Happy 30th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 30th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

It is the big 30! So, it is only natural that you are feeling happy, optimistic and all kinds of things that you can’t put to words right now. One thing is for sure; your heart is filled with gratitude and your soul probably yearns and hopes for the best year.

Knowing that there is a God that is able to answer prayers for the coming year, your focus on this special 30th birthday is to celebrate your journey so far with friends, and family in style.

Of course, you should know that a good way to celebrate yourself will always be to remind yourself of all the good tidings that you have embraced, and you should do this with the perfect words and sentences that can be found in these wonderful happy 30th birthday to me wishes and quotes.

Best 30th Birthday Quotes for Myself

The last year has been nothing short of amazing and having experienced that type of year, I feel like my 30th year on earth will be even more beautiful than I ever imagined it to be and I believe that the goodness of the coming year has begun with this birthday celebration and with each birthday quote I read to myself. Best wishes to me.

1. It is that time for me and I can see that a lot of my friends are going to make a big deal out of this birthday. I cannot even pretend like I don’t like it because I think 30 years is worth celebrating to the maximum. Happy 30th birthday to me.

2. My life is such a beautiful story that I cannot wait to tell my children. For today, I am just going to be celebrating this life I have built with friends and family.

3. Here I am – a living, breathing, and happy member of society. I am so glad to be here and cannot wait to do more for myself in the coming year. Happy 30th birthday to me.

4. I love having all of these people here with me because they represent love and family. I cannot wait to do another new year with them. Happy birthday to me.

5. It is the best time of my life and I am glad to be privileged to celebrate my 30th birthday at a time like this. Happy 30th birthday to me.

6. I am the luckiest person alive. At least, that is how I feel because I have all the good tidings surrounding me and people doing everything in their power to make sure I succeed. Happy 30th birthday to me.

7. It is a great time of my life, and I am not shying away from celebrating all the good things, and good people in my life. Happy 30th birthday to me.

8. I love how well I am health-wise and how great I am all-round. And cannot wait to take this mindset into a new year. Happy 30th birthday to me.

9. It feels like I am about to begin a new era. And I cannot fault that feeling because today is my 30th birthday. While that means I get to celebrate being in the world for three decades, It also means I am about to begin a new decade. Happy birthday to me.

10. I love everything about my journey and I am most excited to be starting a new one. Happy birthday to me.

11. I have hope for the future and I am most expectant of a great tomorrow because everything looks beautiful right now. Happy 30th birthday to me.

12. I have the best people for friends, and my parents are as supportive as ever even at my age. I do not see a reason to not be excited on this special day. Happy 30th birthday to me.

13. I am excited and happy to know that I am loved beyond measure m=by the people that mean the world to me. Happy 30th birthday to me.

14. I love everything I have been able to achieve in my life so far and frankly, I am happy to just bask in the euphoria for a while before I continue the chase. Happy 30th birthday to me

15. Knowing the journey is not coming to an end anytime soon, I am motivated more than ever before to press harder and do more for myself. Happy birthday to me.

16. It is my 30th birthday and it feels like I have everything it takes to go through all the storms that will likely come my way. Happy birthday to me.

30th Birthday Wishes for Myself

I am the most blessed among so many and I have always acknowledged this privilege, as I go into my 30th year, I don’t intend to stop being thankful and wishing myself more joy and happiness in life. In the meantime, I intend to enjoy every bit of my birthday celebration.

17. I genuinely cannot wait to start exploring and experimenting with all the joys that this New Year has in store for me. Happy birthday to me.

18. Celebrating my birthday with the people I love has always been a priority and I am happy to still be able to do that at 30. Happy 30th birthday to me.

19. I have come to be at peace with the fact that everyone does not have to love me. I am at peace with the path I have chosen and look forward to another year of bliss. Happy 30th birthday to me.

20. It gives me joy and happiness to know all the people in my life right now, and to be sure that they are here to ride for me all the time. Happy 30th birthday to me.

21. I am so passionate about a lot of things and cannot wait to start putting all of that passion to use this New Year. Happy 30th birthday to me.

22. This is a big shout out to none other but me- I deserve all the accolades, and I will continue to attract the goodness of God. Happy 30th birthday to me.

23. I am so lucky and privileged to have known some of the realities of life at the age I knew them. If not, I would be 30 years and miserable. This is to more years of happiness, understanding and profound knowledge of the world.

24. I am rest assured that the year is going to be an awesome one. Happy 30th birthday to me.

25. May the goodness and mercy of God be the only company I surround myself with this New Year. Happy 30th birthday to me.

26. Happy 30th birthday to me. I love how far I have come and how far I intend to go in order to ensure all of my dreams come to fruition. Happy birthday to me.

27. I have never experienced a joy like I am currently experiencing and although, it is new, it is still the most refreshing feeling I have felt in years. Happy 30th birthday to me.

28. I guess it is enough to say by all the feelings going through me that I am genuinely happy to be 30 years old. I feel like a new dawn is about to begin. Happy 30th birthday to me.

29. I will not get to celebrate being 30 again until I die. So, I might as well do the celebration in a grand style. Happy birthday to me.

30. It feels like everything I have prayed for have chosen to come to fruition at 30. Happy birthday to me

31. I am of the belief and opinion that things can only get better from here. So, I am going to start living my life like I believe that with my whole heart. Happy 30th birthday to me.

32. It is the most beautiful day. The weather is beautiful. So are the people around me. So, I am going to make the best of the day. Happy 30th birthday to me.

33. God has blessed me with all the love in the world, and I am most grateful that I get to enjoy all of this goodness. Happy birthday to me.

34. I feel like I am at a very good stage of my life, and to think I still have the capacity to be more has to be the most exciting part of it all. Happy 30th birthday to me

35. I hope that I can celebrate being 30 and also learn to be the best version of myself. Happy 30th birthday to me.

36. All these love and understanding I have been surrounded with are unmatchable. I wish myself more of these things as I begin a new year.

Inspirational 30th Birthday Wishes for Myself

I have learned so much over the years and I am proud to say that at 30, I have made tremendous progress in all areas of my life. It is my birthday, and I feel like I have so many things to celebrate. I will celebrate them all as I also hope and wish to continue being inspirational.

37. I am eternally grateful for being at this stage of my life, at this time. And I look forward to experiencing more joy. Happy 30th birthday to me.

38. I am so lucky and blessed to be the recipient of all this goodness and love. Happy 30th birthday to me.

39. I promise to be bold enough to share my success stories this year. I am hopeful that God gives me everything I need to uphold my own promise. Happy 30th birthday to me.

40. I am the happiest person in this day, and the reason is not farfetched. I am celebrating a special day in my life with some of the most special people in my life. Happy 30th birthday to me.

41. I feel like I am celebrating more than just a birthday on this day because there are so many good tidings surrounding me. I wish myself a wonderful 30th year on earth.

42. I think the day calls for celebration, and I am willing to begin by letting everyone know that I am going to be doing a lot of smiling and dancing as I party on this day. Happy 30th birthday to me.

43. It is such a great privilege to be alive at 30. Knowing the dangers, I have escaped so far, I do not think my gratitude is misplaced. Happy birthday to me.

44. My decision to make this day about thanksgiving is not without reason. I have had one of the toughest years of my life, and here I am feeling better, stronger and more blessed than I have been in a while. Happy 30th birthday to me.

45. It is a big deal to be thirty, free and happy. – I am a big deal because I am these three things and cannot wait to explore more of my layers as the year unfolds. Happy 30th birthday to me.

46. If God has blessed anyone like me, then my current state of happiness should not be strange to anyone. Because, indeed, I have enjoyed the fullness of God this last year and something tells me that I am going to enjoy even more of his grace. Happy 30th birthday to me.

47. Hurray! It is the big 30, and I get to enjoy this day in the best health, and with the most amazing company. Happy 30th birthday to me.

48. It feels like the unwritten law in this time and age is that life begins at 30, and I agree because I have never felt more alive like I do at this moment. Happy 30th birthday to me.

49. I have given up on some things and fought tooth and nail for some. I regret nothing from my past and hope that as I continue into a new year, I press on in wisdom and grace. Happy 30th birthday to me.

50. I will continue to show love and gratitude to God for the love he has shown me and for the grace he has continued to prove I deserve. Happy 30th birthday to me.

51. I am not in the world to suffer and everything that has happened to me so far is a testament to the fact. I am so happy to be celebrating my 30th birthday today.

52. Year in and out, things happen to me that convinced me that I was put in this world for greatness and enjoyment. I love it for me, and cannot wait to start unpacking the goodness of the 30th year. Happy birthday to me.

53. God loves me, I Know. and the universe, also favours me. I am so grateful to be alive to witness all the love and affection that God and the universe have in store for me. Happy 30th birthday to me.

54. I am in constant awe of the grace of God and I not going to pretend like I understand it all. But, let me just a this on this special day, I am very grateful. I wish myself a glorious 30th birthday.

30th Birthday Speech for Myself

I do not get to be 30 all the time and so I do not think anyone should take offence that I intend to make my 30th birthday celebration, planning and speech groundbreaking. I know that I deserve nothing mediocre so I am not going to give myself anything mundane especially on my birthday.

55. I know that I deserve nothing less than the best of things in life and ever since I have made a path to only live by this truth, it has stuck with me. Happy Birthday to me.

56. My heart so happy and my smile can testify to this fact. I will be all smiles today and all through the year because it is about to be a happy year. Happy 3pth birthday to me.

57. Forgive me if I am not one to sulk on my birthday. While I like the idea of reflection on a day like this, I favour gratitude over anything. So, catch me being grateful for love and life. Happy 30th birthday to me.

58. I trusting my instinct that says this is the year that my dream comes to fruition. I wish myself nothing but the best as I become 30 today.

59. I want to be able to grow into the most authentic part of myself, and I feel like this year is a great opportunity to do that. Happy 30th birthday to me.

60. Today, I am celebrating my journey so far and hopeful that the journey ahead is going to be even more beautiful than I have ever imagined. Happy 32nd Birthday to me.

61. The love that is in my heart right now is large and I feel like it is able to take me through the coming year with ease. Happy Birthday to me.

62. I am excited for the future and happy about the past. So, what I am going to do right now is dance and laugh to show gratitude for everything. Happy 30th birthday to me.

63. I have enjoyed the grace of the lord so far, and now that I am 30, I hope that I can show gratitude for the love of God. I wish myself a wonderful year ahead.

64. 30 years on earth is no easy feat. So, this day is worthy of celebration like I have never done before. I wish myself a greater year than the last. Happy Birthday to me.

65. Being happy has been my default setting for as long as I can remember and I know this is not the privilege everyone enjoys. So, why shouldn’t I be grateful? Happy 30th birthday to me.

66. I am a sign that God is good and people can live a great life in a world filled with thorns. I do not take the grace of God for granted. Happy 30th birthday to me.

67. I only get to be 30 once in a lifetime. Hopefully, I am able to do it in a way that suits my spirit and soul. Happy Birthday to me.

68. I hope this is a befitting year for all my dreams and aspirations. I am so expectant of a great year. Happy 30th birthday to me.

69. Today is not ordinary in any way because it is the day, I get to start the journey of another decade of my life. I hope the year gives me all the joy and happiness I deserve

70. The greatest gift of mankind is love, and I can say that I have this great gift in my life. I am so blessed beyond measure. Happy 30th birthday to me.

71. I feel even more rejuvenated more than I felt last year, and I think that is such a blessing. Happy 30th birthday to me.

72. I have learned gratitude in the most profound ways over the years, and my intention for this year’s birthday celebration is to put everything I have learned to practice. Happy 30th birthday to me.

73. I have the best life at 30. Frankly, there is nothing in my life that I am not very grateful for right now. So, thank God for everything. Happy 30th birthday to me.

74. Whether everyone agrees or not, I consider 30 years such a high milestone. I am so blessed to be celebrating a milestone. Happy birthday to me.

75. I have had a great day so far, and everything keeps pointing to the fact that I have only seen the tip of the iceberg of the goodness I am going to experience. Happy Birthday to me.

76. When you are 30 and blessed, it is hard to not see your life as a living testimony. I know this because this is currently my reality. Happy 30th birthday to me.

77. I am claiming all the good tidings that will be coming my way in this new year, and I don’t intend to be apologetic about it. Happy 30th birthday to me.

78. The year sure has a lot of goodness to give. and my number one plan is to position myself to receive every good thing the year has in store for me. Let the 30th year begin!

79. It is the 30th year of my life, and so much have unravelled. But, I believe that my best is yet to come. it will come soon. Happy 30th birthday to me.

80. It is the best time of the year for me because this is the time of the year that I get to celebrate with my loved ones. Happy 30th birthday to me.

81. There is no other company I would like to have around me apart from the company of my family and loved ones. I am glad to have this. Happy Birthday to me.

82. This is already looking like a fantastic birthday celebration. With all these people around to celebrate me, I feel so blessed. Happy 30th birthday to me.

83. It is a perfect time to stand up for everything I believe in because this is the year of reward—happy 30th birthday to me.

84. I deserve joy in my life, and I hope I am. not reaching when I say that is the greatest thing I wish for this new year. I want to myself a joyful year.

85. I can not even pretend like life has not been very good to me because it has been unmistakably great, in fact. so, yes! cheers for the years I have lived and cheers to more years on earth. Happy Birthday to me.

86. This is such a proud moment for me because it is another day to celebrate and look back on the imperfect yet beautiful year I have had. Happy 30th birthday to me.

30th Birthday Messages for Myself

Everything I have built so far means the world to me. I feel like I have worked so much these past years that 30 feels lol the year I should celebrate. So, I am celebrating myself and all the achievements I have gathered on my birthday, and of course hope that the new year is even greater than imagination.

87. I will not only be doing a lot of reflection on this day, but I will also be rejoicing in the company and arms of my loved ones. Happy Birthday to me.

88. I believe that I already possess everything that I need to continue on the right path, and that is what I am going to continue doing. Happy 30th birthday to me, and cheers to following my path.

89. I hope that I forever stay authentic and true to myself because nothing in this world is great enough to displace my original self. Happy 30rh birthday to me.

90. I have done a lot of beautiful things for the people in my life this year, and surprisingly, it looks I am getting double of the blessings and graces I have given. I am so grateful for you all. Happy Birthday to me.

91. One thing is for sure: this is a new beginning. And yeah! I intend to begin and end this new year on a great note. Happy Birthday to me.

Funny 30th Birthday Quotes for Myself

I am embracing my person more than I have ever done this year and I am intentionally going to work more on every aspect of myself. In the meantime, I will celebrate the milestone of 30 and relish the birthday ambience.

92. Nothing has surprised me this day than the number of people who have turned up just to celebrate me. I feel so special and loved. Happy 30th birthday to me.

93. If you look around me, you would be able to testify to God’s goodness. It just keeps overflowing. Happy 30th birthday to me.

94. I have has a rough year. But, the fact that I am here, have and hearty means that there is hope for a new year, and a better one. I wish myself a true, and joyful happy birthday.

95. I am so thrilled to be alive to witness this day. I don’t really know the words to quantify the happiness. But, Yes! I am truly happy. Happy Birthday to me.

96. Why won’t I feel like the most blessed? I have all these wonderful people around me, and some more to come. Happy 3pty birthday to me.

97. I have always aspired to be 30. It started from a tender age, and it usually became one of those teenage things I couldn’t outgrow. But, to finally be 30 and get to celebrate in this manner, truly mind-blowing! Happy Birthday to me.

98. I will always remain grateful for being a living soul because just by living, I have the privilege a lot of people would have killed for. Happy Birthday to me.

99. It has become another ritual of mine to go watch the stars and moon after my birthday celebration year in, and out. I am out here reminiscing and genuinely at peace with where I am. Happy 30th birthday to me.

100. There is no better time to remind myself that I am truly, and totally amazing than this moment because I am. Happy Birthday to me.

Getting the best messages from friends and family on your birthday is fantastic. But, being able to give yourself the best happy 30th birthday to me wishes and quotes on your special day is one of the wonders of the world.

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