Good Night Messages for My Husband with Quotes

Good Night Messages for My Husband with Quotes

Many beliefs are centred around the night. Some dread it as they feel it comes with several mysteries. It is very true that so many folks relapse into the arms of the night unsure of what their dreams will be.

But then, night is also a time of rest. The time of the day when the human body is hijacked by numbness and lassitude which is caused by the rigours and stress of the day.

Just like other wishes sent at any time if the day, sending good night messages for my husband is the sweetest thing to do at the end of each day that might have been a very busy one.

Even if you live together or maybe not, make it a habit to always send any of these sweet and romantic good night messages to your husband.

Let him have a sweet message to look forward to at the end of each day from his beloved wife, it will go a long way to maintain the affections you bought have for each other.

Wish him a good night rest, show to him that your love and care for him is genuine as he goes to sleep at night.

This collection of trending good night prayers messages for him will lift his spirit and help him retire to a wonderful night rest.

Have a Good Night Love Messages to My Husband

Whether he’s near or far away (across the miles), these good night messages and wishes for your husband are the best night doses to send him to the dreamland and leave him connected to you the more.

1. Darling, I know you always look forward to your night rest longingly, well I just want to remind you that I love you and I wish you a wonderful night rest.

2. You are an amazing husband and I appreciate all you do for me to make me comfortable. Sweet dreams my love.

3. No matter how stressful your day may be, you know you’ll always have a wonderful night rest in my arms.

4. For all you do to take care of us and make me happy always, I say thank you, darling. I love you and I wish you a very happy night rest here at my side.

5. A peaceful sleep, a wonderful rest that’s what I wish you tonight baby. I love you.

6. You’ve worked hard today, honey and of course, you deserve a very warm bath and a sound rest. You go ahead and do that.

7. Moments and times of the day comes and goes and but know that I won’t let each night pass into morning without reminding you of my love for you.

8. Sleep tight darling, I know you’ve had a rough day and I wish you a very peaceful night.

9. Today is come and almost gone, I know tomorrow is also gonna be stressful that’s why I wish you a peaceful sleep darling, you deserve a very good night rest so you can wake refreshed tomorrow.

10. We’ll go to sleep and our bodies might go apart, but I want you to know that my mind is with you even in sleep. Sweet dreams my love.

11. I’m lying in bed wishing you were here with me, I know you had to go on that trip to cater for us and I love you, my darling husband. Sweet dreams love.

12. In the mornings I look forward to nighttime, at night I keep looking forward to the mornings again, that’s what your love does to me.

13. Your smile and voice lighten up my days and your presence beside me gives me a pleasurable night rest. I love you darling, have a good night rest.

14. With you, time seems to go faster than I can handle. Goodnight darling.

15. My days are beautiful, my nights are just as awesome because you’re my dream and reality.

16. Whether we’re together for the night or not, you know I’ll always leave a persisting message for you. Have a wonderful night rest beside me right now. I love you, dearest.

17. I smile in my sleep because you made my dreams of being with you every night become a reality. Have a great night rest ahead, darling. Goodnight.

18. The light of your love keeps me company at night when you’re not here with me and our baby. Goodnight my sweetheart.

19. In your eyes, I see love pure and divine. I’d have said you should keep them open all the time, but I know you need to rest them. Sleep tight, honey.

20. Go to sleep darling, God’s got you and the tomorrow ahead you. Have a wonderful rest, because you’re covered, baby. Sweet dreams.

21. Go to sleep darling, tomorrow is sunny and bright for you already. But tonight, it’s just you beside me and us sharing a wonderful sleep.

22. I love you, baby, you mean everything to me and I appreciate your efforts to make sure we’re comfortable.

23. Even in my wildest dreams, I could not imagine that you’ll be beside me every night, but now it is. I love you sweet.

24. As I close my eyes tonight, I want to dream of you. I want to enjoy your embrace even in my sleep.

25. Day and night, our love will never grow old. Come to sleep baby, I can’t wait to hold you close to my heart.

26. I love snuggling close to you every night so that I can have you etched in my memory and my dream.

27. In the mornings, I look forward to the night when I can be glued to you while I sleep peacefully. Sweet dreams to us baby.

28. You know I have every outline of your face and body in my memory. It helps me picture you when you’re not here to spend the night with me. Sweet dreams my love.

29. Dreams can not equal reality, I love that you’re both to me each night and day. Sweet dreams love.

30. The fact that we’ll be spending every night together till the end of our lives excites me so much. Goodnight and sweet dreams to us darling.

31. I love you more every night and new day. I love our beautiful nights the most. Sleep tight my love, I’m right here with you.

32. You can go ahead to have a good night rest as I’ll be right here beside you wishing you a good sleep and a nice dream.

33. I might not be able to explain completely how much I love you but know that you’re my rest even at night times.

34. Nights makes me aware of how much I had loved you all through the day. I can’t wait for tomorrow to love you more.

35. A wonderful and safe night is all I wish you, baby. There’s no doubt that your sleep will be filled with dreams of me.

36. Today again, I was so happy and felt so loved, I know you felt the same way too. Rest now and have a wonderful sleep tonight.

37. Thanks for taking care of me baby, you’re the best husband and lover in the whole universe. Goodnight my love.

38. Just go ahead and have a good night rest, you’re the reason I am a happy woman always. Night darling.

39. I am so happy that my dreams of spending every night lying beside you is finally a reality. I love you every day and night baby. Sweet dreams.

40. Even in sleep, we’re not apart, our nights and dreams are now one. Thanks for loving me always baby, have a wonderful night rest.

41. Many days of being with you have come and gone and I can boldly say that I have never loved you less. Tonight again, I wish you a wonderful night rest.

42. You know I love telling you how much I love you at every opportunity I get. Tonight again, I love you and have a sweet night sleep, my husband.

43. All your dreams will come true just as mine of sleeping and waking beside you every night and morning came true. Goodnight baby.

44. I wish I could take away those stress boldly etched on your face with just a kiss. Good night darling and rest well.

45. Physically and permanently I’m going to be with all days baby, and I’m so happy to do just that. Sweet dreams baby.

46. I always pray that your days be less stressful and your night right here beside me, nice. Sleep tight, baby.

47. As you lay down to sleep tonight, I wish that God’s favour will come to you and make you have a wonderful sleep. Goodnight honey, I love you.

48. The grace of God will bless you and help you find discernment as you go to sleep tonight baby.

49. I promised to hold and love you till death do us part, so this night, I’ll continue in that. I wish you a good night rest honey.

50. The bed is awaiting to have you in already. Close your eyes and let your sleep take away every stress from the day.

51. Each day with its troubles but thank God for nights when we can drift to sleep with no worries at all. Sleep tight, my love.

52. You’re an amazing man and I appreciate each of your efforts for me. I love you baby, have a wonderful night rest now.

53. At last, the night is here and it’s time you lay on the bed cuddles in my arms after a long day. Good night my love.

54. I pray for you every day and night that you have peace of mind and a good rest to prepare you for the next day. Sweet dreams my love.

55. Every single day with you is always new and beautiful, thank God the night is here again that I can be as close to you as I wish every moment.

56. Even in sleep, I wish that dreams of mine keep you company. Sleep, tight love.

57. Even in the night, the light of my love will make you have a sound and peaceful night rest.

58. My love and light, the only special one for my life, I wish you a good night rest ahead.

59. I always sleep on your chest so that I can get a glimpse of what your dreams are like. I wish I could step into them

60. Goodnight and sweet dreams my man, may the Lord give you a good rest and make you refreshed in the morning.

61. I have no fears and worries in the world because you are always with me at nights, holding me in your arms.

62. I am so lucky to be the one you last see at nights and the first in the mornings. Let’s have a wonderful night rest babe.

63. In your eyes are the stars of my universe, go to sleep baby, while I’m here watching you till the morning.

64. Pleasant dreams and a bright and sunny day ahead for tomorrow are my wishes for you tonight my love. Sleep tight.

65. I pray that tomorrow will dawn bright and bring you a step closer to your dreams. But for now, goodnight baby.

66. Every night, you’re strikingly handsome to me. I love that I get to hold you from night till morning. Sleep, tight baby.

67. You always look refreshed and sweet after your evening bath. I love you, baby, good night.

68. Have a good night rest free from worries and stress baby. I love you.

69. It’s night, time for me to appreciate God for bringing you to me. Thanks for all you do for us baby, sweet dreams.

70. I love your arms wrapped around me from night till morning, I love you, baby, a good night rest is my wish for you.

71. Close your eyes baby and dream of me as you always see me in reality. I love you, have a good night rest.

72. You’re my imagination and reality in one. Go ahead and dream of me as much as you want babe. Good night.

73. I’m always here to help you have a good and peaceful sleep, that’s why I’m yours now, always and forever. Good night love.

74. Mornings, afternoons and nights, I love you always and forever baby. Good night.

75. I look forward to the nights as they are the time I get to be in your arms as much as I want to. Sweet dreams love

76. The night is here and I can’t wait for tomorrow to love you even more. Have a good night, my love.

77. My happiness is with you and only you, always. I’m so thankful to you and I would like to say thanks for tomorrow in advance. Goodnight sweetheart.

78. Sleeping and thinking of you at the same time is quite romantic and I love that. I’m happy that I have met you! Good night love.

79. Being with you now and forever is the plan, for now, let’s go to sleep in each other’s arms. Have a wonderful night.

80. If there is anything greater than love, that is what I feel for you. Goodnight, the King of my heart.

81. The darkness of night is here and I’m thankful that I have your love and arms to cover me and keep me warm till morning time. Have a good night my love.

82. My love is here, with you always so go ahead and have a good night rest!

83. Kisses and hugs are on the menu for tonight baby, let’s start them now.

84. A good night kiss always goes a long way to tell me how much you love and care for me. Good night, my king.

85. As the day is coming to an end and the night is here, I wish we’ll continue our romance in the dream.

86. For how hard you’ve worked in the day to take care of me, I say Thank you, my love, and may all the angels guard you this night!

87. Don’t worry about the moon or the stars, I’m right here beside you to help you have a wonderful sleep, my love.

88. The peak of my duty for the day is watching you drift off to sleep while you hold me in a close embrace. Good night my sweet love.

89. Breathe easy baby and fall asleep gently because God’s got you and of course I’m here always and forever.

90. I love that you love and you’re devoted to me always. You’re the best man any woman could have as a husband. Sleep, tight honey.

91. I love everything about you both day and night. Sleeping and waking beside you is one of the best feelings I will ever have. Sleep tight, my love.

92. I love that you do things that make me happy, my dear. I love you so much. Sleep well, and sweet dreams. Good night!

93. You’re the most wonderful and amazing husband on earth. You’re my only love. Good night baby.

94. Laying beside you and in your arms is the best way to end my days and I’m glad you gave me that privilege. Night baby.

95. My real happiness is sleeping and waking with you each day of the week till forever. See you tomorrow darling.

96. I love my dreams, they are always a projection of our love. Good night darling.

97. From the day I enjoyed the happiness of falling asleep and waking in your arms, everything has been perfect. I love you darling, good night.

98. I imagined beautiful nights and sleep with you and it sure had turned out to be beautiful even more than my imagination. I love you King, good night.

99. Falling asleep in your arms is the best remedy I enjoy to having a good sleep. Good night darling.

100. Your side of the bed has gotten so used to you that I’m sure I won’t miss you too much when you’re not here with me for the night Good evening, my beloved husband!

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