Good Morning Prayers for My Sister

Good Morning Prayers for My Sister

Family is love, faith, strength, care, attention, fights, resolution and everything you can think of and more. The joy of having people you can call family is second to none and there’s this peace that comes with knowing they are always there for you. In every family, sisters hold a major role and they carry a heart – caring and sweet like a mother.

If you have a sister, you have the whole world and praying for her in your closet is amazing, but also letting her know through a message that you are praying for her, is super amazing and makes a whole world of difference. Like the Bible says, “How truly wonderful and delightful to see brothers and sisters living together in sweet unity! (Psalms 133:1 TPT)” Living together in unity strengthens the bond of siblings and you can always count on prayers to make it sweet and amazing.

The morning gives you the opportunity to send a prayer prompt to your sister to kick start her day. A prayer point and a beautiful one that will make your sister know that you care for her and always have her in your prayers. From needs to blessings, every prayer you need to wish your sister a good morning, I have it here for you. Please, make your choice out of these powerful good morning prayers for my sister and give your sister a fresh start for her morning.

Good Morning Blessings to Your Sister

Your new day is blessed. Everything you desire will come to you with ease and your prayers for fulfilment and success receives speedy answers today. Your day is blessed and God brings pleasant surprises your way. Good morning, sister. Welcome to a blessed day.

1. It’s a bright day filled with goodness and mercy. As you step out today, sis, I pray that God will whisper your name in the Ears of your helpers. Your ways are blessed and you receive blessings upon blessings until your heart is enlarged and you cry for joy at what great things God has done for you. It will be a day to look back on. A day we will remember for good. A day we will point to as a fresh start in your life. Step out with confidence and receive all that has been made available for you.

2. Good morning, sister. Do you know that there are blessings waiting for you in your day? Now that you know, stand up, get dressed and get going because as you step out, God will surprise you with multiple blessings. You will be favoured in all your ways and help will locate you where you are. You will have more than enough and God will perfect your ways. You are highly appreciated anywhere you go today. Have a pleasant day ahead.

3. The blessings of the Lord be with you. Your going out and coming in today is blessed. You will never encounter any evil on your way and when all hopes seem lost, grace will speak for you. Receive breakthroughs and open doors. Today will be better than yesterday and your morning will be filled with testimonies and singing. God will show up for you. Good morning blessings to you, sister.

4. It’s a beautiful day and I pray that God will add colour to beautify your life. You will enjoy supernatural exploits and your health will be restored. You won’t suffer sudden illness and weakness. You will be called on to receive good news and pleasant gifts. Your name is being mentioned for good today and for the rest of the week. Good morning, sister. Do have a wonderful day.

5. You are always in my prayers, sis and today, I pray for you that you will experience sweetness, peace, joy and love. The blessings of the Lord rest upon you and where men are cast down, there will be lifting up for you. God’s goodness will look good on you and you will show His glory. Your life becomes an admiration to all and they will see God’s good work and glorify your Father in heaven. Remain blessed today and always, sis.

6. This morning, I bless you, sis. I pray that heaven will come through for you and all the blessings you have always desired, it comes to you with speed.

7. You are blessed in your going out and in your coming in, sis. The light of the Lord shines upon you. Favour will locate you and your day is blessed. Have a fruitful day ahead.

8. For every curse, you receive a blessing and no weapon formed against you will prosper. You will always be glorified in the blessings of God on your life and strength into your heart and your bones.

9. A blessed morning to you, sister. Whatever you lay your hands on will prosper. The blessings of God pursue you, rest on you and go ahead of you to perfect God’s will in you.

10. You are blessed today, sis. Your joy will be full and you will experience sweetness in all your ways. Blessings in your heart and in all your ways. You triumph gloriously

11. The Lord bless you with the dews of heaven. Cause the earth to favour you and make you find help in all your ways today. You are blessed this morning and all through the day.

12. The Lord will shine His light upon you and uplift you. He will be your refuge and your fortress and deliver you from every appearance of evil.

13. Arise and shine and be lifted up above your enemies, go forth and be glad for your light has come and the glory of the Lord will continue to shine upon you everywhere you go.

14. May the Lord make His face shine upon you and bless you more than your expectations and deliver you from the wicked ones.

15. May the good Lord bless you and increase your knowledge. You are for signs and wonders. No evil will prevail over you, the Lord will perfect His work in your life, sis.

16. The sky is your limit, so you are untouchable from the evil ones. The Lord is your strength. May He preserve your soul and enrich you.

17. The Lord will give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways and make your way prosperous.

18. The Lord is your strength. May He shower His love upon you and keep you in every area of your life. With long life, He will satisfy you and show you His peace. Good morning, sis.

19. God’s favour will continue to shine upon you as you step out today. God’s blessings will continue to locate you and let His light shine through you every step of the way.

20. You are a chosen generation: a royal priesthood for the Lord has set you high above all your enemies and granted you all heart desires. You will see the hand of God in all you do today. God bless you, sis.

21. As you step out today, you will not fall into the hands of the evil ones. You will meet people that will bless you and God will keep you and preserve you from all dangers.

22. As you step out this morning God’s goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life. May you be in the house of the Lord even as you go on with your day.

23. God’s mercy will continue to speak for you. Your days are blessed. You live to fulfil God’s purpose for your life and nothing will steal your joy.

24. As the Lord was with the Israelites in the wilderness, I want you to know that God is with you always in those circumstances and even when you don’t feel Him near, He is leading the way and making a way for you.

25. I speak life into your day, sis. This morning will bring wisdom to you and in the afternoon, you find blessings and peace. The night utters knowledge to you and you live a blessed life always. A beautiful morning to my beautiful sister.

Good Morning Prayer Messages for Sister

I pray for you today, sis, every evil on your way is removed and replaced with goodness. You receive breakthroughs in every situation and grace speaks for you in every place you visit today. Your life becomes a miracle to God’s glory. Good morning to you, my sister.

26. In Jesus name, you triumph gloriously over every obstacle and at the end of today, we will look back and bless God for the great things He has done in your life.

27. My sister, good morning love. As you wake up today, I pray it will be a refreshing day. You will conquer with ease and you will climb and overcome every mountain with rejoicing.

28. Every hill becomes a plain before you and you will never wander in the valley of life. Victory is yours and you live in its fullness today and always. I love you, sis.

29. To my favourite sister, I pray for you, every negative energy will be far from you and your thoughts are purified to be positive at all times.

30. You will excel. You won’t experience a better yesterday and a bitter today, but your life and joy will be renewed daily by the power of the Holy Ghost. A sweet morning to a sweet sister.

31. In your life, sister, I pray that God will take the stage and have His way in your life. You are blessed on every side and God’s glory radiates on you.

32. Good morning, sister. Welcome to your best day yet. You are blessed in the city and you are blessed at home. You are lifted up above every obstacle and you win on all sides.

33. To my beautiful sister. I pray that this new day will bring beautiful things your way. You will have more than enough and your mouth is filled with songs of praise. Good morning my sister.

34. I pray for you, sis, your health is renewed and by the stripes of Jesus, you are healed. Health is restored to your body and God renews your strength.

35. I reject every form of weariness on your path today. You receive strength from above to do what you have to do and the grace to have it done accurately rests upon you.

36. Sister, good morning. It’s a beautiful new day and I pray it will be a glorious beginning of blessings in your life and in your place of work. You are victorious.

37. The light of God moves over you today. You will conquer all around and sufficient grace is made available to you to complete your task.

38. The Lord will have His way in your life. He will use you as a mighty vessel of honour and peace and everything about you will tell of God’s goodness. Good morning, sis.

39. Stay strong, sis. Victory is ours and we will overcome this challenge. God won’t leave us to our fate. He will come through for us and it will be a testimony. Have an amazing day, sis.

40. My sister, I cherish the woman you are becoming and I love how you stand strong at all times. Your strength won’t be reduced and your knowledge keeps increasing.

41. Every obstacle on your way is removed and replaced with favour and grace. God will connect you with destiny helpers and you will get what you deserve with ease.

42. As you step out this morning, goodness and mercy will follow you. The Angels of the Lord will guide you and you won’t fall into evil. A blessed morning to you, sis.

43. Good morning my sister. As you go out today, your desires come true and everything you want to achieve comes to you easily. You are wonderful and wonders will never cease from your life. Keep winning today and always. A beautiful morning to you.

44. Step into your new day of excellence. It is a day of signs and wonders for you. Every detail of your life receives a fresh touch and you will succeed, sis.

45. Wakei, wakei!! It’s a beautiful day and there are lots of testimonies out there waiting for you to step out and embrace what heaven has for you. Your desires will be fulfilled in Jesus name.

46. The manifestation of God’s word comes to pass in your life and destiny. Your prayers are answered speedily and we all celebrate with you. Good morning, sis.

47. Everything that stands on your way to success is being broken down and I pray that God will give you speed and make you triumph gloriously.

48. You will be above always and not beneath. In your place of work and all around you, keep being the head and the best. God will give you the wisdom you need to keep going higher.

49. Everyone seems to have a complaint or the other about life. I pray that your words about life will be how greatly God has helped you and opened you to a wonderful beginning.

50. You break through on every side and you experience divine provision in every area of your needs. You are blessed today, sis.

51. God will come through for your silent prayer request and troubles. What seems like a high mountain before you become plain ground and you will enjoy God’s grace.

52. Today is a day of double manifestation of God’s greatness in you. Every request will be delivered to you in multiple folds and you will enjoy heaven’s goodness.

53. You are lifted and divinely helped today. Light shines on your path and the glory of God will rise over you. Good morning, sis.

54. This morning, I prayed for open doors and showers of blessings. What you have struggled for will come through for you in an easy way and you will experience God’s love in all your ways.

55. God loves you, sis. I want you to always remember this and I pray that He will reveal His love to your heart and make you see how much He cares for you today and every day.

56. The ideas that will make you overflow with abundance, I pray that God will give it to you and your heart will be enlightened to understand the ways to achieve it.

57. This morning, I pray God will give you the right concept to make your dreams a reality and God will show you the perfect way to achieve it quickly. Good morning, my wonderful sister.

58. Your day is blessed with the right knowledge to scale through your schedule. You will navigate through life with multiple blessings. I wish you a beautiful day ahead.

59. You will become a person of great influence in the home, your workplace and in the world at large. You will be a positive force to reckon with. Keep being your best.

60. I pray that you have everything you want and nothing good will depart from you. Keep being an excellent person. You will win today.

Powerful Good Morning Prayer Quotes for Sister

Good morning, my sister. I pray that Favour will locate you where you need it most and your strength will be renewed to greater levels. You are blessed and inspired to live your dreams. Have a beautiful morning and a blessing filled day ahead.

61. Being a sister with you is a huge source of healing. I pray that God will always make you happy and give us reasons to always celebrate you. Good morning my sweet sister.

62. You are strengthened in your spirit, soul and body. Health is your and divine vitality comes to you. Enjoy God’s healing today and beyond.

63. Every attack of the enemy on your health, I call an end to it today and I pray that you will live a victorious, healthy life. Your strength is renewed and restored to you today in Jesus name.

64. As you go out today, a thousand shall fall on your side and ten thousand on your right hand, but no evil will come near you. With your eyes, you will behold and see God’s glory in your life.

65. You are covered by God’s grace and His love speaks over you. Keep radiating in the beauty of the most high today and always. Good morning, sis.

66. Any plans of darkness to steal you away from us at your prime, I come against it in Jesus name and I pray that from now on, you God will fight for you and show you mercy. Good morning.

67. I pray for you today, sis, the faith you need to believe and receive your desires, God will give it to you and He will make a way for you speedily.

68. Welcome to a new day, sis. A day of signs and wonders. A day of salvation and open doors. A day of God’s glory being revealed in you. Have the best of the day, sis.

69. I always pray for you and today I receive speedy answers to our prayer requests over you. Things are getting better and they will keep getting better every day. Good morning, sis.

70. I pray that you will be marvellously helped until you prosper and every plan you have, Grace and mercy will speak for you to have it fulfilled. The joy of the Lord is your strength.

71. My sister, you are fearfully and wonderfully made and in any negative situation that wants to make it look otherwise, I pray that God will come against it today.

72. I pray for knowledge and understanding in your exams today. You will excel and come out with flying colours. Good morning, sis. Go there with confidence and succeed.

73. You are blessed in your going out and in your coming in. Your thoughts are ordered by the Lord and every good thing you set your heart to do will be accomplished. Good morning my sister.

74. God will come through for you and He will establish your path. I plead the blood of Jesus on your way and I ask that joy will fill your heart daily.

75. Your new day is blessed. What you set your hands on to do prospers and your day is splendid and glorious. Have a wonderful day ahead.

76. Good morning, sis. The light of God shines over you and through you today. I reject every form of confusion on your way. You are light and you keep shining.

77. You are covered by the blood of Jesus and your going out and coming in today is blessed. You won’t have a bitter experience today and we will rejoice in your testimony.

78. My sister, good morning to you. I pray that your day is filled with God’s glory and His grace speaks for you. It is well with your spirit, soul and body.

79. Your mouth is filled with pleasant things today and every day, God will give you gifts that will beautify your life. Enjoy God’s abundance this new day.

80. Your new day is blessed and it becomes your best day ever. You will have memories of this day and it will be remarkable. Rejoice in God’s goodness today. You are blessed.

81. You have sown in tears, in Jesus name, you begin to reap with joy, sis. Today marks the beginning of a bountiful harvest for you and your joy will be full.

82. Good morning, sis. Everything you have applied for is being delivered to you and you are called into a higher position today in Jesus name.

83. You are protected from all evil today and none shall come near you. When evil is close by, God will take control and lift you away from that atmosphere. Your day is productive.

84. Because you abide under the shadow of the Almighty, no evil will befall you and no plague will come near your dwelling. It is well with you and yours and you experience a sound mind today.

85. Enter into God’s rest today, sis. God has promised you divine help and He is coming through for you. Don’t give up on Him because He is coming through for you in ways you never imagined today.

86. My sister, there’s a way God comes through and those who saw you yesterday will begin to wonder if you are the same person. I pray that God will come through for you that way today and your life will be a testimony. Good morning.

87. It’s a wonderful day ahead. I know this because I have prayed for you and I’m sending this message so you will remember to share your testimony with me. Enjoy divine intervention today, sis.

88. Showers of blessings, open doors, divine protection and open heavens over your life today, sis. God bless you and make His name glorified in you.

89. To a bright new day I welcome you, sis and I pray that everything God has in store for you today will be delivered to you. Good morning, sis.

90. Everything you hope for, heaven will speak for you and your expectations will not be cut short. Your hopes are fulfilled for good.

91. Our faithful Father will perform His faithfulness in your life today. He will grant you peace in your heart and in your bones. Success is yours today and always.

92. You have such a good heart, sis and I pray that God will look upon your heart and bless you in return for all the good you extend towards others. You are blessed and lifted, sis. Good morning.

93. I pray that you won’t meet any distractions on your way. Anything that will steal your joy, I pray it will be taken away and God bless you today and always, sis.

94. God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus. You won’t lack anything good today. I wish you a very wonderful day ahead.

95. You won’t experience sorrow in your life today and everything that opposes God’s peace in your life, God will take it away. It’s a beautiful day for you and you will rejoice and be glad in it. Good morning, sis.

96. Welcome to a day of multiple blessings. Before you recover from one, God will make it double and while you are rejoicing in that, God will pour down His abundance on you. Good morning my sister.

97. A new day signifies a beautiful beginning. I pray that everything you set out to do today will be beautiful and you will experience God’s best in all your ways.

98. Good morning my sister. I pray that the joy of the Lord will be your strength. I speak life into every discouragement and weakness, you will triumph over it today. Have fun and shake every weariness away.

99. Your morning is blessed and filled with good tidings and your evening is blessed and filled with wonderful news of how you have been marvellously helped today. Enjoy God’s goodness all through.

100. Your path is prosperous and I pray that God will give you beauty for ashes and crown you with goodness and mercy in all your ways. You are blessed and God is glorified in your life. Good morning my sister.

A day that begins with prayer is such a beautiful day because God always wants us to get Him involved with our day and surrender our plans to Him. Praying for others makes heaven glad too and the joy of sharing our testimony to answered prayers is amazing. I believe these good morning prayers for my sisters have blessed you and I’m sure there are testimonies attached to them. I’d love to hear your testimony. Please, remember to share with me below.

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