Best Romantic Morning Sms Messages for Him or Her

Good Morning My Love
God has been faithful to me.
For the first time, I slept like I never did.
The joy you bring into my life, is more precious that the best pill
I promise to give you all of me for this. Good morning love.

I Am Complete In Your Love
If there’s a place I find solace, it’s in your love.
I wake up every morning knowing I’m saved with you.
You are more than I could tell. I love you.

Your Love Keeps Me Alive
People say, when there’s life there’s hope
But this morning, I’ll like to change it to:
When there’s love there’s hope. Why?
Because I knew I was dead emotionally but your love did raise me.
You are so exceptional and one in millions. I’m grateful. Morning.

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To My Wife | My Husband
There’s no better glory of a morning without a good story of the night.
My night was splendid just because I have you.
Nothing is me without you. Good morning love.

To My Guy | My Lady
If anyone has something to boast,
I’ve more than enough too.
Every morning I wake up,
and thinking about your love for me,
I just know I do not deserve this much.
I’m proud of you.

I Will Love You Forever
I am sending this message to you my love
And I hope it will make you have a better day.
I just came to say I love you so much.
And forever, I will always do
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