Good Morning Prayers for My Daughter

Good Morning Prayers for My Daughter

Does God listen to/answer prayers? Yes. So, who should you turn to when you want to ask for something beautiful, like a good day for your daughter? You know the answer.

Also, prayers are one of the things you owe your children and those you love.

Apart from the fact that they are heard by a God that answers prayers, your daughter knowing that you’re praying for her can also strengthen her faith. As a matter of fact, seeing your prayers for her can make her feel blessed.

Don’t you see that prayers are one of the sweetest things you can do for your children regularly?

Well, you know why you need good morning prayers. My job is to make sure you have them, and I’m sure I did a good job in writing these for you.

You’ll win if you bet that your daughter will love these good morning prayers for my daughter, these creative, cute, lovely good morning prayers. My advice for you: check them out and send one to her ASAP.

Powerful Good Morning Prayers for Your Daughter

“Dear powerful God, I am pushed by the big and good things you do to ask you for something little this morning. There’s this daughter of yours that I also call mine, and two of my prayers for her are that this morning will be beautiful for her and today will be lovely for her. Amen.”

1. Dear Lord, a day with much happiness and many successes can not be a good one, so I’m praying that my daughter enjoys these today. I pray she smiles much today. I pray she doesn’t cry today. I pray that you make her day so amazing that she’ll give it five stars if she is to rate it. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, I have direct access to the one who can make my day brighter than the word itself — You — and that’s something I am thankful for. I am not unaware that you can do whatever you can do for me for my daughter. I pray you to give her a sweet, bright day, a day better in all ways than yesterday. Amen.

3. Lord, if my prayers don’t enjoy good reception from you, I don’t know what enjoys it. That’s why I’m happy to make this one for my daughter. I want her to have a day that will leave her feeling blessed and happy. I pray that she will have a day that brings smiles to her. And I’m thankful because you are listening to me as I pray. Amen.

4. God, I am as sure as the word itself that my daughter’s hands will be receptive to the blessing of a good morning and a great day. Please, let her have a day with many successes and beautiful blessings. Please, give her a happy and great day. And I thank you for your good plans for her. Amen.

5. Dear Lord, it’s beautiful to know that you’re powerful enough to give my daughter the today of her dreams, and to know that hearing from me is a thing you crave for. I pray that today will be a day my daughter will rate “awesome.” I pray that today will be a smiles-filled day for my daughter. Amen.

6. Dear God, if you can’t give my beautiful daughter a day as beautiful as she is, I don’t know what you can do. I pray she has a lovely day today. Amen.

7. Father, your art says a lot, and one of the things it says is how powerful you are, and I doubt your power becomes limited when it comes to giving my daughter something beautiful, like what I am asking for now. I am asking for a beautiful day for her. Amen.

8. Lord, I don’t trust the banks I use as much as I trust you to give my daughter a beautiful day today. And I trust these banks very much. Please, bless my daughter with a happy, lovely day. Amen.

9. Dear Lord, for now, I don’t care if putting my hands together makes my prayer more beautiful. I just want my daughter to have a sweet day. Amen.

10. Father in heaven, I don’t need to auto-tune before my voice sounds pleasing to you, and I know that. So, I’m asking you to bless my daughter with a good morning and a great day. Amen.

11. Dear awesome God, you have deserved to be rated “awesome” for many years, and I know it. I interpret you giving me your ears to mean you love me and I’m thankful for that. My prayer is that you give my daughter a lovely morning and a beautiful day. Amen.

12. Dear powerful God, is it not you that should take the credits for the many beautiful things we have? Thank you. You know the details of my prayer, but I’ll say one request: a good day for my daughter. Amen.

13. Dear beautiful God, you have your ways. I find them creative, amazing, and beautiful. And I’m proud that they’ve been used to bless me in the past. This is one of my prayers today: please, bless my daughter, your daughter, with a lovely day. Amen.

14. Dear amazing God, waking me up today is beautiful, adding another day to time is mind-blowing, and listening to me feels awesome for me. Please, give my daughter a day she’ll remember because of how amazing it was. Amen.

15. Dear powerful God, if the list of the wonderful things you’ve done is not the longest list ever, I don’t know what is. I rate you “awesome.” I pray you to bless my daughter with a really beautiful day today. Amen.

Good Morning Prayers for My Daughter to Have a Good Day

“My lovely daughter, since your birth, good days looked good on you, so I don’t mind adding praying for you to have one to my morning exercise routine. One of my prayers for you this morning is that you will have the kind of day you can describe as “awesome!” Good morning.”

16. My beautiful daughter, does your beauty tell you it will be great if you have a great day today? Because I’m sure that’s what it tells me. My prayer is that your day will be very lovely for you, so lovely you’ll rate it five stars. Amen. Good morning.

17. My lovely daughter, since having a great day is nothing similar to having a disease, I pray that you will have one today. Since having a great day is something you’ll love to have, I pray that you will have one today. Amen. Good morning.

18. My amazing daughter, you don’t have a body that reacts negatively to you having a great day, and that’s why I’m sure that I want you to have one today. May your day be lovely and beautiful. Amen. Good morning.

19. My great daughter, I’ll be less glad, and will not even say this prayer, if today is a day when God’s strength has limitations, but it’s not! My prayer is that your day will be great and lovely. Amen. Good morning.

20. My awesome daughter, it’s with the excitement that the God who adds days and years to time listens to me when I pray that I am praying that your morning will be beautiful and day, sweet. Amen. Good morning.

21. My sweet daughter, if having a lovely day is on the list of things that are bad for you, then the list has a lie in it. One of my prayers for you every day and today is that your presence in a day will make it a beautiful day for you. Amen. Good morning.

22. My darling daughter, one of the things I won’t trade for the world are you having a lovely day. I’d probably change the shape of the Earth if that will make your day beautiful. And one of my prayers right now is that today will be really good for you. Amen. Good morning.

23. My pretty daughter, I feel like the second word in this prayer is itching to be a word that describes your day, and preventing that from happening is not in my plans. I am praying that your day will be great and lovely. Amen. Good morning.

24. My lovely daughter, if wanting a beautiful day for you is found on a list of wrongdoings, that list can’t claim to be equal to the truth. I pray that your day will be lovely and sweet for you. Amen. Good morning.

25. My beautiful daughter, if you are not receptive to having a great day, I don’t know what you’re receptive to. So this is me trying to give my daughter something she loves. My prayer is that your day will be really beautiful and lovely. Amen. Good morning.

26. My amazing daughter, the thing that makes me wake up with a wish for a beautiful day for you is one of my favourite things. This is me praying for your day to be very lovely, even more, lovely than the universe permits. Amen. Good morning.

27. My sweet daughter, if you’re me, you’ll be sure the clouds won’t change colour if you have a great day. One of my prayers for today is that the day will be bright, fair and lovely for you. Amen. Good morning.

28. My great daughter, I have impatience issues when it comes to when you should have a great day and when next you should have another. I pray that every day will be beautiful for you, starting today! Amen. Good morning.

29. My awesome daughter, I know it’s easy for God to make today a beautiful one for you, as easy as it is for me to make a playlist of songs you love. This thing that is easy for God to do is one of my prayers. Amen. Good morning.

30. My darling daughter, for now, I don’t care if it’s public knowledge that days you’re enjoying and loving look good on you. I just want you to have a great day today. And that’s one of my prayers. Amen. Good morning.

After reading all these, here is my question for you. You found really lovely good morning prayers here, yeah? I’m sure your daughter will love them too.

And if you can share this list with fellow mothers and fathers on your contact list, I’ll be more than happy and thankful.

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