2023 Heartfelt Good Afternoon Honey Wishes and Quotes

It’s a beautiful afternoon and an awesome opportunity for you to remind and reassure your lover of your unwavering love for them.

Don’t you think a warm and heartfelt good afternoon honey message would indeed warm your lover’s heart and make them love you the more? That’s what I’ve compiled here for you.

Share these with your lover and enjoy the beautiful things that will definitely come after.

Good Afternoon Wishes for Him or Her

Whether you want to express your love, check on your lover or tell your honey you’re missing him or her, these good afternoon honey wishes and quotes will help you get the best done. The best of good afternoon messages, wishes and quotes for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Just as the sun rises and it gives a glow to the faces of those who behold it, that’s how your love makes me glow. Good afternoon, baby.

2. In you I see my strength renewed, in you, I see vigor to carry on for the days. You’re always the motivation I need to keep the day going. Good afternoon, love. Hope you’re enjoying the day.

3. My day isn’t complete without telling you how much I love you and how much I’ll live to be by your side, always! Shining afternoon, my love.

4. The glow on your face is priceless, I can’t get it anywhere else. Hope you know I love you and I miss you. Take care and have a glowing afternoon, handsome.

5. You’re the best at whatever it is that you do, no one else is you and you’re not anyone else. Be at your best today. Hope you had lunch already, sweetheart.

6. I want you to know that you’re the one who makes my day complete. I’m glad I can call you mine forever. Enjoy the afternoon, king.

7. I hold you dear to my heart. You’re always in my thought just like this afternoon. Hope your day is going on well, babe.

8. I wish you’ll never be away from me, I wish you’re always by my side! I miss you and I can’t wait to see you at night. Good afternoon, my love.

9. Your hug is more soothing than the evening breeze, I can’t wait to throw myself into your arms at night. Enjoy your afternoon, love.

10. Honey, I’ll be home waiting for you this evening to give you what you desire most, but till then, have a splendid afternoon.

11. Nothing can be compared to your love, you’re forever the best in my heart. Good afternoon, love.

12. I don’t know how much I love you but I know that my love for you increases as the day goes by. Good afternoon, my king.

13. Your smile is as beautiful as the day, your world is beautiful and I’m happy I have my tent pitched in it. Good afternoon to the one I love.

14. You’re amazing and there’s no one as perfect as you are. Hope your afternoon is going on well, sweetheart.

15. You’re my life, my love and everything that I have. I hope you have a happy afternoon, baby.

16. When you see close to me, I feel your love, in my heart and in my mouth. Hope this makes your afternoon, handsome.

17. I never knew one’s day can be incomplete without a singular person, only you complete my days, always! Good afternoon, cutie.

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18. Only if the days can be longer so I can get more hours to spend with you. You’re the one who makes my day sparkle. Good afternoon, Angel.

19. I can’t get enough of you even when you’re by my side and that’s because I love you and I can’t bear seeing you leave. Good afternoon, my love.

20. The good days are here, days for love and for just the only one who matters. I love you and I miss you here. Have a great afternoon, baby.

21. Even though we’re miles apart, my soul is tied to yours and I can’t stop thinking about you. Hope you have a shiny afternoon, baby.

22. The day is wonderful just because I have you in it. Good afternoon to the man I love!

23. You have the sun’s smile just that yours is brighter than the sun’s. Good afternoon, my angel.

24. It’s not enough to have someone you care about but it’s more than enough to know someone cares about you as much as you do to them. Good afternoon to the one I care about.

25. You’re as amazing as this shining afternoon, just that you’re much more. Good afternoon, my sunshine.

26. You’re the spark in my bones, you’re the one I long to see every night. A pleasant afternoon to you, my love.

27. Even when the day is dark, I’ll be happy because I know someone who’ll be by my side to lighten it up. Good afternoon, my lover.

28. I want to spend the rest of my days thinking about our love, about our moments together because that’s the best thought to me. Good afternoon, baby.

29. Nothing can come between our love, it’s a magical bond that can’t be broken. Good afternoon, sweety.

30. I’m at ease when you’re around me, I feel your warmth deep inside my soul and your love flowing through my veins. Good afternoon to the woman I love.

31. You’re the perfect piece I need to complete my day, I love you more than the most beautiful star. Good afternoon, my love.

32. Life becomes easier when you have someone you know you’re as much loved! Good afternoon to the one who loves me!

33. The day is always beautiful but it’s more beautiful when I hear your voice. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

34. Your love brings happiness to my soul and that’s why I can’t stop thinking about it every day! Good afternoon, babe.

35. I’ll wait a million years on your love, to love and cherish every moment we’ve got together. Good afternoon, darling.

36. Your heart is as beautiful as your smile, I’ll do anything to get your heart in exchange for mine. Good afternoon, sweetie.

37. I know my heart is safe with you, that’s why I’m giving it to you without any doubts. Good afternoon, baby.

38. You’re my inspiration, my song and my rhythm, I’m glad I have you to call mine. Good afternoon, my angel.

39. I enjoy your affection more than anyone’s and when I’m with you, there’s no where else I’ll rather be. Good afternoon, love.

40. You complete my puzzle and for that, forever grateful. I hope you complete me forever. Good afternoon to you, my love.

41. I am lucky to have you and for this, I’ll treasure you my whole life. Good afternoon, my treasure.

42. You’re worth more than gold, I’ll spend the rest of my life to cherish your love. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

43. Your beauty is as awesome as an army with banners, your love is all that overcome me. Good afternoon, babe.

44. You’re mine and I am yours, I pledge my love to you now and always! Good afternoon, my perfect one.

45. I do not love you with my head but with my heart. Forever, you remain dear to me! Good afternoon, babe

46. My desire is towards you, I’ll forever give you my love! Good afternoon, my sweetheart.

47. You’re the seal to my heart, you’re my real affection. Good afternoon, my angel.

48. Your voice leaps upon the mountains, skipping the hills, just to bring a word of love to me. Good afternoon, handsome.

49. The rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth and it blossoms in its beauty, but its beauty is nothing compared to yours. Good afternoon, beautiful.

50. Even when I sleep, my heart is awake and that’s because I hear your voice calling out to our love. Good afternoon, my love.

51. Your love is better than the sweetest wine, I’ll remember your love more than I remember the sweet wine. Good afternoon, my dear.

52. Until the day breaks and the shadows fade away, I won’t stop thinking about your love. Good afternoon, sweetie.

53. When I thought I’ve had it all, then your love gave me what I’ve never had, the sweetest of all feelings! Good afternoon, my perfect one.

54. I’ll ride a million miles just to see your face, sail on the deepest sea just to behold your love. Good afternoon, my love.

55. Baby, when the going gets tough, I’ll be right here to give you my love to keep moving on. You’re the best of your kind! Hope the afternoon is treating you well, lover.

56. I hope to see you when the sun goes down, but for now, I’m sending lots of love and kisses to enjoy the afternoon. Good afternoon, my love.

57. There are no doubts to my love, I love you just the way you are! Good afternoon, my baby.

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58. This is just to tell you that I love you and you’re always on my mind. Good afternoon, my love.

59. No matter what life brings to you, I’ll always be there to solve the puzzles with you. Hope your day is going on well, sweetheart.

60. I can’t wait to see you at night and even though we’re miles apart, I can’t stop thinking about you. Good afternoon, my love.

61. This message is to distract you and give you sometime to think about the one who loves you! Good afternoon to the man I love.

62. You’ve made me happy in ways I can’t imagine and that’s why I’ve pledged my love to make you happier. Good afternoon, my love.

63. There’s nothing as sweet as having a beautiful soul to text in the middle of the day, telling her you love her. Good afternoon, my beauty.

64. I have my eyes just for you and no one else, you’re all that I want. Good afternoon, my angel.

65. The older I get, the more that I know that all that matters is someone you love, love you in return. Good afternoon, my love.

66. I’m sending you lots of love to keep you safe till I see you. You’re dear to my heart! Good afternoon, baby.

67. Even though this text is not enough to tell you how much I love you, I’ll still send it still. This is me telling you that I love you so much. Good afternoon, babe.

68. You hold a special place in my heart, you hold the key to my love. Good afternoon, love.

69. I can’t lose sight of your love, that’s what keeps me going! Good afternoon, my love.

70. Your love is my motivation to keep moving on and even if I want to give up, your love wouldn’t let me. Good afternoon, lover.

71. To live is to love and that’s why I’ll spend the rest of my life loving you! Good afternoon, my love.

72. I never knew angels are special beings in human form until I met you, all you do for me is what an angel will do. Good afternoon, my angel

73. I want to take a moment out of your busy schedule to tell you how much I love you. Hope your afternoon is going on well, handsome.

74. When I saw the sun shine brightly, all I remembered was you because you’re my sunshine! Good afternoon, my sunshine.

75. I’ll spend the rest of my days, dawn, noon and dusk telling of our love because it’s the most beautiful story. Good afternoon, sweetie.

76. Not even the distance is strong enough to stop my love for you. I’ll love you, regardless. Good afternoon, my baby.

77. Your presence is all I need to turn things around and since I’ve met you, I can’t boast of any better! Good afternoon, my complete piece.

78. Nothing seems wrong with your love, all things are just right with you! Good afternoon, babe.

79. I’m at ease when I’m by your side, your love is soothing and I just love the feeling! Good afternoon, babe.

80. I don’t know how much I love you but I know my love for you grows by the day! Good afternoon, my love.

81. All I want is to be by your side always to love you and cherish your affection. Good afternoon, baby.

82. I’ve never felt love until I met you, yours is pure and true and it kept me thinking of you always! Good afternoon, my love.

83. A pleasant afternoon to you, my love. May you find joy in all you do this noon time.

84. I can’t trade the moments spent with you with anything else in the world, those moments are priceless! Good afternoon, sweetheart.

85. Do you know what it feels like to be consumed with the thought of the person you love? I can’t concentrate on anything except you! Good afternoon, babe.

86. I know you might be having a hard day at work and that’s why I’m sending you all my love through this message to make you happy. Good afternoon, sweetie.

87. The day is beautiful but it’ll be more beautiful to hear your sweet voice this afternoon. Good afternoon, my beauty.

88. You bring so much happiness to me and make all my days beautiful with your love, so I want to thank you for all of these. Good afternoon, Prince Charming.

89. Every day with you is a reminder of a beautiful life we’ve got. I’m thankful for your love, always! Good afternoon, damsel.

90. I’ll be by your side no matter what, I’ll be there to always cheer you on. Good afternoon, beautiful.

91. The sun is shining beautifully but all I can think of is your face because it gives me the most beautiful shine! Good afternoon, my sweet girl.

92. I’m glad your love chose me, I’m glad I have your heart to own! Good afternoon, my damsel.

93. I’ll keep reminding you of my love to you, not even the times can make it fade! Good afternoon, angel.

94. The atmosphere with you is peaceful, all I ever want is to be in your arms forever! Good afternoon, love.

95. Your love is as amazing as you are and I can’t bear to lose any of these! Good afternoon, beautiful.

96. Nothing is as sweet as a pleasant afternoon with the one you love, it raises the emotions and fuels the passion. A pleasant afternoon to the one I love.

97. I look forward to seeing you every day because you’re the harmony to my heartbeat. Good afternoon, angel.

98. I wish you were here with me to stare at the beautiful rays of sunshine together. I miss your company, a lot! Good afternoon, my love.

99. I hope the afternoon is treating you well, if not, just give me a call and I’ll be by your side! Good afternoon, my angel.

100. I find it hard to concentrate on my work here just because you’re not here. Hope you know you distract me. Good afternoon, damsel.

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