Happy 42nd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 42nd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

If you have people in your life who love and care for you, they will surely want to celebrate you on your birthday.

However, nobody can celebrate you more than you can celebrate yourself. So, how about giving yourself the treat you deserve by wishing yourself a happy birthday?

If you need guidance on how to go about it, find below a collection of happy 42nd birthday to me wishes and quotes.

Best 42nd Birthday Quotes for Myself

What saying or quotes can capture my life in its fullness? None that I know of. My life has been so fulfilling and I’m forever grateful for it. I wish myself more joy and peace as I clock another year today. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

1. It’s that time of the year again! Happy birthday to me. I cannot take the glory that belongs to God, ’cause everything I am now is all His doing. I’m very excited to clock 42 this year.

2. Gratitude open more doors than complaints. Despite that there have been low times, I do recognize the moments of joy and lifting. So good to have a glimpse of the new year! Happy birthday to me.

3. My joy knew no bounds waking up to the morning of my 42nd birthday. I can feel the elements around me displaying their beauty and welcoming me to a brighter future. Happy birthday to me.

4. I have always adored the magnitude of God’s mercies over my life. I’m pleased to launch out deeper into the world with my newfound strength. I officially welcome myself to year 42.

5. How pleasing it is to wake up to the most colourful day of one’s life! Happy 42nd birthday to me. It’s been a long time coming. Finally, the D-day is here, and I rejoice.

6. It’s not every day that I get to celebrate my birthday, it comes once every year, and I can’t properly explain how happy I feel each time I notice my birthday drawing close. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

7. Every day we are gifted to live on earth is a special day but, it even gets better when that day happens to be your birthday. I’m so glad to see myself doing great at 42. Happy birthday to me.

8. The choices we make in the end have a way of making or destroying us in life. On this occasion of my 42nd birthday, I pray for the grace to keep making the right choices every day. Happy birthday to me.

9. Nothing ever really happens without a good reason. There is a reason today is my birthday and also my first year of being a father. Happy birthday to me. I enjoin the rest of the world to gladden my day.

10. Whenever I think of the faithfulness of God, I dance as David danced. Happy birthday to me. I have enough reason to believe that I was placed here to fulfil a purpose, and every new year reminds me of the things I’m yet to accomplish regardless, I stay thankful for the miles that I have been able to cross.

Happy Birthday to Me 42 Years Old

I am 42 years old today and I can hardly believe it. I’m not dreading getting older; in fact, I welcome it because I see it as a gift and another opportunity to do more good. I wish myself more grace and strength to keep making an impact. Happy birthday to me.

11. Happy birthday to me. I’m so glad to witness the 42nd year of my life. Life’s journey has been somewhat tiresome except for some rare favourable days. Nevertheless, I’m super excited to be able to do this again this year.

12. This year’s going to be a great one, I can feel it. I feel wonderful seeing my 42nd birthday. I sincerely cannot contain the immeasurable happiness in my lungs. Happy birthday to me.

13. The sun has risen on my face, the winds are warm and tender, the atmosphere is full of gentle peace. What a good day to be born! Happy 42nd birthday to me.

14. I have existed on this earth for up to 42 years. Time has drifted through my eyes, and for the most part, I’m alive and well. Cheers to witnessing another fantastic year again.

15. What I’m grateful for is the fact that another year has come in full glory. Happy 42nd birthday to me. What more could be worth doing at this time than a birthday celebration?

16. Seeing how my younger self has suddenly drifted away reminds me of the phases we all have to face in life. Happy 42nd birthday to me. I never thought I would be very privileged like this.

17. I believe this 42nd birthday will be the best I have ever experienced. Happy birthday to me. I’m beyond grateful for the chance to celebrate this special day.

18. I have a feeling this year will bring so much good to me. The first morning of my 42nd year is full of astonishing wonders already. I believe it’s an indication of more to come. Happy birthday to me.

19. I wonder what could be more beautiful than the sight of a fresh morning. My spirit is aglow with gratitude and pride. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

20. I love how amazing my previous years have been. This year I’m hoping to have greater accomplishments by God’s grace. May my life never cease to radiate God’s glory and favour.

42nd Birthday Messages for Myself

Happy 42nd birthday to me. I’m grateful for all the messages I have gotten today. One of the best gifts one can have is the gift of good people and I’m realising it once again today. Thank you all. My prayers for myself are good health, peace and even more good relationships.

21. It’s not every day people live to see the 42nd year of their lives, but thankfully, I’m witnessing mine, and I can’t be more excited and grateful at the same time. Happy birthday to me.

22. I have always loved the way I was raised. As much as I hate to admit it, but it had a lot to do with whom I have become. Here is wishing myself a very happy birthday.

23. Everyone encounters peculiar challenges of some sort in life, and how we handle them makes the difference. I’m glad I stood and overcame the very many blows life has thrown at me. Happy birthday to me and cheers to more victories.

24. Before anyone overcomes, they must win in their mind. Happy birthday to me, I believe I have survived 42 already, even if it’s just starting.

25. Anytime I think about my life, all I see is grace. Happy birthday to me. On this day of my 42nd birthday, I want to thank God for His exceeding grace and love towards me.

26. I have encountered situations that normally should have swallowed me up but, somehow God always comes to my aid. Happy birthday to me. I shall continue to trust God for my redemption every day of this 42nd year.

27. The free air I breathe is all God. The money, family, and great friends I have today are all God’s. So today, I just want to appreciate the fact that God has brought me this far to see this great year. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

28. What more can anyone ask for? All that I have dreamt of achieving in life, I have gotten before this 42nd year. I believe this means that I’m going to live the rest of my life like a holiday. Happy birthday to me.

29. There are so many things I’m thankful for today. However, I have to admit that I obeyed God’s instructions to me. Maybe, it could have been a different story if I had walked in my wisdom. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

30. What’s not to love about today? Happy 42nd birthday to me. Looking back at my life, I shed tears of joy and victory. It hasn’t been easy but, I’m proud of what I have been able to make out of my life.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 42

When I think of all I’ve achieved at 42, I can’t help but be surprised and proud of myself. My wishes for myself today are the grace to reach an even greater height and good health to enjoy the fruit of my labour. Happy birthday to me.

31. I have been blessed with the most wonderful set of family and friends. My life became easier because of the unique roles they have individually played towards my success. Happy birthday to me. I’m eternally grateful.

32. It feels surreal that it’s already another 365 days. Happy birthday to me. I truly don’t deserve God’s love because I have not been the most faithful. Still, He loves me immeasurably. Happy birthday to me.

33. Today, I clocked 42 years on earth, happy birthday to me. Reflecting over the previous years of my life made me realize how much progress I have made. I don’t know if I should say it out loud, but, I’m super proud of myself today!

34. I used to think that I wouldn’t amount to anything in life. Coming from a very low background didn’t boost my self-esteem. But, look at me today. I have grown to become a different person, away from poverty and lack of understanding of self. Cheers to more beautiful years!

35. What can be more precious than the gift of life? I want to use this moment to appreciate the giver of life and all good things. Happy birthday to me.

36. It feels so good to see another great year of my life. Happy birthday to me. Given this, I’m dedicating this brand new year to God.

37. I couldn’t have made it this far without help. Whatever I have been able to achieve today, and who I have grown to become is all the help of God and the love from a wonderful family. Happy birthday to me.

38. My life became great when I started seeing life from a brighter perspective. Most times, our perceptions and thoughts pose a hindrance to us. I’m thankful I didn’t realize this too late. Happy birthday to me.

39. What can be more thrilling than waking up to the beautiful morning of your birthday? I truly appreciate what God has been doing in my life. Happy birthday to me.

40. Happy birthday to this gorgeous soul. I want to take out this moment to appreciate myself for putting up with someone like me, most times I don’t go easy on myself yet, I have got me every time. I believe this new year will be much better than any other.

42nd Birthday Prayers for Myself

Happy 42nd birthday to me. I’m full of thanksgiving today because, despite all odds, I’m alive, hale and hearty. I have so many prayers to pray for myself but my utmost prayer is good health and a sound mind all my days on earth.

41. Heavens bless this day. Happy 42nd birthday to me. May this year be the best I have ever seen.

42. Someone should just pinch me! I can’t believe it’s my 42nd birthday! Thank you, Father. I earnestly pray to know God more this year.

43. Happy 42nd birthday to God’s delight. Knowing God loves me gives me an edge in life. May I always do things that make God happy?

44. What an awesome Father! I’m truly grateful to be alive today. Happy 42nd birthday to me. May God’s purpose for my life never cease to manifest.

45. I want to appreciate God for the privilege of seeing my 42nd birthday. On this day, I ask that His faithfulness will continually be evident in my life.

46. God’s promises over my life are Yes and Amen. May my seeds be like the sand of the seashores. I will never walk alone. Happy birthday to me.

47. It’s so wonderful experiencing God’s goodness and preservation. Who am I that He is mindful of me? I pray this day that His power over my life will continue to dominate. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

48. What a marvellous day it is! Happy birthday to me. I feel like a newborn babe, why not? After all, I was born today, just some 42 years ago. I shall continue to live to declare the goodness of God.

49. God is true and mighty. This special day of my birthday is dedicated to God. May His shield over my life know no bounds.

50. It’s so sweet to love God. What is there not to love about God? He has made my life this sweet and beautiful. May my love for God never depreciate all through my life here on earth. Happy 42nd birthday to me.

We have come to the end of this list. Now, you have a collection of happy birthday to me wishes and quotes to celebrate yourself on your 42nd birthday.

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