Happy 23rd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Celebrating self on one’s birthday is not an alien culture, not anymore. As you devote much time, efforts, energy and enthusiasm to celebrating others, you shouldn’t in any way ignore the anniversary of your own birth.

You have done well by celebrating others and wishing them well on their own special day, who says you can channel the same energy into wishing yourself a very happy day, year and life ahead?

Birthdays come only once a year, you should take your time out and have fun for your special day. Irrespective of whether you’re surrounded by loved ones to help you have a very grand day, still, you shouldn’t neglect to create a sweet experience and euphoria for yourself. Birthdays are cool but some birthdays are spectacular and that’s the occasion of your 23rd birthday.

At 23, you’ve just come out of the frenzy and activeness of the early twenties and now, you’re starting to see life as it really was and not how you presumed it to be. For this new age, if you don’t have anyone to encourage you, you should encourage and motivate yourself. This is the stage that you should make up your mind to get serious and real with whatever life will bring to you.

What do you think of some perfect birthday gifts for yourself? You’re not going overboard, trust me. You shouldn’t forget special prayers too, one ideal way to have a good life ahead is to commit it all to God beforehand.

Be bold, welcome yourself into the big 23. You’ve done well by coming that far and you will surely do well as the years go by. By the way, I heartily welcome you to 23. Happy birthday to you.

23rd Birthday Quotes for Yourself

It’s your 23rd birthday and you deserve all of the celebrations and merriment you get today. No matter what, it’s going to be an amazing year ahead so go ahead and wish yourself a happy birthday with these quotes.

1. I don’t have any reason not to be super excited for today, it’s my 23rd birthday! Thank God for life and blessings so far. My best of days is here already.

2. 23 and fabulous, that’s what I am today. May the whole of this new year and the remaining days count for goodness. Happiest birthday to you me today.

3. It’s not every day that one gets to be a 23 year old so, allow me to celebrate this. The journey ahead is far but I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting one. Happy birthday to me today.

4. In this new year, I say Yes to all positives and good things. I am confident that what lies ahead of me is nothing but goodness. Cheers to my 23rd year on earth, happy birthday to me.

5. See who woke as a 23-year-old today, happy birthday to you me! Cheers to the love and peace that lies ahead.

6. I am strong, I’m bold, I’m awesome, I’m made for more. In this new year and every year of my life, I’ll prosper. Happy 23rd to me.

7. One thing I am looking forward to, is that every work of my hand is prospered exceedingly. It’s my birthday today, please say a prayer for me

8. I may not be throwing a party or getting packages as gifts, still, I’m happy that it’s my birthday today. Happy 23rd to me.

9. This new year, everything that concerns me is made perfect no matter what. I receive the strength not to falter. Happiest birthday to me and many happy returns of the day.

10. No one deserves a special package today other than me! Let’s make the coming days count girl, happiest birthday to me.

11. 23 and a fullfledged adult, that’s what I am today. Happy birthday to me, I deserve all of the prayers you can think of.

12. God’s favour and more grace, I wish for nothing more than this. May the coming days and years be pleasant always, happy 23rd birthday to me.

13. Surely, the goodness and mercies of the Lord will follow me all the days of my life so that I live to express my full potentials forever, amen. Happy birthday to me today.

14. In all, may life be good to me even more than I can imagine because that is what I desire. Happy 23rd to me today.

15. 23 today! I perfect transition into perfect adulthood. Cheers to me, to how far I’ve come and where I’m going, the happiest birthday to me today.

16. I slept as a 22-year-old and woke this morning as a 23-year-old, now that’s God’s magic at work. Happy birthday to me, I’m accepting gifts though.

17. The big 23, another year to go in the might and strength of God. Long life and prosperity to me today, happiest birthday to me.

18. Another phase of adulthood and I already feel like I’m set for all that’s to come. Let’s do this, 23. Happy birthday to me.

19. On behalf of my spirit, soul and body, this a “welcome to 23” message just for me. It’s going to be an amazing year, I’m sure of that

20. The God that has brought me this far, will finish his work with me and in me. It’s my birthday today and I’m super excited. Cheers to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 23 Years Old

23 years old, and I can boldly say; it’s been God all the way. Happy birthday to me, may my life be beautiful always.

21. The only thing I want to spend the whole of today doing is giving praises. Happy 23rd birthday to me, I am grateful for life.

22. I’m not wishing for many things, just the strength and the grace that I need for the days and years ahead, that’s enough. Happy birthday to me.

23. Dear God, this human you created and who’s celebrating 23rd birthday today is praying that you take care of her completely all the days of her life. Thank you because it is done. Happiest birthday to me today.

24. Happy 23rd birthday to me! Please send in your wishes for me, it’ll mean a whole lot to me.

25. Today, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to God for the grace to celebrate every birthday as they come. Happy 23rd to me, please wish me

26. 23 years of existence and I can say God has been so good to me always. Looking forward to forever with excitement, happiest birthday to me today.

27. I can boldly come out as an adult now, not easy to be a 23-year-old baby! Happy birthday to me, wish me guys.

28. All I have to say today is thanks to God because my subscription for 23 years is successful! Many happy returns of today to me!

29. It’s my birthday guys and yes I’m super excited! It’s a good day to be alive because I’m officially 23! Happy birthday to me.

30. I begin the journey of my 23rd years in peace, calmness and great optimism. May the grace of God go with me. Happy birthday to me today.

31. It’s official, now I can boldly say to myself “Welcome to 23!”. Happy birthday to me today, cheers to all that’s to come.

32. I woke today feeling like the adult that I am, 23 years and look at where I am at the moment. Thank you, God, for this life you gave me, happiest birthday to me.

33. Dear God, I just want to say thank you for this life of mine. 23 years of your grace and I’m ever grateful. Happy birthday to me today.

34. In this new year, may God keep me safe no matter what may come. Happy birthday to me.

35. I was looking forward to this day and here it goes. Thank you, God, for gifting me with another year of pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to me today.

36. I don’t remember my earliest years but I’m convinced that it was God who has brought me this far. Happy birthday to me today, 23 and all of the years to come is blessed just for me.

37. The journey has been an amazing one right from when I can remember. Thank you, God, for the grace and the gift of life, happy 23rd birthday to me.

38. This is the day that the Lord has specially made, the anniversary of my birth. Thank you, God, for everything, happy birthday to me today.

39. With an utterly grateful heart I say, thank you, God, for 23 years of pleasant and exciting existence. Happy birthday to me today.

40. See who made it to 23, I am super blessed! Happy birthday to me today.

Happy 23rd Birthday to Me Quotes

I’m feeling fly today so birthday wishes and quotes are allowed. Happy 23rd year to me, cheers to the ones that are to come.

41. For keeping me alive till now, I am more than grateful dear God and I remain your best girl forever. Happy birthday to me

42. I made it to 23 and I’m eagerly anticipating the years to come. It’s been a sweet journey all the way, happy birthday to me.

43. It wasn’t even my job to stay alive in the first place, I just got loved by God and here I am today. Happy birthday to me, may my life be good and gracious forever

44. Let me officially welcome myself to 23, before anyone else does that. It’s my special day guys and I’m excited. Happy birthday to me!

46. May my light shine and never go dim, may my life be perfect and filled with every good thing I desire. Happy 23rd to me, more life and more blessings I pray for.

47. Today, I pray for grace and favour to continually be mine. I pray that I will not be stranded in life. I will never fall or falter. Happy birthday to me, coupled with long life and prosperity.

48. Yo, it’s my birthday! 23 came with a bang and I definitely love it. Dear girl, happy birthday to you today.

49. This is my golden year, my year of great inflow of blessings, my perfect year. Happy 23rd birthday to me.

50. It’s another year and another opportunity to put more effort into life and my aspirations. I pray for peace and strength as I go into this new year. Happy birthday to me.

51. I’m setting my mind to maximum enjoyment today because it’s my birthday! I deserve it, I know so wish me, guys.

52. As far as I’m concerned and that I know of, as of this moment, I’m the latest 23-year-old in town. Happiest birthday to me.

53. Cheers to the years that have gone by and the ones to come. May my life and times be fulfilling forever, happiest birthday to me today.

54. One wish that I have for today is that you send in your prayers and heartfelt wishes to me. It’s my birthday so let’s have it. Happy birthday to me.

55. 23 came with a bang and I’m more than excited. I have enjoyed your grace, dearest God, I wish today that it will continue to be so. Happy birthday to me today.

56. I just pray that as I go and for every day of my life, may only pleasant things unfold for me. Happy birthday to me today.

57. 23 and I can boldly say in life “bring it on because I’m ready for you!” Happy birthday to me today, may my deepest wishes come true.

58. The dawn of today has proven beyond doubts that it’s a pleasant year ahead, already. Happy birthday to me, may 23 be outstanding.

59. May this new age be the portal that leads to an awesome life ahead. Happy 23rd birthday to me!

60. Today, I genuinely say thank you to God for the life He gave me and the days I’d spent so far. Happiest 23rd birthday to me today.

Best 23rd Birthday Messages for Myself

The best of my years is starting today and that’s why I’m wishing myself a happy 23rd birthday. You can let your messages and wishes flow in now as it’s my birthday!

61. My life is about to get interesting as I’m going into full-fledged adulthood. Long life and prosperity are my wishes for today, happy 23rd birthday to me.

62. It’s the dawn of a new age, the beginning of another awesome year for me. Happiest birthday to me today, may God bless my life.

63. I don’t have many prayers today, I just wish that all of my days and my life be beautiful always and no matter what. Happy birthday to me today.

64. From age 1 to 23, I just want to say; thank you to the Almighty for giving me a very good life. Happy birthday to me today, may my life be pleasant always.

65. There’s no reason for me not to be happy cos it’s my 23rd birthday! Surprise me with gifts guys, I deserve it.

66. The best of my days are here, I can feel it already! Happy birthday to me today, it’s definitely going to be a good year ahead.

67. Dear God, all I want to say right now is thank you for the life you gave to me and all that I am on my way to becoming. Happy birthday to me today

68. Who wouldn’t be excited that it’s their birthday? I’m looking forward to getting as many gifts as I can because it’s my special day.

69. Happy 23rd to me! Yes, I’m so proud of myself right now and I wish myself a happy year ahead.

70. So far so good, it’s an amazing journey that my life has been on. I’m especially grateful to God for today, happy 23rd birthday to me.

71. Thank you God for giving me this treasured life. I pray for an amazing journey all the way even as I grow and advance in years. Happiest birthday to me.

72. I’ll do well, I’ll prosper, I’ll live long, I’ll enjoy life. Nothing will cut short my life and my joy and my every day be filled with joy for me. Happy 23rd birthday to me.

73. Blessed be the day of my birth and blessed be my life forever. Happy birthday to me today.

74. I deserve happiness and I’ll never be wanting of it all of the days of my life. I’m excited, it’s my 23rd birthday. Long life and prosperity to me.

75. This is the day that the Lord has made, my special day that I was born into this earth. Happy birthday to me.

76. Dear 23, please be good to me as all of the years that’s gone past. Happiest birthday to me today.

77. I made it to 23 and trust me when I say my birth anniversary this year is worth celebrating! Hearty happy birthday to me.

78. 23 hearty cheers to me as I clock 23 years on this earth, today. I wish myself long life, sound health, prosperity and happiness.

79. Dear self, you’re amazing, you’re strong, you’re unique and you’re definitely one of a kind. Happy 23rd birthday to you today.

80. Toast to what I was and who I am becoming today on my 23rd birthday. Happy birthday to me!

23rd Birthday Prayers for Myself

If I don’t say some birthday prayers for myself, who will? It’s not easy to be the latest 23-year-old so, happy 23rd birthday to me today!

81. Today I woke with gratitude because it’s my 23rd birthday! 23 cheers to me!

82. Thank you, dearest God, for the journey so far. As I begin another year today, continue to take care of me. Happy birthday to me today.

83. I didn’t need an alarm clock to wake me this morning, it’s a say I’ve been anticipation for long. Happy 23rd birthday to me and myself

84. It’s my day, my special public holiday! Happy 23rd birthday to me, may long life be mine and my heart desires be fulfilled.

85. I won’t hesitate to heartily wish myself a very happy birthday. It’s an amazing year already by God’s grace.

86. This year, may my smiles not fade away, may I never lose my shine and sparkle, may everything good that I wish for come to fulfilment. Happy 23rd birthday to me.

87. A new chapter is opened unto me and I am leaving it all in God’s hands to take good care of me. Happy 23rd birthday to me.

88. From me to myself, happy 23rd birthday. You’ll do well man, that’s a surety.

89. 23 and get it, that’s what I go by starting from today. Happy birthday to me!

90. Thank you, God, for another new chapter, I’m certain you’ll continue to be there all of the time. Happiest birthday to me today.

91. When you get to be a 23-year-old, you’ll definitely have a different perspective of what you want for your life. I’m glad I get to celebrate 23, happy birthday to me today.

92. Celebrating my birthday in grand style because it’s a very special year. Happy 23rd birthday to me, I wish me long life and prosperity.

93. Please surprise me today guys, it’s my 23rd birthday and I want to be happy! Many happy returns to me!

94. The way I’m happy right now is just indescribable. I want 23 hugs as it is my 23rd birthday today! Happy birthday to me.

95. Dearest self, you have done well and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so. I wish you a very happy 23rd year ahead, happy birthday to you.

96. 23 and cute, that’s me! I know you don’t know that’s why I’m using this opportunity to tell you that it’s my 23rd birthday today!

97. We don’t give up here, but we keep holding out and keeping on. Happiest 23rd birthday to me today!

98. This year, I pray that everything will go as I wish them to be. My life will be a good one now and always. Happiest birthday to me.

99. Happy birthday to me! It’s the day I’ve been looking forward to with so many excitements. I wish me a pleasant year ahead.

100. This year, I pray for perfection in my life as that’s what I need the most. Happy 23rd birthday to me.

This post has the best wishes and messages you can get for yourself on your 23rd birthday, to motivate and celebrate yourself.

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