Good Morning Messages for My Lover

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I didn’t know when I slept yesterday after hearing your voice.
Sincerely, It’s been long this happened to me.
I am so sure this will continue forever.
Unending thank to you my love.

To sleep, many people take expensive pills
But just a word from you is enough for my night.
If I’ll have to pay, I’ll have to give my life for it.
Thanks for your love. Good morning love.

With joy my heart leaps when I woke up,
I knew you would always pray the angels to watch over me.
I really slept like I baby indeed. Morning love.

I had don’t have any worries for the day,
Whenever I start it with a word from you.
It’s time to say the words gently once more.
I’m waiting for your call. Good morning.

You never asked me why I always laugh whenever you call me in the morning and now I’ll tell you.
Waking up with the thought of you is enough to give me all the joy I want for the day.
I’m sure I can’t pay you for this in my lifetime. I owe you my all!

Olalekan Adebumiti

I'm far away but always near.
And it's my pleasure to have you seeing my face today again.
Ready for the long wait? I go again!
Olalekan Adebumiti

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