Happy 39th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 39th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Birthdays like any other special day should be groomed with heart-warming messages and wishes from family and friends. But it is also worthwhile to wish yourself a happy birthday, write yourself a birthday message filled with positivity and new year affirmation.

Your 39th birthday which is the last year of your thirties and a year left into your forties is a good time to reflect on the past, learn from your mistakes and think of what will happen a year from now, how you intend to go about your life.

It is a good day to remind yourself that you are unique and no one else can be you. A day to encourage and inspire yourself to strive for the best. You can do this with a quote, wish or prayers for yourself.

Here are some amazing happy 39th birthday me wishes and quotes about celebrating yourself, for personal reflection, express gratitude for another year or prayers for a better year ahead.

Best 39th Birthday Quotes for Myself

On this special day of my 39th birthday, I am grateful for all the beautiful blessings that surround me. I am grateful for my loved ones and the best they put in to make my life comfortable and awesome. I wish to celebrate many more years with them. Happy birthday to me.

1. Happy 39th birthday to me. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have been there for me over the years and has contributed in no small measures to make me who I am today. My family, friends, mentor and most especially my partner.

2. I am the man of the moment and all attention is on me because today is my 39th birthday. I wish it remains like this so I can have a wonderful life. I hope to have a great day full of pleasant surprises.

3. The long-awaited day is here. I am excited to meet the new year of my life that is the last year of my thirties. I hope it will usher in new possibilities that will launch me into my forties in grand style. May I have a gorgeous 39th birthday celebrations.

4. I am the strong person I am today through good and tough times. Happy 39th birthday to me, hope to become a better version of myself this new year.

5. I just survived another year and entered the last year of my thirties. I guess I am also a year wiser and hope to make the best of everything. I wish myself a fantastic 39th birthday anniversary.

6. Happy 39th birthday to me! It’s the end of one phase in my life and the beginning of another and I hope to make the most of it. I wish for a blissful year ahead with good fortune coming my way.

7. Congratulations to me on my 39th birthday. The best gift I will love to receive today is the affection and blessings of my loved ones now and always. And to start this new year by forgetting the sorrow and pain of the past.

8. The best people were born on a wonderful and exciting day like today including me. Happy 39th birthday to me.

9. I woke up this bright morning and heard the birds singing for me. The sun is shining brighter to revile the wonderful person I am. May my 39th birthday be as wonderful.

10. As this new year starts for me, I am grateful for all I have learnt from my experience in the past and hope for a better tomorrow. Happiest 39th birthday to me.

11. Aging is a must and there is nothing we can do about it but being happy is a choice. I am happy because I love myself. On this special day of my 39th birthday, may happiness never seize from my life.

12. Today is a very special day and all I want is to be with my loved ones and make good memories that will last for a lifetime. I hope my 39th birthday is an amazing one.

13. On this special day of my 39th birthday, I thank all my well-wisher for cheering me on to achieve success and especially my detractors for their criticism, it helps me do things better.

14. A wonderful life is available for all if you realize that the best thing you can do is to be a friend to yourself and that everything else hurts except loving yourself. Hope my 39th birthday is filled with self-love.

15.It’s a glorious feeling to have such wonderful friends and family members with you on your special day. I am happy they remembered and they care. May this 39th birthday be the beginning of greater things in my life.

16. Many congratulations to me for completing another year, I am lucky to have all the lovely people in my life to celebrate with me. Happy 39th birthday to me and good luck to my upcoming years.

17. Today is the most special day of my life. I am thankful to all my family and friends for their support and love these past years. I hope I get many reasons to smile today and always. Cheers to my 39th wonderful years on earth.

18. I met new friends this year and had lots of new experiences, I know a lot is still in store for me to learn this new year. I can’t wait to see what else is there for me. May my 39th birthday be a good day.

19. Time and tide wait for no one but it seems time has waited for me. At my age, I still look so young and blossoming. Hope I have a great 39th birthday.

20. Happy 39th birthday to a woman who is elegant, gorgeous and smart and reminds me a lot of myself.

Happy Birthday to Me 39 Years Old

My life is way more fulfilling and interesting than I could ask for. I am happy I was born like me and hope to keep being the best me that I can be even as a turn 39 years old today. Happy birthday to me.

21. As I turn 39 years old today, I can’t be more thankful to be alive, happy and healthy. I wish to remain so in the coming years. Happy birthday to me.

22. I am 39 years already but I still look so young, time truly flew in my favour. Hope this new year brings many moments of happiness. Wishing myself a happy birthday.

23. Today a very awesome person turned 39 years old, happy birthday to me! So my friends get ready to celebrate and congratulate me.

24. I am grateful for these 39 years of my life. Amidst the challenges and sorrows of life, I am getting stronger and better. I am excited believing this new year will be great. Happy birthday to me.

25. Birthdays are special occasions, they remind us of our past victories and the possibility of the future. Today as I mark 39 years of my life, I celebrate my past and everything the future holds for me. Happiest birthday to me.

26. Happy birthday to me. I can not stop smiling because today is my special day. I am grateful for my 39 years on earth and for everyone who has made it wonderful.

27. As I turn 39 years today, I wish myself to always be the best I can be now till my life here on earth is spent. Happiest birthday to me

28. These 39 years of my life had been blessed with happiness and joy in abundance, I wish it gets better as I get older. May the coming years see me fulfilling my heart desires. Happy birthday to me.

29. Today I am 39 years old and I am ready for new adventures, new accomplishments and many good memories. Happy birthday to me.

30. As I reflect on the 39 years I have spent on this earth, I am grateful for all the blessings and I look forward with hope for a better future. Wishing myself a very wonderful birthday.

31. I am 39 years old today, the best year to prepare for a great life. I am ready to explore all the opportunity this year will bring. Happy birthday to me.

32. At 39, I celebrate myself because I don’t look like what I have been through, instead I am stronger and wiser. I am truly blessed. A very happy birthday to me.

33. Congratulations to me as I turn 39 years old today. It’s a new dawn of life and I wish to be successful in everything I do and fulfil my purpose on earth. Happy birthday to me.

34. Today I am celebrating 39 years of my life. Thanks to all who took out time today to send me warm wishes. May my dreams and wishes come true.

35. I celebrate myself on turning 39 years old. I am a brilliant fellow and a great future awaits me and I hope to make the best of it. Happy birthday to my lovely self.

36. Happy birthday to me at 39. Every year on this special day I can’t help but be thankful for being surrounded by so many loved ones. I am truly blessed.

37. I am 39 years old today, I am not just a year older but also a year better, wiser and happier. I wish myself a happy birthday.

38. I wish I could stream on the mountain top to show how happy I am today for turning 39. Happy birthday to me.

39. I can easily blow out the 39 candles on my birthday cake as I make my wishes it means I am still young. Wishing myself a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday to me.

40. I am officially 39 years old today, may this day bring unexpected joy and success. Happy birthday to me.

39th Birthday Messages for Myself

On this special day of my 39th birthday, I hope to receive a lot of wishes and messages from family and friends. But let me start by congratulating myself for all the effort and hard work I had put in to get this far. I wish myself joy, peace and greater accomplishments in the coming years.

41. On this unique day of my 39th birthday, more than anything else, I wish myself more grace, more success and more years. May today be a blast.

42. I know I am a source of blessings to others and I am very happy doing that. I hope this year allows me to continue being who I am. Happy 39th birthday to me

43. It took tremendous growth through good and tough times to get to this 39th year of my life. I hope my birthday is a fabulous one and I continue to have a great life.

44. Happy 39th birthday to me. Today it’s going to be all about me, I will do something I enjoy by myself and for myself because I am worth it.

45. Loving someone requires great courage and a soft landing is never promised. But I don’t need all that to love myself, I love me. Happy 39th birthday to me.

46. Happy 39th birthday to a beautiful and amazing person who happens to be me. Yeah, it’s my birthday.

47. Hurray! it’s my birthday, the last year of my thirties. I have another 365 days to be grateful for as I look forward with enthusiasm to the forties. Happy birthday to me.

48. I hope this special day of my 39th birthday and the years ahead will blossom with dreams and wishes fulfilled. Wishing myself a blissful birthday.

49. It’s that special day again when I put a smile on my face, put my worries aside and think only of me, myself and I.

50. This year has been a good one. I have achieved most of the goals I set for myself. I am going to treat myself to a special 39th birthday celebration to say well done.

51. On my 39th birthday, I wish myself more joy, more money and more smiles. May God bless me always.

52. I am the best friend I can have in the whole world because I understand myself more than anyone else. Happy 39th birthday to me.

52. This is my 39th birthday, I am older and wiser. I plan on having a fantastic year full of new adventures, fun and laughter. Happy birthday to me.

53. The sun is shining at its brightest today because it’s my 39th birthday, I can’t keep calm. Happy birthday to me.

54. It’s a privilege to live through another year in good health, peace and great accomplishment. Happy 39th birthday to me.

55. Happy 39th birthday to me. Last year was filled with new adventures and new lessons learned. I look forward to new opportunities this year and I know it will be filled with wonderful experiences.

56. On this day of my 39th birthday, I am sharing my love with the special people in my life. They made me who I am today; strong, wiser and bold.

57. Birthdays are like seasons, they come once a year. So I will enjoy this day to its fullest and bask in the blessings of love, peace and joy. Happy 39th birthday to me.

58. It’s my 39th birthday today and I am walking with my head up and my shoulder high because I have a lot to be proud of. Happy birthday to me.

59. Congratulations to me I have entered another new year of my life. It’s another special day to create more beautiful memories. I wish myself a very happy 39th birthday.

60. I look forward to the end of this new year because it will be the beginning of a new phase when life will truly begin. Meanwhile, I celebrate myself today, happy 39th birthday to me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 39

Cheers to surviving another year and grateful for being here to celebrate me at 39. I wish this new year of my life be filled with memories that will put smiles on my face. May this birthday be a fabulous one, full of love and laughter.

61. Today at 39, I have realized that there is nothing I can’t accomplish if I set my mind to it and believe in myself. My birthday wish is that I never lose faith in my abilities.

62. My birthday wish as I turn 39 today is that I have the happiest day and all the good things that come with it. Also hope to enjoy the company of my friends and loved ones.

63. Congratulations to me at 39. Today is the start of a new year and the start of a new thing in my life. I can’t wait to unveil the good things that are coming with the year. Hope to have a fantastic birthday.

64. Today is a great day to have a party because an amazing person turned 39. That person happens to be me. Happy birthday to me.

65. Today at 39, I decided to go down memory lane and I realized how blessed and beautiful my life is. Hope to have a birthday full of gratitude.

66. As I celebrate today at 39, I recall all the wonderful things life has showered on me and I pray I will not know a better yesterday. May my birthday be a blessed day.

67. Today is a very special day because one of the most awesome persons in the world just turned 39. May my birthday be as awesome as I am.

68. I am happy and excited about all the good things last year brought into my life. At 39, I look forward to the wonderful things the year has in stock for me.

69. Wine gets better with years, people get wiser with age. At 39 I am older and wiser and happier for it. A wonderful birthday to me.

70. My greatest wish at 39 is that I will not lose my joy and my self-worth. Blissful birthday to me.

71. Birthday parties are awesome but I don’t need one to feel special. At 39, I celebrate myself for all my wonderful achievements. May I have the happiest birthday ever.

72. Waking up this morning I realize it’s a special day today. Oh yes! it’s my birthday, I am 39 today and I am so grateful for the gift of life. Happy birthday to me.

73. On this special day, I congratulate and celebrate myself for all the effort and hard work I have put in to get this far. Best wishes to me as I turn 39.

74. Today is a blessed day because it’s my birthday. I am 39 today and I am going to celebrate with the special people in my life that has helped me become who I am. Thank you all and a happy birthday to me.

75. Peace, joy and smiles are all I wish myself today as I turn 39. I am leaving all the worries and anxiety behind and face every challenge with a positive attitude and finish strong. Wish me a fantastic birthday.

76. My birthday wish at 39 is to be a blessing and an inspiration to all I will come across this year. Wonderful birthday to me.

77. Many congratulations to me for completing another year. As I turn 39 today, I wish the good things of life will find their way to me.

78. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and intelligent young lady at 39. Yes, that’s me, I have as much faith in myself as I do in anyone else.

79. It’s such a lovely day and a special occasion for me. Turning a year older has never felt this good. I hope to have a blissful day filled with love and laughter as I turn 39 years old today.

80. As I turn 39 today and a new year starts for me, I am ready to learn from my past experiences, work hard and achieve the success I desire. Hope to have a nice birthday.

39th Birthday Prayers for Myself

Dear Lord, thank You for the gift of life and for the blessing of seeing my 39th birthday. I pray that every day of this new year brings new hope, I ask for Your protection and guidance in every decision I shall make. I wish myself a glorious birthday anniversary.

81. Happy 39th birthday to me. I am grateful to God for these 39 years of my life and for everything I have today. I pray that I succeed in everything I do and achieve my goal for the year.

82. God has been merciful and gracious to me all these years. Today I thank Him for my 39th birthday. Praying for my life to be showered with joy and happiness in abundance.

83. I want to thank God for completing another year and for bringing me to my 39th birthday. I pray for peace, wisdom and understanding in all I do and for many more bright years ahead.

84. I bless the name of the Lord for this joyous occasion of my 39th birthday. It is by His grace I am living this wonderful life. I pray He grant me many more happy birthdays.

85. On this memorable day of my 39th birthday, I thank God for the gift of love, family and friends. May this year usher me into God’s perfect purpose for my life. I wish myself the best of the day.

86. On this special occasion of my 39th birthday, I pray for God’s guidance in everything I do and every path I take. May every obstacle in my life be turned into a stepping stone for success.

87. Lord I thank You for my life and all the experiences I have had all these years. Thank you for the priceless gift of another new year. I pray for more happy years to come. I wish myself a joyous 36th birthday.

88. Dear Lord, thank You for making me wiser and more mature and for bringing me into another new year of my life. As I wave goodbye to another blessed year, I pray for peace and good health in the coming year. May my 39th birthday be blessed.

89. As I celebrate my 39th birthday today, I pray for wisdom to go through life challenges, strength in time of weakness and courage in a time of fear. May God direct my steps to the right path always.

90. I pray for myself as I mark my 39th birthday today, may this new age of mine come with love, laughter and wellness. I pray for the grace to fulfil all my dreams and best wishes.

91. Dear righteous Lord, as I mark my 39th birthday today, may I be blessed with love, happiness, good health and radiance. May this new year see me fulfilling my goals and aspirations.

92. Thank You God for gifting me another year of life. Thank You for all the loving people you have surrounded me with. May this day and the rest of my years be filled with pleasant memories. Happy 39th birthday to me.

93. I am forever grateful for God’s love, goodness and mercy over my life. May He continue to guide and watch over me and may all my hard work begin to yield positive results. Hope to have a fabulous 39th birthday celebrations.

94. Dear heavenly father, thank You for giving me another year of life. Thank You to all those who remembered my birthday and sent me wishes. As I celebrate my 39th birthday today, may You bless and keep me and may I never depart from the path You have chosen for me.

95. Father Lord, I thank You for this beautiful day. I pray for the grace to overcome every challenge of life. Let every day of this my 39th year on earth be filled with joy and happiness. May my birthday today be a wonderful one.

96. My 39th birthday prayers for myself is that I prosper in everything I do both in my service to God, humanity and my family and may all my best heart desires come to pass this new year of my life.

97. Here is another great year of my life, I am thankful to God for all the happy moments of the past and I look forward to a wonderful year ahead. Happy 39th birthday to me.

98. I bless You Lord for adding another year to my wonderful life. On this special day of my 39th birthday, I pray You bless me with peace of mind, may I live a long and prosperous life with many happy birthdays to prove it.

99. On this occasion of my 39th birthday, I praise God for His tremendous love for me. May I always have a reason to be thankful and God bless me with many happy moments as I journey through this new year.

100. As I mark my 39th birthday today, I pray that God will surround me with good people with great minds and may the mercy of God always speak for me, amen.

I hope to go through this happy 39th birthday to me wishes and quotes made your day and you found the ones that made you felt good and special.

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