Good Morning Messages for the One I Love

Thank You For Being My Love
I woke up this morning with eternity in my mind.
Not for any reason than having you in my life.
Your deeds of love are unprecedented –
Too much to place a price tag on.
Thank you for being mine.

I Owe You My All
My life has not been this wonderful.
My love life is a story for in a lifetime.
I owe you my all for loving me this much.

Thinking Of You My Love
Happy day 3 Golden Rules:
1. Thou shall not wake up without thinking of me
2. Thou shall not sleep without hearing from me
3. Thou shall not read this without smiling

You Are All That I Want
What else in life do I want after getting you?
It will be so disappointing trying to find anything else.
You are my love and my love, with you I’ll stay forever.

I Desire Your Love Everyday
Your love has taught me more than life has.
Your love has given me more than I ever wanted.
You will be my all-day desire and I’ll be yours forever.
Thank you for reading these good morning sms messages.

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