2023 Best Good Morning Prayers for My Boyfriend to Wake Up To

I’m sure you love your boyfriend enough to want only the best things that life has to offer, for him. And perhaps, you happened to find yourself on this page without intentionally searching, don’t hesitate to go through. Who knows? You might need to use the prayers one of these days.

And because boyfriends can be amazing people, because they can go lengths to see that you’re happy and glowing, because they can fill your life with so much love and happiness, we’ve put together the best good morning prayers that your boyfriend can wake up to.

It’s 2023 ladies! Keep the prayers rolling in, keep the good wishes rolling in, keep the love going, and keep the hope that God hears and answers your prayers for your boyfriend.

Good Morning Prayers for My Boyfriend

Power good morning prayers for him to Wake Up to. Beautiful Good Morning Prayers for My Boyfriend.

1. Sweetie, you know that I love you like crazy. Hence, I never stall on any opportunity to pray for you. So, I pray for you this morning that, as the mountain surrounds Jerusalem, the Lord’s angels will surround you. As the Lord has promised to satisfy us with long life, I pray that this comes to pass in your life too. I pray for your health and finances; there is both restoration and preservation, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Good morning, babes.

2. My love, I trust that your night was as good as mine, yeah? Honey, as you’ve made my life so much sweeter and peaceful, may your day be the same. May the joy of the Lord be your strength today. You will identify needs and come up with appropriate and lasting solutions to them; amen. Good morning.

3. I pray that you’re susceptible to more brilliant ideas and inspiration. I pray that you don’t get caught in the web of frustration; there is clarity of mind for you. I pray that you have the ability to make sound judgments regardless of the situation. I pray that you have the wisdom of the Lord to conduct today’s activities. In the name of Jesus, amen. Good morning, babe.

4. Your life is safeguarded from accident of any sort today; amen. Angels are always on guard to shield you from danger of any sort; amen. Your day is as beautiful as you’ve made me feel; amen. You’re helped of God and man; amen. Your day goes without a hitch; amen. Good morning, love.

5. Everything you come in contact with today will work out for your good. The mercies of God will speak for you much more today. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, everything is working out for your good today, and for the rest of your week. You’re God’s beloved hence; you are going to achieve all you’ve planned to. Good morning, dear.

6. Sweetie, you are strengthened in and out your body. Sickness dries up for you and your family. You don’t spend your finances on frivolities for the rest of your week. You use your money for only productive ventures. Your finances are protected. You don’t run into any messy situation. In the name of Jesus, amen. Good morning, sugar.

7. You and your household will be known for signs and wonders; amen. May the work of your hands prosper beyond your imagination; amen. May you get positive answers to your pending proposals; amen. May your day be filled with all the joy and sweetness there is; amen. Good morning, my king.

8. Because God lives, you can face today and the rest of your week. I don’t care about all you’ve had to go through; I only know that the Lord will cause His face to shine on you always. Regardless of the situation report, I know God isn’t done with you; I know the Lord will never leave you hanging. And today and for the rest of your days, you will come to know this as the truth; amen. Good morning, man of my heart.

9. Whose report shall you believe? For me, I choose to believe the report of God for you, and that report records long life, prosperity, good health, unlimited favor, unimaginable blessings, constant protection, unlimited supply of inspiration, and God’s wisdom and understanding for you. Good morning, sweetie.

10. Today, I pray for you, that you come out of the activities of the day victorious and unscathed. I pray that today and the rest of your days will be special for you, and give you every reason to be thankful to God. I pray that you find contentment and fulfillment in your activities of the day. Amen. Good morning, darling.

11. If I could, I’d want to go everywhere with you to protect you; but I obviously can’t. But I’ll trust God to watch over you always. Good morning, love.

12. May all you’ll witness today be evidence of God’s faithfulness to you; amen. Good morning.

13. May all you’ll experience today be the goodness of God in abundance. Good morning, baby.

14. May you experience kindness, today, that will leave you speechless and in awe; amen. Good morning, sugar.

15. The mercies of God will speak for you today and in the days beyond that. Good morning, dearie.

16. You’re favored of God today; your day is favored and working for your good, in Jesus name. Amen.

17. May the blessings of God be showered upon you all through today; amen. Good morning, boyfriend of mine.

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18. May love and laughter accompany you all through today, in Jesus name. I love you.

19. I fear for you a lot; the nature of your job doesn’t warrant for anything else. But I trust God to always look after you for me. Good morning, my prince.

20. I trust that God will make things right for you today and in the days beyond; amen. Good morning.

21. The extent of my love for you makes me want to shield you from harm’s way always; doesn’t want you hurting at all. But I know God will always do right by you. I love you, sweetie.

22. I believe God to help you triumph over today’s problems and adversities, and I know He has heard my prayers for you. Good morning, love.

23. You know, you’re never helpless. The Lord is your help, and you’ll see this in action always. Amen.

24. You’re preserved by God all through today; He will not suffer you to dash your foot against a stone. Good morning, love.

25. Today, I pray for you; that you’re in perfect health, and not derailed by the tiniest of discomforts. Amen.

26. You’ll have no reason to complain of being scammed today, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

27. I know that the Lord will perfect everything that concerns you, today, and in the days to come. Good morning, darling.

28. May you experience the peace of God like never before this morning and for the rest of the day. Good morning, prince charming.

29. May God cause your joy to be full to the overflow today; amen.

30. Sweetie, I pray for you this morning, that you’ll blossom as a leaf that is by the waterside; amen. Good morning.

31. Nothing you do today will wither; in Jesus name, amen. Good morning, darling.

32. I pray for you this morning, that you are delivered from wicked men that may opt to hurt you. Good morning, dear.

33. I pray that you will experience only amazing things for the rest of today and the days beyond that; amen.

34. May you experience nothing but good news for the rest of today; amen. Good morning, babes.

35. The Lord is your refuge, and I know He’ll always safeguard you. Good morning, darling.

36. You won’t have any reason to experience disaster today and for the rest of the day; amen.

37. The Lord will shield and guide you today and the days after; amen. Good morning, love.

38. Sweetie, the Lord is your comforter; He’ll comfort you today and for the rest of your days. Amen.

39. Don’t be discouraged; I know God isn’t done with you yet. Good morning, babes.

40. The Lord is your sustenance; you don’t have any reason to lack today, in Jesus name. Amen.

41. Delivered is what God calls you, and that is who you remain. Good morning, love.

42. He will answer when you call, and He will satisfy you with your instant response. In the name of Jesus, amen. Good morning.

43. You’re not hopeless; the Lord is your hope to you. Good morning, prince charming.

44. The Lord will always attend to your needs; in the name of Jesus. Amen.

45. Your path is always aligned to where God would have it be. In the name of Jesus; amen.

46. Rejoicing won’t be seen departing from you or your household, in the name of Jesus. Good morning, angel.

47. The Lord is your shepherd, hence, you shall not want today; amen. Good morning.

48. And when you’re troubled, the Lord will uplift you and make everything smooth again. Good morning, baby.

49. You will never have reasons to be ashamed; amen. Good morning, sweet.

50. For as long as the Lord lives, you will never be dragged to shame; in Jesus name, amen. Good morning.

51. He is for you and never against you. This is His promise to you, and He will fulfill it today and every other day for you; amen.

52. Your enemies are already in submission because of Jesus; go out with no fear whatsoever. Good morning, babes.

53. The Lord cares for you immensely; this I know too well. Good morning, dear.

54. You already have dominion to conquer all that life throws at you today and any other day. Good morning, sugar.

55. You will not perish today, or in the coming days; amen. Good morning, sweetie.

56. You’re lifted by God, and high is where you’ll always be. Good morning, love.

57. The Lord has arisen for your sake, and He will fight all your battles and care for your needs. Good morning.

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58. Don’t fret; the Lord has surely perfected everything that pertains to you. Good morning, dear.

59. He hasn’t forgotten you, and He will not forsake you. Good morning, my love.

60. Reproach and shame shall not be found within you and your household; amen. Good morning, dearie.

61. The Lord is your portion for as long as you live; in Jesus name, amen. Good morning, babes.

62. Preservation is your portion today, in Jesus name. Amen. Good morning, sweetheart.

63. In the days of trouble, the Lord will hearken to your voice and save you. Amen.

64. He is your savior for a reason, and He will continue to save and fight for you. Good morning, sugar.

65. The Lord is your strength; you’ll be fine, baby. Good morning.

66. He will exalt and uplift you always; in name of Jesus. Amen.

67. For because the Lord lives, your life won’t be cut short as well. Amen. Good morning, honey.

68. I pray that today will be a very beautiful one for you, in the name of Jesus; amen. I love you, darling.

69. The works of your hands will prosper abundantly, in the name of Jesus; amen. Good morning, love.

70. Fear not, the Lord is always with you. Good morning, sweetheart.

71. You are a son of God, and as such, things work together for your good. Good morning, sweetie.

72. Where you weren’t accepted before, you’re going to be accepted there today; amen. Good morning, darling.

73. Everything you do and touch for the rest of today will turn out to work in your favor; amen. Good morning, handsome.

74. You won’t have reasons to regret whatsoever today; amen. Good morning, my love.

75. I pray for you, darling that you’ll shine brightly today and for the rest of your days. Good morning, babe.

76. You’ll do great things; I never doubted this for one moment. And you’re going to see this in manifestation this year. Good morning, honey.

77. I know the Lord will protect you always and cause His face to shine upon you today; amen. Good morning, sweetie.

78. Out of you shall flow rivers of blessings and open doors, in Jesus name; amen. Good morning, love.

79. I don’t have to worry my head about your safety; Angels are already on guard for you. Good morning, love.

80. The sun may shine hot and bright, but it will not scorch you. Have a productive day, sweetheart.

81. May blessings that you never dreamt of having come to you today, and for the rest of your life; amen. Good morning, love.

82. May you reek of God’s blessings and favor that even a blind man will be able to tell that you’re blessed. Good morning, boyfriend.

83. It’s a thing of privilege to be alive on this fine morning, and I’m thankful to God for your life. I pray that He will continue to safeguard you. Amen.

84. Today, I pray that even a peek of darkness will have no place in your life; amen. Good morning, darling.

85. May nothing separate you from your divine helpers today, in the name of Jesus; amen. Good morning, dear.

86. Already, I know your day is filled with glad tidings and laughter; amen. Good morning, love.

87. I pray that the eye of your understanding is enlightened much more today; amen. Good morning, love.

88. May today be an amazing one for you, in Jesus name; amen. Good morning, darling. I love you.

89. May your brightness never dim; may your laughter never wane; amen. Good morning, love.

90. May God fill your life with all the sweetness there is; amen. Good morning, babe. Have a swell day!

91. As you step out for the day’s activities, you step into God’s blessings and protection; amen. Good morning, sweetie.

92. May you never be at a loss for what to do; I pray that direction is yours. Good morning, darling.

93. Today, I pray that your hopes for the day will not be cut short; amen. Good morning, love.

94. The Lord is your strong tower. Hence, you’re always protected from the evil that flies past the day; amen. Good morning, sweetheart.

95. Boyfriend of life, I know that your day will be all that you imagined it would be; amen. Good morning, babe.

96. May lack and want never be your portion; whenever you need helpers, may you always find them; amen. Good morning, sweet.

97. Nothing will be able to stop God’s blessings and favor for you today, in Jesus name; amen. Good morning, my love.

98. The path before you today is clear and bright, in Jesus name; amen. Good morning, darling.

99. I pray that the difficulties you’ll encounter today are all combatted; amen. Good morning, my joy.

100. You will never have reason to ask if you’re an unfortunate man; the tides are turning for your favor; amen. Good morning, dear.

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