2024 Best Good Morning Prayers for My Husband to Wake Up To

Prayer is the master key. It opens hitherto inaccessible or impossible doors. It brings hope to a hopeless situation. Prayer works miracles, signs and wonders. It gives us unlimited access to the throne of grace where destinies are rescued, saved, delivered and established.

Prayer is a direct communication from an earnest heart to the ears of the almighty and all-powerful God. The bible says “unto the Lord that answers prayer shall all flesh come” (Psalm 65:2).

To see the desired change, all you have to do is to ask, keep on asking (Matthew 7:7) until God answers. Prayer brings the supernatural hand of God into a situation that’s beyond the power of man.

In a world of instability, constant change, temptation and challenges, your husband needs your prayer to stay above the water, fulfil destiny and achieve goal/purpose.

A stitch in time saves nine. Prayer is the weapon of battle that you can use to avert evil in your husband’s life or turn evil tides to positive ones. There’s power in prayer. A wife’s prayer is especially effective because by finding and marrying you, your husband obtains favour from God (Proverbs 18:22). You are his soulmate.

If you care for a great start for your husband every day, good morning prayers are the thing to do. Send a powerful prayer for your husband to wake up to: it is the best early morning gift you can offer him.

Everyone faces different challenges, hurdles or problems on a daily basis. A good morning prayer for your hubby to wake up to is a great reminder that you care, God is able and that all will be well.

Care to show your man how much he means to you? Do you want to be a change agent in that daunting situation in your husband’s life? Is your husband’s business or work being threatened? Any problem that has defied human solution?

Take your pick of any of the following good morning prayer to wake up to in the year 2024. God will answer your earnest prayers for your darling husband.

Good Morning Prayers for My Husband to Wake Up To

Powerful Good Morning Prayers for Husband to Wake Up.

1. Dear Father, I commit my husband to you this morning. Please, clothe him with strength, grace and favour. Help him to carry all his burden and put a smile on his face, today. Encourage him in every way and increase him on every side in Jesus name. Darling husband, the Lord will go ahead of you today and smoothen every crooked path in your way. That crushing obstacle before you shall turn into overwhelming testimony. It shall be well with you. Good morning, my sweet. Have a blessed day!

2. Good morning, love of my life. As you set out today, you’ll step into unlimited favour, extravagant joy, and extraordinary grace. Men and angels shall favour you. Everything that has been working against you, will start working in your favour from today. May the desires of heart receive express attention before the throne of grace. The Lord will clothe you with honour and dignity; you shall not be put to shame, in Jesus awesome name.

3. Good morning, my dearest husband. As you go into today, may you enjoy the dew of favour from heaven. Every confusing matter before you shall become clear. In the name of Jesus, you shall receive unusual insight, understanding and wisdom to solve the problem. Instead of being ridiculed or threatened, you shall be greatly honoured and revered before your colleagues and superiors. Shame and disaster shall be far from you. You will come back home with testimonies, by God’s special grace. Have an awesome day!

4. This morning and beyond, you will experience more miraculous turnarounds beyond your expectation. The power of prayers that worked wonders in the lives of Paul and Silas that liberated them from the hands of their tormentors shall break every invisible shackle and fetter of the wicked people in your life. All the blessings that God has promised you shall not elude you in the name of Jesus. There shall be no more delays neither shall the enemy withhold from you all the blessings the Lord has released to you, henceforth. Good morning, my dearest husband. Have a victorious day!

5. Today, God will open your ears to His directives. You shall receive divine direction concerning your business. The Lord will lead you to your miracles. Your business shall receive His divine touch for unprecedented success. High net worth customers will rush you from today, as the Lord breathes favour and grace into the work of your hands. Nothing good shall be withheld from you. Men and angels shall favour you in Jesus name. Good morning, my sweet husband. You are blessed!

6. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command every opposition to your harvest, every demonic blockade in the spirit world, every satanic accuser in witchcraft covens, every marine aggressor against your notable testimony; to dry up by fire and wither forever in Jesus name. Your light shall break forth like the morning, and your healing, your restoration and the power of a new life shall spring forth speedily in Jesus name. You shall call and the Lord will answer. Before you call Him, He shall answer you. In Jesus powerful name I pray. Amen. Have a great day, my love.

7. Good morning, my Prince Charming. As diamond never ceases to sparkle, nothing will remove the radiant glory of God from your life. As sure as the sun rises every morning, so shall your greatness emerge in Jesus name. The Almighty God will shake the heavens and the earth, and cause your enemies to loose their evil grip on you. The mercy of God shall speak for you today and beyond, All things shall work for your good. Where other are being cast down, f you shall be lifted up. The whole world will celebrate you. You shall know no sorrow. Your season of rejoicing begins now, in the mighty name of Jesus. Have a great day, my love.

8. Good morning, my charming husband. Today, the Almighty God will reload your life with new songs; He will rebrand you for excellence and greatness and He will upgrade your life to a newer and better version, in Jesus name. You shall not be relegated or forgotten at your place of work; you shall be relevant and revered. You shall not be overlooked for promotion. Your star will shine brightly and your appraisal shall be super favourable. Your promotion will come with unusual benefits in Jesus name. You will move from heights to heights without falling, by God’s awesome grace. Have a great day!

9. Good morning, my Crown. This morning, the Lord shall intervene in your affairs. He will defeat, disappoint, disgrace and destroy all unpleasant experiences in your life. All satanic opposition to the position you desire to attain shall be bulldozed out of your way. The God of grace will give you the power to overcome disgrace. Today, the floodgate of heaven shall open for you, you will experience positive changes in every area of your life. Instead of shame, you’ll be honoured. Instead of dismissal, you shall be promoted. You shall sing for joy and rejoice. God’s immeasurable blessings will be rained upon you, in Jesus name! You are blessed!

10. Today, my prayer for you is that God will dry up every source of discomfort, sorrow, limitation and failure in your life. He will grant you fresh insight to His divine plans. He will guide and guard you to your next level.
As the dawn breaks today, may you experience a powerful breakthrough. May the Lord, my God anoint you with the oil of gladness. Your cup of miracle, testimony and joy shall overflow. All you need to be a responsible husband and father, the Lord will shower you with them in abundance. Your helper of destiny shall locate you speedily, in Jesus name. Good morning, my husband.

11. This morning, God’s grace will announce your greatness. Mercy will usher you to your table of upliftment. Favor will overwhelm you. You shall not stumble as God takes you to places of honor. God will watch over you and water your seed. You will reap a bountiful harvest and your efforts will not be wasted. You will enjoy the work of your hands. Good morning, my champion. Have an awesome day.

12. May the God of good news announce you today. On the wings of the dawn, your breakthrough shall break forth. You will not waste away. Your waiting will end with a good reward. You will make it by His grace. Helpers of Destiny will locate and help you to have a fresh and glorious start in Jesus name. Good morning and have a wonderful day, my dearest!

13. God, the unchanging changer, will visit your foundation and heal everything affecting your peace and progress in Jesus powerful name. As you go out today, I prophecy to your life: go and possess all your heavenly ordained possessions. You will be favoured. I pray that you will achieve your dreams and reach your deepest desires and potentials in life. May God transform every lack into abundance. God will see you through all your challenges, in Jesus name. Good morning, my heart delight!

14. You are God’s chosen vessel: a carrier of His grace and explosive anointing, you are blessed beyond every imagination. Today shall be a very special one for you. The grace of God upon your life shall be activated for great blessings today, in Jesus name. Enjoy your day to the full, my darling. Good morning!

15. Good morning, Honeypie. As you step out today, you shall step out of frustration and obscurity. Miracle shall locate you. Men and angels shall vie to favour you. Among your contemporaries, you shall be preferred. Today, you shall be overwhelmed with good tidings, as the Lord restores all your lost glory. Have a memorable day, my love!

16. Good morning, sugar pie. My heart blesses you: may you obtain favour from the Lord today. As you always try to do your best for me and our little angels, may the Lord satisfy all your desires with good things. You will not experience lack, loss or failure. You will experience nonstop divine enablement for success. Have a fruitful day, my dearest husband.

17. Before you call, the Lord shall answer you speedily. As soon as you ask, He’ll hear you while you are still speaking. As you pour your burden to God today, He shall give you lasting relief and peace. God’s help will come through for you and He’ll banish all your fears in Jesus name. Good morning, my pumpkin. Have a blessed day.

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18. Good morning, my sweetie buns. I know you are under a lot of pressure; so, I pray for you this morning that the peace of God that passes all understanding shall rest upon you. In the name of Jesus, God will grant you divine wisdom and a special grace to handle/tackle all the challenges that come your way today. Have a blissful day, love!

19. You are not alone, the Lord is with you, my husband. He will go ahead of you and be your advocate. He will fight your battles for you and grant you victory on every side. Do not be afraid, my love. The battle is of the Lord’s. It is settled! Good morning, sugar. Enjoy a victorious day!

20. Good morning, my treasure. It’s going to be a wonderful day! The Lord shall perform signs and wonders in your life that will wow everyone and firmly shut the mouth of your detractors. Every conspiracy against you shall be exposed, frustrated and foiled in Jesus name. Your enemies shall unknowingly do things that will favour you. Be at peace, dearest. Have a great day!

21. Good morning, my rare gem. May God fill your life with songs and laughter. May the Lord protect you from all evil and bring you unspeakable joy. May you continue to shine in the brightness of God’s light as He brings you an awesome morning. Have a beautiful day, handsome!

22. Good morning, gem. Thank God for another beautiful day and the wonderful testimony of yesterday. You shall move from grace to grace, in Jesus name. The grace to door more exploits shall be given to you. More doors of excellence and achievement will be opened wide for you. Have a blissful day, dearest!

23. Today, may the Lord season the work of your hands and decorate it with excellence. May all you do today meet with favour in the sight of men and angels. You shall go forth in joy and return with songs of praise. Good morning, sugarplum.

24. May the Lord shed light on every hidden thing before you. You will no longer operate under a cloud of gloom. I rebuke every spirit of confusion and frustration plaguing you at work. I pray that the Lord shall grant you understanding like men of Issachar and cause His light to shine on you. Good morning, sweetie buns.

25. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength, His glory shall be your rear guard. As you go out today, your miracle job will locate you in Jesus name. An appointment of unusual benefits shall be handed over to you without a struggle. You shall return home rejoicing in Jesus awesome name. Good morning, my treasure.

26. As you set out today, you will be recognised for all your good works, in Jesus name. Those in charge of your upliftment will neither sleep nor rest till the book of record of your outstanding deeds is read and acted upon in your favour. It’s your time if harvest: you shall be remembered for promotion in Jesus name. Good morning, my darling. Keep your hope alive.

27. Every solution to daunting problems that has eluded you till now, will appear with clarity today in Jesus mighty name. You will not be put to shame, confused or confounded. Receive insight and wisdom by the power of the Holy Spirit! Good morning. Have a lovely day, my sweetie puff.

28. May all your past good deeds speak for you today. The Lord will not remain silent concerning your matter. The Glory of Israel will not abandon or forsake you; He will help you. Congratulations in advance. Good morning, my champion.

29. May the Lord bless you from Zion and cause His face to shine upon you. May He answer your cry for mercy and be with you in times of distress. Good morning, my treasured gem.

30. As you wake up this morning, may the eyes of your understanding be enlightened to see God’s plan unfold in your life. The Lord will give His angels charge over you, to keep your feet from stumbling, falling away or error. It shall be well with you in Jesus name. Good morning, my love.

31. When others are saying there’s a casting down for them, you shall arise and declare a rising up for you, in Jesus name. You will not be put to shame, neither will you be humiliated. In Jesus name, favour and honour shall be your portion. Good morning, dearest husband.

32. This morning, may your light shall brighter and brighter. May the Lord open doors of opportunities for you today. You shall come back home rejoicing. Your testimony shall last in Jesus awesome name. Good morning, Honey.

33. As the dawn breaks today, may your joy break out on every side in Jesus name. May you receive double honour where you’ve been despised. You will be celebrated where you’ve been rejected. Nothing good shall be withheld from you, henceforth. In all your ways, the grace of God shall be sufficient for you. Good morning, sweetie. Have a beautiful day!

34. The Lord will go ahead of you today, He will open doors for you and gates will not be shut against you in Jesus name. Lines will fall upon you in pleasant places and great will be your peace. Whatever you decide on will be done; nothing good will be withheld from you in Jesus name. Good morning, my precious.

35. May the Lord prosper your way and grant you journey mercy as you embark on your trip, today. He will grant you success in all your endeavours and keep you from harm. As you negotiate business deals, may the spirit of the living God keep you from every evil hidden thing or unprofitable deals. The Holy Spirit will take perfect control. Good morning, love. Safe trip.

36. You are a shining star, your glory will shine as bright as the sun. Whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper in Jesus name. May the peace of God envelope and saturate your whole being. Have an amazing day, my darling. Good morning.

37. It is a dawn of a new day. I commit you into the able Hands of the Almighty God for multiple blessings, abundant grace, success and mercy. Where you need help, the Lord will send help from above. When you are troubled, my God will speak comfort to your soul. When you are weary, God will strengthen you. Good morning, my sweetie.

38. The Almighty God shall lead you to where your treasures are located, this morning. By His grace, your sun will continue to shine and your glory will be revealed. Your blessings will manifest from today in Jesus name. Good morning, honey pie. Have a great day.

39. From today, may your choices move you through the walls of success. The Lord will grant you the wisdom and understanding. Your life will be an inspiration to many. The deepest desires of your heart will be granted. Your expectations will not be cut short in Jesus name. Good morning, my dearest husband. Have a wonderful day.

40. Today, the Lord will put a song in your mouth. Your testimony shall be great and the whole world will rejoice with you. The Lord will give you a pleasant surprise, and you shall be the bearer of great news in Jesus’ mighty name. Good morning, my beloved husband. Have a peaceful day.

41. Good morning, my Sunshine. You are a precious king, so step graciously into your glory. I decree a hundredfold speedy restoration of all that you’ve lost. Today, your helpers of destiny will locate you without delay in Jesus name. Good morning, my sugarplum. Have a great day!

42. Today, I destroy every satanic shroud used to cover your glory in Jesus name. I release Holy Ghost fire to consume every evil cover used to cover your blessings from reaching you. I command God’s awesome light to shine upon you to attract your blessings to you from today on. Good morning, my dearest.

43. The Lord shall be your refuge, strength and shield. He will be your ever-present help in trouble; your glory and the lifter up of your head. The name of the Lord shall be a strong tower to you; as you run to Him today, you shall be saved. Have no fear, dear husband. God has your back. Good morning, mine.

44. Like the tree planted by the riverside, you will spring forth and bear fruits in Jesus name. Whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper. This morning, you will not wake up early in vain, only to eat the bread of sorrow. Unlimited fruitfulness and joy is your portion. Good morning, my pumpkin. Have a fruitful day.

45. Today is the day the Lord has made; you will rejoice and be glad in Him. This morning, you shall arise and shine, for your light has come. From this minute, the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Receive extraordinary grace to excel in Jesus powerful name. Good morning, my crown of inestimable value.

46. In all that you do today, may the Lord give you a reason to testify of His goodness and faithfulness. May He fill your heart with peace and godly thought in Jesus name. By His mercy, you shall not be consumed by any evil. Good morning, my Jewel. Have a splendid day.

47. I pray for you today that the rest of this year shall be your best period ever. Life will turn the best side on you. The Almighty God will advance you in every sphere. As you knock today, heaven will open and shower its abundance on you. When you call for one, one hundred and one will attend to you. You will experience victory on every side in Jesus name. Good morning, have a lovely day.

48. I pray for fresh unction, anointing and fire upon you today. As you study, the Lord will give you a word in season. As you minister, the Lord will give you utterance. His word will not fall to the ground but will produce fruit of eternal glory. His angels shall minister to your needs as you minister to His flock in Jesus name. Good morning, my dearest. Have a blessed day in God’s presence.

49. In Jesus name, whatever you bind today shall be bound; and whatever you loose shall be loosed. Whatever you decree shall stand and nothing shall withstand God’s power in your life. The Lord will be with you and encompass you with His angels. Good morning, dear husband. Have a great day.

50. May the Lord satisfy your desires with good things. With ease, you will accomplish all you set out to do today. May the Lord bless and keep you this day and forever more. Good morning, my husband.

51. The Lord shall ignite and revitalize your life with His fresh breath. From this morning, you will walk victoriously and progressively. Even in your old age, you shall continue to bear fruit. In the name of Jesus, I silence every hindrance to your manifesting God’s glory. Henceforth, your testimony shall stand and resound in Jesus name. Good morning, darling. Enjoy God’s awesome grace.

52. Today, the wisdom that produces amazing and enduring results shall be your constant companion. You shall work with ease and bring forth fast and favourable fruits like the almond tree. When others groan, you shall sing God’s praises because every door you knock shall be opened unto you speedily in Jesus name. Good morning, my love. Have an amazing day!

53. This morning, I decree every plan of the wicked against you shall fail woefully in Jesus name. Their hands shall not achieve their enterprise. The Lord shall daily load you with benefit and satisfy your desires with good things. Good morning, my husband. Do enjoy your day. God is watching out for you.

54. Good morning, my dearest husband. Have no fear, the Lord is with you. In the name of Jesus, He will build you and establish you firmly in the center of His will. His purpose shall be accomplished in you and through you. The Lord shall deliver you from the grip of fear. His grace shall abound for you. Have a blissful day, my love.

55. As you arise this beautiful day, may the Lord strengthen you to do only His will. May He guide, guard and be with you. He will set you above your challenges and cause you to triumph over them in Jesus name. You will end this day in celebration. Good morning, my gem.

56. Your joy and peace shall not be taken away and your blessings shall not be given to someone else in Jesus awesome name. Today, all that is meant for you shall be released without delay in Jesus name. Good Morning, my husband. Do enjoy your day!

57. As the Lord lives, I decree and declare that your heart is filled with peace and joy. The storms in your life shall end this day. You will no longer be troubled, the peace of God that passes all understanding shall saturate your spirit, soul and body. In the name of Jesus, God’s plan and purpose for your life shall stand. Good morning, my Honeypie. Have a blessed day.

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58. God’s will for your life will stand. His purpose shall be accomplished through you. The counsel of the wicked shall be frustrated in your life. You are blessed. You will stand firm without stumbling in the wonderful name of Jesus. Good morning, sweetie. Enjoy your day!

59. This morning, I decree that the Holy Ghost fire will consume and burn to ashes all the works of darkness and evil altars operating against your destiny. From today, receive fresh fire to fulfill purpose in Jesus name. Good morning, handsome.

60. As you step out this morning, may God bring you in contact with people who will make a huge positive impact in your life. Favour shall answer to your name. Money shall locate and serve you in an overwhelming dimension. Heavens shall be opened on your behalf this morning in Jesus mighty name. Good morning, sugar.

61. God will trouble the hearts of your helpers till they call for the book of remembrance concerning you. Decisions that will favour you shall be set in motion today, in Jesus name. Those who planned evil against you will be compelled to announce your success and promotion. You will start today in expectation and end with a great testimony. Good morning, dearest.

62. It’s another beautiful day. Thank you, Jesus, for the amazing gift of life. My darling husband, I pray for you this morning, God will continually watch over you. He shall turn your worries to wonders, and your trials into triumphs. The mighty arm of the Most High shall lift you high above every flood of life. Wherever you go, the peace of God shall be a shield around you in Jesus mighty name. Have a victorious day. Good morning, love.

63. This morning, I pray that God will make you march forward to your breakthrough. God’s blessing shall continually fall on you. The almighty God will make you a financial wonder to your generation. The works of your hands shall increase your blessings. In the awesome name of Jesus, you will never labour in vain. Good morning, sweetie.

64. Today, as you set forth, you will enjoy special grace. I rebuke every power that works in the children of disobedience, their evil shall be powerless over you in Jesus name. You will never lack for any good thing. Reproach and shame shall never be your portion. You are highly favoured and blessed. Good morning, Husby.

65. This morning, may God approve all your outstanding requests and grant you speed for extraordinary accomplishments. As you go out today, may God watch over you and protect you. You will not embark on a journey of no return. You will go out in peace and return with joy. May your ways be prosperous and successful. God shall bless all your efforts in Jesus name. Good morning, my love. Have a blessed day.

66.No matter the situation around you, you shall return home today with pleasant surprises to the glory of almighty God. Your troubles shall be transformed to testimonies in Jesus name. Everything that’s giving you sorrow, shall bring you joy from today. Do have a wonderful day as you continue to rejoice in the Lord always, my dearest. Good morning.

67. Father, thank you so much for your goodness and mercy upon my husband. I commit his way into your capable hands this morning; please, direct his path. Show him what to do concerning this pertinent matter. He can’t handle it all by himself, he needs your help. Thank you, Lord because you’ll show up for him. In Jesus awesome name, I pray. Amen. Good morning, my darling husband. Have a blessed day.

68. Oh Lord, let your hand of rest upon my husband this morning. You are the help of the helpless, be his ever-present help in distress. Give him hope, make a way for him where men say it’s impossible to make headway. Let your grace be sufficient for him so that the whole world will know that promotion does not come from the east or West, but from you. Thank you, blessed Redeemer for answers to prayers. Good morning, sweetie. Have a swell day!

69. Good morning, my love. May the Lord bless you and be with you. May His right hand uphold and favour you. May he lead you and guide you into total victory. He will keep you close to Himself as you surrender your all to Him. In Jesus name, I pray. Good morning, my husband.

70. Father God, thank you for doing a good work in the life of my husband. Bring it to an expected end. Help him to align himself with your plan by blooming where you planted him. Thank you because he’ll remain unshaken. By your Spirit, help him to be an example of your love everywhere he goes in Jesus name. Amen. Good morning, love of my life.

71. Dear Lord, I choose to trust you in this matter that confronts my husband. I know you are faithful and trustworthy. Help him to stand strong, unbroken and uncompromising. Give him your peace and joy in Jesus name. Amen. Good morning, my champion. Have an amazing grace in God’s presence.

72. The Lord shall frustrate every evil gang up against you. He will be your defence, fortress and your vindication. The Lord will secure your destiny and grant you overwhelming victory in Jesus name. Good morning, my sweetie.

73. The Lord will watch over your going out and coming in. He shall direct and order your steps aright. He will give you double for all your trouble and keep your heart and mind steadfastly fixed on Him, in Jesus name. Good morning, Honey.

74. In the mighty name of Jesus, the Lord will give you godly and seasoned friends in this phase of your life. He will uphold, encourage and strengthen you to be all that He wants you to be. Good morning, my heartthrob. Have a winsome day!

75. I commit you into God’s awesome care. I release all your cares and concerns to God so that you can focus solely on God’s goodness. May the Lord release the gift of faith to you so that every impossibility becomes possible; as you continue to place your hope and confidence in God. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen. Good morning, Handsome.

76. The Lord that understands your fears and insecurities will speak His perfect peace into your heart. He shall visit every area of your life with miracles and wonders, in Jesus name. Good morning, dearie. It’s well with you.

77. The Lord my God will show you mercy and shower you with favour. He will connect you with your dream job and give you the miracle of an offer with mouthwatering benefits. In Jesus name, those who mocked you will return to celebrate God’s awesomeness. Good morning, sweetie.

78. Good morning, my darling. As the dawn breaks today, you shall be a recipient of God’s grace and favour. His mercy shall be buoyant in your life. His goodness shall be a never-ending covenant over you. Have an awesome day!

79. May the Lord answer you when you call upon His name. May He provide all you need to be the head of this family. You will never lack for anything good in Jesus name. The Lord shall meet and surpass your needs. Good morning, my Angel. Have an amazing day.

80. This morning, the Lord will work in the hearts of those who owe you to pay you in full. From now on, they shall have on rest till they have cleared their debts. In the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit shall take control of your business affairs and make it profitable. Good morning, dearie.

81. As you set out today, the Lord will go ahead of you. All your activities today shall end with unparalleled joy. Good morning, my love.

82. This morning, the Lord shall give you utterances that no one can gainsay as you attend the meeting today. God’s word shall be your source of wisdom. His peace shall reign among your team members. Have a successful day at work. Good morning, sweetie!

83. Good morning, my hero. May the Lord bless you beyond your wildest imagination. May He keep you safe from every harm and devilish plans. Have a victorious day!

84. I love you with the whole of my heart and I pray that the Lord my God will shower you with His goodness from the abundance of His storehouse. May the Lord answer you when you call upon Him. Good morning, my sugar. Have a sweet day!

85. The Lord shall give you the strength and the courage to face all the challenges that will come your way today. Your strength will not fail you in the day of adversity. You shall have a day filled with unending testimonies. Good morning, my sweetie buns.

86. As you arise today, your helpers shall arise from you. Nothing shall hinder them, they shall hasten to come to your aid. I frustrate every spirit of delay and denial, in Jesus name. From this morning, doors will be opened for you and gates will not be shut against you. Good morning, my superhero. Enjoy a blessed day.

87. May the God of heaven and the earth, open doors for you and give you divine connection. Without a struggle, you will get the desires of your heart in Jesus name. Good morning, dearest.

88. Today marks the end of your tales of woe. As you set out this morning, your testimony begins in Jesus name. Wherever you go today, you shall experience extravagant grace and favour. Mercy will speak for you. Good morning, my sweetie puff.

89. Today shall be a day of surprises for you. All your prayers shall be speedily answered. This morning, God in His infinite mercy shall grant you all your aspirations and inspire you to do more in Jesus name. Good morning, love.

90. This is your season of recovery; from today every good thing you have lost shall be fully restored to you. None shall be missing; all shall be restored a hundredfold. In Jesus name, you shall receive double in return. Good morning, my heart’s delight. Have an awesome day.

91. May your words be seasoned with grace. May the work of your hands receive a healthy dose of excellence and favour. May you be amply rewarded for all your efforts, in Jesus name. Good morning, husby.

92. Good morning, my rare gem. All that the Lord has purposed for you shall not elude you in Jesus name. You shall be overwhelmed by God’s favour. Your joy shall fill up and run over. Good morning, dearest. Have a superb day.

93. Today, you shall receive God’s unlimited love and grace. The Lord shall elevate you in every area of your life. Your joy shall know no bounds as the Lord’s abundant blessings are released to you in torrents. It’s going to rain, my love. The drought is over in Jesus name. Good morning.

94. This morning, I decree exceptional and uncommon breakthroughs for you, my dearest husband. A sudden burst of God’s goodness shall flow on to you in torrents. The era of trickles shall give way to abundance/flood of God’s power, blessings, healing, wisdom and favour. Good morning, love. Enjoy your season of greatness.

95. You shall breakthrough on every side, from this moment. I level every mountain of opposition before you and call forth your blessings from all the four corners of this world. For your sake, the Lord will not keep silent. Every good He’s decreed for you shall stand. God will overwhelm you with His goodness and amaze you with His favour. Good morning, my superhero.

96. In the name of Jesus, Jehovah Raphael will touch every part of your body and heal you of all sicknesses, pains and diseases. I terminate the appointment of every terminal situation in your body and command every trace of all symptoms to disappear completely. May the Lord restore your strength and health totally from today. Good morning, darling. Be healed in Jesus name.

97. May the Lord breathe a fresh life and unction upon your business. In the name of Jesus, the Lord will revive it and restore it into its former glory. He shall add more busy and high net worth customers/clients and you shall experience unprecedented growth. Receive this grace this morning, my sugar. Good morning.

98. Today, I decree that all triangular arrows of defeat, misfortune and failure assigned against you to misfire and boomerang, in Jesus name. I nullify every spell, divination and enchantment against you with the precious blood of Jesus. Whatever the enemy meant for evil against you, I reverse it this morning and turn it around for your good. Congratulations, my love. Good morning.

99. In the name of Jesus, I command rain of blessings, unusual favour, extravagant grace and abundant success to fall upon you without restraints today. Let the cloud that hangs gloomily over you empty its blessings upon you and remove all your past difficulties. You shall experience a season of refreshment from today. Good morning, my dearest husband. Have an awesome day!

100. My earnest prayer for you today is that God will make you strong in all your areas of weakness. He will guard you where you are most vulnerable and fortify you where you are exposed to attack. The Lord shall surround you with the walls of angels and fire. He will be your impregnable wall of defence. Good morning, my husband.

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