Good Morning Messages for the One I Love

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Thank You For Being My Love
I woke up this morning with eternity in my mind.
Not for any reason than having you in my life.
Your deeds of love are unprecedented –
Too much to place a price tag on.
Thank you for being mine.

I Owe You My All
My life has not been this wonderful.
My love life is a story for in a lifetime.
I owe you my all for loving me this much.

Thinking Of You My Love
Happy day 3 Golden Rules:
1. Thou shall not wake up without thinking of me
2. Thou shall not sleep without hearing from me
3. Thou shall not read this without smiling

You Are All That I Want
What else in life do I want after getting you?
It will be so disappointing trying to find anything else.
You are my love and my love, with you I’ll stay forever.

I Desire Your Love Everyday
Your love has taught me more than life has.
Your love has given me more than I ever wanted.
You will be my all-day desire and I’ll be yours forever.
Thank you for reading these good morning sms messages.

Olalekan Adebumiti

I'm far away but always near.
And it's my pleasure to have you seeing my face today again.
Ready for the long wait? I go again!
Olalekan Adebumiti

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