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Good Morning Love Sms for My Love | For Him or Her

Good Morning To My Best Friend And Lover
With every crow of the roosters
With every chatter of the birds
With the dawning of the new day
I wish you happy new day. Morning love.

I Love You So Much
My first thought this morning was Why me?
Why am I loved this much!
Why is my heart always at rest?
It’s no other reason than your love
Thank you for everything. Good morning.

Good Morning To You My Angel
Like I’ve learnt, great minds think alike and great hearts think ‘alove.’
I just thought of you and I know it’s same there.
I whisper ‘good morning to you’ and hope it gets there.

Want To Hear You Say Goodmorning
Just put the phone by your hear and what will you hear?
It will be nothing but Good morning, I love you.
Don’t doubt me, try it and you’ll know it’s real.

A Special Morning Message For You
The rooster crowed so special this morning
So special that I could hear everything it said.
It said, ‘I love you!’ Good morning my heart.

You have just read Best Good Morning Sms.

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