Happy 70th Birthday to me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 70th Birthday to me Wishes and Quotes

Birthday, by all standards and derivations, is a very significant milestone in the lives of every individual. This is why on several occasions, it calls for great celebration and probably funfair by loved ones, acquaintances and of course, the celebrants themselves.

In human analogy and from the origin of birthdays, some birthdays carry significance. These are notable ages that are also known as the milestone birthdays. Some of the ages are the 16th, the 21st and the turning of decades just like the 70th birthday.

What is 70th birthday called? They have always been known as the platinum jubilee. As it is a notable age to attain, it thus attracts special and noteworthy birthday celebrations.

Unlike popular notions, seventy years old is not the age of “over the hill.” History from past to present has shown us how people on attaining 70 has performed feats that are praised all around. At 70, Benjamin Franklin helped draft the U.S. Constitution, Winston Churchill led the United Kingdom to victory in World War II, Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel, Helen Hayes won her second Oscar and others. Even the great Shakespeare in his play “Macbeth,” an elderly character reverberates the Biblical reference to threescore and ten years, which is 70.

It’s a great age to appreciate life and nature the more and to enjoy retirement surrounded by children, grandchildren and maybe great-grandchildren.

From 71 till 79, you have become aversed with the seventies. So, not just 70, but 71, 72 till 79, you should enjoy the years and every experience of life that comes with it

So, if it’s your 70th birthday, do well to celebrate yourself. If you want a handwritten or printed card for yourself, then, you should take note of things to write on a birthday card. Also, there are some traditional birthday gifts you can ask someone to check out for you. Laughter is good for the heart, some funny wishes will do a great deal of these for you.

Enjoy your birthday and also wish yourself well with any of these happy 70th birthday to me wishes and quotes. You will also find wishes for your 71st to 79th birthday here.

70th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

Age is just figured, yes. So, who says I can’t be excited to be a 70-year-old? My 70th year is a big deal for me, that’s why with prayers and wishes I’m saying to myself a very happy year and peaceful seventies ahead. May the Lord bless and keep me.

1. I love this feeling of the 70s, I’m sure I will enjoy this decade too. I’m in the mood already, so, let’s get to it! Happy birthday to me today.

2. My age is not an issue as I’m still as fit as a fiddle. I don’t even feel 70, more like 40 or 50. But then, here comes the grand age. Happy birthday to me

3. 70th birthday and I’m as excited as a 17-year-old. I’m more than grateful for the gift of life and perfect health even to this day. Happy birthday to me today.

4. I’m going to be as cheerful as I can be because it feels so good to be 70. Welcome another brand new and definitely amazing year.

5. I’m not old, I’m just advanced in years and experiences. Of course, I’m excited that I am 70 because who wouldn’t be? Happy birthday to me today.

71st Birthday Wishes for Myself

One awesome experience I’ve been looking forward to for a long time is the coming of the 71st year of my life. And now, I’m overwhelmed with excitement. My heart wishes for a lifetime are already granted, so I say, a very happy birthday to me.

6. Age is just a number, that’s why I don’t feel 71 at all. Cheers to the grand years that are long gone and the ones that are to come.

7. It’s a pleasant and beautiful day because it’s my 71st year on earth! I feel so new, and that’s an amazing feeling of you ask me.

8. Looking forward to 71 has made me appreciate life the more. It has been an amazing journey after all. Happy birthday to myself!

9. Today I’m 71 and I just want to say that life’s so good and I’m too blessed. 71 hearty cheers to me today.

10. My 7th 11 years birthday is today. Of course, you know what I mean. Say hello to the newest advanced man around.

72nd Birthday Quotes for Myself

I am not always speechless but today, it feels so different and quite strange because I’m short of word. Let’s just say, happy 72nd birthday to myself.

11. So far so good, my life has been a very interesting and amazing one. Happy 72nd birthday to me today.

12. Feels just like yesterday when I started the seventies train and today I’m 72, that’s a huge one I must say. From me to myself, it’s a very happy birthday today.

13. It’s a most special birthday for me today as I’m 70 and 2 years young. Let me just wish that I grow in grace

14. Now, I can boldly answer ’72!’ when asked what my age is. Happy birthday to me today.

15. My heart feels so young and that’s to tell me that age is just a number. It’s my 72nd birthday and I must say I am excited.

Happy 73rd Birthday to Me

It’s a happy day today and it is with the happiest of hearts that I am announcing that today is my most special day so far. I’m excited because it’s my 73rd Birthday today. Happy birthday to me, that’s all I want to hear today and nothing more.

16. The fourth year into my seventies and I must confess that I’m loving all the privileges that comes with it. A good one today, happy birthday to me.

17. My only wish today is for a peaceful 73rd year and more than enough strength for the days to come. Happy birthday to me today.

18. “Happy 73rd birthday to me!” Just like sipping coffee, saying this feels so good, trust me.

19. Now, I can better explain how it feels like to be a seventy year old as I’m already 73 today. It’s been a fruitful and prosperous journey so far.

20. The seventies are sure an amazing time if you ask me. I’m loving it already. I only wish for more years of good health and happiness.

74th Birthday Prayers for Myself

When you have lived well to seventy and four years, then, gratitude is non-negotiable. For myself, my prayers today include that I will continue to enjoy amazingly good health, a sound mind and an active build. I am more than happy to say a happy 74th birthday to me today.

21. Although it’s the number of years I’ve been on this earth but then, 74 is just a number still. It’s alright to wish me a happy birthday today though

22. Cheers to 74, I’m sure it will be an exciting one, just like the other seventies gone past.

23. I’m most grateful to God that I enjoy life as long as celebrating 74. Happy birthday to me today.

24. At 74, I already enjoy long life and prosperity. I just pray that the coming years will be gratifying.

25. The excitement today feels like I’m 24 all over again! Feels so nice to be 24 and 50 years. I guess I’m too old for chocolates now.

Happy Birthday to Me 75 Years Old

I have waited so long and patiently for this day to come when I’ll get to say: Hey! Say a very happy birthday to the latest 75 years old today and that’s me of course!” And for real, it feels so good. Happy birthday to me today.

26. Let me sit comfortably and enjoy my 75th year because all I can say is that it’s worth it! I am happy it’s my birthday today

27. The days sped past that I am still amused that I’m 75 today! Thank you, God, for the amazing years gone by and the ones that I’m sure will roll in.

28. I’m only 75 years old today, I’m still young at heart, 34 in fact. Well, happy birthday to me!

29. The journey has been smooth, and I am more than grateful to God for a beautiful life. Happy 75th to me today.

30. I know it is so much but 75 cheers to me as it’s my 75th birthday today! I am more than happy to be alive till 75!

Happy 76th Birthday to Me

From the beginning of my existence, the journey has been a great one. The life that I live is not just mine but an amazing gift from the Almighty and that’s why I’m excited about the anniversary of my 76th year, happy birthday to me today.

31. I enjoy keeping tabs on everything, that’s why I can vividly remember that it’s my 76th birthday today. Happy birthday to me

32. Happy birthday to an outstanding human at 76. Well, that’s me. Cheers to me, happy birthday today.

33. The seventh year in the seventies, that’s a double blessing that I’m so sure of. Happy 76th birthday to me today.

34. In all, I’m thankful for a pleasant life so far. It is more than a great privilege to be alive today. I wish me a happy birthday today.

35. I pray for peace so that I can relax and enjoy for the rest of my life, and it starts today. Happy 76th birthday to me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 77

There is no feeling as nice as being able to wish myself in my 77th year of existence. It’s a double number of grace and an awesome age too, so, why shouldn’t I be excited? Nothing is more perfect than this. Happy birthday to me.

36. This is what 77 look like and it feels so good already! I’m not too old for this so here goes it; Happy birthday to me.

37. The double perfect number, now that’s a nice combination for today which also doubles as my birthday. Happy birthday to me.

38. Thank you God for 77, I am most grateful today. This is an amazing opportunity. Happy birthday to me.

39. The years went by so fast, it feels like a dream that I’m 77 today but it is what it is. I still got it in me so, happy birthday man.

40. My youth was amazing, now I’m enjoying a peaceful and very perfect seventies. Happy birthday to me today.

78th Birthday Messages for Myself

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been looking forward to this day with excitement. The messages for today will be quite simple and that’s because today is a good day, a perfect time to celebrate myself. Happy 78th birthday to me.

41. 78 already? I must say that was too fast but then, I enjoyed every year of my life. Happy birthday to me today.

42. Many happy returns of today, to me. I have enjoyed overwhelming grace from God and I can only pray for more. Happy 78th birthday to myself.

43. All my life, I am so blessed and that’s why I’m celebrating today as it’s my 78th birthday.

44. Right now, I’m grateful to God for a valuable life so far. 78 will be a good year ahead.

45. Another year in the seventies and I am more than happy for perfect health. Happy 78th to me today.

Best 79th Birthday Quotes for Myself

I don’t need hundreds of quotes or words of wisdom to know that the best of the seventies, the 79th, is here. Growing old has taught me a lot and now I’m glad that I got a good and perfect life from God. I am saying a very happy birthday to myself today

46. Year in and out, it has been a good time and life. I am grateful to God for the years all over. So today, it’s a very happy birthday to me.

47. A year to go and I’ll be entering the eighties. This is a happy 79th birthday wish to myself, that I will love to witness more.

48. I am grateful for life, joy, peace and good health. It’s been a very wonderful 79 years on earth.

49. 79 and gallant, I feel like a 29-year-old today. It’s my last year in the seventies so ‘Happy birthday to me’

50. All-round peace, that’s all I pray for even as I’m rounding off the 70s. It feels so good to say a very happy 79th birthday to me.

You’re not old, you’re only advanced in age, so, nothing stops you from having fun as young people do on their birthdays. These happy 70th birthday to me wishes and quotes from you to you are perfect for putting a smile on your own face.

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