Biblical Good Morning Quotes for Someone Special

2023 Biblical Good Morning Quotes for Someone Special

The best thing anyone can start a day with is a verse from the scripture stating the promises of God for our lives. Anyone who begins his day with God will never be defeated because He is mighty and does not fail.

Here are biblical quotes you can send to your Christian friends and loved ones as good morning wishes and good morning messages. Just select as many as you want and send to them. Show them how much your love and care.

Good Morning Biblical Wishes Quotes

Good morning biblical wishes quotes and good morning biblical text messages for someone special to wake up to.

1. God shall keep a lamp burning on your path, as you go out today, you shall not stumble. Good morning.

2. Life is a gift to be cherished and appreciated. No matter how difficult life is, a brand new day is an indication that new beginnings are ahead.

3. Don’t take for granted the power of prayer as you wake up each morning. Prayers open new doors and opportunities. That is all you need to live a beautiful life.

4. You are the light of the world. Shine brighter, more than you have always done and blessed others this beautiful morning.

5. Your labour in life shall not be in vain. Goodwill bless your labour as you set out to work this morning. You are favoured.

6. Whatever yesterday looks like today is another new day to start afresh and to impact your world. Just believe in God. Success starts from the mind. You are whatever you think you are.

7. You can overcome your challenges because God has given you victory. Quit worrying and fretting. Today will be pleasant.

8. There are a strength and vitality that each morning brings. You have the strength to face life. You have Jesus. Keep winning.

9. Every authority is under God. He will speak in your favour. He has your best interest in heart. Believe in His love, as you set out today.

10. Everything will surely work out for us in Jesus name. We don’t need to be scared and intimidated. I wish you a blessed day ahead.

11. Commit your ways into the hands of God. He is here to listen to each of your desires and wishes. Enjoy His love this morning and always.

12. Trust God and follow His orders, you will end up praising Him. He will surely fulfil your heart desires. Have an excellent morning.

13. Your day shall be as bright as the shining star at night because God shall guide each of your steps and decisions. Enjoy His love today and always. Good morning.

14. God will give you speed to achieve your goals faster. You shall mount up the hill of success without getting tired. Have a good morning.

15. Sorrow might endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Today is the beginning of a new dawn. Good morning.

16. A beautiful morning to you. A day full of hope, favour, mercy and peace. God is your guide. He will walk with you throughout today.

17. The same God who delivered Daniel in Lion’s den is alive till today. His power remains the same. His power of deliverance will manifest in your life today and forever. Good morning.

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18. Your affliction might be overwhelming. It might be choking you. God will come to your aid and turn things around. He is God every time. I wish you a beautiful morning.

19. God will deliver you from your challenges and troubles. Just keep trusting in His. Today is a new beginning. Good morning.

20. Praise God for all He has done and all He is yet to do. He is a God that never forgets His promises. Today is a day of miracles. Good morning.

21. You shall come back home with a mouth full of praises. Set out with confidence, your God is in charge. Good morning.

22. He is your provider. He shall meet you at every point of your need. You are not born to lack because you have a great God. Have a pleasant morning.

23. The joy of the lord is your strength. His mercy shall forever be yours. Wake up trusting Him for miracles

24. Wake up with thanksgiving to your creator and praises to Him. He will lead and guide you out of the darkness of life. Have a beautiful morning, friend.

25. Life is not about how much labour you can do but how merciful God is to bless the labour of your hand. God will bless you now and always. Good morning.

26. He is a big God, His might is unimaginable. Start to see God the way He really is. Your success in life depends on the way you see him.

27. The source of your joy will not dry up. Your hope will not be cut short. God will answer your prayers and give you quick answers.

28. Begin to achieve greatness, step up the ladder of life. You have a God who is bigger than your biggest setback.

29. Dream big dreams. Dreams that are bigger than you. You have a big God. Good morning.

30. With God, everything is possible. He can still the stormy sea of your life in a minute. Only believe in Him and He shall work in your life.

31. Your awaited breakthrough will not tarry. You shall be granted speedy answers in Jesus name. Good morning.

32. May your dreams come to pass in due time. May your labour be rewarded. May God answer your prayers. Good morning.

33. Be grateful for life. Wake up with the song of thanksgiving on your lips. Appreciate what God has done and all he is about to do.

34. Take each of your steps with faith in the creator. He is a God that faileth not. He does not forsake those who put their trust in Him. The Holy Bible is a good reference. Good morning.

35. Walk with your head held up high. You have a king as your father. The king of kings.

36. Your life shall be covered with abundant favour. God will challenge traditions and laws for your favour. Good morning to you.

37. Once you start your day with prayers, you will be fine all day. God will take charge of every minute of the day. Good morning.

38. Even if you can only pray in whispers because of your fear and doubt. Just do it. He listens to even those prayers said in your heart. Keep believing in Him. Today will be a great day. Good morning.

39. Talk to Him in prayers as you wake up this morning. Lay your burden on His shoulders.

40. You are engraved in the palms of the creator. He is always there for you. Start your day with bliss because you have a caring father.

41. Put the devil to shame in all you do today. Begin a beautiful day with faith in your creator.

42. Life is easy with God. Involve Him in your plans and decisions. Only Him can do it. Have a pleasant morning.

43. Today is a new day. The failure of yesterday does not matter, make today a fresh beginning and you will excel. Good morning to you.

44. May all of your heart desires be met speedily. The Lord will answer all of your prayers in due season. A beautiful morning to you.

45. May your heart be filled with joy always. Your life shall be filled with success and favour. Have a beautiful day today. Good morning to you.

46. May people help you today. You shall find favour from both young and old. Your day shall be bright and beautiful. Good morning.

47. May the success of today wipe away the pain of yesterday. Your days of success will start from this moment. Good morning, dear friend.

48. May your heart be filled with joy as from this moment henceforth. Your heart desires shall be granted in Jesus name.

49. As you go out today, you shall return with a mouth full of praise and thanksgiving to God. Wake up and face the day with courage.

50. Today will mark the end of pain in your life. Your days of laughter has begun. Good morning.

51. You shall find inspiration when you need it. You shall not go dry or empty. God is with you. Good morning.

52. My prayer for you this morning is that you shall find grace in the troubles of life. Things shall come easy for you. Enjoy the amazing grace of Christ.

53. Trust in the lord. She shall establish you. You will get to your promise land soon. Good morning.

54. Your day shall be fruitful, prosperous and full of joy. A good morning to you, darling.

55. Today, you shall receive more than your heart desires. Success will surely be yours. I wish you all the best. Good morning.

56. For every joy, you have given to me, the love, sympathy. I pray you to receive in folds from God. Enjoy the unlimited favour of God. This morning will be beautiful.

57. You are one of the reasons I keep being hopeful. You inspire me and I will forever be thankful. I wish you a beautiful day ahead. Good morning.

58. You are a great blessing to me, a source of inspiration and joy. I wish you the very best this morning and the rest of your life.

59. Your heart shall be filled with joy and your ears with good news. Have a very good day, friend. Good morning to you.

60. May the invisible hand of the creator wipe away tears from your face. Today is the end of your sorrow, you shall begin to smile today. Good morning to you.

61. You shall receive grace to do the impossible. Success is yours. This is a beautiful morning.

62. Put your hope on top gear. Strive to be better than what you were yesterday. You are an overcomer. Enjoy your victory. The day shall be beautiful.

63. Be hopeful, today will be better. Stand up to the challenges life might throw on your path today. Success will surely be yours. Have a beautiful morning, dear.

64. Today is the beginning of breakthrough for you. Amazing testimonies shall be yours. Have a beautiful morning.

65. The great power of God will rescue you from your enemies and give your cause to praise Him. Good morning.

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66. You share experience amazing grace. The Lord God of the host will keep and guide you through today. I pray you to have a good morning.

67. You shall be favoured. You shall experience all round victory. A good morning to you, dear friend.

68. He is a kind good, beautiful in all His ways. He loves you from the depth of His heart. Have a great day ahead.

69. You are the light of the world, the child of an excellent king. Shine forth and show the world how amazing your father is. Good morning.

70. The Lord will be gracious unto you and make His face shine upon you. You are blessed. Good morning.

71. I am so glad to have you as a friend. You have been so good to me and I would say that I am really lucky to have you. I wish you a beautiful morning.

72. Each morning is telling us that we are not forgotten by God. He has amazing plans for us. And they will all come to pass by His grace. Have a beautiful morning.

73. Your life shall be bright just like the full moon at night. You shall begin to prosper from this moment on. Good morning to you.

74. The thunder of the Lord shall smite the host of enemies waging war against you and your family. You shall come back with songs of praises to God. Have a beautiful morning today.

75. Your dreams and aspirations shall surely come to pass. Just keep dreaming and believing in God. I love you, dear friend. Good morning.

76. You shall sing a song of victory, your days of mourning is over. Jubilate and praise the king of kings for he is kind and His mercy endures from generations to generations. And forever. Good morning.

77. The key to the door of your success will be handed to you today. The devil has lost the battle over your life, just begin to rejoice. Good morning.

78. The joy of the lord is your strength. Wake up to a day full of possibilities. Good morning to you, friend.

79. This is a new day. A day full of amazing opportunities and grace. Unlock all the privileges packaged for you. Good morning.

80. The Lord reigns. He is the ruler of heaven and earth. He will shake heaven and the whole world for your sake. Good morning.

81. Live and be happy, for the Lord God is ready to open new doors for you. Today is the beginning of victory.

82. The future will be great, don’t be discouraged because of all that you see now. Your future is bright. God plans for you is to be fruitful. Good morning.

83. Maximize every potential today and break new grounds. Challenge the status quo and do wonders. You are created for exploits. Good morning, dear friend.

84. It shall be well with you. All your toil today will be crowned by the special grace of God. I wish you a pleasant morning.

85. Today will be full of surprises and testimonies. At the end of today, you shall have all cost to praise God.

86. All the impediments on your way shall be broken in Jesus name. You will mount up mountains with no sweat. You are blessed.

87. I am wishing you all round success and unmerited favour in your endeavours today. Good morning.

88. The Lord shall meet all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Your day of lack is over.

89. Hope the night sleep was beautiful. I am sure you have gotten enough strength to face the new day. God is with you.

90. Good news shall be yours all through today. You shall find the favour of God and man. Have a good morning, Friend.

91. Don’t murmur. Back away from every discouraging word. Instead be thankful and prayerful. A very good morning to you.

92. Be inspired. Put your best into today. The diligent shall sit before kings and not ordinary men. Good morning, dear friend.

93. May every moment of today count as a success for you. Your life will not be wasted. Your efforts will not become futile. Good morning.

94. Today is the beginning of new things in your life. Your destiny is secured. Favour will find you now and always. Good morning.

95. Your path will be bright. As you step out today you shall find favour and you will have all the cost to glorify the name of the lord.

96. A new day gives you the chance to try new things, to right the wrong decisions you have made in the past. You have every moment of today to make possible the impossible.

97. The devil is a loser over your life. You shall give amazing testimonies to the glory of God. A very good morning to you.

98. May you never make plans that will cut short the plans of God for your life. His will for you shall prevail. Good morning.

99. It is true that God does not fail. He will never fail you. Just keep praying and believing Him for miracles. Your victory is sure. Good morning.

100. In this new day, you shall move from strength to strength. The strong hand of the Lord will hold you and you shall not stumble.

101. You have a father who will never leave you by yourself. He is a father indeed. He will guide you and make your ways prosperous.

102. You are my friend. A very good friend. From the depth of my heart, I pray that you shall find all round favour and victory. God will bless you. Good morning.

103. This morning shall be a morning of favour and victory for you. Your mouth shall be filled with amazing testimonies. Good morning, dear.

104. Life might be difficult for all but yours will be different. You shall experience all round victory now and forever. In the name of Jesus.

105. You shall never experience darkness. The joy of the lord is your strength. He will keep your foot from slipping. Good morning.

106. Waking up to a new day is a blessing to be thankful for. Today is a blessing. May the grace of God follow you from this moment to the very end of the day.

107. God will bless you beyond your greatest imagination and the world will come together to have you celebrated. Good morning to you.

108. Today will be an amazing day for you. Victory and Favour will line your path. And God will help you fight all your life battles. I wish you a beautiful morning today.

109. Today is s day of recovery, you shall recover all your lost blessings in the name of Jesus. Good morning

110. The breakthrough you have long awaited will locate you today. Favour will knock on your door and your hope will not be dashed. Good morning to you.

111. Everything will be alright. The fact that you wake into a new day shows that all will be well. I wish you a beautiful morning.

112. Be strong in faith because everything will soon be alright. Never back down or get discouraged. Today is a new beginning, a beautiful morning to you.

113. You shall experience awesomeness in every sphere of your life. You shall be made whole and happy. Your day of lack is over. This morning shall favour you.

114. The grace of God shall be activated in your life. Your day shall be as pleasant as the full moon. You are highly favoured. Have a beautiful morning today.

115. Open your heart to love and your thinking to new possibilities. Be strong and break new grounds today. You shall be favoured this morning.

116. May all your heart desires be met. Your day to day toil shall yield good result in Jesus name. This morning shall be beautiful.

117. Weeping may endure for a night but joy will surely come in the morning. This morning will surely make the beginning of joy in your life.

118. Good morning, friend. Wake up and step out into divine favour and blessing. Good morning.

119. God shall silence your mockers and enemies. He will lift you up the ladder of life. You shall experience unlimited favour throughout today.

120. Divine favour is yours and success awaits you today and forever. Today shall be one of the best days of your life. Have a beautiful morning, my good friend.

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