Happy 43rd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 43rd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Human beings naturally are inclined towards marking events and keeping important dates to celebrate anniversaries. That’s why we mark several anniversaries; birth, death, moving into a new house, admission and graduation, relationship and marriage among the rest.
We place so much value on human relations and this, of course, is one of the basic things that our society thrives on.

People celebrate their loved ones, all around us, and it is not strange that people celebrate themselves too. If you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will?

Birthday is an age-long practice that includes the exchange of gift where the celebrant is presented with a gift and they in return provide refreshment for everyone who’s come together to celebrate with them, that is if there’s a party.

You have celebrated everyone around you on their birthday and now, it’s your turn to celebrate yourself too. No law rules out the possibility of gifting yourself a deserving present for your birthday. Prayers for longevity should be in your wishes for the day too.

A simple wish and Birthday prayers from you to you isn’t a bad idea especially since it’s your 43rd birthday. You’re a real adult now, you are responsible for yourself, therefore, celebrate yourself with any of these happy 43rd birthday to me wishes and quotes.

Best 43rd Birthday Quotes for Myself

The best time of my life is here already and it’s starting today, it’s my 43rd birthday. I wish myself a very happy and healthy year ahead, happy birthday to me.

1. My 43rd year on earth begins this day, and I’m glad that I get to witness it. Happy birthday to me.

2. With deep gratitude to God from my heart, I say a very happy birthday to me today and wish myself long life and prosperity.

3. To everyone asking what it feels like to be a 43-year-old, well, I should be able to answer that now because here I am. Happy birthday to me today.

4. 43 prayer requests to God today, it’s not overboard, it’s my 43rd birthday today and it’s to show how happy I am and grateful to God for the gift of life.

5. I want to sing out loud and dance like never before because it’s my 43rd birthday today!

6. May my prayers and supplications be answered and attended to today because it’s my 43rd birthday!

7. I just want to take time out to appreciate God and of course have all the fun today because it’s my 43rd birthday!

8. My heart is merry and my soul is light. It’s the 43rd anniversary of my birth and I am more than grateful to God for all that I am. Happy birthday to me.

9. 43 today and I still feel so young. Thank God for a beautiful and healthy life so far, happy birthday to me!

10. Life is good because God has been so mindful of me! Happy 43rd to me

Happy Birthday to Me 43 Years Old

It’s not easy to be 43 years old, with so many fun and exciting times I’ve spent in times past. Still, it’s my birthday today, happy birthday to me

11. I feel so proud to be a 43 year old today and I’m more than excited for the days ahead. Happy birthday to me

12. This birthday is special to me, it’s a time to relax and enjoy myself. Happiest birthday to me today.

13. So far, I’ve learnt that it’s not the years that matters but the life I’ve enjoyed. I celebrate me today, happy birthday to me.

14. Officially I’m 43 today but in my heart, I’m 18. Who cares about official age anyways? Happy birthday to me today.

15. 43 today, more decades to go! Happiest birthday to me!

16. I’ve always been jealous of the forties people in my life and now I’m more than excited to join the clique officially. Happy birthday to me.

17. Happy 43rd birthday to me today! Nothing else matters, absolutely none.

18. I’m ready for a more adult and refined version of me for this year. Happy birthday to me today.

19. Today, I’m 23 years old with 20 more years of experience, the general public please take note. Thank you.

20. Just like the ages get better as they got older, I wish myself a very amazing 43rd years today.

43rd Birthday Messages for Myself

For myself today, it’s a very sweet and warm Happy 43rd birthday. Let your messages flow in now, with cash and gifts too.

21. I deserve a proper celebration today, it’s my 43rd birthday. Many happy returns to me.

22. 43 and completely grown, that’s me today. I’m grateful for life so far, it’s been so awesome. Happy birthday to me!

23. It’s hard to piece what I truly feel at this moment together but I’ll try. Happy birthday to me today!

24. Who’s the latest 43 years old at the moment? Me! Happy birthday to you girl!

25. Turning 43 today and it feels as if I’m just in my thirties. I love this feeling already. Happy birthday to me.

26. Today, I’m going to celebrate this new age to the fullest. Happy birthday to me!

27. I am incredibly thankful for 43, and I say; thank you, Lord! Happy birthday to me.

28. 43 and amazing today! More life to me! Happiest birthday to me

29. It’s a beautiful day already and I feel so fly because it’s my 43rd birthday. Many happy returns to me today!

30. Before I get too enmeshed in my activities for the day, let me take a moment to wish myself a very happy 43rd birthday today.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 43

A self-birthday party for me seems like a perfect idea today because I’m 43 today! May my wishes come true, happy birthday to me.

31. Today I’m 43 but undeniably, I’m forever young at heart. Happy birthday to me

32. It’s the 13th anniversary of my 30th year today, happy birthday to me!

33. I don’t look a part of it right? But I’m 43 today and I’m loving it already! Happy birthday to me.

34. 43 today, but that doesn’t mean I want 43 birthday cards. 43 credit alerts will be nice though. In order words, it’s my 43rd year today.

35. Gained a new age today but look way too young. Happy birthday to me today!

36. I want to throw a big party but then I guess I’m an adult after all. Happy 43rd birth anniversary to me today.

37. My heart and soul is just so ready for the incoming year so here goes it; happy 43rd birthday to me today!

38. Today, I just want to enjoy my life and have fun as much as I want, just like a young child. Happy birthday to me!

39. I’m set to waltz the day away and have so much fun! Happy birthday to me.

40. It’s the perfect morning for my 43rd year, the happiest birthday for me today!

43rd Birthday Prayers for Myself

I woke today with prayers for myself on my mind, it’s my 43rd birthday and I am super grateful to God for an amazing life. Happy birthday to me.

41. I plan to remove the 3 behind my new age and have fun like a 4-year-old. Happy 43rd birthday to me today!

42. I want everybody in the world to wish me today as it’s my 43rd birthday!

43. My deepest prayer today is that I am continuously preserved by God and even every day. Happy birthday to me.

44. Dear God in this new year, continue to bless me like you always do.

45. My visions and hopes for the coming years will not be wasted. It’s my birthday today.

46. I have prayed that the angels over my life will never grow tired of taking care of me. I wish myself a very happy 43rd birthday.

47. 43 unique blessings as I turn 43 today dear God, this is all I wish for.

48. May life continue to be good to me no matter what! This and more are my prayers for me today. Happy birthday to me.

49. This new year and every day of my life, I pray for more than enough reasons to celebrate. Amen.

50. I begin my 43rd year in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It shall be well with me.

With these prayers and quotes for yourself on your birthday, I hope you will have a very happy and contented 43rd birthday ahead. You deserve it.

Let me remind you that on here, I’m always open to your feedback, it’s the motivation that I get to do more always so let me know what you think of this post, will you?

Have a good time and of course, share before you go.

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