Happy 57th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 57th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

When you mark special days on your calendars or when you highlight some dates on the calendar on your mobile device or even on your laptop, it is because these dates are very important to you. As these days approach, you begin to have feelings of the reason why the day was marked from the beginning. When it is your birthday that is approaching, you feel very special.

Many times, you desire to spoil yourself with some special treats. You may even want to buy something for yourself to mark this special birthday but when you celebrate a birthday like your 57th birthday, no matter what you buy or celebrate with, happy 57th birthday to me wishes and quotes will always ring a bell in your memory for a longer time.

What is a birthday without the proper words to celebrate one’s self? But not to worry, I’ve got you in mind while writing these happy 57th birthday wishes and quotes. They are just perfect for you. Scroll down and pick the ones you love.

Best 57th Birthday Quotes for Myself

For these 57 years of my life, I want to wish myself a splendid happy birthday. More wins and accomplishment to me this coming year.

1. Birthdays are special moments. Today, as I clock 57 years, I wish myself all the best and a happy 57th birthday to me.

2. Happy birthday to me from the universe. He who is blessed by the Lord cannot be under any man’s curse. Happy 57th birthday to me.

3. My birthday is a unique time to reflect on the past goodness of the Lord. Happy 57th birthday to me. This new year will bring me the best of life’s wishes.

4. Many are the blessings of the blessed soul. As I celebrate my 57th birthday today, I ask that everything will be well with me throughout this new age and years to come. Happy birthday to me.

5. Happy 57th birthday to me; the most awesomely blessed man on the planet. Many more years of greatness to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 57 Years Old

Happy birthday to me today as I clock 57 years old. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I wish myself all the possible best.

6. The joy in me cannot be estimated as it marks another great birthday today. On this day, I wish myself a wonderful year.

7. To be a year older is one great thing, but to be 57 years old is a bundle of joy. I wish myself a great year ahead. Happy birthday to me.

8. To be happy is a function of what is within; happy birthday to me as I turn 57 years old today. I wish myself all the best.

9. Life unveils itself daily to those who are careful enough to see the goodness in it. Happy birthday to me in my 57 years on earth.

10. Let everything in the universe rejoice with me for today I was born 57 years ago. Today is my birthday, happy birthday to me.

57th Birthday Messages for Myself

11. Today is my 57th birthday, the past years of my life is one that is full of great success but I am ready for newer challenges. Happy birthday to me.

12. On this occasion of my 57th birthday, I say to myself that though the trees may not bear fruits, yet, would I put my trust in the Lord my God.

13. Being alive to celebrate this 57th birthday is a rare privilege and an opportunity to dream more. Happy 57th birthday to me.

14. Every year presents to us another 365 days of relevance in our world. On this occasion of my 57th birthday, I desire to be the best that I would be in this new age. Happy birthday to me.

15. What we call the best some years back are no longer considered the best because improvements have come upon them. As I mark my 57th birthday today, I hope that better improvements come over my life.

16. To be beautiful and happy, the key is to work and play. Happy 57th birthday to me.

17. Happy 57th birthday to me. I have been under the protective covering of the Lord. May I never stray away from it.

18. There are times when life presents to us the most beautiful version of itself and there are other times when it shows us its very uninteresting side. These 57 years have thought me to make the best use of all times. Happy 57th birthday to me.

19. On this occasion of my 57th birthday, I hope to see everything come together and fit well like a well-arranged but solved puzzle. Happy 57th birthday to me.

20. Birthdays are interesting when they are celebrated with the hope of a better tomorrow. Happy 57th birthday to me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 57

This day has brought me safely into a new year when I can say I am 57 years. T9o the best birthday ever celebrated, my wishes are divine health, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday to me.

21. There is nothing too big to wish myself on this occasion of my 57th birthday. I wish myself all the best. Happy birthday to me.

22. I wish myself greater success and achievements that breaks all existing records as I mark this 57th birthday of my life. Happy birthday to me.

23. On this special birthday of my being 57 years old, I wish above all things that the prosperity of the Lord rests upon me and that I enjoy the rest of my days here on earth. Happy birthday to me.

24. My 57th birthday is here! Happy birthday to me. Every perfect gift are the wishes I have for myself now and forevermore.

25. Many happy returns of this to me. Long life and great success be the best wishes I desire today as I mark this 57th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

57th Birthday Prayers for Myself

Every day, I get on my knees to pray but on this 57th birthday, my prayers are a good life and a peaceful soul to mark this special birthday for myself. Happy birthday to you.

26. Today, I pray for the protection of the Lord in all that I do. This year is going to be an amazing one. Happy 57th birthday to me.

27. No matter the number, today I pray that I will always be favoured whenever it matters. Happy 57th birthday to me.

28. Happy 57th birthday to me. I pray that I shall be the head and never the tail in all that I do. Cheers to a bigger future.

29. I have come this long to realize that God has been faithful. I pray that my head shall be lifted above every challenge of life. Happy 57th birthday to me.

30. Today is a special day. It is my 57th birthday. One thing I ask is that life shall be to me an adventure that I would enjoy. Happy birthday to me.

You do not need anyone’s permission to celebrate you. So, get on with them. These happy 57th birthdays to me wishes and quotes have been carefully written to convey the best of information to your inner being for a birthday celebration.

Use them and read them to yourself. Enjoy your 57th birthday.

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