Happy 59th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 59th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Finally, it’s your 59th birthday! The day you probably have been anticipating with joy. Nothing is going to take your shine on your 59th birthday. You should kick off the day with the most exciting birthday wishes to for yourself.

When you set the pace, others will follow suit and compete to do it better! You are your own best hype-man. You are the best PRO of your own spectacular tall glass of sparkling amazement! You are responsible for your own happiness!

The ball is definitely in your court. Take the lead, show your loved ones how a star is celebrated at 59. Come on, flood your Facebook timeline, Twitter page, Instagram page, WhatsApp status with a treat of the coolest ” Happy birthday to me” wishes, messages, quotes and prayers. You are the celebrant, flood them with photo dumps. Spice your day by being your own biggest fan!

Want to ginger your friends, fans and followers with cute 59th birthday wishes to yourself? Care to celebrate yourself at 59 in a unique way? Way to go! Check out this collection of cute happy 59th birthday to me wishes and quotes:

Best 59th Birthday Quotes for Myself

‘Like a fine wine, I become better, finer and richer with age. I’m also an expert epigrammatist of birthday quotes. Of course, hyping myself is a newly acquired taste that comes with age. I’m the best in my craft. Happy 59th birthday to me!’

Just as you are your own worst critic, no one can hype you more than you. Celebrate your pre-diamond jubilee with these best 59th birthday quotes for myself:

1. Diamonds are highly valued and sought after: little wonder I’m the most treasured and quoted gem to everyone around me. It’s a year to my diamond birthday celebration. Happy 59th birthday to me!

2. Nothing like modesty in publicity. If I do not hype myself on my special day, no one will. To know me is to experience genuine love. To be my friend is to have a free pass to a lifetime of unflinching loyalty. Quote me on this: if passionate was a person, then it’s definitely me. If you have me in your corner, then you can comfortably go to sleep without a single worry. It’s my birthday, everyone! Happy 59th birthday to me!

3. Riches is a delusion of grandeur to many; whereas, it’s my undeniable reality. I’m rich in love, rich in grace and mercy, and rich in quality of life and circle of friends. I am super grateful for my blessings. Happy 59th birthday to me! Indeed, I’m a favoured and grateful heart!

4. Perfection is an elusive illusion to many; not to me. You may quote me anywhere: Perfection is my forte; I’m always perfectly happy and at peace with my lot. I’m very intentional about my life: this is why I choose to be thankful. Happy 59th birthday to me! I’m a recipient of God’s abundant grace. Cheers to more amazing years!

5. The joy of getting older is the wisdom to accept that life isn’t a competition, and I’m the best version of myself as I upgrade on all levels. I welcome the 59th edition of my awesome existence. Happy birthday to me!

6. Life is measured in moments. Precious moments appreciate in quotes. 59 is the newest version of 39 with twenty fabulous years of memorable moments. My blessings far exceed my challenges. I’m especially grateful to be God’s favourite. Happy birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to Me at 59 Years Old

‘ I am a superstar, born to achieve great purpose. Today, I am a year younger and poised to take my place in the hall of fame. Happy birthday to me at 59 years old! Cheers to the most outstanding year ever!’

This cute happy birthday to me at 59 years old is a lovely way to celebrate your special day:

7. Amazing! I am 59 shades of fashionable, attractive, and flawless. I thank God for the precious gift of life, provision and protection. Happy 59th birthday to me! Cheers to a season of breaking new grounds, explosive happiness and good health!

8. Every year, people grow older but I have the rare privilege of getting younger, smarter and wiser with age. Appreciating God for unquantifiable daily blessings, I welcome a season of a new beginning as I’m 59 years old today. Happy birthday to me!

9. When the global rider gets ready to party, it’s called unlimited enjoyment of the merrymakers. Glad for the special grace to be 59 years old, alive, relevant and blessed with ease. Happy birthday to me!

10. Whatever the age, the brand remains constant: unapologetically a hoodlum! I’m 59 awesome years old today! It’s time to party with fine wining, dining and dancing. Happy birthday to me! I wish myself more amazing years ahead!

11. Thanking God for a life of fulfilment and uncountable blessings at 59 years old. Today, I choose to be happy as I look forward to spending more decades in pure bliss. Mercy all the way! Happy birthday to me!

12. What more can I ask of the Lord?
He has given me much more than I asked or imagined. I am a 59-year-old child of grace: God’s very favourite. The one His handcrafted with love. It’s my birthday, folks. Happy birthday to me!

59th Birthday Messages for Myself

‘ Let me be the first to wish myself the best of today and a superb new year with this awesome birthday message for myself. I am blessed! I am a phenomenon! I attract favour and distribute goodness! Happy 59th birthday to my exceptional self!’MP3 mix I need

Make your birthday special with these beautiful 59th birthday messages for myself:

13. Finally, today is here; with a message of hope, love and happiness. Tomorrow is sure to be bright with wonders. I’m a year older on this lovely day. Happy 59th birthday to me!

14. It’s my 59th birthday, everyone! I’m super excited to be alive, well and happy. I’m also ready to receive all your birthday messages in alarming bank alerts, vintage wines and cars and choice real estate in exotic places. I wish myself a happy birthday!

15. When you are your own boss, you call all the shots, especially on your birthday. Exactly why I asked this day to come with a message of remarkable blessings. It’s my 59th birthday! Happy birthday to me!

16. Almost an elder, equals an elder. It’s a matter of approximation. Get the message? Address me as an elder henceforth, please be guided. Yes, my 59th birthday has loaded! I wish myself a happy birthday!

17. Hurray! I have the rare privilege to send myself a message of hope for a better tomorrow. Here’s wishing myself the happiest 59th birthday ever! May the universe be kind to me, always!

18. What’s better than a lovely birthday message to start a beautiful day of an astonishingly special being that I am. I wish myself a very happy 59th birthday.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 59

‘ Today is a great day because it’s my birthday. As I grow older, I do not count the years, I count the blessings that are mine over the years. Before the birthday wishes start flooding in, I declare the day opened with love and bliss. I am 59: 50 shades of gold and 9 hues of amazing! Happy birthday to myself!’

It’s your birthday! You certainly earned the right to celebrate with cute birthday wishes to yourself at 59:

19.Happy 59th birthday to me! I’m one of the strongest people on earth. I’m all shades of beautiful, resilient, passionate, determined, focused and resourceful. I have survived and still surviving a lot by the help and mercy of God which I never take for granted.
I wish myself heaven’s best today and always.

20. Today is a special day. A day of joy, laughter and love. At 59, I wish myself a birthday filled with joy, prosperity and lots of pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to me! Mercy all the way!

21. It’s a royal event: celebrate with me, friends. At 59, I rejoice with a heart full of gratitude. I wish myself the grandest birthday celebration and the most fulfilling new year ever!

22. It takes grace to be in the elders’ forum, especially elders with good vibes and cruising formulas. Happy 59th birthday to the new doubly promoted elder in the house! Here’s wishing myself a wonderful birthday full of love, bliss and extravagant joy. Happy birthday to me!

23. I love how much I’ve evolved to be what I am today. Growing gives one the privilege of owing no one an explanation for being blunt and down to earth honest. Even if I want to coat the truth, my fingers and mouth wouldn’t. They have no such filter. I wish myself a happy birthday at 59! Cheers to a spectacular year!

24. At 59, I’m grace personified. I wish myself a bountiful birthday, zero worry, zillion blessings and unending joy. Happy birthday to me!

59th Birthday Prayers for Myself

This is my 59th birthday prayer for myself: this new year, my light shall never go dim. I shall not die prematurely. My light shall continue to shine brightly and attract favour and blessings. My home shall be filled with love and positive vibes. As the Lord lives, my light will keep shining in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday to me!’

Bless yourself with these 59th birthday prayers for myself:

25. Chapter 59 already! I thank God for a life well spent thus far and a future full of his glory. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon me and be gracious unto me. May the rest of my years be filled with laughter, joy, peace and sound health. May the odds always be in my favour. Happy birthday to me!

26. God’s love for me is too deep for words. God’s blessings in my life, are too numerous to be mentioned. All I have, all I am and all I will ever be, I owe it all to you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. This new season, I pray for the length of years, multiplied prosperity, exponential growth and good health. I will not see shame or failure in Jesus’ name. Happy 59th birthday to me!

27. A pre-diamond birthday celebration fills my heart with joy. My excitement is out of this world: indeed, God has been specially good to me. May the Lord hear my prayers and grant all the desires of my heart. May my earnest requests receive urgent attention before the throne of grace. God’s mercy shall speak for me in the day of trouble. He will keep me from all evil and preserve all that is mine. Happy 59th birthday to me!

28. Legends are born this special month. I’m a legend and super excited to be alive and well today. May this new year bring me so much peace and grant me all my heart desires. May I keep growing and glowing with abundant grace. Happy 59th birthday to me!

29. Birthdays are annual thanksgiving days. They are for partying and merriment, retrospection and appreciation. May I not know a better yesterday. May the Lord preserve my life in good health as I age graciously. Lines will fall upon me in pleasant places and the Lord will secure my lot in Jesus’ powerful name. Happy 59th birthday to my blessed self!

30. For the gift of life and numerous uncountable blessings, I thank you, Lord. This new year, may the dew of heaven fall upon me, and cause me to harvest with joy from my past labours. May I eat and be satisfied. May my heart be free from trouble and be filled with the peace of God that passes understanding. Happy 59th birthday to me!

This is beautiful! Laudable, even. There’s nothing modest about shying away from the limelight on a day you should be celebrated. It’s your birthday, you are the superstar! At 59, you certainly earned the right to pick the Mic and announce your greatness, change the narrative, set the tone for the most birthday celebration ever! Yes! You’ve celebrated countless others, nothing wrong with celebrating yourself.

Everything is right with yourself with affirmative words, lovely wishes, inspiring quotes and heartfelt prayers. Congratulations to you on your 59th birthday! You are doubly blessed!

Thank you for making these cute happy 59th birthday to me wishes and quotes a vital part of your special day. I’m sure you are pleased with your choice of birthday wishes for yourself. Kindly share this with your colleagues, friends and family.

I will love to hear from you. Your suggestions, comments or questions will be highly appreciated and responded to.

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