all the strength I need to get my job done today.

32. It’s another break of dawn; God grant me new strength for this new day.

33. Today, I walk in the strength of God, for He has rescued me.

34. God grant me strength to rise to the places where you have designed for me.

35. For this new day, God grant me strength at every hour to push back limitations and overcome every adversary.

36. I place my trust in you. Oh God, grant me more strength today.

37. I thank you, God, as you grant me the strength to take on the day and all that it brings with it.

38. God always strengthens me beyond all expectations. He is a great God and I have come to trust Him.

39. When I am weak, please God grant me renewed strength to face my fears and conquer them.

40. Let your light shine upon my life as you grant me strength, oh God.

41. God never fails to strengthen me in every situation. Please, do it again today in my life, I need you, God.

42. I am strong and courageous because God grants me strength every day. Give me strength today O Lord.

43. I feel ready for each day because God grants me the strength I need. Give me strength, Lord God.

44. God, please grant me the strength to take on the world and excel in all my ways.

45. The days feel easier because God strengthens me to face any situation. You are my rock, my shield, strength.

46. Better days are coming, and I pray that God will strengthen me every step of the way.

47. God grant me strength to make better decisions henceforth.

48. I thank the Lord who strengthens me through the day. I cry for strength from you again today, God.

49. At every point in my life, God grant me the strength to never give up.

50. Every day is an opportunity for God to grant me strength for every task ahead of me.

51. You are my strength oh God, I pray that you never let me go.

52. I can always trust that God will grant me the strength to get through anything.

53. God will strengthen me at every turn and lead me to better places.

54. I am glad because the Lord has strengthened me.

55. Weakness has no place in my life because my God strengthens me.

56. God will grant me strength to last me a lifetime.

57. God strengthens me in all the ways I need.

58. God grant me the strength to ask for forgiveness when I offend people.

59. God grant me strength to seek peace no matter what anyone has done to me.

60. I trust God to strengthen me and take me to higher grounds.

61. The Lord is my strength and my help at all times, I will not fear or lose hope.

62. I’m not asking for much, I’m just praying to God to grant me strength today.

63. God grant me strength to get back up whenever I fall.

64. It is God’s love that strengthens me in all my ways.

65. I am so tired. God, please grant me strength today.

66. There is only so much I can do in a day Lord grant me strength.

67. God, I need you at all times. Grant me strength.

68. In everything I do, God show me mercy and grants me strength.

69. I cannot lose hope because God will strengthen me at every turn.

70. In you, oh Lord I trust, grant me the strength of mind and body.

71. Today, I thank God for strengthening me.

72. It’s a new day. God grant me the strength to navigate the day.

73. God grant me strength to be my authentic self at all times.

74. On the days when I don’t have the strength to go on, God grant me strength.

75. Dear God, give my heart peace and strengthen me for today.

76. Oh God, strengthen my resolve to be a better person, amen.

77. On the days when I am weak, God grant me your strength.

78. I attribute all my strength to God, for He alone strengthens me.

79. When I am weak, God strengthens me and makes me whole.

80. God grant me strength that I may thrive and excel at everything I do.

81. God will grant me peace and give me strength.

82. I shall not fear because God will grant me strength.

83. No other person can strengthen me except God, my saviour.

84. Oh God, hear my prayers and grant me strength for this new chapter of my life.

85. I will praise you, God, for your strength uplifts my soul.

86. God will strengthen my spirit and make my path secure.

87. God grant me strength in and out of season.

88. I need you more than ever. God grant me strength.

89. God replenish my failing strength and grant me the grace to succeed today.

90. God is the only source of my strength at every point in time. I pray He grants me strength for this new day.

91. Today, I receive strength from God to excel at everything I put my heart to.

92. Grant me strength oh God, so I may remain steadfast in you.

93. I will thank the Lord who has given me ample strength. I will

94. God grant me new strength and rescue me from all anxiety.

95. My anxious heart seeks strength, oh Lord, do not forsake me.

96. God grant me strength as a new day dawns. Make me able to meet up with your will and desires.

97. God is by my side. I will never lose my strength because I am His and He is mine.

98. God strengthens me. I shall be uplifted in body and spirit.

99. God grant me strength enough to disperse my weaknesses and sicknesses.

100. Save me oh God, strengthen me and show me Your mercy.

Human strength will often fail, but when God grants the strength to keep going, everything changes for the better. These God grant me strength quotes are quotes to apply at every moment in your life because there is no such thing as too much strength.

I hope these quotes inspire you to pray that God grants you strength every day of your life. As you navigate every area of your life, I wish you the strength and grace you need to excel. Share these quotes with your friends so you will be strengthened together. Thank you.

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