Happy 31st Birthday Husband Wishes and Quotes

In life, the closest person to us is the person we share our life with; physically, mentally and psychologically. We share our secrets, our joy and even our pains with them. For a wife, this is undoubtedly your husband who is your PARTNER- that special person.

A good husband is a live wire to his wife and he is the strength for her weakness. Now, I don’t have to define who a husband is to you but one thing I can tell you is that when he is such a young husband like a 31–year old man, then you are in for the fun of your life. YIPEE! Learning how to make the best out of your husband birthday is one lesson that becomes very important for you.

And this comes with a responsibility; you need to be on top of your game because he’s still in vogue with the latest too. Huh huh. So, when his 31st birthday is approaching, you will need happy 31st birthday husband wishes and quotes which would help you in celebrating him on his birthday.

Best 31st Birthday Wishes for Husband

This 31st birthday of yours is going to be the best you have ever celebrated, my dear husband. Happy birthday to you. Accept my best wishes.

1. You are the best man in the world. I celebrate you on this special day of your 31st birthday. Happy birthday to you. I wish you long life and greater rewards in this new age.

2. Dear husband, happy 31st to you. I wish you many more years in peace and overwhelming calmness all the days of your life. Cheers.

3. Happy birthday to you, dear hubby on this special occasion of your 31st birthday. I am glad that you will experience ore open doors and I wish you a double reward for every single effort of yours in this new age.

4. You have been a man of hard work and many efforts, in this new age I wish you rest and more results for your labours. Happy 31st birthday to you, my lovely husband.

5. Happy birthday to you, my fabulous husband. In this new age of yours, you shall be met with a breakthrough that will expand your coast and territory. Enjoy your 31st birthday.

6. Happy birthday to you, dear husband. It is your 31st birthday. HURRAH. Wishing you many blessings.

7. I send my best wishes to the breeze and for the rest of this your new age; you shall experience calmness and soothing relief in all you do.

8. I am wishing you abundant life and many opportunities in this new age. Congratulations on this 31st birthday, my husband.

9. Life would be pleasant if every man were to be like you. As you lock 31 years today, I ask that sweetness shall fill your life. Congratulations, my husband.

10. I wish you a year of diving provision from heaven. You shall be like a land oozing with goodness. Happy 31st birthday to my awesome husband.

11. Dear husband, every door you have knocked on will open for you in this new year of a new age. Happy 31st birthday to you, my dear.

12. I wish you many more opportunities for success and breakthrough. Your glory will be forever increasing. Happy 31st birthday to you, hubby.

13. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart. There is nothing that will stand on your way to the top. Wishing you all the best in life. Happy 31st birthday to you.

14. Long may you live. Greater joy may you receive and more blessings shall knock on your door. Happy 31st birthday, my dear husband.

15. Everything that may have proven t be difficult for you in the past will be made easy for you in this new age as you celebrate your 31st birthday today. Wishing you a smooth ride in this new journey of another year Happy birthday, my husband.

16. It doesn’t matter how the past has been, you will receive a new nudge that will take you places on the occasion of your 31st birthday today. I wish you greater heights in this new age. Congratulations, my husband.

17. I wish you a new lease of life from heaven to bring you into a newer realm of glory even as you mark this 31st birthday. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

18. My fabulous husband, happy birthday to you. I celebrate you specially today for this auspicious 31st birthday. I wish you a remarkable birthday and more success.

19. Happy 31st birthday to you, my lovely husband. You are the reflection of everything needed in a husband. I wish you divine protection and more wisdom as you continue in this new age.

20. Greater things shall you achieve this year than you have achieved earlier because you are receiving a newer grace to explore and conquer everything that comes your way. Happy 31st birthday to you.

Happy 31st Birthday Quotes for My Husband

A good man in the house is an assurance of security. You have this quote and many more fitting for you because you are a special man. Dear husband, happy 31st birthday to you.

21. Life becomes newer at every birthday. On this occasion of your 31st birthday, be ready for more feats. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

22. A good husband is a relief to every home. As you mark this 31st birthday, everything you need to be a man of the house shall be given to you in abundance. Happy birthday to you my darling husband.

23. Birthday comes but once in a year but it leaves remarkable memory behind. May this 31st birthday of your leave you scenes of joy and happiness. Happy birthday to my husband.

24. Happy birthday to you, my lovely husband. On your 31st birthday, many more responsibilities await but all shall be made easier for you. Happy birthday, dear.

25. Things of joy and celebration are attractive. I ask that your life will be more attractive in this new age. Happy 31st birthday to you, my dear husband.

26. At 31 years, you beat the records of a husband by being a young and capable husband. May you receive grace to do more exploits in this new age. Happy birthday from your wife.

27. Dear hubby, happy 31st birthday to you. The beginning of this new decade shall give you more room for expansion. Enjoy your new age.

28. My darling husband is 31 years old. Can you believe it? Truly, you are not defined by numbers but by character and ability. Happy birthday to you.

29. You are a year older today. It should be world husband’s day. Happy birthday to you and special grace to function in this 31st birthday of yours shall be released unto you.

30. Dear husband, I can’t celebrate you enough on this special day. Happy 31st birthday to you. You are a life made partner.

31st Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

Happy birthday to you, my husband. I have enough messages to use for the celebration of this 31st birthday. You are the most wonderful man on the planet. Happy birthday to you.

31. My husband, this day you will begin to have great company in the likes of happiness, success and breakthroughs; please do enjoy their company because today is your 31st birthday.

32. I could give you the whole world as a gift on your birthday had I the power, but today being your birthday I pray that the grace over your life will not diminish. Happy 31st birthday, my husband.

33. Congratulations and happy birthday to you, my dear husband. I pray for the divine wisdom of god over your life as you paddle the affairs of the home. Happy 31st birthday to you.

34. Happy 31st birthday to you my dear husband. I pray that your life will be so much beautified that many will praise God for meeting you. Enjoy your new age.

35. You are a wonderful personality, my loving husband. I pray that you will live long to experience greater years in your life. Happy 31st birthday to you.

36. your new age will be filled with many remarkable events and victories that shall make you famous for bigger things. Happy 31st birthday to you, my dear husband.

37. Today is your 31st birthday, hurray! Wishing you a life filled with joy and fun and many successes. Enjoy yourself, my special husband.

38. In this new age, your prosperity will announce you to the world. Your good health will be unrivalled. Happy 31st birthday to you.

39. Today is for you because it was specially reserved from heaven, so shall your life be preserved for many more years of breakthroughs. Happy 31st birthday to the best husband in the world.

40. It is a rare privilege to see another year, happy 31st birthday to you, my precious husband. I pray that you will be made to experience the good side of life in this new age and forever.

41. Happy 31st birthday to you, dear husband. I pray for you that in this new age, you will receive help from every side. Congratulations.

42. Definitely, many new things that will bring you joy and laughter are coming your way with this new age. Happy 31st to you, my dear husband.

43. You are a wonderful man and today is a day to celebrate you on your 31st birthday. I pray that wonderful events and feats shall never cease in your life. I love you.

44. Your 31st birthday is a herald to announce your appearance to the world. Nothing can stop you from attaining success to the highest heights. Congratulations.

45. My honey pie, relax for God has taken over your case. He has rolled away the years of your struggle and brought you into a fruitful year. Happy 31st birthday to you.

46. Today is your 31st birthday, I pray that this year bring you something wonderful and exciting. All your prayers will be given the needed attention. Happy 31st birthday, dear husband.

47. Happy 31st birthday to you, my husband. I good health, the Lord will replenish. In wealth, he will supply you. Enjoy this amazing year.

48. Sweetheart, happy 31st birthday. This year will raise you higher beyond where you have always prayed to be. You will see with your own eyes the glory of the Lord upon you. Have a wonderful year.

49. I pray every moment of this year will give you thousands of reasons to smile. You will forever be a reason of thanks o God in the lips of people. Happy 31st birthday to my husband.

50. Beloved, happy 31st birthday to you today. You are marching forward and never coming back to where you have always been. Receive the grace to go higher and higher.

These are the messages you need for the special moment of the 31st birthday of your husband.

I hope you loved these happy 31st birthday wishes and quotes for your husband and please, don’t forget to share and comment below.